Ann Silversides & Mike Tierney

Ann Silversides is an independent journalist, editor and broadcaster who specializes in health policy issues. She is a former newspaper reporter (Calgary Herald, the Globe and Mail), and was a long-time freelancer and also a staff writer at the CMAJ. In addition to her journalism (for magazines, newspapers, radio and journals), Ann has written for a wide range of Canadian health research institutes and labour organizations. She has received numerous journalism awards, is the author of AIDS Activist, Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community (Between the Lines) and, for the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions,  Conversations with champions of  medicare. Ann has a BA and MA from the University of Toronto, a BJ from Carleton University, and has taught writing at York University.  Follow Ann on Twitter @ASilversides Mike Tierney is Vice President of Clinical Programs at The Ottawa Hospitaland his portfolio includes Emergency, Critical Care, Medicine and Neurosciences. He has over 30 years experience in healthcare, including past roles as Director of Pharmacy at The Ottawa Hospital and Vice President of the Common Drug Review at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH). Career experiences include clinical pharmacy practice in adult critical care, clinical education and research and, the application of an evidence-informed approach to healthcare decision making. Mike is trained as a clinical pharmacist, and obtained a M.Sc. in Pharmacology from the University of Ottawa and completed a hospital pharmacy residency program at the Ottawa General Hospital.

Articles and Opinion Pieces by this author

Retail pharmacy evolution beset by implementation challenges

Reforms to the way that Ontario community pharmacies are compensated for professional services, combined with an expanded scope of practice for pharmacists, are presenting major adjustment and implementation challenges for the profession. The changes are part of a culture change ushered in by a general shift in health care towards a push for greater inter-professional…

Changes called for as 1% of population accounts for 1/3 of health care spending

Ontario’s Health and Long-term Care Minister is calling for a change in how health care costs are scrutinized in light of research showing that a tiny proportion of the Ontario population accounts for a very large proportion of health care expenditures. “We need to shift our focus” away from line-by-line scrutiny of hospital, drug and…