Introducing “The Rounds Table”, a weekly podcast about major new studies in medicine

Dear Healthy Debate community,

I’m pleased to announce that Healthy Debate is launching a new feature today – a podcast we’re calling The Rounds Table.

Healthy Debate’s articles and opinion pieces are aimed at a general audience, but we also produce more specialized content in the form of our patient-focused Personal Health Navigator. While the Personal Health Navigator is patient-focused, The Rounds Table is primarily aimed at clinicians, though we think it will be of interest to anyone curious about major new medical research.

The team behind The Rounds Table is an exceptionally dynamic group of young physicians. They boast impressive academic credentials, and between them they have published research in several of the world’s leading medical journals, including the Lancet, BMJ, JAMA, and Annals of Internal Medicine.

The Rounds Table is accredited as Continuing Medical Education by the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine and the American Medical Association. We have also applied for accreditation from the College of Family Physicians of Canada and hope to receive it soon.

You can listen to The Rounds Table on your computer or mobile device by streaming or downloading it on the Healthy Debate website, or you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

I hope you enjoy The Rounds Table and find it an interesting and useful addition to Healthy Debate. As with everything on Healthy Debate, we’d welcoming your feedback on this new feature. Please email ideas, compliments, criticism, ideas for improvment, etc to

Check out the first episode: Too rich for my blood


Andreas Laupacis

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Andreas Laupacis

Editor-in-chief Emeritus

Andreas founded Healthy Debate in 2011. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

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