Medical science can save younger and younger babies. Medical culture is changing as a result.

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  1. Theresa

    Great article! And having a preemie at 29 weeks or full term babies you never know the out come for the child

  2. Ary P Smith

    Our daughter was born “breeched” at 22w 6 days after surviving 19 weeks pprom at 1 lbs 2 ozs & is now 4 with no medical issues

    • Emily Delpero

      What a journey. Was your child delivered by C-Section or vaginally?

    • Manpreet

      Hi i am in same condition can you please give me more details about your situation

  3. Julianna

    One of the best articles i read about micros! Did not know Japan was such a leader in care!
    Mom of a healthy-happy-smart 2 yr old, ex 24w+0d baby girl with ivh 4

  4. Athlete's Choice Massage

    Wow what an interesting article! I found it especially interesting how older infants with the same chances of survival and/or disability developing as a result of intervention are often resuscitated without questions vs perivital preemies there is a larger discussion with the families. I wonder do you know the statistics for parents who end up choosing resuscitation vs comfort care for perivital preemies when given the option? I think it would provide an interesting insight into your comments on the stigma surrounding disability from the public’s perspective as opposed to the medical community’s perspective (maybe a topic for a different article!)

    • Emily Delpero

      Interesting thought/research question!
      I’m not aware of any Canadian studies looking at those numbers specifically. That said, unless there have been qualitative studies on the motivations underlying each decision, I would hesitate to infer any motivations from absolute numbers.

      Every family who faces that decision is presented with and consider many variables and I think it would be very hard to conclude anything about societal bias from seeing how many families choose not to intervene.

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