About Us

Our vision: A high quality health care system designed by an informed population.

Our mission: 1. To provide accurate, easily accessible information about health care to the public, practitioners, students, managers and policy makers. 2. To provide a forum for accessible and thoughtful deliberation about Alberta, Ontario and Canada’s health care systems. 3. To increase the frequency with which health system leaders use evidence and informed public input when making policy and management decisions.

Healthy Debate

Our health and the health of our loved ones is more important to us than almost anything else. We all have stories about how our health care system has provided excellent care, and how it has let us down.

Despite the personal and societal importance of health care, it is our belief that many Canadians are less informed about our health care system then they would like to be.

The health care system is so complex that even those of us who work within it often have trouble keeping up with issues outside of our particular sector.

Canadians want to know more about the health care system that they care about. There are currently few places to go for factual, easy to understand information about the health care system.

Healthy Debate attempts to fill this gap by making every effort to provide unbiased information that will lead to thoughtful deliberation and informed opinions.

We hope that accessible information about a wide variety of issues in health care will prove interesting and useful to both the general public and health care workers, and that by creating a forum where patients and professionals can deliberate about the future of the system, that we can work together to make it better.

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