Marijuana for pain relief? Prescribing is clouded by lack of research

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  1. Linda Wilhelm

    Just because the medical community has not been listening to patients doesn’t mean there are not many that are using and getting relief from medical marijuana, it’s long past time for everyone else to catch up.

  2. Tina

    From personal experience, watching a loved one suffer from chronic neuropathic pain after a lower leg amputation has been extremely difficult. The family physician was quite willing and did prescribe, every known opioid, which only resulted in a non-existent quality of life but refused to even consider marijuana.

    It is amazing how one can persevere in trying to find a doctor who would prescribe marijuana and we finally did find one. Today, although there is still pain, my loved one is mobile, active and enjoying life rather than being curled up in a fetal position from extreme pain. I am sure now that there are billions to be made, that the research will start flowing.

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