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Kathleen Finlay is founder of The Zer0Now Campaign to combat sexual misconduct and CEO of the Center for Patient Protection. Her NDA, following incidents of workplace sexual violence and retaliation, is entering its third decade.

Building a caring Canada after the pandemic

31034 center The pandemic has revealed shortfalls that go far beyond the supply of personal protective equipment and vaccines. It has shown that we need an antidote to the social…

Sorry Not Sorry: How a hospital complaint system perpetuates harm after medical error

…have experienced medical harm, including my own family. In 2015, Kathleen Finlay, CEO of the Center for Patient Protection, called for a “shakeup in our health-care complaints system.” She described…

Why are medical records so difficult for patients and families to access?

…inaccessible fees. Ms. Kathleen Finlay, founder of the Centre for Patient Protection was quoted in CTV’s recent coverage of my family’s experience: “It happens all the time, it’s one of…

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