Are doctors cutting back on opioids too much and too quickly?

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  1. Paul

    This has happened to me in the past, where I was taking hydrocodone for many years without a problem, then was cutoff do to them following the CDC guidelines. I know this is a world wide problem, and I do not know how I could handle this if it happens again to me, most probably I will either seek out drug dealers or end my life without seeking help. I say this because this issue is not about my well being far as I can see it, but about control and causing me and my family suffering. I do not prefer death unless that is my best option. The same can be said for the 4000 deaths that you state in your article. One thing I did not see is any statistics on how many of the 4000 can be attributed to getting uncontrolled medications to relieve their severe pain as they were not able to get the proper medication and level from their doctor. I personally would not ever sell my medications as all little that I have is used by me so that I do not suffer from debilitating pain to the point that death is a better choice than life. I have since a small child used (some unfortunately say abused as they think that any use of medication is abuse) so that I am able to breath properly, function normally and much much later not be in severe pain due to back injuries, where doctors say that surgery probably will not help me. I have multiple compressed disks pushing on my spinal cord throughout by back a few in the middle, but mostly lower back. I do not always take medication on a schedule, but when I feel pain and also keep track of how much I have taken. I know if lower parts of my body are hurting where I know there are no injuries that it is time for medication. To me this is not really living but existing by the use of medication. The same can be said for those with diabetes, my asthma, and other chronic conditions. It comes down to existing with the medication or death. When people say that people that do not have cancer should not be using such medications, they are basically saying to me that they prefer that I am dead. However they are unwilling to admit that. I know life on drugs is not a perfect life, but it is life none the less as without them the only choice for me is to die. The pain not accounting for withdrawals is so much that I am unable to breath properly or even walk properly. Then on top of it I am unable to get proper treatment for ADHD that has been with me since my childhood. That again adds more to my inability to function properly. All I can say is that my government is basically saying to me that I am better off dead at this point, as they do not want to let doctors prescribe for me the medications that help me to live a good and enjoyable productive life. All I can really say to this is I am glad to not have children, so I can put an end to asthma in my family tree. Also they will not have to live with student loans they will never be able to afford to pay off as well. Millions upon millions of children born to a father on disability is probably the best thing that could happen to this country, as it is the only way to really slay the dragon.

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