Popcorn and devilled eggs: Reflections as OMA, Ontario head to the bargaining table

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  1. Darren Cargill

    As always, look forward to your questions, comment and/or gratuitous insults.

    • Seema Marwaha

      Thanks for the nod to Alberta. When we first wrote about the Alberta negotiations on HD, people said Ontario readers wouldn’t be interested. But these issue are universal and continue to repeat themselves. Another great contribution to the site. Thanks Darren!

      • Darren Colin Cargill

        Thanks Seema.

        More than a nod. Most physicians see what is happening in Alberta as wrong and bad for patients.

        I firmly believe in a neutral third party dispute resolution. Arbitration is fair and does not always rule in one direction. I saw this first hand. Let both parties make their case and agree to abide by the result.

  2. Dr. Duncan Rozario

    Superbly written Dr. Cargill. You really captured the complexity of such high level negotiations

    • Darren Colin Cargill

      Thank you Dr. Rozario.

      I want to take the time to really thank the staff at the OMA and MOH who worked tirelessly to support the process. Unsung heros.

  3. Jon Johnsen

    Thank you Darren for this important reminder of the value of collaboration. Unfortunately reading this piece left me with a sinking feeling. The failure to achieve a negotiated settlement in 2014 is perhaps the greatest regret of my medical career. In fact, the stain of that 2014 non-negotiation colours my willingness to engage in medical politics to this day. Perhaps it can be a cautionary tale. Relationships matter. The 2014 non-negotiation damaged relationships. Some of them beyond repair.

    • Darren Colin Cargill

      Thanks Jon.

      First, thank you for your work in 2014. We collectively owe a debt of gratitude to all that come before us.
      I am thankful for the work done by the NC in 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and 2004, etc.

      Very well said. Relationships are everything.

      I left the 2017 NC feeling positive about the direction we are heading. My experience was different than yours in 2014. I guess part of the reason for writing this piece was a hope that PSA 2021 builds on the work done in PSA 2017. Now is not the time to take steps back.

    • H. Yamashiro

      We remember that well. It damaged many things that last to this day

  4. H. Yamashiro

    Congratulations on this journey.
    Very few know what it’s like to be part of this process.

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