Love in the time of COVID-19

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  • Marilou says:

    I share your feels in a way…those experiencing quarantine or lockdown are kinda experiencing what we folks on the autism spectrum experience DAILY in a neurotypical based society.

    as we fail to get social cues and communicate, it more than often leaves to an unspoken resolution to practice social distancing (in order not to get hurt or hurt others). yet with covid 19, I feel like I am the normal one here

    yet, with covid and peoples getting more and more on social medias and chat, I had the opportunity to meet an handsome youg man, an uni student, I am the older one yet we are on the same page, I plan to get back to college in special education while he’s a mech engineer in training

    This pandemic had it’s fair share of inconvenients, yet otherwise I would not have met him altho we were only a few miles appart,me being the shy type and him the over social type^^

  • Susan Greenfield says:

    What a beautiful story you have shared. thank you for the hope and reminder that we always have the ability to connect and love each other. And thanks for all you are doing to support us all through this challenging time.


Monica Kumar


Monica Kumar is a Family Physician currently working in Toronto. She completed her medical training and residency in the United Kingdom.