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by Dianne Martin

Ontario’s registered practical nurses deserve ‘fair compensation’

From day one of this pandemic, everyone has applauded nurses as front-line heroes. But our nurses need more than just accolades. They need fair compensation.

by Linda Silas

Leading by example: Nurses launch vaccination campaign

Canada’s largest nurses’ organization is launching a national campaign to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 and dispel mistrust and misinformation about vaccines.

by Katherine S. McGilton Dana Cooper

One Solution to the Long-Term Care Crisis: Nurse Practitioners

The pandemic has brutally exposed vulnerabilities in long-term care homes, but one solution is hiding in plain sight: nurse practitioners.

by Wendy Glauser Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Should public health nurses visit every family with a new baby?

by Wendy Glauser Sachin Pendharkar Debra Bournes

Should registered nurses prescribe drugs?

by Karen Born Irfan Dhalla Mary Ferguson-Paré

Evidence-based hospital nurse staffing: the challenges

by Ann Silversides Andreas Laupacis

Lower pay hampers nurse practitioner recruitment in primary care

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