Unplanned hospitalizations – and coronavirus – must trigger advanced care planning discussions

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  1. Cherie Curry

    Thank you for tackling this subject. I look forward to hearing about more of these conversations and more education for the general public. I would also like to hear about options for completing MOST and DNR forms if clients are not attached with primary care providers. How can these people be supported in these important conversations more fulsomely?

    • Kieran Quinn

      Hi Cherie,

      I think there is a great opportunity to utilize our Telehealth services (OTN in Ontario) to engage in these discussions with primary care physicians. The Ontario Government just approved new fee codes to incentivize this practice. Please contact your primary care provider to setup an OTN call ASAP!

  2. Jane Meadus

    The writer indicates that Advance Care Planning is NOT the same as a living will. True, since in Ontario, and I believe in the rest of Canada, “living wills” are not legal documents. People should be looking to their provincial legislation to determine what the requirements are for appointing decision makers (in Ontario a power of attorney for personal care) and how to make wishes known (in Ontario there is no format required, most recent wishes over older, only used if person incapable, substitute decision maker to comply with wishes).

  3. Susan Greenfield

    This is a terrific article and written with such candid simplicity. It’s a discussion I’ve had a lot over the last years with my family and friends and I finally decided to go ahead this hear and get it all down on paper and talk to the people that need to know my wishes. Oddly, instead of being macabre, it feels kind of peaceful to feel that my wishes are known and that I am sparing people who love me the pain of having to make decisions at a time when they are grieving or scared. I feel it is a very loving thing to do for others and yourself. Thanks so much for writing this article
    Susan Greenfield

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