COVID-19 disproportionately affects those living in poverty. And this impacts us all.

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  1. Ana Blair

    I think that the government should give every one a package that is equal to every canaindain and people on odsp should should be given as the working class and those who are are in wheelchair and have medical problems.

    • Danny

      Ya really.. Its not there fault when.there unable

      • Lisa ross

        I dont understand. This. Odsp. Ow gets a check once a month they cant stock up on nothing by the time they get their check. There is hardly nothing to chose from why cant they do something to help these people to in this time of trouble. They need money. To. Survive also .the government know who they are already so do something please. Were alive. Can u see us.

        • Laurrie Danforth

          Re: COVID19 and ODSP

          You would think they would’ve arranged to have March’s cheque sent out or deposited a couple days earlier. Especially because the grocery store shelves are empty and trying to go from store to store will be really difficult for a lot of OW & ODSP recipients. Not to mention a lot of taxi’s will be needed too.

          • Laura Forrester

            Being on odsp barely pays my monthly rent. I have not been able ti stock up on food or cleaning supplies, which puts mine and my son health at greater risks, I am already, at risk as I have COPD and other disabilities, why can’t the goverment set in place the basic income for six months trial till the covid 19 is at least over. I feel it was wrong of rob ford to disregard this as a help to the poor. He’s never been in these shoes I’m sure. Very sad situation where in with everything going up in our society including rent. We’re now stuck into a time of choice pay rent or eat. Eat and you’ll be homeless with your children on the streets as all the shelters are full till up to a year and a half waiting list. Please help!

            • Laura Forrester

              I’d like everyone to write Rob Fords office of there concerns with the basic income supplement I feel he should hear it directly!

              • K

                Might help if you sent it to doug ford the premier I dont know who rob Ford is but he wont be able to help you lol. But yes I am on odsp also and even with my husband working also we are struggling to get what we need to get threw

              • Neuro Toxin

                Yeah, ya know, Rob Ford is DEAD, so writing to him or his offices would be tantamount to writing Satan himself, and we all know where that will get us, but yes, maybe if enough people get together and write to DOUG FORD’s offices he may just hear you, but he would need to put the fork down and finish chewing before he could hear any of it.

            • Stan Campbell

              Hey I Stan have COPD and Emphysema too from 12 years of second hand smoke in an apt building, we have been living in a house for the last almost 14 years though. So is everyone saying you don’t get the extra GST credit if you are on ODSP or we do ?

          • Trisha

            Good that people are getting help from the Government. What about people that have different cases like myself. Scammed by my landlord back in 2018. Lost everything I worked for 26 yrs including life insurance. Diagnosed with Psoriasis due to overwhelming stress. My kids education suffered tremendously as we have moved twice within 6 months. I am thankful for receiving OW, but at the end of the day $860 is a strugle not to mention the amount I have to spend on laundry and maintenance of my skin condition. Last month I was on a job hunt then this pandemic hit hard on us. Nothing is more painful seeing your kids going through hardships just because other people decided to be greedy. Not thinking how theur action cam have a negative impact towards a persons life. I have sent numerous emails to Government Agencies inquiring whom to contact with in regards to our current crisis. We sleep in a living room of someone who came back from a vacation outside Canada. As much as we want to avoid her, HOW? Roaming around the whole apartment and we dont habe the right to complain as its not our place. My yougest daughter has been sick for two days now and eldest complaining of muscle ache. We might have been exposed to the virus or not… Thank you for increasing the CHILD TAX, but again $860 from OW is not enough. I am still not well but last month when my kids were begging me to move as they can nolonger tolerate the banging of items, MEANING I HAVE TO DO MY BEST, STRIVE HARDER in order to save up towards our moving. Its difficult going through suck unending problems but I dont have anyone to rely on but myself. I hope the Government would consider people in different situations. Without having a permanent place to move in, this will continue to impact my kids education. We may not die from the VIRUS, but will lead us to mental illness due to criticisms, degrading ang banging stuff. Person who lost their job have acces to EI or get the assistance they need but must isolate themselves. What about the ones that may have exposed? The what?

        • mary

          big hugs to you……you are not alone

      • Laurrie Danforth

        Re: COVID19 and ODSP

        I am single mom on ODSP but my youngest son is a university student and lives at home with me. He had 3 part time jobs to help pay for school mostly because Ford cut OSAP (student loans) dramatically, too the point that my son didn’t receive enough to even pay for his tuition.

        The only benefit that will help in the future is the GST credit and he gets a 6 month reprieve even though he isn’t at that stage of repayment yet. I am not surprised FORD chose not to help people like us and I almost feel guilty and I really don’t want to complain but I don’t know how to stock up on groceries for 2 weeks not on the income I receive.

        I have another son that is/was working out in Alberta but he has lost all his jobs. I just can’t pay for both sons essentials I am just not able too. I feel like if I complain people will be angry but is there any supports for me and the son that lives at home? I don’t get extra because my son lives at home. He relied on his part time jobs but he is a student on OSAP, but will he be able to apply for support through the new emergency financial support that the federal government is offering? If he does will it impact my ODSP?

        I honestly don’t know where to find out this information?

        Thank you, if you know of any additional provincial supports for recipients of ODSP and for students who live at home with someone who receives ODSP because currently I do not receive any funding for him! Thank you again, I hope this makes sense to the reader.

        L.A. Danforth

      • Sue

        Help all low income. Part time workers ,disable,vet ,welfare , homeless ,instead of same cycle cant afford to eat cant afford Bill’s ,cant pay rent to expensive etc so keep having homeless keep having mentsl health issues keep the dispare goin on and on now must isolate, keep distant, or die no food no health help list gose on

    • Carmit

      We do not qualify for anything. In fact to ask for anything we need to just leave phone msgs to out case worker and hope they are healthy and working.

    • Gordon Ross

      It is sad to say as a canadian that my government has placed me and the rest of the most needed on O.D.S.P on the back burner in regaurds of the covid 19 funds that are seems that the reduse of population will most likely.are the one they are leaving behind.Us The poor.

      • Christina

        Thank you for the opportunity for this discussion. What is going to happen to lower income people? Why are we not being seen? Are we invisible. Nobody can help if they have a disability and def cannot stock up and self isolate if they are having to go out here and there to get foo. Well… take care of you and ur family and friends everyone in these difficult times. #wecandothis

    • Cheryl Ruben

      Basic income program should be implemented NOW. Odsp did not increase last year, but rent increased 2.2%, cost of living, etc.

      • Jennifer C

        They are not increasing odsp for 2020 but my shelt exceeds the allowance and during job shut down not only will we be without $$ we have to pay ei back 100% in overpayment. My rent increased my food costs etc also increased
        I find it deplorable the Ontario government isn’t cutting it back to 50% since we were laid off due to their shut down which I understand is another two weeks

        • Karen Vardy

          I agree with you 100%. If I were you, I would contact your local MPP. Member of Provincial Parliament.

          MPP’s need to hear every sad story like yours. They are the ones that can take your rightful concerns to Premier Doug Ford.

  2. Nickie Wilson

    All that money they need for people & their still fracking up the Country’s & want bailouts! No way the people first!

  3. richard stafford

    I have struggled for the last 7 years on ODSP as it JUST gives you enough to get by month to month at the 872 I receive WITH max meal allowances as well BUT ODSP can be as high as 1400 BUT I am not sure how to get the extra $400 unless by paying full market rent which who leave you starving in most places..

  4. David K Carstend

    I’m on ODSP,raising twins 18 years old,my son in as autism,I’m not stupid, if you under the radar your toast,I know there will be no help,My mental health is going south,I’m not going to go deeper down the rabbit hole,I have just said not getting help, So I have moved on and deal with it

    • Aliya

      My spouse is on Odsp and I am working as part time. Whatever I earn 50% is deducted. Only 200$ is exempted. I have responsibilities of my 3 children.
      It’s my request not to deduct this 50% due to my earning.

      • Carmit

        I’m in the same situation. It comes to 160 hrs a month that I work for $1.50 !!!
        This 50% clawback keeps us in the social welfare dependency. Governments have no vision, no real incentives to help people that can work get out of this cycle of poverty.

  5. Peggy Barfoot

    I am low income.. unable to work. I recieve $260. Every 2wks. $113.00 comes out straight away for my prescription and the rest is to buy toiletries, cleaners and food for 3. Hopefully now the higher class will have a little compassion for us lower class if their forced to live check to check. I dont know why their all so worried. Their still gonna be doing better than low income. Try living on less than 10.000 a yr with cronic pain.

  6. Areha Jay.

    It’s bad enough that its only 1169 a month when shelter allowance is under 500 dollars and theres not a single room in this town below 750… those in power think of it as “oh this person has no feet so they don’t need to buy shoes and socks etc..” they made the system, but they don’t live in it.

    • Mi helle

      I am a single widow disabled for life with a walker and broken back.My surgeon told me theres no more they can do for me Im stuck like this with chronic pain the rest of my life.After rent I have 400 to pay insurance and my bills which leaves me nothing NOTHING left for food.I have a pouch for a stomach and can only eat protein and vegtables and lactose intolerant .If I dont have at least 80 g of protein a day I get weak and sick.ODSP said they already give me the max for special needs.Yes if it wasnt for that I would not have money to pay the bills!! Im so damn mad that people on odsp , permanent disability are forgotten about and our poverty goes up but our pay doesnt come close to match.Cant anyone start asking Trudeau on our behalf? I cant even afford a computer? Again Ford only cares about the middle class families!! NO SURPRISE THERE! Who can we get to speak on pur behalf? Do say our Mayor of Huntsville he’s a usless when I told him years ago and knew he couldnt care less.Somebody PLEASE Im begging for all of us on ODSP PLEASE HELP US!

      • Carmit

        I wrote to treudo 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I get an automated response of how difficult this time is for everyone. Not even a human response. Auto generated canned response.

      • Bill

        The way I see it this is Ford and Trudeau’s way of population control we are on odsp starving every day worried about the rent why can’t we wear nice clothes you see if they look after us then they can’t help them selfs or there families God forbid one of their family member go’s on odsp or ow this is the governments why of having population control and the richer keep getting richer

  7. Johnny

    Someone create apetition please to go to Justin Trudeau to increase Ontario support program
    the people who are on low income need help as this Covid19 pendemic is happening.
    Thank you.

  8. David Hubbins

    I’m curious how this is gonna turn out for all the people on welfare. Or even worst. The people who are on welfare, that can’t even get a full cheque. Because of how the rules are set up, and you can’t actually can’t get the rent part of the cheque.

  9. Carmit

    Its is sad to see that out of all the support federal and provincial governments gives, they could not form out $500 per household to buy supplies at this time. We are out of sight out of mind to them. We are on odsp. My income is cut off 50%. We will never have anything for a rainy day let alone a stay at home pandemic. Modern 2020 canada.

  10. David Greenfield

    your statment that stocking food and supplies for this problem IS NOT REALISTIC… to me is insulting… in that basic ODSP paid rates to basic food and rental housing costs have lost over 50% buying power since the Walkerton water problems of the 1990s. Where was the funding for the client (victem) of ODSP the pay cash for bottled water??? I as a victem of 30 plus years within this no escape system, imfacticly request that future statments you make in reporting the insantity of ODSP reflect the totally… NOT REALISTIC… 480 dollar per month payment of both rent and utilties (phone bills). Then there is some objective truth to the cause of homelessness in Ont. not media supported propiganda which lets ODSP hides this (fraud) abuse in EVERY CLIENTS DIFFERENT statments… please note the general rate of cost of living increase in my 30 plus years of history has only just gotten over 20% total in well over 30 years. (thats not 1% per year) the same is true for all ODSP divided catigories. I would request that The MINISTRY OF COMMUNITY and (ANTI) SOCIAL (DIS) SERVICES be forced to increase general rates by well over 20% to ALL catigoris of victems. This is the only action that would truly respond to the REAL WORLD needs of this group of CANADIANS. WE NEED REAL WORLD HELP… NOT THE SAME 30 PLUS YEAR CIRIMINAL FRAUD of the OSDP political system… the last time I checked I am still human and seek objective reponces to real objective basic living needs… please note welfare and ODSP programs are very different welfare is short term help, ODSP is life long….as there are no exits from said ANTI SOCIAL DIS SERVICE. Please seek real world correction of this inhuman fraud and you have my support… thank you

  11. Pamela hall

    Please give more money to odsp there is nothing g in the coved 19 for us it’s terrible we are forgotten money fir people with kids but we get nothing again we need food meds extra cleaning stuff

    • Colleen Fowler

      It’s terribly depressing for us ppl on ODSP , who want to work badly and CANNOT . Im 55 and no need to say it’s a struggle under normal circumstances……with this covid 19 ? How on earth can we make it ? I already feel like the forgotten , a loser , everyday. I have a life threatening illness and dont know what to do , I pay 1220 a month rent , my spouse is my caretaker also and he has health issues but isn’t on ODSP , just on my cheque , now truly we are the forgotten. Hate to be a downer but it’s the truth , stocking up isn’t realistic for us on ODSP who wish they could work , even part time … May God bless us all and ppl on OW too

  12. Heather driscoll

    I believe ow odsp should be up with the times. 2 or 3 kids or more u cannot get an apt for large families less the 1200. To 1400. Government needs to realize that stuff like rent food etc goes up. So should the payment. I have been on disability for a long time and never seen an increase. How sad. Ty heather

  13. Kris

    I asked this question recently, about those on ow or odsp , if they will get extra help, shocked at the response, comments came back as bums and they don’t deserve help, only those who lost their jobs and why should low income ones get help the ones who lost their jobs are more entitled. The ironic part is if someone who worked as an example at Timmies and made only $500 a month, they are now entitled to $2000 a month, and an ow word or odsp recipients is not going to be getting extra help because apparently there low lives and are guaranteed their income.The names and opinions that were called, were leeches, and living off the the backs of tax payers, etc… And now, how many that are applying,even those who’s income were minimal are getting assistance, and now ironically enought they will be living off more the government than those who are on odsp or ow,but those who receive now just barely to survive once again will be omitted and overlooked because they are the poorest in Canada and drink beer and do drugs. SMH

    • Sal

      Agree the stigma has to stop re ODSP. I have low immunity among many other things. I developed a disease at 18 through no fault of my own. Lost my friends, lost most hours at work (i brutally force myself through a few because i need the extra), lost any potential for a career, cant care for kids, can barely walk most days…. I didnt choose this, it happened to me. And ive never been high or drunk in my life. i was a good kid and got sick before i was legal…. and yet im lumped in with the druggies and drunks just taking advantage of the system… I understand they need to be strict because there are those who do… but why does that mean us legit cases must live on less?

  14. Gordon Ross

    It is sad to say as a canadian that my government has placed me and the rest of the most needed on O.D.S.P on the back burner in regaurds of the covid 19 funds that are seems that the reduse of population will most likely.are the one they are leaving behind.Us The poor.

  15. Bea Castro-Leeman

    Please read, and sign, the attached petition. ODSP will claw back any Emergency Federal funds, given to laid off of furloughed workers’ spouses ODSP Disability Payment!

    How is this fair? Especially during a National Health Crisis?

    Please sign and share!

  16. Kathleen Bayers

    I have income assistance and received a $50 one time emergency payment. I am very thankful. At this time however due to being high risk I hesitate to take the bus. That does leave me using this emergency funding to provide myself with lower risk transportation. Strengthening MyHealth will be ongoing during the covid 19 virus outbreak. I therefore suggest a $50 monthly emergency payment two such individuals as myself. I am referring 2 cab fare to and from groceries or medical appointments with. Even greater need during this time is haet. An emergency fund for low income people allowing additional fuel will be greatly valued

  17. L Turner

    I am a single mother of 4, who is on odsp….. because of the covid19 virus, my 24yr old college student daughter and three teenage boys are all at home with me…
    Which is equivalent of 5, hungry adults!!
    My rent is $1400+utilities as well I’ve got car insurance, food, gas, phone bills And wifi to pay for…(also shoes/clothes etc, although not important during the pandemic..)
    My monthly odsp cheque is about $1700. I also receive child benefits of about $750.
    As well, I do housekeeping for people to make extra cash to be able to afford all my bills.
    Now that that the Virus is in Canada I haven’t been cleaning anyone homes and don’t intend to for a long time until this is over… so no extra cash coming in.
    One last thing… I live in one of the towns in Ontario that was a part of the Ontario Income Pilot Project, I was a part of that, I received about $300 more per month than I receive on odsp.
    So I have some first hand knowledge…. I believe the pilot project was such a great idea, and it definitely helped me…I could afford life and I didn’t have to find extra income, although I’m in daily pain, and really shouldn’t be doing it.
    I’m also assuming that when pandemic is over….. many people won’t have jobs to go back to…. it would be nice if a basic income program is put into place as many jobs won’t exist anymore…
    The other reason I’m writing, is I’m curious why people like me and my kids aren’t eligible for more help. I hope people all realize that people are already trying to survive with less than $2000/month and it’s not enough…. also the housing market…. rent is SO HIGH…. and I’m willing to bet that most renters out there are on limited incomes too.
    Ok that’s my rant, I just appreciate that you wrote this article, so thanks!

  18. Denise Seitz

    Thank you very much for speaking for us on odsp! Has this article been sent to Prime Minister Trudeau?

    Broke, anxious and sick

    • April's Hope

      I lost my job years ago due to physical and mental breakdown. I struggled for years on the lowest of all funds through ontario works and finally got ODSP, but I’ve been playing catch up for months with my bills. Like so many others, I can barely afford food, let alone stock up a two weeks supply. Soaps and hand sanitizers are luxury items we really can’t afford. Having to taxi for groceries is very expensive when you don’t have funds to pay for it, but its the safest way to safe distance from the general public on transit. I’m probably going to be homeless soon as I can’t keep up with shelter costs. At 63 and having barriers, with the covid 19 virus, any job prospects are dwindling away for most of us. Please give us some hope, we are dying here waiting.
      OUR DEATH IS ON YOUR HANDS!! Stuckinthemiddle

  19. Lynda Legere

    Due people who are currently in OW receive any additional funds?
    If so how much?
    I am inquiring for my son Paul Legere who does not have internet or a computer. Only relying on the pubic library.

  20. Cindy'Ann Butts

    Everyone seems to be getting money to live, what about those on disability?
    We can’t stock up because we are barely making it as it is.
    Some of us get to eat at least once a day, l know people who aren’t that lucky.
    We kept the economy working when we were younger, but are now forgotten.
    There are no sighs of relief for us. You take about the curve, try living in a circle.
    Disappointment and fear is one hell of a lot to live with.

  21. Maria Hawkins

    I live in BC and I am on disability.I have tried to work again because of the low disability payments we get. Unfortunately I failed three times to keep the job. It would be really nice if both the provincial and federal government would stand up and say ” This is for all Canadians” Every man, woman and child. Whether employed or on assistance ,we have your back. And do what is right and help us all. I know we are considered expendable, but atleast do something for the children!

  22. Jula

    I am not in subsided housing and I am disabled living on ODSP my rent is 750 a month plus heat and hydro cost . I receive shelter costs of only$497.00 so my rent extra amount, heat and hydro come out of my basic needs. I need internet for my assisitive devices I pay full price as there is no help for me with that. I barley get by. Now during the COVID 19 outbreak, I am finding it even harder as food and basic necessities have gone up yo the point I can’t afford. Why dose our government keep us so poor. I am discussed as I did not choose to be disabled. I am not on the system due to drugs, I have a legitimate disability. Yet no Government will help me. I guess my life dose not matter, I am disposable in the governments eyes, a burden.

  23. Renee Crocker

    Hello, I’m on ODSP and every month I have to decide weather to eat or pay my hydro bill. Even with receiving OESP my electric heat costs every month is overwhelming. I use the food banks in my community but between the 2 I’m only allowed 6 at one and 5 at the other. That doesn’t even average out to one a month. Although I’m very thankful to receive the generosity of others that I have donated to before myself. I’m still starving with only a few days worth of food per month.
    I receive a total of $1,150.00 a month My rent in Kitchener is 950.00. I would like to see Doug Ford do my budget for me.
    Yes……. I am at greater risk to COVID-19 because of my chronic illness and pain, but it shouldn’t take a pandemic to see how Canadians like myself and others on ODSP have to live. I’ve worked hard my whole life and 6 yrs ago I had to not just give up my job but also my independence as well as my vehicle and investments and savings. I’ve recently had to sell my guitar and jewelry just to try to keep warm and buy bread and peanut butter
    I don’t expect to profit from ODSP but survival would be welcome.
    So while the government and Ontario minister is allocating funds for the people who can’t work (like me) don’t forget about the people who use to be in the work force and paid dearly over the years to taxes.
    Please help people who no longer can’t help themselves. We live $13,000.00 UNDER THE POVERTY LEVEL
    Thank you
    Renee Crocker

    • Sal

      Just wanted to say, look into Ontario Energy Support program – provided by ontario energy board… its not much but can get with electric heat at least $68 in help per month with hydro supports… it may take a while to get started with everything happening, but just wanted to share the info. any little bit helps.

      everything else – completely agree! Minimum wage is considered poverty and we are at half of that!

  24. Pius ONeill

    I am on ODST can you tell me if there extra funding that I can receive,and how can I apply..I’ve called my ODSP working inquiring if there is extra money I can apply for but still no reply back…any help would be useful appreciated

  25. Odsp Recipient

    Government gives one time discretionary amount of 100 or 200 for couples.
    How is that even remotely fair?

    • Sal

      Totally agree… if they wanted everyone to feel included or whatever bull crap was stated, wed be getting a $800 top up… and per month, not just 1 time.

      • Sal

        Oh and also, not clawed back… wed get to keep it all

  26. Nancy Morrissette & Darlene Beaulieu

    i am very disappointed with out government as people that that are on welfare or Ontario disappotined that we are not getting anything from

  27. IANSHound

    Its times like this that solidify the social rhetoric and stigmatic phenomenon directed at people on Welfare. A shame yes, a surprise, not at all. Because of this pandemic, there are no small basic jobs to do because everyone wants to self isolate. Lost my supplementary income capabilities, and, because they are microscopic and tax free, not losing anything, right? Taking enough from tax payers already, as it is.

  28. Carolyn

    I am low income. A self-employed cleaner. I have received ZERO $ help from either the province of alberta, nor federally from the govt of canada. I have ZERO income now, because my job puts myself & others at risk, and we’re supposed to “stay at home”..”practice social distancing”. I can’t do my job working from home. What a slap in the face this is. I have ZERO savings for this. I just got over a bankruptcy because my ex-husband used & abused me financially, verbally, emotionally & physically. I rent a basement suite, my son moved in with me when he lost his job, causing me more $. I have worked so hard all my life. Now, no work, no pay, just stressed sick with anxiety I can hardly eat. The province of ab tells me to call ei to see if I’m getting ei. I can’t get through by phone (any #), nor through email. I am in the dark. When I applied for ei, more than a week ago, I was told to apply under sickness benefits, when I’m not even sick. I was told I needed a note from my Doc. My Doc. didn’t even understand why he had to write a letter stating that I should not be doing the job I’m doing, as it puts myself & my clients at huge risk. A lot of my clients are seniors, have children, etc. That note cost me $20 (that I really could NOT afford, now that I have no work), not to mention, I have no fax # or email to send this note to, and nobody seems to know. I am sick of seeing the same paid people on tv saying to stay home & not go to work, while they get paid to tell us that. I already have anxiety from my past, now I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. I can’t apply for the emergency benefits until Monday the 6th, as I was born in Feb. I am beyond stressed. Beyond done trying to reach anybody to help me. There aren’t enough people to receive the calls or emails coming in from the public. This is awful. Should I go clean & risk my health & put others at risk too, so that I can actually survive? This govt. should’ve prepared better for all of this. I feel sorry for the people in poverty, who should be the people who get $ aide right away. I worked paycheque to paycheque. Now I have NOTHING. How can we live on NOTHING?

  29. Don Cormier

    What bothers me about this! Is that I see those who have never known what it’s like to be Homeless, to known hungry for more than a few days, or what it’s like feeling the shame of it and being told it’s your fault. I would love for anyone of them to walk in my shoes.

  30. Sal

    Odsp + losing the bit of extra income i count on + am too unhealthy to have earned $5000 in the past 12 months + lower immunity due to disease = left out! Something needs to be done. Also, if the government has now indirectly but officially stated that $2000 is the bare minimum that someone can live on per month, well slash that in half, and then try to get quarantine supplies on top of normal shelter costs and bills…. Shelter allowance is $497… thats it… so the rest of our shelter comes out of our grocery money. Pandemic aside its not right, let alone during a crisis. We cant financially afford delivery from big name stores, but we cant medically afford to shop in person…. we’re being literally forced to pay for our physical health and safety! people argue that we should get less because we have medical benefits. fair point, except many dont require anything that ohip doesnt already cover, because our conditions just are what they are… $500 per year is generous medical expenses in my case. Given these points we dont deserve to live on that much less. The low maintainence cases like my self would more than make up for those in more frequent medical need. They need to stop operating on financial data from i believe Ive read 2006. Ford doesnt care about us…

  31. Dan

    IF YOU ARE ON ODSP contact your worker. You qualify for an additional $100 per person on your check.
    There is also a benefit top up for OW

    “If you already receive Ontario Works benefits, additional funding could be available to you. You can apply through online applications such as MyBenefits, contacting their Ontario Works caseworker or online at ODSP recipients are also eligible to receive these benefits and can contact their ODSP caseworker for additional information.”

    read the article here

  32. Michael Ryan

    I believe the Trudeau government as well as the Ford government could truly care less about persons in precarious situations whose loss of control and well being are now, more than ever, heavily amplified by this virus. I’m left to assume that the hope is we will now just become collateral damage and so will eventually save the tax payer in the conclusion of this pandemic. Trudeau just announced 100 million to bolster food banks, which are currently inaccessible where I reside in a Windsor as the mayor stopped the busses. Did it cross anyone’s mind that putting that money into the hands of the most vulnerable would alleviate, or at least minimize the need for food banks all together. What kind of society prefers to force people to use food banks 2, 3 or sometimes 4 times a month. Did it cross anyone’s mind how humiliating this is ? The prevailing idea is that we should be completely strip the vulnerable of any semblance of dignity. WOW !

    • Jennifer

      WOW…good assessment of today’s political climate!!! I’m pretty sure that both governments find this virus quite SERENDIPITOUS in weeding out the weak. I believe we’re coming close to the days experienced in the WWII. Hitler gassed, shot and starved the “undesirables”…the disabled and poor included. The Feds refuse to stop the Provincial Governments from siphoning Federal help from those most vulnerable, including the working poor. The Ontario Government is gleefully rubbing their collective hands together because they will be able to line their coffers with more Federal money destined to help the most vulnerable. Doug Ford…Mike Harris…who can tell the difference????? We’re screwed!!!!

  33. Mike

    I was a pro athlete and worked my whole life and was hit by a transport truck . Broke my neck and back and now on odsp. If everyone is getting 2000 to stay home then the least they could do is put us on odsp at 2000. Seems like the fair thing to do.

  34. Sue

    I’m one of those on ODSP and a part time worker, my rent is 1275 and after that I have little to nothing left! As well I need to report my income and am often left with less than I can live on, why isn’t there a little extra help for those living well below the poverty line, I haven’t heard any government official address this or myself and other Disability and welfare recipients? Are we being ignored?

    • Jennifer

      OF COURSE WE ARE!!!!!!!!! We’re expendable!!!!!! And there aren’t any others, like MPs or MPPs who might be able to make a difference for us. They’re not worried about us or are interested in fighting for us. I’ve tried…MPs, MPPs, office of Premier Ford, office of Todd Smith, Minister of Community and Social Services. The silence is deafening.
      Please read some of my other posts so you get to know how I REALLY FEEL!!!!!!!
      And if you haven’t signed the petition, please do!

  35. Ferruccio capone

    I think low inc9me people and. Vulnerable people should be helped and protected during these difficult times thank you

  36. Andrew Nellis

    Don’t bother. No one cares. You think it’s accidental that the disabled have been forgotten? We’ve been slowly starved for decades, destroying our health.

    I now have diabetes, asthma, chronic pain from rotten teeth (which I can’t do anything about because ODSP only pays 20% of what dentists normally charge, so no one will take me), chronic pain from peripheral neuropathy, and I’m going slowly blind from a rare form of glaucoma called pigment dispersion syndrome. I recently came close to death from a bilateral pulmonary embolism and will be on blood thinners for life. I was getting blood testing from the hospital because the waiting list for a doctor is more than two years long, and two weeks ago the hospital told me not to come back; they had more important things to take care of. So now I have a choice between taking my blood thinner blind and risking death from a nose bleed, or not taking my blood thinner and risking death from a blood clot in my sleep.

    My rent is so high that my food budget is now $50 a month. In the last four months I’ve lost 50 pounds because I can’t afford anything but rice and microwave popcorn. It’s quite possible I’m going to starve to death even if I somehow manage not to die from a blood clot, uncontrolled diabetes, or COVID-19.

    Don’t bother begging for pity or mercy, they have none. What they want is for you to go home and die. When the Nazis starting their Final Solution, it wasn’t the Jews or the homosexuals or even the communists they went after first; it was the disabled. They shoved the disabled into the back of trucks and ran the exhaust in until they were dead. This is no different, except it’s slower and less merciful. When your food runs out, you’ll have a choice of dying quietly in your home — if you have one — or trying to steal food and dying by gunfire. I anticipate there will be food riots eventually. Maybe if you can stay alive that long, you can join in the looting if you’re still healthy enough.

    Don’t plan on surviving this. There’s little chance you will.

  37. cindy

    this is ridiculous when are we the people on odsp going to see some relief im actually disabled I worked up until this virus struck im a from line worker now I don’t work I have copd I can’t work if I get this virus I will die so what are you going to do for me since I’m back on disability????

  38. Allen

    Yeah the government thinks 733.00 is enough for me and others on ow to live on but everbody else needs 1800.00 its about what i expect from a worthless government.

  39. Kimberly

    I am on odsp i feel we deserve an increase. We didnt. I have a thyroid disease thyroiditis autoimmune disease 4 nodules on my thyroid. There are hundreds of symptoms including brain fog and swelling high heartrate. I cant buy food because there is none. I cant have gluten soy dairy and theres nothing. I have rent and bills. I do not drink or do drugs nor have I ever but its not fair. Its a very debilitating disease which is a chronic suffering this is absolutely ridiculous i cant even buy tylenol. Please help us

  40. Beatriz Castro-Leeman

    Please help in getting this petition out.

    Presently, if I, as a worker, am fisplaced, due to Covid 19, and apply for the Federal Worker Assistance Program, my Spouses’, ODSP Disability Check will be deducted, dollar for dollar, for the amount received by me from the Fedetal Government. How is this going to help Workers support their vulnerable family members? Does the Federal Government know about these cruel Ontario Provincial clawbacks?

    No one seems to care or listen. Please help!

    • Jennifer

      Oh YES…they know but don’t care!!! The Feds will dole it out but it’s up to individual provinces to decide how to treat it (Social Services etc.) as income…etc. They refuse to stop Provinces from grabbing the money…like Ontario does. I tried contacting the MP in my riding…contacted my MPP, Amy Fee’s office…she’s in Ford’s inner circle. Her assistant, who answers the phone is more helpful than Ms. Fee is. I tried to contact the Minister of Community and Social Services, Todd Smith and the Premiers Office…by phone and E-mail. Tumble weeds and crickets!!! The woman I spoke with at Ford’s office was very rude and totally lacked any empathy once she realized I was enquiring about ODSP. She basically told me I should be happy with what I get…after my deduction from the Feds.
      Who cares that my husband worked for 8 years and contributed to HER CPP pension when she retires. She drives on the roads my husband contributed to through paying his mandatory taxes. My tax payments provides her with her universal healthcare…
      should SHE get Covid-19. And the list goes on.
      But her attitude reflects the attitude of this Government, lead by Ford. He is no better than Mike Harris. Remember what Harris did in the 90’s??? Decimated the Social Assistance Program. We’re on the same track now.
      Perhaps all the poor…working poor…disabled…homeless and any others who fall through the cracks are expendable. Isn’t the Covid-19 emergency serendipitous!!!

  41. James Hussey

    Poverty Level would be a major Life style improvement for most people on ODSP it certainly would be for me. as I receive $1032.07 a month to live on, now with covid19I have to run all over the damn place trying to buy essential items an if I’m really lucky I might just find a package of spaghetti an a loaf of bread on a good day. You keep telling us to stay home an wash our hands, well if nothing else I’ll have clean hands when I starve to death. AND YES I”D WORK IF I WAS ABLE TO an so would a lot people in my situation, perhaps our politicians should try living on $1000.00 a month, hell some spend that much on night out.

  42. Jennifer

    I am on ODSP. My husband re-trained for a new career 8 years ago in order to comply with ODSP rules. We borrowed $8,000.00 for his schooling with 0 help from ODSP. He has been working ever since, reducing our reliance on ODSP. He was never able to earn enough to totally remove us from the rolls of ODSP. But each consecutive year The Government was more than happy to assure that we reported our income, deducting money per their formula, allowing us to keep a portion as a “reward” for doing the right thing. He paid all of his deductions as required into all of the Federal Programs, including EI. We were able to raise our standard of living by some because my husband worked long hours…faithfully for all these years.
    On March 16, 2020 Premier Ford announced the closure of all restaurants. My husband is a truck driver that exclusively supplies many eatery establishments in this Province, Mom and Pop stores here and all the way to Windsor and Cottage Country. They supply food for fairs and huge Catered gathering all across this Province. They also deliver to the large chains such as Wendy’s, A&W, Papa John’s and Subway…just to name a few. On March 20, 2020, my husband got his lay-off notice… thanks to Ford’s edict. Sure…the Federal Government is offering emergency help to people just like my husband. BUT…now any Federal help EI, CERB or the 75% Federal top-up is subjected to a dollar for dollar deduction. How is that fair???? Even if my husband applied for EI or CERB and was allowed to keep all of it by ODSP, he still wouldn’t bring in what he did when he was working. It is unfair that this Province has now allowed CCTB (a Federal Transfer Payment, which has now increased) and Child Support to be exempted from any deductions. They realized that Children were being penalized unfairly.
    Today, the working poor are being targeted by still being penalized for doing the right thing by working while on ODSP, as required and still gouging the working poor dollar for dollar. We MUST apply for EI or CERB. If we don’t we’ll be cut off for not “perusing every avenue of income”. Basically, my husband’s blood (literally), sweat and tears as well as mine, in pursuit of doing what was required, will now devastate our life.
    I have contacted the Premier’s office by phone and E-mail. The E-mail is unanswered and the call produced a very rude “associate” who didn’t give a damn…which is the PC way (let’s remember Mike Harris…not much has changed!!!) I contacted my MP, my MPP and the office of Community and Social Services…Todd Smith, to be exact. All I’ve received is tumble weeds and crickets!!!
    Why is it that we do the right thing for 8 years, pay our full taxes into every Federal (and Provincial) Government program and when we need support in a time of emergency, none is there? My husband lost his job DIRECTLY because of a decision Ford made weeks ago. Now he wants to nail me and mine to pay HIS WAY???
    We think of Restaurant Owners…Bars…etc. their employees unemployed. I see the 800,000 figure for job losses in that sector. So where do you think the bars got thier beer, spirits, lemons, limes, olives, maraschino cherries?? Or the steaks, chicken, fish, pork, potatoes and veggie. Glasses, tablecloths and cutlery…and on and on. Remember…if you bought it a truck brought it! The restaurant ripple goes far beyond the owners, servers and back kitchen support. Food delivery service companies are being devistated as well due to the closures of the Hospitality industry.
    We all need relief…according to Ford…we are “in this together and no one left behind”. He needs to man up and start treating ALL Ontarians equally!!!

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