Do patients with mental illness receive sub-standard care in hospital?

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  1. Barb Simpson

    This article is thought provoking, but would have been more complete if it talked about the treatment barriers created by Ontario’s “Mental Health Act”.

  2. Sybil

    This is so true. When I was doing well because my mental health meds were adjusted properly I was very successful. I had a few events in a small amount of time that created difficulties for me and I lost my job and my insurance. I went to the community health clinic where they proceeded to take me off my mental health meds without even asking why I was on them and they didn’t replace them with anything. I have since been homeless and can’t get a job. I fear this is my new reality. Without those meds I have a hard time with my Bipolar I, anxiety and panic attacks. They left me on the antidepressant but that does nothing for the other issues. I feel broken, I can’t seem to get a job as I mess up the interview or within a short time of being hired I get fired because of how I reacted in a situation. I want my normal life back but I feel caught in a catch 22 sort of circle. Florida has terrible mental health benefits for those without insurance. I have waited one year to see a ‘discounted’ psychiatrist. My appointment is in May and May 2018 is when I originally lost my benefits. This is a terrible way to feel. No one seems to understand and they seem to think I make it all up. I just want my life back.

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