PrEP could potentially eradicate HIV. But in Ontario, only about a 10th of the people it could help are taking it.

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  1. Phil

    You should have interviewed Dr Michael Fanous, an incredible community pharmacist who has done so much advocacy work on this.

    Please, Healthy Debate, consider amplifying the voices of regulated health professionals who are highly qualified, but just happen to not be physicians. How you manage to write an article about a medication, without including the perspective of a pharmacist boggles my mind in 2019.

  2. Adam Smith

    HIV infection rates have not declined in Ontario (while other jurisdictions have seen significant decreases). it’s time we held public health units and HIV prevention services to account: they get millions of dollars a year to conduct prevention services and they are FAILING. They need a radical overhaul. They are a waste of money.

    We could easily take all of that money, close down those organizations/programs, and use the money to fund PREP.

    I expect the entrenched self-interest of those organizations and employees to now whine about that being a cut in services. No, it’s not a cut. It’s about doing something in the interests of people, not the self-interest of those organizations.

    • Scott

      I second what Adam said.

      The AIDS Service Organizations employ a lot of people. Don’t do much, as the stats show.

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