Replay: Better Vagal Maneuvers for Arrhythmias and eCigarettes in Adolescents

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This week we are replaying our first episode of the season.

Originally aired on September 18, 2015, Amol and Fahad discuss:

1. A randomized controlled trial shows that a new approach to vagal maneuvers for supraventricular tachyarrhythmia was shown to be significantly more effective than traditional maneuvers.

2. A survey in California adolescents shows that there is an association between eCigarette use and subsequent tobacco use, raising concerns about a ‘gateway’ effect.

The papers

1. Vagal maneuvers (with video):

2. eCigarette use in adolescents:

K Born et al. Regulating the ‘wild west’ of ecigarettes, HealthyDebate, March 20, 2014. 

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