Ontario Health Teams are good for your health.

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  1. Hans Ulr

    Well, except for the health of providers of course.

      • Hans Url

        Creation of the OHTs in being born on the free labor from primary care. Some putting in hundreds of free hours of service. Shortcomings and failures in the transition will similarly be on the back of primary care.

    • Janice Gilners

      Hans, I think the health of providers is likely to remain the same or will improve.

  2. Caroline

    Shameful propaganda! I don’t know if you wrote this article under pressure from the Ford’s government , or if you are delusional, but this is not going to improve our health. The end goal is to save money. How can you save money and improve the system? The population is aging, people are getting chronically sick and you want us sheep to believe that it’s going to work?! Smh… I just can’t believe how 3 seemingly educated women could write such non-sense. Let’s see what the results of will be one year from now…We will NOT thank you for taking part in the destruction of our HC system.

    • Anon

      Couldn’t agree more. Shame on these three authors for being such blatant suck ups to the new Ford government. What lack of substance.

  3. Vera-D.

    They’ve already realized these teams won’t work and are already ramping it down to the chronically ill home care people. Trying to restrict access to people geographically requires changes in legislation and none of the laws for patient mobility have been touched. I always check for those as I live in a part of the GTA with a bad hospital. I go to downtown Toronto for healthcare and don’t want to be told that I cannot go wherever I want for care.

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