Cognition Edition: Post-Operative Delirium and Healthcare Costs in Dementia

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January is Alzheimer Awareness Month in Canada! To bring this to light, Amol and Nathan discuss three recent papers:

The first is a systematic review and meta-analysis of risk factors for post-operative delirium. Among other findings, the study identified two nutritional-related variables, low BMI and low albumin, as delirium risk factors. Nathan relates this study to a second paper, which evaluates the adverse outcomes for patients with post-operative delirium. This prospective cohort study showed that delirium patients experience prolonged length of stay, higher institutional discharge rate, and higher readmission rates. Nathan ponders the impact of delirium on patients’ hospital stay and beyond.

What is the cost of dementia? A retrospective cohort study attempts to answer this question by comparing the end of life health care costs for patients with dementia with other conditions. The study found that not only is low socioeconomic status associated with dementia, the healthcare costs are also higher for dementia patients. Amol considers the policy implications of these findings.

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The Papers

1. Risk factors for post-operative delirium:

2. Outcomes of post-operative delirium:

3. Cost of dementia:

Good Stuff

1. “Sprinkles”:

2. Inadequacies of physical exam:

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