Questioning Convention: Acetaminophen for Fever and Calcium for Fractures

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Amol and Janice, general internal medicine residents at the University of Toronto, discuss 2 recent studies that challenge 2 widely accepted medical practices.

Does using acetaminophen to treat fever improve outcomes? A randomized control trial found that giving acetaminophen to critically ill patients did lower their fever, but did not affect the number of ICU free days. Janice asks, what about patient-reported outcomes or symptom relief?

Does Calcium make bones strong? This conventional wisdom is contested by a systematic review that found dietary calcium intake is not associated with fracture risk and the evidence that calcium supplementation prevents fractures is weak and inconsistent. Amol debates whether this will change his clinical practice.

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The papers

1. Acetaminophen for fever:

2. Calcium for fractures:

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