Tara Kiran

Tara Kiran is a family physician and researcher at St. Michael's Hospital. She also works part-time as a Primary Care Advisor for the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network. Follow Tara on Twitter @tara_kiran.

Articles and Opinion Pieces by this author

Are Canadians too satisfied with their health care system?

Canadians are proud of Medicare and consistently report being satisfied with the health care services they receive. But, perhaps they should be demanding better. The most recent Health Council of Canada report highlights findings from the 2012 Commonwealth Fund survey of primary care physicians in 10 high income countries. In almost all areas – from…

Why aren’t Canadian family doctors embracing e-communication?

In the last decade, technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. We email and text more often than we phone or fax. We share photos with friends using Facebook and debate with colleagues in real-time using Twitter. We pay bills, book plane tickets, and buy clothes on-line. We can effortlessly post opinionated blogs…