Are patients at risk if healthcare providers shun the flu shot?

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  1. Kelly Creek

    So basically half to three quarters of health care workers have taken the flu shot while only a third of the general public have. Hmmm. Maybe time to look more closely at the public. Especially when school starts the year and cold/flu season strikes. The shot is made readily available to all health care professionals. These people should well know the risks and benefits of the vaccine. Those that do not interact closely with patients or residents should not be required to take it. Those who don’t may require extra protection and precaution. Masks are widely used and are required PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. The vaccine is only 50-60% effective. Yes people can die from flu and certain segments of the population should take it. However it remains as it should. A personal choice. Yes, people should not come to work sick. Workplace policies need to be strengthened to support this.

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