Is it safe to take herbal supplements during pregnancy?

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  1. Larry

    You should have interviewed a pharmacist for this piece- terrible oversight Paul.

    • Paul Taylor

      Hello Larry:

      I did interview a pharmacist. But the pharmacist did not want to be named in the article. The pharmacist, however, was in agreement with the other people I quoted.


      Paul Taylor

  2. Other

    MD students do not learn about nutrition or herbal medicine. Ok, maybe 1 class – 1 hour in 4 years of basic training. There is a plethora of research out there in peer reviewed journals about different types of alternative treatments and medicines, which a resident will not find in their “Internal Medicine pocket book” which was heavily biased by pharmacological research findings. Most recent example being the biased and faulty evidence supplied by Purdue to push oxycontin (I still have the pain management hand book they pushed 15 years ago). If a physician is actually curious, PubMed exists and research can be found. For patients, I would recommend checking literature online as well or investing in an assessment with a certified Naturopath who will have greater knowledge of the alternative medicines and evidence behind them. Good luck!

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