From SES to Soil: Neighbourhood Disadvantage and A Groundbreaking New Antibiotic

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Neighbourhood Disadvantage and 30-day Rehospitalization; Teixobactin – a Novel Antibiotic

Reena and Amol want you to understand the following:

1. Neighbourhood disadvantage was associated with an increased risk of readmission similar to the presence of chronic diseases like COPD.

2. Teixobactin is a new antibiotic with activity against gram positive organisms that was discovered using a new technique of growing soil-dwelling bacteria.

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The papers

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Additional links

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Good stuff

Universal healthcare: the affordable dream. Amartya Sen, The Guardian. Jan 6, 2015.

What’s really to blame for ER congestion? Andre Picard, The Globe and Mail. Jan 6, 2015.


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