Life after COVID: Solutions for our health-care system

In partnership with AMS Healthcare, Healthy Debate is publishing a series of solutions-focused articles examining gaps in our health-care system.

by Maddi Dellplain

ME/CFS is a misunderstood complex chronic illness affecting more than 600,000 Canadians. For decades ME/CFS patients have been left without proper medical support. But now, with the wave of new post-viral illnesses from the COVID-19 pandemic, ME/CFS patients might finally see some answers.

by Doctors for Planetary Health – West Coast

The health sector should treat the fossil-fuel industry as it has treated the tobacco industry – by revealing its health impacts, divesting, severing all financial and commercial links as soon as possible, and urging others to do the same.

by Colin Whaley Brandon Tang

Adding reason for use to the labels of prescriptions could be an opportunity to support patient health literacy and to improve communication within the health-care team.

Canada Through the Pandemic

by Catharine Chambers Nicole Naimer Maddi Dellplain

The Faces/Phases Project is a portrait of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. Through a series of data visualizations, we cover the first two years of the pandemic.

The Rounds Table Podcast

The Rounds Table is a free regular podcast hosted by Healthy Debate. Its purpose is to provide an informative and irreverent discussion of new research from major medical journals. Each week it explores topics from the latest medical research.

Special Series

In partnership with the OurCare Project, Healthy Debate is releasing a series of articles that explores the primary care crisis and its possible solutions.

Special Series

"Togethering" is the term for how we live out our vision of how we care for our families together. "Family" can mean the traditional nuclear family across generations, modern-day chosen families, friends and neighbours. This series explores how modern families are navigating their own version of "Togethering." These three articles are the first instalments of a 10-part series examining the intersection of housing, aging and caregiving.

Special Series

The vital partnership between research, community and clinical operations is the hallmark of the learning health system. In this series, we explore the fundamentals of a learning health system as well as several examples of learning health systems in action.

Special Series

I Am Not My illness is a series highlighting people living with complex disorders and their self-identity, passions and interests. Read the series here.