Kids and concussions: The newest evidence on long-term impacts

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  1. Jim

    The brain in the image at the top is the wrong way round…

  2. Elise Bienvenu

    My son had many(10-15) concussions has a child from his bike, skiing etc. It seems that it was easier to get the next one with less trauma. At one point he wasn’t telling us and dealt with the condition himself. He is now 20 years old and hasn’t had one in the last 5 years or so as far as I know. He took time for recovery after an accident but I find he is anxious and depressive as a young adult. JUst wondering if there is a way to reverse all of that?

  3. David Brown

    Test me. I have taken so many blows to the head starting at four years old.
    Huge blows. Baseball bat full swing by twelve year old to my left eye when I was four. Black out for four hours, (mother did not take me to hosp.) One month later, five to six foot fall into cement floor, head first. Exact same area of my head injured. Age 12, a rock approximately twice the size of my head slid down hillside about 12 feet, split top of my head open causing 12 stitches. 83 street fights since age four. One by 10 or more in a gang, repeatedly kicking and pounding on my head, knocking me down six times. Two years ago struck by a four foot leangth of steal pipe on left ear. Shattering ear. Bottomed out on scull behind ear, 20% loss of hearing. I turn 61 years old in four days. Had significant other, die suddenly from brain aneurysm, finding her on bathroom floor as I had just awoken, 14 years ago. I am a wreak. I do not want to be here on earth anymore in my condition. No friends, no understanding family. Isolation. Medication after medication shoved at me. No quality in my life, none. Two failed attempts at suicide. First being the swallowing of a 60 count bottle of Unisom sleep aids. Second attempt by hanging but rope came untied. Don’t expect anything good will come of this comment. Just one more dying scream for help …

    • C Jones

      That’s a very hard life, thanks for your vulnerability and sharing, yet you are still here, and I believe their is a purpose in you being here. David I suggest you link up with a free RAAM clinic for some counseling, find a welcoming, accepting church ( you may have to test out a few). There is a better way and there are people who care and will help you find your path. I pray you have the courage to connect in these two important areas, or have a friend who will go with you.

  4. C Jones

    Excellent article: Concussion awareness, prevention, reporting and recovery is everyone’s responsibility!

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