Stillbirth in Canada: A Call to Action

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  1. Marti Perhach

    Thank you for spearheading this very important effort to help protect babies and their families from the devastating tragedy of stillbirth!

  2. Jocey

    I support this 200% and hope that there can be more awareness and funds allocated to stillbirths. Thank you for doing research and encouraging Canada to follow similar footsteps that are proven already to make a change in death rates. This is a step in the right direction. Still baffled that there has not been anything done sooner about this. The pain is as equivalent to losing a child to SIDS. There should be more awareness.

  3. Victoria Burry

    Thank you for putting this out there. Definitely needs to be something done. I still feel the loss everyday. I was 36wks 4 days. I support this 200%.

  4. Laura Egler

    Yes, bring awareness to this issue. My city had zero support for me when I needed it!

    • Toni Kostyra

      This is a much needed topic of conversation. Thank you for bringing it out into the open where it belongs. Women need to know how often this happens. We lost our grandson to stillbirth and the effects of that have devastated our family.

  5. Marianne Caine

    I support this 100%. My second daughter was stillborn in 1996 at 39 weeks.

    • Danita Lang RN PNC(c)

      Pleased to see the work done on stillbirth. I am an obstetrical nurse recently retired and also a bereaved mother of a neonate. For over thirty years I have worked with families experiencing perinatal loss. I am a Resolve through sharing coordinator and a Canadian trainer for Baby Loss Doulas through Sherokee Ilse. Additionally I have presented nationally three times in Perinatal LOA’s. If I can be of any assistance to you please feel free to contact me. Again many thanks for your work in this very important topic.

  6. Stephanie Taylor

    It does not cease to amaze me how with all the medical science we have, the loss of my infant daughter and subsequent stillbirth at 32 weeks still remains “unexplained”. More research is needed, prevention is needed. There is no reason this issue should not be prioritized.

  7. Jennifer

    Thank you for standing up for families like mine.

  8. Jackie Deming

    I have not experienced this loss & can’t begin to remotely know the depth of the pain it renders. The research will hopefully answer so many unanswered questions.

  9. Anne Paradis

    Thank you for all your efforts. I had no idea how prevalent the occurrence of stillbirths was until it happened to a close friend. Sadly, many others then shared their painful journey. You have embraced a very important issue. Thank you once again.

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