The Opioid Chapters: 11 stories that show how complex the crisis is

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  1. Dennis Kendel

    Thank you for capturing and sharing these personal experiences. This powerfful

  2. John Macleod

    I took opioids for 18 months while awaiting a hip replacement as I went from limping to a cane to a walker…Yes, I was addicted. Yes, I tapered off. I don’t know how I would have managed with no pain relief. I agree there is a crisis, but I managed to get through it..I don’t think i deserve any recognition for doing this. I can understand, though, why people have problems with these drugs. About a week after my surgery the surgeon told me to stop taking the opioids…Didn’t tell me to taper off or offer to help me…I quickly learned what PMS behavior was sorta all about. Luckily my regular doctor was there for me, and gradually reduced my dosage.

  3. Cynthia

    I love this project! It is a great way to appreciate and respect different perspectives of the same issue.

  4. Lanre

    I believe part of the solution is for every practising physician be they family doctors or specialists,especially surgical colleagues,to be educated in safe opioid use and to learn about those risk factors that put people at higher risk of addiction(use of opioid risk tool).
    Education in opioid substitution therapy should be mandatory for every family physician who is in active practice in this era.
    I feel our hospitals sometimes present a great opportunity to engage these patients on a long term basis if they stop focusing on bed rather than patient management

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