The suicide gap: Why men are more likely to kill themselves

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  1. Sharon

    This article contains good information and resources. As a mother of a son who died by suicide I would love to see these same experts and resources turn their expertise and research experience towards what I believe to be perhaps the biggest, darkest secret attached to suicide and the rising epidemic of it … MEDICATION!! The medication itself which is often prescribed as the save-all tool of treatment can help to contribute to suicide. This phenomena is under-reported and under-researched. Little or no data is collected on this. Prescription medication – whose packaging itself includes disclaimers of the adverse effects – can be, has been and is the culprit in an unknown % of suicide and suicide attempts. If we are going to tackle this growing epidemic head-on … let’s look at ALL potential contributing factors.

    • Paul

      I’m sorry for your loss and in this world, being a man does kinda suck but your son shouldn’t feel like a failure. I know I’m not superman but I don’t discriminate. It’s hard to trust someone if you want to have to talk to someone. I have experienced suicidal thoughts myself and I’ve talked to someone about it despite being a man myself. Your son isn’t alone on this and shouldn’t have to be. Remember this, I’m only 21 and not 47. It doesn’t matter how old you are, people will try to attack you anyway they could.

  2. frank

    maybe the suicide rate is so high because of the gender bias faced by men in our family court system….maybe we need to seek out that large elephant in the room and address/confront it head on.

  3. sam plover

    I think if Psychiatry was not the model it is today, where every behaviour or word or human emotion is diagnosed as mental illness, which is worse than having a criminal record, more people would want to talk to someone.
    The pills dished out, the silly diagnosis themselves cause more harm than good.
    The problem is if any man mentions suicide, his feelings are validated by being able to ‘hold’ him. We need a system where much of human distress or thoughts, feelings are not made into pathological issues, but human issues.
    Now everyone has to pretend they are superhuman. It helps to be in powerful positions since then you can hide by control.
    Stigma is reignited by just talking about stigma. The very people that talk about reducing stigma are flaming fires. Stigma exists because of the silliest diagnosis. The man who wants to commit suicide does not need a diagnosis.
    He does not even need control or pills. Those pills are the next biggest lie to the DSM.
    Even the doctors don’t believe in that model. Suicide has always been around and is on the rise. It is not against the law.
    It hurts families. But we can’t fix it with current models of psychiatry. The current model stinks and ruins lives forever.
    The best fix is a close friend, but even they cannot prevent what is felt as a tragedy by those left behind.
    It is extremely dangerous to prescribe any pills to a person in crisis. It is a well known fact that they do not work. Feelings are in movement, people grow, change is happening until we die. Diagnosis is useless because of the fluid nature of life.

    We know by our intellect that psychiatry as a current model will not survive.
    Intellect and a belief system and education are worlds apart.
    Psychiatry needs to let the pen go and identify and open up to their equal which is a human being in pain across from them. They cannot stop a suicide anyway, so why not simply become a mensch. But then that is a personality thing and cannot be taught.

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