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by Maddi Dellplain

The toxic standards that have shaped coverage of drug use in Canada

While a health crisis has unfolded, newsrooms have had to learn to do better. But the changes in framing haven’t always come fast enough or extended to the workers with lived experience

by Sangeetha Nadarajah

Gummies for pain relief? Using cannabis while on prescription drugs risky for seniors

Despite their widespread use, you may want to think twice before giving grandma cannabis gummies for her knee pain.

by W.A. Bogart

The Cannabis Act is being reviewed: Expect battles

The Cannabis Act is under review. Many problems will be addressed. But there will be a faceoff between public-health advocates and industry representatives on a number of fronts.

by Stephanie Keeling

Medical benefits from cannabis? Still waiting for proof

Today may be April 20, a renowned cannabis counterculture holiday, but four years into legalization we still don't have reliable data about the medical benefits of marijuana.

by Helen Senderovich Keisa Mokenela

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome: How good intentions can go wrong

Chemotherapy-induced vomiting is a serious complication for cancer patients. Some cannabinoids treat vomiting, but can also cause a rare, dangerous vomiting disorder. What happens when a treatment exacerbates the problem it aims to fix?

by Anita Srivastava

Cannabis edibles pose serious risks to our kids

by Gagan Dhaliwal

Lost in the Weeds

by Paul Taylor

Marijuana and pregnancy are a bad mix

by Vanessa Milne Maureen Taylor Michael Nolan

Are marijuana and seniors a bad combination?

by Kieran Quinn Lauren Lacroix Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani

REPLAY: Emergent Realizations – Contrast-Induced Nephropathy & Opioid Prescribing Patterns

by Kieran Quinn Lauren Lacroix Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani

Emergent Realizations: Contrast-Induced Nephropathy & Opioid Prescribing Patterns

by Karen Palmer Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Preparing for Pot: Unanswered questions remain around legalizing marijuana

by William Jacyk Anita Teslak

Marijuana: harmless indulgence or health threat?

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