Why do some deaths hit harder than others?

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  1. Lilian

    Moving article. Thanks for sharing your reflection!

  2. B&Z

    That is something can’t stop crying you are. A very caring Doctor That Means so much to a patient
    You have Worked & Studied very Hard for many years YOU ARE THE BEST

  3. Courtney

    What a beautiful article by an incredible doctor!

  4. Sandy Buchman

    Your compassion and deep personal reflection of your experience caring for this patient are amongst the most important aspects of the care we bring as physicians to the bedside. Never forgetting her will allow her to accompany you – and all you have learned and experienced – in your future role as an attending staff physician. And it’s not just her death that you have learned from, but the inspiration of her life – her struggles with her health, her optimism and hope. Thanks for sharing this reflection. Your patients are lucky to have you as their physician.

    • Ali Rendely

      Thank you, Dr. Buchman. Your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I appreciate your support.

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