Changes at Healthy Debate

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  1. Phil

    I hope a change in leadership brings with it a less MD-centric, self-indulgent approach to articles, and amplification of the full breadth of interprofessional voices.

  2. Michelle Stasiuk

    Cngratulations Seema! A huge thank-you Andreas for your time over the last many years. Healthy Debate is a brilliant forum. I appreciate all your time and energy. Best of luck to you!

  3. DonTaylor

    Best wishes in your new role, Andreas. And best wishes to Seema in keeping Healthy Debates focussed on cutting through the clutter of healthcare discussions.

  4. Duncan G. Sinclair

    Thank you, Andreas and colleagues, for initiating Healthy Debate and supervising its informative work since inception. Although not a subscriber, I look forward to what I am sure will be your positive, forward-looking impact on the CMAJ. And Seema, congratulations. You are charged with filling a big pair of shoes. I wish you well and look forward to continued good things from Healthy Debate. As “social media” continues to replace newspapers, journals, and other publications with editors charged with ensuring that the material they publish is backed up with credible evidence and real, as opposed to “alternative” facts it may well be that Healthy Debate (along with others) will become ever more important to inform truthfully public opinion.

    • Peter Walker

      As always, Duncan Sinclair has nailed it. Congratulations Andreas and best of luck at the CMAJ. Your legacy at ICES and then Healthy Debate is extraordinary, not to mention all of the other things you have done so well during your career. The CMAJ will benefit enormously from your leadership and insights.

      My best to you Duncan.

    • Ronald Worton

      Thanks Duncan for putting my thoughts into words. Andreas continues to shine in each role he takes on and the CMAJ will be the newest beneficiary. Congratulations to Seema, and best of luck in the new role.

  5. Shawn Tracy

    Yeah, what Duncan said! LOL
    Seema & Andreas: congrats to you both on your new roles… best wishes and God speed!

  6. Cathie Hofstetter

    Congratulations to you both! Andreas, I hope that our paths will continue to cross in the future as you are one that really gets the impact value of adding the patient’s voice to the discussion. Seema, I wish you all the best and will continue to follow Healthy Debate.

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