by Amy Hwang

For part four of the Togethering Series, Amy reflects on how the pandemic and her mother's heightened and unpredictable home care needs caused her family to come together to take care of each other in seemingly impossible yet profoundly meaningful ways.

Special Series

"Togethering" is the term for how we live out our vision of how we care for our families together. "Family" can mean the traditional nuclear family across generations, modern-day chosen families, friends and neighbours. This series explores how modern families are navigating their own version of "Togethering." These three articles are the first instalments of a 10-part series examining the intersection of housing, aging and caregiving.

by Amy Hwang

After Andrea's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2015, it became difficult for her to provide him care in Toronto from her home in the U.S. Eventually she would have to figure out a shared living space that worked for both of her parents and her and her husband. Read Andrea's story navigating "Togethering" in part three of the series.

by Anthony Fong

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, more than 223,000 Ukrainians have applied to come to Canada without the federal housing, income and integration support normally given to refugees – a gap in our emergency settlement program experts say threatens to leave many at risk of being trafficked.

by Jamie Thompson Kaitlyn Zugic

For those living in rural and remote communities in Northern Ontario, access to affordable contraception is not only a financial issue, but one of equity and human rights.

by Kevin Liang

Small amounts of the propellants used in the familiar blue and orange inhalers can have an “outsized” climate footprint. Now there is a growing call for patients to switch to low-carbon dry powder alternatives.

Healthy Debate Nominated for Excellence in Digital Publishing

We are thrilled to announce that Healthy Debate has been nominated for two Digital Publishing Awards (DPAs), including general excellence in digital publishing, awarded to outlets that fulfil their editorial mandate and represent the highest standards in journalism.

Our Editor-in-Chief reflects on the nominations in a letter to our readers. Please also check out Saying Goodbye on Facetime, nominated for best feature article (short) as well as couple of our favourite stories from the year.

Letter from the Editor
by Seema Marwaha

Healthy Debate has been nominated for two 2022 Digital Publishing Awards, including excellence in digital publishing!

by Max Binks-Collier

Nurses have been using platforms like FaceTime to host visits between patients critically ill with COVID-19 and their loved ones. It's contributing to burnout – but also sometimes providing them with beautiful moments of human connection.

Long Read
by Anne Borden King

Columnist Anne Borden King combines meticulous research with moving reflections about living with breast cancer to expose an overlooked form of medical paternalism and explore the thought-provoking relationship between one’s body and most intimate self-image.

by Catharine Chambers

Do you have questions about vaccines in Canada? Epidemiologist Catharine Chambers compares the four vaccines now approved in Canada.

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The Rounds Table is a free regular podcast hosted by Healthy Debate. Its purpose is to provide an informative and irreverent discussion of new research from major medical journals. Each week it explores topics from the latest medical research.

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Special Series

I Am Not My illness is a series highlighting people living with complex disorders and their self-identity, passions and interests. Read the series here.

Special Series

In Their Own Words is a new series to share and amplify the reflections by Canadian youth on the pandemic.

Special Series

In partnership with AMS Healthcare, Healthy Debate is publishing a series of seven articles that explores the relationship between technology and compassion in the field of health care today, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.