It took moms to hack the COVID quacks

  • Greg Sutton says:

    It’s works 100% for the immune system. After a few hours in your body, it will dissolve as a sodium. I can say I never get sick. It’s a water purifier as well as a body purifier.

  • Bill Dee says:

    Lovely Hit Piece. Well done. You are a master of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and the like. This article is infested with a variety of types of lies, untruths, and other extreme asininity. So very sad. If Benedict Donald trump wasn’t a completely incompetent moron, and had “forced” them to prove that “MMS” actually works, he would have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize, been easily re-elected, and heralded as a Savior of the World. So it’s even more unfortunate that hundreds of thousands, and millions, of people had and have to suffer and die for absolutely no reason. But I suppose some people had to Take One for the Team so we wouldn’t be subjected to trump’s ruination more than we already have been. So very, VERY SAD in so many ways. If Chlorine Dioxide was truly dangerous and poisonous, etc., then I would be sick or dead now, as much as I’ve taken over the last few years, instead of achieving Health Restoration after being really sick for decades. My cat, too. And friends and family similarly. Ignore the Truth and Facts at your own peril.

  • Rolf Loth says:

    I believe in conspiracy but not in conspiracy theory. MMS when used properly is working, as described by Jim Humble. What this so-called Genesis II church does sounds like a scam. However, $20 for a small bottle is dirt cheap compared to the FDA approved expensive medications – and like with free energy, MMS must be stopped, because there is no money to be made. I am sure it works to treat Covit-19, but the money-flow from vaccines must not be jeopardized by something as cheap as MMS. I have used MMS twice when receiving dental implants (2 drops before, 2 drops after and 2 drops before bedtime, always swishing it in the mouth for 2 minutes) and had no swelling, no pain or after effects, although the dentist urged me to take antibiotics and painkillers. Earlier I noticed an abscess developing, so I took MMS and the abscess disappeared. MMS also worked against colds. And what about the Malaria cases and cancer that were cured with MMS? This prevaricated attempt to discredit the benefits of MMS can only be viewed with suspicion that a more sinister agenda is being pursued with the support of the world’s brainwashed sheeple.

    • Billy R Otinger says:

      Its NOT BLEACH that is a LIE, I been using it for 12 Years to Treat myself and Animals , If taken Properly it will not Harm you, Some People are so Contaminated they get the Shits, they half to take 1/2 Activated Drop in One Ounce of Distilled Water for a Few days then Gradually Increase to 3 Activated Drops in 3 Ounces of Distilled Water, Every two Hours 8 times day for two weeks, then Once a day for Maintenance, Its Very Cheap, BIG PHARMA Hates it, Watch Several Video on youtube how to take it, You can also order a Book by Jim Humble and Others,

  • Jenni says:

    Relieved to see comments that display wisdom and not just those that get so angry at the suggestion of true healing, within us, not through dangerous prescription meds and a lifetime of therapies to pad the pockets of those that are orchestrating all of this suppression. Go ahead, call it bleach. Tout it as poison and dangerous. Or you could just admit that every bit of everything you say is what the mainstream and the FDA and the system in general tell you to be true. Because science says otherwise. Science PROVES this works, not disproves. This isn’t some magic potion, it works as they know it does and they will do anything to prevent people from healing. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. And read the testimonials of actual people whose lives were saved and made worth living again. Bring a box of tissues. There is no way you could have a soul and tell one of those eternally grateful mothers that they should not fix their child. Not only are the pioneers of this treatment heros, but so are the parents who go with their gut and follow the protocol towards giving their child a better life. And you shame them? This is a battle of good and evil. You want to believe a bunch of wealthy attorneys and politicians and their regulators who make certain they maintain the monopoly on treating the suffering? I am sorry but with the mounting evidences that chlorine dioxide actually works, our children deserve this hope! My niece was autistic due to infantile spasms that were likely caused by vaccinations, which turned into full blown epilepsy. She caught a cold from her brother, and wound up in the hospital, septic. She died at 12 years old. 12 years of struggling through being nonverbal and never fully potty trained, the “ketogenic” garbage that kept her from getting to enjoy a piece of her own birthday cake, but a lifetime of love and the most amazing parents, who are grateful for the years that they were given with their sweet daughter, but I can not help but think now, that THIS could have been what kept her around. Instead, she was failed by modern medicine. I wish she had been given a chance. My own daughter struggles with aspergers and to think that there was something out there that could have cleared her mind and allowed her to avoid the people who have led her down qpathways of hate and betrayal? This has the potential to drastically heal the world, Blocking that?
    Think. One death that is reported. Thousands upon thousands of success stories. Yet, every single news outlet regurgitates the FDA’s slant against a solution that has been around for decades, hiding, with knowledge of what the FDA would do to stop them, Every mention of it is surrounded with words like “faux, fake, debunked, bleach, toxic, poison.”..etc, etc. Wbich is said with nothing in mind but keeping the masses reliant upon them for each and every ailment, like they are freakin God. But they push this vaccine through like their life depended on it. Or their career. Without proper testing, because WE ARE THEIR CLINICAL TRIAL.

    • Bill Dee says:

      The “death from MMS” is a Big Lie that the U.S. government and other governments continue to repeat even though an inquiry into the case reported that it was NOT MMS that killed the woman, but her taking too much malaria medication, which is known to be poisonous and will kill you if you take too much like she did. But why let facts and truth get in the way of your obvious to the point of self-evident agenda? What a sad, sad JOKE. #GMAFB

  • Mary says:

    Powerful Herbal treatment is 100% guarantee for HSV cure, the reason why most people are finding it difficult to cure HSV 1 or 2 is because they believe on medical report, drugs and medical treatments which is not helpful to cure HSV and hasnít proved any sign of helping. Natural roots/herbs are the best remedy which can easily eradicate herpes forever. I never believed it until I was helped and cured of my 16 months genital herpes with natural herbal medicines from Dr Puma. Where other medical prescribed drugs and treatments failed, Dr Puma natural herbs helped saved me from Genital herpes permanently and i am so grateful for this. You can also get help from this great and powerful African Herbalist Dr Puma or you can also contact Dr Puma through his Facebook Page @ Dr Puma Herbal Remedy

  • Barbara Williams says:

    I agree and disagree with this article. As it is not safe to drink straight bleach. DO NOT DRINK STRAIGHT BLEACH. The honest to God real fact is our Government has been bought from The Big Pharmaceutical Industry. Our Politicians are corrupt as they have given up and given in to the greed that has ruined humanity. So we all know that we can’t trust our own Government, we can’t trust the Pharmaceutical Companies , our own Drs have been bought from this greed so we can’t trust them. Our Insurance providers are just as if not more corrupted we know we can’t trust them. The Lawyers are corrupt. We live in a sad a miserable world.
    We the people are all we got.
    There is a combination to treating your self with chlorine dioxide. Where are the studies of evidence? This is clearly a big pharmaceutical cover up. MMS treatment has and does cure us from these diseases.

  • Norma says:

    Please look into Andreas Kalcker!!! He’s German and also sells the MMS. He’s friends with Jim Humble!!

  • Donna says:

    Where can i purchase this? I don’t want to get a bad batch … IS there such a thing as a bad batch? .. i mean.. on Amazon.. anything is possible..but where can i purchase it legitimately?

    • Bill Dee says:

      There are MANY places to buy it. I never bought it from the G2CoHaH. You should be able to find places that look to be “okay”. Better to research and find people who give good reviews. I’m not mentioning my supplier because I don’t want them to be attacked and put out of business. #SAD — #MMS #CLO2REMEDY

  • Chris Ping says:

    You had to site Joe Biden (for reliability?) good try :)

  • Jay says:

    There’s doctors and chemists that would argue against you. Chlorine dioxide doesn’t harm healthy cells. I’ve put straight mms drops on my palm to test it and there was no burning or anything like I would have with bleach. Bleach will burn and hurt the skin. A few drops in water oxidizes the blood. The chlorine dioxide-equipped cells do not oxidize beneficial bacteria, or healthy cells, as their pH levels are 7 or above, and hold a negative ion charge.

    • Mark says:

      Of course. It is not a bleach at all. Its action is based on oxygenation. It’s commonly used in slaughterhouses for desinfection and for its absolute usefulness. Otherwise with the desinfectants for example used in hospitals, the e-cola cases would be common there and there would be no business there. It’s forbidden everywhere else.

  • Jay says:

    Chlorine Dioxide isn’t bleach just as much as lemon juice isn’t bleach.

    Look at the chemistry and science.

    Another atrocity towards the health of the people. I’ve taken this for 4 years with no adverse effects. It treated my infection.

  • Sarah says:

    I’d like Anne to respond to Bruce. I’ve seen the same research, which is compelling. I have a further question — what efforts is Anne making against the pseudoscience propelling the fast-tracking of a vaccine for Covid-19?

  • Clayton C Hubert says:

    mms works. I used it to cure my genital herpes. Which is supposedly incurable.

  • Bruce Tompkins says:

    Hi Anne,

    Some questions for you:

    Do you know that MMS (chlorine dioxide, Cl02) is not bleach (bleach is NaCl0). It is very safe to inject at low doses.

    Is Kerri Rivera lying when she says that MMS has helped reduce or resolve autism for 559 children?

    Chlorine dioxide was successfully used as an adjunct for cancer treatment in France for a patient with pancreatic cancer.

    Researcher Andreas Kalcker explains that chlorine dioxide has been proven effective on the SARS coronavirus and the coronavirus family in general, in human coronavirus and in animals. He explains that chlorine dioxide would also be effective against COVID-19. He states that there is not a clinically proven death by chlorine dioxide even at high doses from oral ingestion.

    Over 100 COVID-19 patients recovered when using chlorine dioxide by physicians of AEMEMI in Ecuador.

    Best regards, Bruce

    • Suz says:

      Hi Bruce,

      I have a Master’s of Science in Chemistry and am currently halfway through the research project I’m conducting for my PhD in Chemistry (meaning all of my course work is complete).

      Which means I am well qualified to tell you that you are completely full of shit. You should also invest whatever money you can beg borrow or steal in acquiring a tractor strong enough to pull your head out of your ass before you hurt or kill someone from the gross stupidity you’ve displayed in your comment.

      • Clayton C Hubert says:

        Your a pschyo. Please bring some science to the debate ..not non sensible anger.

      • A humble man who just wishes to promote the healing of nature and humanity says:

        Haha Suz, you don’t even realize you are committing multiple logical fallacies in your arrogant biased response.

        Logical fallacy – appeal to authority.
        Logical fallacy – ad hominem attacks.

        Your degrees from indoctrination stations mean nothing to truly intelligent humans. We, the truly intelligent, understand that all major institutions of academia, government, corporations, and regulatory agencies have been corrupted to the bone. We understand how compartmentalization, dogmatic biases, obedience to hierarchy, and fear of being outcast have been used to keep members of these institutions in line. And we know that the pharmaceutical industry kills, maims, and otherwise damages FAR more people than it helps.Your obedience in this evil system run by sociopaths has put you on the wrong side of history. These control freak psychopaths are turning this planet into a hellhole, decimating the health (both physical and mental) of most of the human race, and destroying nature. I wonder, are you sociopathic like your masters? Or are you just brainwashed and fear researching anything contradictory to your simplistic worldview? I pity you either way.

  • Ingrid Bergman says:

    Action Plan:

    1. Join the Original Quack Hacks.
    2. Invest time, resources, and creativity.
    3. Always remember why everyone is needed to (a) Identify and (b) Confront Pseudoscience

    Thank you, Anne and fellow Moms!!!
    I will continue to watch for and confront pseudoscience.
    We are all needed in this fight.


Anne Borden King

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Anne Borden King is the founder of the Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures, Canada and the host of Noncompliant, a podcast about neurodiversity.

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