When it comes to exercise, is walking the best way to fitness?

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  1. Tim Perry

    Great information. I often find it useful to discuss pace and conversation, especially for people who walk with a friend, as many seem to not get the “brisk” idea. I usually suggest walking at a speed that makes it a little more difficult to complete a sentence.

  2. Satyendra Sharma MD, FRCP(C)

    No question that walking is the most convenient exercise and has all the benefits as listed in this article. There is however a risk of aggravating the back problem, if it already exists. People with spinal stenosis, recurrent sciatica like pain and those who have undergone back surgery are better off doing non weight bearing exercise which does not load the spine such as bicycling and swimming. Stationary bicycling can replace outdoor bicycling in bad weather or can be done year round. Some back issues can be handled by using a corset when walking or in more physically demanding daily activities and gardening etc. It is advisable that patients consult their rehab specialist preferably a physiatrist before undertaking walking for exercise.

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