New level of nursing essential as part of healthcare reform

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  1. Anika

    What an interesting perspective, Laura! It sounds similar to the CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) designation in the United States, which requires education and examinations. This addition of a new level of nursing sounds like it would allow for more appropriate and safer delegation of nursing tasks, hopefully allowing for more patient-centred care and safer staff-patient ratios. Thanks for sharing!

    • Laura Bulmer

      You are right Anika, upgrading the designation would be safer. In Canada, Nursing Assistants already exist (with multiple names) and they are required to take 2 years to complete their studies before going onto examinations (= registration). RNs by comparison 4 years. What I am proposing is yet another tier. I appreciate you taking the time to comment- have a great day. Laura

  2. Sally

    I agree that lack of standardisation and low wages are a real problem for our system, but it sounds to me like these tasks are really ideal for RPNs. I would suggest that there is a need for employers to recognise the scope of this care and employ RPNs as well as PSWs, rather than muddying the waters with a new role. LTC providers have been cutting costs by requiring PSWs to perform regulated provider tasks, rather than hiring the correct skill mix for their clients.

  3. Erika Rendon

    Love this approach. Elevating their roles and this progression will ensure better care practices and retention of the role that is so hands on with individuals of any age.

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