Public health in Ontario: What it does, and what might change

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  1. Dave Bryans

    A well balanced review and under the SFOA act, the PHU’s are allocated over $20 million to send in underage shoppers to test convenience stores who have demonstrated a pass rate of 96.2% using Ministry data. However no concern or shops on LCBO or The Beer Stores & no plans for cannabis sales or concerns in any region. The time has come to evaluate the amount of money being spent on mystery shops where the PHUs conduct about 20,000 underage shops for an average cost of $1,000 an inspection. Normal everyday mystery shop programs costs somewhere around $50 & no programs offered to train or help small businesses under the act. Seems very one sided to the average person.

    • Melanie

      Any test shopping for LCBOs, beer stores, or cannabis would fall under the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario), not the Public Health Units, but maybe it should.

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