Gentrification’s toll on the health of long-term residents

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  1. Louise Clarke

    Thank you for sending, Anne. This article was thoughtful, well written, informative, and interesting.
    The low income population will benefit from reduced rates from TTC and I agree that access to cultural, social, commercial, and public services including health facilities etc. should be accessible to everyone, not just the “well – heeled”.
    We have experienced the “gentrifying” of my own neighbourhood, and so much of what you wrote is true.
    It does seem a shame that we can’t stop the “progress”(?) before the entire area becomes alien and unrecognizable, and of course for people with limited income, many more things of such importance, as you have indicated, are lost to them when this happens.
    Bringing attention to this situation is important.
    Keep up the good work Anne,

  2. Connor

    Good Shepherd obtained $50M of taxpayer money from the City of Hamilton, Provincial and Federal sources for this… thing – Good Shepherd $55m – taxpayers’ money – that would have fed and housed a lot of desperately poor people – and better look into Good Shepherd/Ontario home care for elderly and disabled because Joe Public is having to pay taxes for services that are not available and then has to hire privately – IS this another method of PRIVATIZATION?

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