COVID-19 disproportionately affects those living in poverty. And this impacts us all.

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  1. Ana Blair

    I think that the government should give every one a package that is equal to every canaindain and people on odsp should should be given as the working class and those who are are in wheelchair and have medical problems.

    • Danny

      Ya really.. Its not there fault when.there unable

      • Lisa ross

        I dont understand. This. Odsp. Ow gets a check once a month they cant stock up on nothing by the time they get their check. There is hardly nothing to chose from why cant they do something to help these people to in this time of trouble. They need money. To. Survive also .the government know who they are already so do something please. Were alive. Can u see us.

        • Laurrie Danforth

          Re: COVID19 and ODSP

          You would think they would’ve arranged to have March’s cheque sent out or deposited a couple days earlier. Especially because the grocery store shelves are empty and trying to go from store to store will be really difficult for a lot of OW & ODSP recipients. Not to mention a lot of taxi’s will be needed too.

          • Laura Forrester

            Being on odsp barely pays my monthly rent. I have not been able ti stock up on food or cleaning supplies, which puts mine and my son health at greater risks, I am already, at risk as I have COPD and other disabilities, why can’t the goverment set in place the basic income for six months trial till the covid 19 is at least over. I feel it was wrong of rob ford to disregard this as a help to the poor. He’s never been in these shoes I’m sure. Very sad situation where in with everything going up in our society including rent. We’re now stuck into a time of choice pay rent or eat. Eat and you’ll be homeless with your children on the streets as all the shelters are full till up to a year and a half waiting list. Please help!

            • Laura Forrester

              I’d like everyone to write Rob Fords office of there concerns with the basic income supplement I feel he should hear it directly!

              • K

                Might help if you sent it to doug ford the premier I dont know who rob Ford is but he wont be able to help you lol. But yes I am on odsp also and even with my husband working also we are struggling to get what we need to get threw

              • Neuro Toxin

                Yeah, ya know, Rob Ford is DEAD, so writing to him or his offices would be tantamount to writing Satan himself, and we all know where that will get us, but yes, maybe if enough people get together and write to DOUG FORD’s offices he may just hear you, but he would need to put the fork down and finish chewing before he could hear any of it.

              • Jennifer

                I won’t bother with the name mixup. I HAVE both called and written Doug Ford’s office. The pleasant demeanor of the woman who answered the phone in his office, turned to extremely cold and very rude when she heard my concerns about ODSP. The letter I wrote last week remains unanswered. Go figure!!!!

              • K

                Go ahead and contact Rob. Respond back here and let us know how it went.

              • Tracy Naft

                Why is Ontario not subsidizing ODSP and OW for the covid-19 $300 a month like BC is doing?

              • Crystal

                Hey I totally agree with you on that I am on odsp and miss sure am having hard time with finances I only get 713 for the month to live on

                Today’s world is only for the working people Easter just passed I have no friends or any family so I was very depressed because of it.
                All odsp clients have to do is stick together through thick and thin.
                I hope we get money once a month or maybe twice from the government to survive

              • KeKe

                It’s not Rob Ford he’s pasted on RIP it’s his brother Doug Ford where’s your brain snap back to reality lady ‍♀️

              • KeKe

                Hello Rob Ford has pasted on RIP! It Doug Ford people do you not watch the news or online wake up lady snap back to reality dummy

              • Anton

                Is there honestly that many degenerates out there that feel the need to waste theyr time and reply on a clearly mistaken error.

              • Reyana

                As a survivor of violence, with serious physical and mental health challenges, who has been on waitlist for a unit on Rent Geared to Income program for 5+ years, with a room rental of $600 and a total CPPDisability income of less than $1200, I oppose 100% to extending benefits to people with precarious immigration status. I oppose not because I m selfish or anything like that, but because Canada doesn’t seem to have the $$ budget to help everyone,there are thousands of people/women like me,abused, living on the verge of homelessness, and in poverty for whom there isn’t any help but a one time payment of $100. Shouldn’t a government help it’s own victims of violence, it’s own homeless first??? I read some sites where the majority of undocumented are economical tourists, working international “students” etc, with precarious immigration status. You would be shocked by what is shared. Cash workers make a lot more money than people think. Do you know how much these people send back home?? I wouldn’t dream with having that extra cash every month. Majority of people in one of the sites, party, send money back “home”, dress well, eat take out, wear good clothes and travel around the country. When I was a full time worker, I wasn’t able to afford half the luxuries these people live with.
                Many laugh at the system, calling us lazy, drug addicts that don’t want to work, lots of women are getting pregnant and “claiming” abuse from partners to enter the shelter/housing system. Because, they say, even when illegally here, Canada will protect them..a group of tourists women was claiming they got robbed, and laughed that they had free roof and food (shelter). And this is what our government is importing? Do you really think it’s fair that people that have worked all their life, payed taxes, contributed to the economy, should live in poverty while the very people that laugh at our generosity should be helped first?
                I used to be a generous hearted person, but after reading the information I shared above and much more, I think it’s time organizations like yours open your eyes and see who you are helping, and who you are ignoring, allowing many victims of abuse slip through the cracks. Please, do your own research before you believe the stories of “precariousness you are so ready to believe.
                Yours Sincerely,

              • Esteban

                Laurie I did have a cash job and my last address is what’s on file with the government so right now I need to find out how I can change my address so they would be able to help me with the covid-19 fund did I may be able to collect for 4 months where do iPhone to
                Esteban change my address do I phone HST or GST or Whom Shall I speak with where can I get the phone number from Desperately Seeking help to survive e s t e b a n

              • Josephine Safar

                Yes you right 100%

            • Stan Campbell

              Hey I Stan have COPD and Emphysema too from 12 years of second hand smoke in an apt building, we have been living in a house for the last almost 14 years though. So is everyone saying you don’t get the extra GST credit if you are on ODSP or we do ?

              • Mickey

                If you got GST in the last tac year (2018) then u are supposed to qualify for that tri-monthly amount x3.

              • Kevin

                Yes Stan you will still get the gst it’s value has doubled and paid out every three months.

              • KeKe

                For a lot of people on Welfare an ODSP an people that don’t work an want people to support them an especially taken the money people slave there ASS just to give People cheque’s for those people that get free money buy cigarettes an booze an drugs for there dirty habits don’t deserve anything but yet still maybe survive but still poor! But hard working people look down and people in the system especially those that can try an work an some are lazy an don’t want to work an some may not work if there brain cannot function/sickness/server car accident!

            • Trisha

              I hear you… We all have a battle to win. Its always easy for anyone yo give advised. Criticize you as if they would handled it better than you. Just try sit on a corner and think deeply. The amount of emails I had sent to Government officials and Agencies since the scammed occured. All I get as a respone “ SORRY FOR GOING THROUGH SUCH CRISIS ,TRY THIS AGENCY, YOU LETTER HAS BEEN FORWARDED TO APPROPRIATE PERSON. CAS being on your back for the first time. Refusing to understand the root as to why you ended up in such situation. Being pressured, lectured and ordering you of the things you should be doing then questioning your mental abilities. Adding on top someone problem and yet not providing a solution!

              • Vicki Longstreet

                As a person who worked hard for 30 years. Then do to illness ending up paralyzed from the neck down and I am also living with chronic pain. I now rely on ODSP for my income which barely covers my Bill’s. I’m only 52 and don’t qualify for Old Age pension or other senior supports. Now with the COVID 19 Virus it is impossible for me to stock up on groceries or other things I need. I recently was diagnosed with Congestional Heart failure and secondary COPD. I am in the at risk list of getting the virus. I have no choice but to go out and get what I need, as a single person I only have the ability to rely on my self as my children have their own families to worry about and they are afraid to let me see my Grandchildren or themselves m, just in case because of the illnesses now I have. They are looking out for for my well being so I don’t contract the virus. What Government Supports are out there for people like myself. Who don’t qualify for what the government is offering everyone else. I worked hard at job for years. What am I getting for support for all my years is service. Absolutely NOTHING. As a person born in Canada and people in simular situations The Government just want to hide us under a bunch of regulations and restrictions. I thought that we are citizens of this Country too but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Also other Canadian’s in my kind situations dont have the means the pay for their our own funeral so IF things don’t change for people who are on ODSP or Ontario Works. The Ontario works funeral coverage expenses will be Off the charts because you can’t leave a bunch of poor people deaths uncovered. Which will happen as we are at a higher rate of getting the illness do to recent projections that our class of people are at a higher risk of getting the COVIID 19 virus. Please help get the message out there that just because we are disabled or on a very low income we are important too. And don’t count US out just yet, we may have a lot to OFFER or we can make a contribution that can be BENEFICIAL to other Canadian’s in the future of this Pandemic. VL

              • Nanci-Beth Foran

                Trish, I hear ya girl, and its a hard situation your in and idk why the government isn’t giving ow and odsp recipients an extra chunk of money monthly during the covid-19 pandemic crisis just as quickly and seamlessly as they did with the CERB and EI emergency monies, or why the hell can’t they even easily write up an amendment to the CERB funds to include ow and odsp?? I don’t understand it. I am laid off n having to use my insurable earnings to collect EI, I know its not an option for all, but I’m not making what I normally make so I’m scrambling to make all of my payment commitments and don’t have enough to pay them either. This is going to be a complete different world from this pandemic, its already changed a lot of things and it’ll continue to change. Our normal is something quite different from what it used to be, I will keep you and everyone in this conversation in my prayers. Stay safe and healthy, keep the faith!! ❤

            • Arlene

              Doug Ford not Rob. Rob was mayor of Toronto and has passed away

              • Rick

                Shut the F up smart ass

            • J

              I agree with you. I only paid part of my rent and every day I wait for an angry note from my landlord. I was going to a sort of soup kitchen three days a week for a meal and they gave groceries and loaves of bread. Now they are closed down and I’m spending more on food at home. Plus I borrowed from friends and family to get by and now they cant help either. Having a fixed income now doesn’t mean nothing has changed.

              • Kellianne Laurenceson

                People on disability not only struggle financially, but also with there own physical concerns. My own are kidney failure, on dialysis. Depression, anxiety,
                Extreme arthritic pain from the neck to my toes. bad knees, some people will say this is all an excuse not to work, to that I say live for a week in my or anyone else’s shoes and see what day to day life is like for us

            • Parvaneh

              I have the same condition! I’m very upset about that. I can’t pay my rent now

            • Nanci-Beth Foran

              Hi, I’ve heard several times on the news and even right out of Justin Treadeau’s mouth a half a dozen times, anyone struggling & worrying about coming up w/ rent, ” hold on to your money, stock up on the essentials such as obviously food, and medications, cleaning supplies”. Furthermore, no tenant shall be evicted or harassed about their rent, and he’s asked landlords to cooperate with the government on this and allowing them to defer their mortgage payments for a min. 6 months. So, just do what you gotta do, and what’s best for your family, I think there should be a program similar for ow & odsp recipients to access some cash if need be to cover costs or to be able to get their groceries anytime thru the month instead of having to wait till the last day of the month when everyone is grabbing as much as they can for fear of running out, the access to monies could be at anytime thru out the month to ease that issue of food all being bought on the same day. I fully agree with you 100%. Stay safe, healthy and keep the faith girl..{{{{virtual hug}}}}

              • Michele Davies

                To the person who worked your entire life and now is paralyzed and on odsp..why are you not on cppd disability?

              • T

                It’s TRUE that both Trudeau and Ford have made comments about not paying rent during the pandemic and not allowing evictions temporarily, however, the pandemic will eventually come to an end, and those who chose food, medications, etc. over paying rent, especially those on a fixed income such as ODSP are going to be expected to make up those missed rent payments. On a fixed income, where is all of that extra money going to come from? There is going to be a flood of evictions and a surge of homelessness like this country has never seen before and I for one am terrified.

            • fred lootsma

              please help us single welfare males out.i feel like a stray banks in scarbough closed for 4 weeks and truduau thanks for continuous axiety and panic

            • jeremy

              Yeah iam also a single father on odsp. And my covid 19 special gst for my daughter and i..i got garnished by fro for my other child the whole gst amount daughter and i were left with nothing ..this dose not make me feel good .

            • Heather Hendrie

              Doug Ford don’t give a dam about the people that are scraping to get by he is all about put more money in rich people’s pockets and his own. I do agree with everything you said.

            • Sheila Thomson

              No, he hasn’t ever been in those shoes. Think “Ford Trucks”. My husband went to private school with his brother. ODSP, for the disabled. They make you spend all your savings and liquidate any but “allowable assets” before you recieve your first cheque, which covers rent and utilities or food. What a way to keep your disabled in poverty forever. The rules for assets have changed for people applying in the past few years. But it still barely cannot meets ends, so the government matching what you can save up to 3,000 sounds like a great program. But when ppl can’t save, its a crock. This is what they do to ppl who are so disabled they have trouble keeping their day straight, their medications, they can’t clean their homes, or even have time for self care, nm all the rules and regulations they must keep track of to get less money than today’s rents. All they ask about is financial. They don’t want to know what illnesses a person has, or what they must go through in a day to survive. They are not affiliated with any services in the community that could aid some of their clients. I have trouble getting to the bank, the post office (which has been closed off and on since Covid-19 began ravaging our population. Many have no access to a computer while retail outlets and libraries are closed. Single ODSP recipients recieve about 991 per month. Not the 2,000 being offered to everyone else.

              • Anita

                Thank you Sheila! Finally someone who “gets it”! I have been asking myself the same thing. I had to leave my job due to illness; complications from surgery. I’ve worked for over 40 years and planned to work until retirement at 65. But I can no longer do that.
                After accessing EI sick benefits for 14 weeks, I had nowhere left to go but OW. No long term disability through work either. I was obligated to access early CPP in order to get OW. The government has somehow decided that I CAN AND MUST survive on $800/month! So why is it that everyone else is now receiving $2000??? Students, kids, teenagers are qualifying for $$$$ because they may not be able to get a summer job!!! A fkn summer job which they have not lost because it is not summer yet and they have not even applied yet! Why is it that I’m expected to live on $800 a month, after 40 years of contributing my tax dollars, but a teenager is eligible for $1,500??? Why is the government not topping the rest of us up to AT LEAST $2000 a month like everyone else? I was earning 4 times more a month when I was working, than what I now receive, and I’m expected to meet all my financial obligations, which have not gone away, with only $800!!! Why does COVID-19 entitle everyone else to get more money than those of us on disability benefits, OW, ODSP, CPPD??? Do we not need the same protection as everyone else?? COVID-19 is a pandemic. EVERYONE is entitled to a set amount of money to help out. If $2000 a month is the BASIC amount given, then why is our basic amount not the same??
                I apologize for my rant, but I’m angry and frustrated. :-((

              • Elizabeth

                Hi! I was thinking the same thing. I hurt my back 2 years ago at work and did get WCB payments…when I went back to work I had to severely limit my duities( no shelving, no carrying things, no bending) so last year they eventually cut me to 4hrs a week and I had to leave. So I have been out of work since Apr 2019 and just got my 1st PWD cheque last month and they are stopping that and my assistance in May when I turn 65..The other day a homeless guy was begging outside of Walmart and saying to his buddy what a great scam it was he just got $4,000. What did I get?….nothing. I can’t live on $800-$900/month either and my roommate just lost his job; but he can get help because he was working until the beginning of March. Why should students and homeless get money when seniors are getting nothing! I am getting very stressed out and sick. Let the seniors die and give the $$$ to students and the homeless….you should have seen welfare Wednesday when I was working; the homeless came in with bags of booze from the LCB when they were buying groceries….it’s not fair…seniors (especially single seniors) need money to live on as well..

              • Linda

                Hi , I’ve been reading alot of these comments in Ontario, I am in Same situation in Alberta, it’s very apparent to me that this is happening to anyone on welfare accross Canada. No matter where we live the government is not at all concerned that we live on these( emergency in between job payments. ) knowing full well it’s not acceptable. 744. Is my income and that’s with early cpp . Students that cant apply for jobs are now going to get a benefit for staying home? We are forced to stay home . I think they are blocking media from talking about us. Maybe we need to line the streets with a sign showing what we live on . 6 feet apart of course. The government is not addressing this. We need to band together across canada to show them we are not able to survive on these payments anymore. Everyone should have equal rights. The cerb. Payment will be clawed back .if they gave us that payment they know we can’t pay it back. And that’s there problem.

            • Cheryl Ruben

              You mean Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, not his late brother Rob who was themayor of Toronto.
              But yes, it’s awful that he cut the proposed 3% increase that Kathleen Wynne’s liberals had proposed; August 2018 odsp recipients only received a 1.5% increase, and even worse, in 2019 there was absolutely no increase at all. It’s crazy unfair when rents are approved for a 2.2% increase, food is up by 4%, and general cost of living….. At the very least the odsp should be on par with these rises in cost.

              • Kelly Cann

                Another debate topic: why is CERB being provided to workers and business owners, yet the same CERB $2000 is deemed to be safe-guarded from Maintenance Enforcement collecting any portion toward spousal and child support, leaving millions if single parent families (primarily single families run by women) out of money? Also, there were thousands of single individuals as well as single parent families who could not find jobs throughout most of last year, or only found precarious employment, yet did not qualify for EI od income supports back in November, and still do not qualify today, yet they are left out if any COVID funding, even though they have little or no source of income.
                Why did the federal government assume that recently laid off working class citizens were in greater need of emergency funding than those people with no work and no money at the start of COVID-19 back in December 2019?

              • Dee

                ODSP should also raise the amount allowed for rent I’m allowed 400 for rent and now I have to move can’t find anything under 900 plus bills very sad

            • K

              I live in Manitoba and receive $1,000 a month, after all bills are paid I barely have $150 for food and medication for the entire month. I have been looking for work, anything really even things that would be most difficult with my disability.

              Even without this COVID-19 we still need help….

              • Linda

                Hi K , I am in same situation in Alberta, same sinaro, most everywhere in Canada. ended up on welfare due to past issues. First injury on job in hospital job, then abandoned by husband, then on going surgeries now 61 . Not young enough for most employers not old enough to be considered senior. Not educated enough across the board in the new world employment field . To old for re education.or no funds to take student loan. So what’s left? welfare that’s barely gives enough to live on. I get it, welfare is not designed to make us comfortable, its designed to encourage us to get a new job? What job you told us to stay home. Flatten the curve. I think we need to line the streets across Canada, holding up a sign in front of our face ..(who’s proud to be a welfare recipient Canadian ) ? We dont have to show our faces. They will not help us unless we make ourselves noticable . They are hiding the number of welfare clients I think? Why ? Students that haven’t yet applied for summer jobs will be able to collect a benefit. We need our benefits to increase aleast to a livable standard. Even temporarily for those whom are able to work ? The media is barely mentioned us and the answer is avoided .the government knows we do not want our friends, nieghbours to know we are on welfare. They use shame to control us . It’s not shameful to me . Its financial abusive by justin Trudeau. He has no trouble feeding himself. Canada feeds his family, Canadians pay his rent, there is nothing Canadians dont pay for his self isolation. He is on welfare ? His monthly benefit is the highest paid welfare e entitlement. He doesn’t appear to be ashamed that he is a client of the Canadian welfare system?

          • Trisha

            Good that people are getting help from the Government. What about people that have different cases like myself. Scammed by my landlord back in 2018. Lost everything I worked for 26 yrs including life insurance. Diagnosed with Psoriasis due to overwhelming stress. My kids education suffered tremendously as we have moved twice within 6 months. I am thankful for receiving OW, but at the end of the day $860 is a strugle not to mention the amount I have to spend on laundry and maintenance of my skin condition. Last month I was on a job hunt then this pandemic hit hard on us. Nothing is more painful seeing your kids going through hardships just because other people decided to be greedy. Not thinking how theur action cam have a negative impact towards a persons life. I have sent numerous emails to Government Agencies inquiring whom to contact with in regards to our current crisis. We sleep in a living room of someone who came back from a vacation outside Canada. As much as we want to avoid her, HOW? Roaming around the whole apartment and we dont habe the right to complain as its not our place. My yougest daughter has been sick for two days now and eldest complaining of muscle ache. We might have been exposed to the virus or not… Thank you for increasing the CHILD TAX, but again $860 from OW is not enough. I am still not well but last month when my kids were begging me to move as they can nolonger tolerate the banging of items, MEANING I HAVE TO DO MY BEST, STRIVE HARDER in order to save up towards our moving. Its difficult going through suck unending problems but I dont have anyone to rely on but myself. I hope the Government would consider people in different situations. Without having a permanent place to move in, this will continue to impact my kids education. We may not die from the VIRUS, but will lead us to mental illness due to criticisms, degrading ang banging stuff. Person who lost their job have acces to EI or get the assistance they need but must isolate themselves. What about the ones that may have exposed? The what?

            • Nanci-Beth Foran

              Trisha, awww girl that’s a very difficult situation you and your kids are having to live in. I had tears streaming down my face reading this, its heart wrenching and I feel awful for you’s. I’m not even sure if its possible to contact your MP in the area in which you live, with everything in a huge mess and lots of government offices closed and only some are working from home. I don’t want to suggest anything that is not 100% the right decision so I’ll just tell ya a little story so you get the picture.. OK so I know someone who is on assistance, ( no its not me who’s “the friend” lol). This person was strapped n didn’t have any real choices for immediate help so,she applied online in the CRA for the benefit money, and received 4000.00$ in her bank account in exactly 3 days..well during the night of the second day. It can help with some of a move as landlords are being flexible to those in dier need to get moved asap. It can always get sorted out later down the road and with a legit explanation are going to be forgiven n only small payments to pay it back. I have heard different government people saying similar as I am saying that ANYONE who applies gets approved and gets the money quickly. Just a thought girl. Please be safe & healthy (hopefully no one in your family was exposed. Your in my nightly prayers & I wish only the very best for you! ❤

              • Nayara

                Why people on ei and they dont have 5000 hours they just get 300 a week why dont they get 2000 they van live on 600 a month ei say they cant dubble fdip its not fair right

            • Sheila Thomson

              Trisha, were you working when you developed psoriasis due to stress? I am asking because WSIB (without sending out any notice or ads) quietly added back conditions and stress to their allowable injuries. Also, injury resulting from long term use resulting in damage to one body part, ie. A constant movement that caused arthritis in your hand, stress from or due to a work source. We are late, but my husband is going for his back. He has all the specialist’s reports. You need a doctor who will agree with the cause. If not work, is there another source? You do have access to free legal. If you have enough hard evidence, a lawyer may help and offer to take payment at the end. I hope this can be of some help. I agree, the line between want and need has become very blurred. The philosophies being pushed on us today only aggravate the situation. I’m pretty sure we could have a long conversation over just that. Best wishes to you.

          • Renee

            I am 50 years old and I am on cpp disability just was approved. I receive 930 dollars a month and receive alimony payments my only sources of income which are both entirely taxable . My ex has stopped paying me all my alimony that he should be so my income has been drastically reduced,
            I have worked most of my adult life and because of health issues that are entirely out of my control I no longer can . Why the government has left people on ow,odsp,cpp disability and low income seniors out of extra government assistance during this epidemic Is mind blowing and needs to be addressed!! I know I certainly have lost all faith in them to have let the most vulnerable fall through the cracks!!!

            • Kaye

              You are absolutely right. I’ve been reading about EI and other benefits but nothing about cpp. Where can we write to be heard? We also have no medical benefits and this is our sole income. There is a gap in supports here…

              • Nanci-Beth Foran

                Hi, I know its hard to know where to call or email to get in contact with someone who can help or knows what you can do to get extra financial help ASAP. People are messaging the government officials for urgent help, are sending them via Twitter and/or their Facebook pages n its just something that I’ve heard other people have sure couldn’t hurt to try..also I’ve heard people contacting their local MP via the internet. I hope this is helpful to you. Stay safe N healthy. Keep the faith! ❤

              • sh

                Im waiting to hear about some covid19 financial aid for CPPDisability also. I just read govt is doubling senior low income chqs for 6 mths! Hopefully cppD people get some help also. The more people that bring this to ‘fords’ attention the better. (Btw single odsp and ow are eligible for a $50 top up x 2 months as of now..higher for couples)

              • Sheila Thomson

                Kaye, have you seen information about the Trillium Drug Program in Ontario? It helps pay the cost of subscription drugs. It iis based on your income. I think its those making under 28,000 have no premmiums? It goes up from there, incrementally, and considers those under 18 at home who you must pay prescriptions for, up to age 24 for those in college

            • D

              I heard that they were helping people on OW AND ODSP? I am on CPP-D and cannot work and buses run now 1 time an hour, do not drive and have a mouth to feed aside of mine. Was on ODSP drug and dental, but got that taken away because I did not spend enough of meds. Most of my meds they did not cover like medical marijuana and various other pills. Had to get a health dental plan out if my pocket, plus pay mortgage, ALL utilities, property taxes and now $/230/ month for health insurance. Sinking further and further in debt and it’s only a matter of time before I lose my home. Why is CPP- D being overlooked in all this Covid financial assistance?

              • Joanie

                I’ve been asking the same questions about CPPD recipients who worked and contributed into their pensions and are totally overlooked by the FEDGOV and not receiving any relief assistance during this pandemic.
                I’ve worked hard over 40 years, made excellent salary, paid my fed taxes, contributed to my pension. Then I became ill with many ailments: cancer/autoimmune disease, then terrible car accident (I was not at fault) had multiple life saving surgeries, reconstructions then replacement of both knees, wheelchair bound for several years … then being forced by employer to go on LTD. Do you know what it’s like to get 60% of your salary from LTD? After 2 yrs LTD you’re told to apply for your own CPP-D which takes almost 1 year to get approved. LTD stops long before CPPD begins. How do you live on $0 income for 1 year? When CPPD comes it’s capped just over $1,000/mth. I still had a kid in University, I couldn’t pay my mortgage, taxes, utilities, food, medication, physio etc. eventually lost my house… I had to move, rent an apartment which cost more than my mortgage.
                The stress, anxiety and trauma during years of challenging sometimes critical illness don’t go away. I’m still 10 years away from retirement age.

                To add insult to injury, Disability recipients have NEVER been considered VALUABLE in Canadian society. WE are NOT considered worthy of advocacy and now NOT considered needing financial support from FEDGOV. WHY?
                What about those of us that are extremely vulnerable, have autoimmune diseases so we cannot go out grocery shopping, picking up meds, we cannot use public transportation or cannot afford taxi or Uber??
                I am very fortunate, I can rely on kindness of other people to grocery shop for me and pick up my medications. Thank God for the kindness of volunteers at my food bank who can deliver grocery items to me sometimes. My grocery bill has gone up close to $100 because all the less expensive grocery items are gone first, then friends have to go to more than one grocery store to get what is on my list of needs.

                I know we are all suffering through this awful pandemic but not all citizens suffer the same. The weakest and most vulnerable are the LEAST considered and MOST impacted. No one gives a shit about people with disabilities (visible and invisible) so we are trapped in this limbo. When Covid 19 hit, if you were not a student, if you were not employed, if you were not working, if you were not on EI …TOO BAD YOU’RE NOT ELIGIBLE. The CPPD cohort were totally FORGOTTEN. Even ODSP and OW are not eligible for any financial assistance that can provide the smallest level of security. That’s some BULLSHIT!
                WE have no one to advocate on our behalf. If you know an agency or activist fighting out there, please share their information.
                Thanks for letting me vent my opinion.
                Stay well everyone.

            • Charlene Bilodeau

              I currently am on ODSP and recieve $1141.00 monthly. Why are we not getting the $2000.00 month or at least the equivalent of. This is not fair. We have disabilities and cannot work or are only allowed $200 month which is still less than what cerb is giving out. How is this fair. I am actually really upset. We live way below the poverty line as it is. Alot of us are not able to work enough to ever pay our expenses or medical needs through no fault of our own! You don’t choose to be disabled. We constantly suffer. Physically…financially and mentally. We are people too! We are not useless members of society because we are not working. Do we not suffer enough on a daily basis! We still pay taxes just like the rest of the world!

              • DAVID LARABEE

                My wife’s on cpp disability only get 700 a month don’t get much with that I am working 60 plus hours a week trying to make ends meet but I am getting wore down my health is starting to fail can’t keep this up have been doing it for 5 years Trudeau long term disability receipant need help too not just parents

              • Diana

                100% right

            • Rob

              Rob ford is rich he don’t care

              • Cheryl Ruben

                You mean Doug Ford. Rob is dead.

          • Kate

            Unfortunately people like myself who worked for 25 years, contributed to society and taxes and unfortunately became permanently disabled and now on canada pension plan receive 1,400/Mon. My husband works and my family is currently on hid benefits but it has a lifetime cap and mine is running out due to meds from my permanent medical condition. So soon i will apply for trillium which means more out of pocket money for my meds. Ultimately we are a family of 3 with one working income. That does not qualify for gst or any other assistance. We have mortgages to pay which have no relief, property tax that must be paid.. no relief it must be paid. Split income between a family of 3 and never qualify for any additional ssistance for middle income families is difficult..barely make do. This is a gap in service. How can someone who earns 12 thousand a year not qualify for gst? Thry base it on family net income and the cap is 50 thousand. We are just over that but for a family with 2 adults and a child that is 25 thousand each. Some assistance should be given. Don’t forget out cpp disability members with no medical benefits or gst. Please. We could use property tax relief or any assistance also.

            • Heidi

              Kate I have a question I seem to not be able to get answered. So I’m just asking in Hopes someone know. Ok my friend is on ODSP and gets gst. So on the 9th 1000 was deposited in her account. Then on the 9th a *Canada Pro* pymt also went in for 1500. Why did she receive that candace pro n can she touch it?

              • Jake

                Ana Blair for PRIME MINISTER!! HIP HIP…

            • Gayle

              You own a house(s); you said mortageS. You have money to plsy with.
              I am not cold-hesrted but I feel no empathy because I lost 2 homes and savings due to falso imprisonment and judicial corruption, stalking, property damage and there wss no one to help!
              As a result, I have the extreme spectrum of ptsd, anxiety and, as a result, other ailments that impede working at my educational level.
              Take a 2nd mortgage or sell a house.
              I hope it all works out for you but I feel fir those in DIRE need, like the lady who’s living in a possible covid-tainted home, in a friend’s living room with young children.
              All the best

              • Sheila Thomson

                False imprisonment, and judicial corruption. Someone with connections wanted that land. I feel for you, for all of us living in this age of corruption with a 2 tiered justice system, a biased and owned media. We always have been in this situation, now it is only comming to our attention.

              • larry

                Gayle, I have Ptsd from corrupt government and judicial too.

            • Jenny


          • Jdok

            So pissed off at this situation. My fault i worked a physical job for years and injured my back, all to make my boss more money, while i stayed hungry most of the time.after struggling for years to stay employed in different jobs, i am now on temporary disability, but still looking for work, (against my doctor’s advice) because i dont receive enough assistance to even pay my rent. Every week i walk to the food bank in pain or take the bus. My health is compromised because i cant afford to buy pain meds or get my prescriptions half the time.i cant afford vitamins that help my anemia. Of course, the jobs are scarce even though i shouldnt even be looking for work. Myself and many others piled into this “grey” area, are somehow not entitled to more than 300 dollars a month? While everyone else gets 2 grand? I am just a whiner or are others pissed off about this too?

            • DisabledandDiscarded

              I’m on odsp , alone, unable to walk without the use of a walker for short distances. I paid into the system for 30 years…now I need help and all odsp have me was an extra $100. Since all this started. Students who moved back home into their parents homes are getting more money than elderly people like myself on disability. No one sees us.

              • Jenny

                i’m in the same boat with you…worked all my life and ended up with a spinal disease that requires me to use a huge platform walker…single now…i feel like i’m penalized all the time because i don’t have children to support…single, disabled, childless women are always at the bottom..we never qualify for any help of any kind…i am fighting mad…knowing students living at home with no financial responsibilities are getting $2000 and we get nothing!!!!! my blood pressure is through the roof…i wish we could all get together and fight the constant injustice we face…like as soon as you mention you’re on ODSP they suddenly look down their nose at you…we’ve all seen that look

          • Wilmore Hancock

            My point of view. Seniors should be getting $2000.00 per month. half of our meds are not covered we have to pay for traveling. Rent heating and what ever with $1060.per Mt.

        • mary

          big hugs to you……you are not alone

        • dino thompson

          I agree lisa Ross its so unfair we all Canadians and all should get support whether we on Ontario works or disability,or can’t because of ailments due to sickness or a disabilty,it’s not our faults as Canadians or whoever is living in Canada trying feed they families off of monthly support from the goverment,easy to say for the privilege ones who make alot alot of money,we never ask for this serious crisis of a disease ,why do we have to suffer due to others spreading viruses across our borders maybe perhaps ,who’s to blame, even others in different countries as well,it’s not fair to humankind period,but we need help on Ontario works ,soon as possible, everybody needs help,I am in a state of depression ,please help.and we all know Doug Ford needs to do better,he’s not fufilliing his deceased brother rob Ford’s legacy,thank you for being dishonest mr Doug ford,

        • Pam

          I know someone right now on OSDPworking and just cliam CERB and got it well that’s not right I work hard for my money I get 14.00 dallors hour and I couldn’t get EI this woman has it all ..I’m so upset and she keeps taking get away with this .shame on her taking from others that need it …

          • Andrea

            People on ODSP are excluded from getting that. This might not be true. She probably told you a story.

            • Me

              I am aware of a few on odsp who have received it.
              My neighbors friend applied she and her hubby are on ow. She was successful in having 4000 deposited to her account so he tried and guess what… yup he recieved 4000 2 days later. Oh and did I mention they collect ow and work cash jobs. I am struggling raising a grandson and can barely feed him. I am on odsp. Fibromyalgia chronic Fatigue and numerous other issues. Just not fare!!!

              • BMan

                I receive CPPD and ODSP. However the ODSP is benefits only, and some medical travel support. I worked last year to a level just past $5000 which is allowed while on CPPD. The cut-off for CERB is $5k income in the last 12 months. So if one did work then they are eligible. This is not fair to those that did not make the cut-off, but that is the criteria they set out.

              • BMan

                Also the Feds are going to review who received supports. If someone did not meet the criteria then they may have to pay all funds received back.

          • Michele Davies

            First off..she will not get away with it…most likely her odsp will be suspended and she will owe that cerb back …i did it too knowing full well the consequences ..but rather than owing the landlord and not being able to support my kids while they are out of school..i decided to go for it…nexr year tax time I will be required to pay back the cerb..oh well…cant get blood from a stone…i got $2000 today to which I put aside all except paying the landlord and getting groceries…odsp will either cut me off or expect payment back if I still get it so I get $485 from them…put that on my credit card to reduce interest and it’s there where I do get nailed..but it’s all about survival right now in the present..the future will be what it will be..but know this…i will get legal advise to fight it i have too because we on disability have been left behind again as usual..and my mental health was going south real fast so I made a decision to take care of my kids and and myself first and worry about the govt later!

            • Rick

              Turn her in now not tomorrow cause I am sick of these double and triple dippers who act as if it’s owed to them and he/she is probably living in subsidized housing

              • Sienna

                You think she’s double dipping she doesn’t have money she’s an ODSP just like myself I’m wondering how I’m going to make it through the next moment in my mental state is worse than ever. Who’s going to help us we need help on odsp and in Ontario works now stop making statements like this you are not in our shoes.

          • Wayne Sloggett

            Maybe she is in need u get more money than her so why complain people on odsp have been suffering before this covid shit …

          • Carol Thomas

            Then you are entile to CERB if you couldn’t get EI my friend also worked and didn’t have EI hours and she received it

        • Jill Loveless

          Low income seniors should see the GIS payment doubled to 1,800 dollars for 6 months during covid 19 and gains doubled to 166.00 for everyone. We live below the poverty line as it is now.

          • Marilyn

            Will that include people that don’t get the GAINS benefit?

        • Kylie Smith

          I am currently receiving odsp and when you think about if after I pay my rent and phone I’m left with 200 dollars which I then have to put towards food and other essentials which realistically is not alot of money I just wish we could get an extra 200 or even 100 dollars just to take the stress off of us

        • Debbie Smith

          St johns nfld canada do anyone qualify if they got high blood pressure and asthma

        • Marg

          I’m currently collect cpp disability
          Is the any relief for recipients collecting cppd.

        • Lesa

          I agree with you ,my husband is on ODSP and he didnt choose to be sick with cancer, tumors inside his heart, and respiratory, he worked from the age 15 to age 38 and had his own business at age 21 building homes until he got sick. The Government needs to help ODSP and OW were all humans and had a life before being sick.

        • Pam

          Trudeau needs to address the odsp and cpp disability now. Below poverty. If he can pull trillions out to help the middle class…bring odsp and cpp disability up to at least the cerb amount. I am embarrassed to be in this country. The disabled are not on social assistance because they want to be. They need to be. Include everyone mr trudeau. You are not protecting the disabled. Help us.

          • Carol Thomas

            I totally agree with you, I’m also on ODSP worked from the time I was 13 (paper route) and then 2 years ago ended up having heart problems and had surgery and then had a stroke, and other medical problems paid my taxes from the time I was 18 til the age of 56 I recieve 1169.00 from ODSP I pay a 1000 a month for rent leaves 169 to pay phone, food, hydro, I just don’t understand how the government thinks that’s enough to live on mean while I paid alot more than that out in taxes every month, and what really gets me are these people say that we are getting free money I would like to know how they figure that when I worked for 36 years and paid taxes, I say I’m just getting a little of what I have given our wonderful government

          • Anita

            I wish there was a hand clapping emoji I could post! You were able to say in just a few words what took me 10 paragraphs to write in a previous response. Thank you!!! For a moment there, I thought I was the only one that was having these issues. Yes. We are forgotten by all levels of government.

          • david

            the governement federal and provincial doesn’t care they will do nothing

            • Carla M Reed

              I have been trying to find out when us seniors will recieve the 400 dollar one time payment I as well as many others applied for April first 2020

        • Keri Marks

          I’m on odsp because of something out of my control my mental disability I can’t buy fresh anything ,all I get is 672 a month I can’t buy anything and pay bills at the same time but , Trudeau nor ford give two shits about people on odsp .

        • James

          Im broke my first week of getting money. Bills, Food, The list goes on … Especially at the middle of the month I rely on my food bank. I can only go once a month for maybe a three day supply. it hurts especially on the 20th and on till I get my money … They gave no increases what so ever when I receive money.

        • Ken widmeyer

          I am on Odsp and I get 1169 a month after rent that is 815 month that only leave me 354 a month that is not a lot to live on
          It is like the government has forgot us at this time. It is hard to buy food and pay for a phone.
          We need to start help Canadian born first

        • Mauro

          Bost thr Ontario works program people are hurting and it unfair

        • Camille Eldridge Smith

          Does people on Canada Disability an low income families get GST every month till September? Sincerely Camille Eldridge Smith. Hantsport Nova Scotia Canada Strong ❤️

        • Jason Moulton

          It is utterly disgusting the amount of money disabled people are expected to live on. Especially during these times. How are we supposed to keep up with prices rising but no significant increase in our monthly income. Something had to change

      • Laurrie Danforth

        Re: COVID19 and ODSP

        I am single mom on ODSP but my youngest son is a university student and lives at home with me. He had 3 part time jobs to help pay for school mostly because Ford cut OSAP (student loans) dramatically, too the point that my son didn’t receive enough to even pay for his tuition.

        The only benefit that will help in the future is the GST credit and he gets a 6 month reprieve even though he isn’t at that stage of repayment yet. I am not surprised FORD chose not to help people like us and I almost feel guilty and I really don’t want to complain but I don’t know how to stock up on groceries for 2 weeks not on the income I receive.

        I have another son that is/was working out in Alberta but he has lost all his jobs. I just can’t pay for both sons essentials I am just not able too. I feel like if I complain people will be angry but is there any supports for me and the son that lives at home? I don’t get extra because my son lives at home. He relied on his part time jobs but he is a student on OSAP, but will he be able to apply for support through the new emergency financial support that the federal government is offering? If he does will it impact my ODSP?

        I honestly don’t know where to find out this information?

        Thank you, if you know of any additional provincial supports for recipients of ODSP and for students who live at home with someone who receives ODSP because currently I do not receive any funding for him! Thank you again, I hope this makes sense to the reader.

        L.A. Danforth

      • Sue

        Help all low income. Part time workers ,disable,vet ,welfare , homeless ,instead of same cycle cant afford to eat cant afford Bill’s ,cant pay rent to expensive etc so keep having homeless keep having mentsl health issues keep the dispare goin on and on now must isolate, keep distant, or die no food no health help list gose on

      • Shaylene Hall

        So everyone but people on ontario works do not get any extra help or increase thier monthly payments now I dont think that’s right at all .

        • sherry ann

          Its not just OW and O.D.S.P recipients that fall through the cracks. I am a building manager I make less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them.

          • Rick

            U have a roof over your head paid for plus your income so quit your whining u have it better then a lot of people

          • James

            I got 290.00 It helped but its only one time until July I think?

        • Darlene

          I am on CPP disability and get nothing. If you call your worker you can get another 100. I have a friend who did receive this

          • Pam

            We need to band together. If Trudeau can find cerb money…he needs to increase cpp disability and odsp to at least match the cerb amount. The disabled are grossly ignored. So sick of billions of dollars going to charities…no need for charities I’d we were paid enough to at least buy food and pay rent. GOD bless you.

      • Crystal Gauthier

        I understand that low income people need help but how is it fair that I work 40-plus hours a week and they’re getting almost $2,000 plus more a month than I do. I don’t receive GST or Trillium Benefits but low income families have there is increased by 250 $300 a month and I don’t get any more help to pay my bills

        • chris

          crystal your a moron. Stop criticizing the poor. we are all going to be poor now. If you don’t like your life then change it. Don’t demand that someone else’s life should be worse than yours so you feel better. Also ontario works pays 733 a month. That is not even enough for a 1 bed apartment. And that includes starvation. Don’t believe all the 2000$ plus nonsence you hear. Itr’s all BS

          • sherry ann

            Its not just OW and O.D.S.P recipients that fall through the cracks. I am a building manager I make less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them.

        • Carol Thomas

          I totally agree with you, I’m also on ODSP worked from the time I was 13 (paper route) and then 2 years ago ended up having heart problems and had surgery and then had a stroke, and other medical problems paid my taxes from the time I was 18 til the age of 56 I recieve 1169.00 from ODSP I pay a 1000 a month for rent leaves 169 to pay phone, food, hydro, I just don’t understand how the government thinks that’s enough to live on mean while I paid alot more than that out in taxes every month, and what really gets me are these people say that we are getting free money I would like to know how they figure that when I worked for 36 years and paid taxes, I say I’m just getting a little of what I have given our wonderful government

        • Nathalie H T Partica

          Friday, 2020/05/08 EDT 06:38
          Crystal Gauthier,
          I get $1,167.xx per month on ODSP. [Epilepsy and Complex PTSD]
          I work and HALF MY WAGES are taken from me.
          I’m risking my life in a nasty dirty environment doing slave labour for minimum wage only to have HALF OF IT taken from me.
          If I don’t report my income, I get cut off AND lose all my benefits including my very expensive Anti Epileptic Drugs.
          ALL low income have it nasty. I quote Trudeau [VERBATIM] Canadians should not have to struggle to pay for food and pay their rent.’ And gives ‘Qualified’ canadians $2,000.xx a month.
          Well that pissed me the fuck off, Trudeau acknowledges the struggle, and gives $2,000.xx TWO THOUSAND? WTF? He should have only been giving what the Province gives for disability recipients. Now THAT’S not just struggling, but drowning.
          Fuck the Government [AND Ford for axing our increases in 2018] for acknowledging the struggle but for years on end leaving Disability recipients to struggle on under $1,000 per month.
          Government had NO BUSINESS offering $2,000.xx EACH to qualified candidates. None whatsoever. He should only be giving $1,167.xx per qualified recipient or $1,400.xx PER COUPLE and THAT’S IT.
          Fuck you Trudeau for your acknowledgement and giving TWO THOUSAND per qualified individual per month and fuck you Ford for axing my ODSP increase.

      • Debbie Bittorf

        I don’t understand why WELFARE and ODSP only get a “One time payment of maybe close to $400.00”. Are we not as important as everybody else. It’s all we can do to make it from cheque to cheque and if it wasn’t for the foodbanks, alot of us wouldn’t be able to eat. Now that there’s more people that need the help of foodbanks there may not be enough food to go around. I have HEART/STROKE problems, COPD, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, and MAJOR VASCULAR PROBLEMS. The higher paid people should trades us places for a month, just to see what it’s like for us to be on WELFARE AND ODSP. It would be interesting to see how they make it.

        • lindsay g

          wait who got a one time payment? are you in ontario? because nobody here on ODSP/OW has gotten a increase or been told of any extra income in the near future.

          • Melody

            Lindsay if you are on ODSP you can call your local office and ask for the vivid-19 benifet it is a 1 time payment of $100 for a single person and $200 for a family

          • Carol Thomas

            No body in Ontario got an increase, on ODSP or welfare it was a one time GST payment and depended on what your income was and if you qualified for gst

        • sherry ann

          Its not just OW and O.D.S.P recipients that fall through the cracks. I am a building manager I make less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real…….

          • Dennis Sweet

            Does CPP people recieved an extra payment on April 28 because of the virus me

            • Deb

              nope people on CPP or CPP-D are STILL left out of any COVID relief strategies. only people on OAS (age 65+) get a one time payment of $300, plus $200 more if they also receive guaranteed income supplement.

        • Rick

          U r working 40 hrs a week what is your whine ! U got a steady paycheck while most others have to worry whether there will b a job to go back to when this man made Fake Pandemic is over with so stop it please !

        • Rick

          U r working 40 hrs a week what is your whine ! U got a steady paycheck while most others have to worry whether there will b a job to go back to when this man made Fake Pandemic is over with so stop it please !

          • Andrea

            No whine. People with disabilities work too. We have lost jobs to. Please forget all the stereotypes you hear about us. I point this out for clarity purposes. If you can’t figure this out after all the stories people have shared here. Sorry to hear. This is a conversation about that though. This is a pandemic we are in. People will die as a result of these policies, and people like you with stereotypes of marginalized people dancing in your head will let that happen and inadvertently welcome it. Facts need to be accurate and clear. There is a pandemic going on people on this forum will die from this if this goes on as predicted. People like you who seem to have more time on their hands, to focus on trying to bash marginalized people, during a pandemic, and to apparently hope they stay silent and just die show ‘we are not all in this together’.

        • Ghost

          Fords solution is food banks and so called non existent resources . I get 1100 on ODSP , cant work due to PTSD chronic depression and I get fainting spells that get worse every year , my rent is 1030 . I have been hospitalized many times because my weight has went under 42kg I am 170cm tall . I ran a small business for 10 years before my illness’s got so bad I was forced to shut down , I paid more then 6 times the amount of money in taxes per year then what I get on ODSP per year . Ya sure the system will take care of you , your expected to go to food banks , subsidized housing , and all of the other so call resources made available . Subsidized housing is a 10 year waiting list , and it will be in a dangerous bedbug infested neighborhood where every time you leave someone breaks into your place and steals what little assets you have and of course ODSP will cut you back. A single person cant survive on less then 2500 a month after taxes . My doctors want to know why I don’t eat enough , well I cant afford it , they don’t seem to get it , a food bank or soup kitchen is out of the question I have my pride .For Being forced on ODSP I should be receiving enough to live on and put some money away . When I was paying taxes I expected that those tax dollars were going to a sustainable social system . The $100 you need to call your worker for is gone ass soon as its deposited , My LL is on my back every 4 days harassing me for the 500 I still owe on my rent which is spent on some food and other badly need things , Death is a better fate then the fate of being on a system that dose not give a person enough to survive on . Well I am applying for the CERB , everyone on ODSP should apply , if you get the benefit don’t feel guilty . If the CERB was only 1100 for a signal person , their would be an out rage if Ford said , If you cant afford food go to a food bank , their would be a revolt . Yet were expected to live on 1100 a month but the CERB is 2000 per MO .

          • family of 6

            i live in subsidized housing and i have not once got bed bugs or got broken into and there is times i left me front door wide open with lights off and no one home but i agree they do need to help more low income familys i have been looking for work for the last 2 years and i cant get help i found with my kids home from school (5 kids)they have been eating me out of a house and now im having a harder time looking for work cause i have my kids home from school and i would get child support but now im not even getting that so my income changed alot cause of the covid 19 and cause im on subsidized houseing im behind on rent as while and dont know what to do i thought about applying for the money once too but im scared to get into trouble. i cant affored to lose any thing not the kids are being home schooled they need more i have noticed the passed 2 weeks of doing this i would need 3 computers not one i have been doing school from 10am to 7pm and my tired and have no time for myself


        You give $2000 a month to people who have lost their job & say that’s hard to live on for few months but you except seniors to live on basically about half of that all the time can the government explain that !!!!!!!

      • Judy

        I just dont understand that they give $2000 To everyone who works and survive on for a month and the average person on long time disability gets ruffly $1100 a month for rent and food ect. But no extra help while we are going through the same thing everyone else is !! ☹

        • Glory

          It is a pity, l am ashame to call myself a Canadian. Canada is a great country for people who have ton of kids, also mostly for those who are very comfortable sitting at home receiving welfare. However, it isn’t great for a person like me who worked extremely hard to put myself through school, because l did not have parents to send me to school. I basically lost my childhood by becoming an adult at a very young age, ended up getting married at 17 years of age to escape severe abuse from home, l left the marriage at 18 with a six months old child no parents, no money, and no education. At the age of 22, l enrolled in adult education completed my grade VII, l did two years of Cegep, then l got admitted at Concordia University graduated in early childhood development. I did all of that while l was raising a kid as a single mother. I worked with special needs children who suffered from Autism, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Asperger Spectrum Syndrome for over ten years. In 2003, l decided to change my career went back to University and graduated in 2007 with a double major, started my master degree meanwhile, l moved from the Prairies to Ottawa, because l thought l would have more opportunities to find work in my new field of studies. Unfortunately, that was the biggest mistake that l ever made in my whole life, since l moved to this place l never been able to find a good paying job despite been fluently bilingual French, English,and Italian l worked mediocre, minimum wage jobs just to survive since Ontario is such an expensive city, l was working full time yet l could not aford to live alone; l shared accommodation with complete strangers who almost brought me to a nervous breakdown. Few years ago, l felt on the ice had a brain concussion, next thing l was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression….here l am on ODSP, three University degrees, l speak two languages, it used to be three after the brain injury due to the trauma l had to relearn how to live, and l am still struggling. The point l am trying to make here is if l have a good government, l wouldn’t be in the precarious situation that l am in for the last decade, instead of getting my life back every day l watch life passing me by l lost faith in humanity, and l feel helpless. Despite everything l’ve been through l always been a strong woman, but my strength run out of dry.

        • sherry ann

          Its not just OW and O.D.S.P recipients that fall through the cracks. I am a building manager I make less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real…….

          • Rick

            Nobody is sitting at home cozy as U say, it sounds so warm, on welfare and a good 30% of your story doesn’t add up so go over it again and do a better job else nobody will believe U “Cozy on Welfare what a sad story

            • James

              I had to go on welfare for 6 months. As well did some programs they had offered to me. I landed a job after that stocking shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart part time. It is a job and I am grateful for it. I was hoping to get on full-time but now that this has all happened? Being on welfare for those 6 months was brutal not Cozy at all … I am still struggling to make ends meet with rent, Food, bills in general … So I don’t know how cozy fits into it at all.

        • Jenny

          i agree This is so true someone with mental illness not fair

        • Rick

          Politicians need to b dragged through the street and publicly flogged by the public Dough Boy of Ontario and the extremely Rich need to b stripped of all their riches and then exterminated because they r the cause of all problems of Man Kind I am sorry but it is the only way period !!!!!!

      • Sabrina

        I have been on odsp In Wheelchair since 2005. For past 9 years I live off 812.00 a month because I’m on housing even though im on housing I still cant survive each month even when I go to food banks. All my money from rent hydro internet is around 500 after I pay all my Bill’s and pay my self for care giver to help me pay for rides. By 3rd of every month before this coronavirus I had maybe 80 dollars for 30 days to live on. Now this coronavirus has come have nouthing at all. Odsp is only giving a one time extra of 100 for coronavirus that’s it. And cant get it because after this is done they will take it from me and they will not have that 100 to take since after all my Bill’s are paid I have 80.00 for 31 days. All odsp and ow. Are struggling more then people who work they are getting 2000 a month because they cant work. But I live off 812.00 with no other money. And they where all scared of not having money but now they all have 2000 to 5000. How is it the government gives them 5000. Because they cant work but odsp live of 812.00 cant serive even befor this happend. I dont even own a credit card because I cant afford to pay 250 payment. So I’m living of nouthing no food no nouthing I I gusse good side of this because I have no food or anything I’m losing weight. 🙁

      • Sandra Moore

        Canada and USA come on now is this for real?Reyana i feel you as well Domestic violence for years ,silent but abused .we are survivors proud of it we lived to tell about it.This isnt right the way the goverment is going about this what are they going to to do to me for talking about it,wipe me out ,hush me…freedom of speech …trust and follow with what is on your mind…leve a memo whereever you go if something was to happen….you have spoken the truth you go

      • Brian St John

        I have been living on a low income cpp disability $924.85 per month on my own , Give it a try and see how you make out ,hope you like peanut butter sandwiches!! I work hard all my life in the construction field and ended up with cpod@ RA Arthritis and unable to work !!

      • Simona Savoy

        I myself am on ODSP… with mental health issues, bipolar, epilepsy, brain atrophy…and am 58 yrs old today. I’ve been barely managing before pandemic, but now I am testing positive to covid-19… I have no help, family in Vancouver, no kids, single. I Bookhave been isolated for almost 2 months, last two weeks in bed with covid-19 virus. I have a senior doggie who needs meds, food and supplies like myself… I am not allowed to drive do to epilepsy… no friends here in Toronto to help me get supplies, … No grocery stores, banks near walking distance… I have no choice but order and delivery… can’t afford anymore… need some assistance… have rent, credit cards and bills… please… help ?

    • Carmit

      We do not qualify for anything. In fact to ask for anything we need to just leave phone msgs to out case worker and hope they are healthy and working.

    • Gordon Ross

      It is sad to say as a canadian that my government has placed me and the rest of the most needed on O.D.S.P on the back burner in regaurds of the covid 19 funds that are seems that the reduse of population will most likely.are the one they are leaving behind.Us The poor.

      • Christina

        Thank you for the opportunity for this discussion. What is going to happen to lower income people? Why are we not being seen? Are we invisible. Nobody can help if they have a disability and def cannot stock up and self isolate if they are having to go out here and there to get foo. Well… take care of you and ur family and friends everyone in these difficult times. #wecandothis

    • Jill Loveless

      I think seniors should be given double what they get if they fall into the low income for at least 6 monthe

    • Colene McClymont

      I’m on cpp disability and not to go outside due to my heart disease, diabetes, high blood etc. I don’t know where I fit in the government funds. How can I buy xtra groceries I only get $1,100 a month which goes to my bills.

      • N. Lund

        I am also on CPP disability. And I live in Vancouver. Due to my Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am a single mom of a 18 year old. She also lost her job and college. I only get under $800 a month! my rent is 1200.00 ( which is honestly on the cheap side here.) I do get some help from RAP. I don’t understand at ALL why do ones on Provincial get all this help.. and federal doesn’t? The thing is. The sad reality of us people that are disabled or senior, is that we have been living in CRISIS before the Covid 19 crisis. The government just turns a blind eye to us. 🙁 We are ALL CANADIANS! WE ALL need HELP during this time! Just think, the government is giving “working” people $500 a week?? which equals $2000.00 which “they” think what a average person should make to live and pay bills/food etc.? Well, why us people on disability get way way less to live off? I am really hoping after this COVID 19 ends ( hopefully very soon) maybe JUST MAYBE the government would actually open their eyes and take a second look on giving people on disabilities or and the senior a increase on their monthly checks.???? Personally, I did not do this to myself, to live poor or to be sick. I was BORN with this.

        • Jennifer

          I am on ODSP (Ontario Disability) and my husband was working. He is entitled to either EI or the CERB. However, anything we might get from either program will be deducted dollar for dollar. This will leave us with half of what our income was. BTW…my husband was laid off when our Premier closed the restaurants here in our Province.

        • sherry ann

          Its not just OW and O.D.S.P recipients that fall through the cracks. I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real…….

    • Gord

      All Canadians who rent out rooms and share their homes with Roomers, at this time, should helps relieve the number of homeless persons, are subject to losing 60 percent of their ODSP and OW benefit entitlement. I believe in these times, and especially with the of numbers of people who are homeless now climbing, recipients should not have to suffer this disproportionately excessive deduction on their entitlement when helping the homeless.As well recipients should be able to deduct expenses relates to roomers who damage property during their stay.

    • corey baker

      as a quadriplegic on odsp who lives on 1170 a month i am drowning as it is…my main medication is not covered nor will they cover it under the special request they have for some medication that are not covered up front…my medication runs me on average 650 a month,my half of the rent is 500 a month ,leaving me with 20$ for hydro,food and whatever else i may need through the month…its not working out.

    • Jer

      Ok hears what u dont get why did all my coworkers get the $2000 with there 2st ei payment but I only got $400 seams unfair to me anyone out there got any qlues?? Whould be a great help thx

    • Douglas Hawkins

      I totally agree, many of us Canadians on ODSP contributed to the economy & working class for many years ,like myself even decades, yet we are treated like we don’t exist.

    • Jayne

      What about those of us on a very low medical disability income? My hubby works part time at a homeless shelter and I’m told that if he applies for the CERB that my disability can deduct it from MY benefit as income earned…is this true? Because if it is he won’t apply because it wouldn’t help if they deducted it from my benefit, because then I’d end up with ZERO benefit and have to live off of the CERB alone…but if they can’t deduct, the he will apply because we can use all the help we can get right now…

      • Sandra Moore

        Live in usa ,here we dont qualify for extra money for groceries,unless you have children we are at and on the very high risk ,prone to get this virus ,dont know what state your in but …..your at high risk have you received your check yet? LAST ON LIST? Have you checked lately? Hell yeah your gonna pull thru this …and i as well Stay healthy and in touch .
        .thinking if you in the same situation hey we are tough and proud and fighters ….right

    • Nancy Bale

      It’s cruel to give workers $2000 per month as a bare minimum, when people on welfare and disability have struggled for 10 years years to survive on the same $700- $1100 per month. This includes native Canadians, immigrants, those rejected when applying for disability, single parents, children. It costs us more to live now because of COVID19, too, not just those who were working. We deserve at least $1500 per month for a single person plus an extra $ 500 per mth for the duration of the quarantine.

      Why is inequality and leaving the vulnerable behind okay with the Canadian government?

      • Shelly

        Well Al…

        Seeing as I am on Welfare and DO NOT TAKE ANY DRUGS, I felt I should say it’s time to stop with the old stigma of welfare recipients. I am chronically ill through no fault of my own, so please don’t judge us all unfairly…I miss being a nurse so much and would love to be out helping during this terrible crisis.


        People on disability yes people on welfare no reason if you get that much money why work minimum wage pays less for 40 hour week

    • Charlene Bilodeau

      I currently am on ODSP and recieve $1141.00 monthly. Why are we not getting the $2000.00 month or at least the equivalent of. This is not fair. We have disabilities and cannot work or are only allowed $200 month which is still less than what cerb is giving out. How is this fair. I am actually really upset. We live way below the poverty line as it is. Alot of us are not able to work enough to ever pay our expenses or medical needs through no fault of our own! You don’t choose to be disabled. We constantly suffer. Physically…financially and mentally. We are people too! We are not useless members of society because we are not working. Do we not suffer enough on a daily basis! We still pay taxes just like the rest of the world!

      • Sandra Moore

        Live in the USA its the same here ,give to those but we disabled people give them nothing keep fighting for your rights we po ay for each familly ,each child those d iui sab lk ed have o children and get nothing and no help,its everywhere and it sucks…these are the people this should affect,disabled,homeless,poverty level,overweight,diabetes, copd,cvd,high blood pressure and heart problems,that pretty well gets us huh if we allow it? Im a fighter what about you?

    • Charlene Bilodeau

      I am on ODSP and am not happy that we are not getting the $2000 month that everyone else is getting or at least the equivalent of. Most who are on it are not capable of working. If we could work full time making enough to pay our bills and medications etc we would. This is not fair. We struggle on a day to day basis already physically…mentally and financially and this is just another smack in the face. We already live under the poverty line. There are people capable of working that are getting it so why are those who cannot being punished. We pay taxes on everything we buy just like everyone else. This is so unfair it’s not funny and it just goes to show once again that we are just a burden to society through no fault of our own.

    • Jake

      Ana Blair for PRIME MINISTER!! HIP HIP…

    • Anton

      Keke is honestly such a sad sad individual
      Reading your blabber just makes me choke on my own humor.
      You clearly aren’t a working one you know and have way to much emotion budd
      Did you experience something ??

    • Tank

      I’m just glad to see these low income earners or people with children get more free money while the rest of us are working as we always do. And getting no benefits from our government.. as we always do. People are constantly rewarded for having children they cant afford or not wanting to work hard enough to have a decent job and earn a descent living. Great to also see everyone gettin all this free emergency money spending it on pot, new TVs, laptops.. sooo happy the government is giving them this MUCH NEEDED assistance while I’m still working my ass off.

      • Sandra Moore


    • Tammy

      I’m on ODSP anf recieved a ONE time amount of 100.00 it does not help at all when I now have to pay someone to go numerous times to try and find essentials that get out of stock! Also we make less than 6.00 hour is you calculate it out and barely survive as is with never any increase to meet cost of living and utility increases. It gets worse every month and adds so much more added stress. We seem to be always the ones neglected. We can not get ahead on groceries because the money is just not there! I don’t understand how we have do much money to help other countries and all the money they are coming up with now and once again we are all suffering. It’s hard enough being disabled this is just adding so much more stress and hardships.
      Someone has to help US !!!!
      Thank you

    • Franca piligra

      People on odsp should be given a package just like everyone else, we are humans too

    • Randy Near

      Yes I am on CP disability pension and receive 1025.00 a month. Could use some help at this time. Cannot apply for ODSP because of my wife’s income who is laid off right now but receiving government benefits. Also we have no coverage for drugs of which we could use greatly. My wife is a breast cancer survivor

    • Lisa

      Ford clearly has NO CARE whatsoever about low-income OW, ODSP recipients and the CERB is only for middle class families and we already get a monthly check that covers all my necessities. It triggered my mental state and I am very anxious everyday. Something must happen to change the criteria for CERB. EVERYONE IS AFFECTED its a very big discrimination against the people who live in poverty. Its Extremely Sad reality my mental health caused by Traumatic events that kept me from working. I worked for many years and depression and mental health problems are genetic in my family. I lost my daughter beginning of 2018 then in October my mother passed Thanksgiving…..I was destroyed and then Covid19 crisis how much does a person have to take before they can’t come back from PTSD rehashing and major depression?

    • Why cops told me nothing welfare do your job lives on1frst ave north

      Yes all these drug addicts as a recovering addict why would goverment hand a piece ofshit and a child abuser jason stenbach of north ave who beat sans sexually molested gi oldest daughter that told her neighbor and was crying saying my daddy touched me get 4 grand to buy drugs not looking after his children all he does is smoke coke Rob me of me a knife point last week cops were notified right I front of my house

    • Catrina Cooney

      I beleive some people who r on income support should get some extra help . I have a mental illness and am barely living . We are definitely below poverty . Yes some people take advantage but there are alot that dont . I worked 18.5 straight 60 + hours a week and had a mental breakdown . So my income went from 36,000 to 12,000 a year . That is absolutely terrible. I know people are getting more money now then when they are working . Please help !!!!!

    • Tammy Paradis

      I agree with you l, I work with Disability people they we’re left out of any extra income from the government, they can’t afford to stock up food , cleaning supplies, extras of anything the people are having a terrible time they are at higher risk of getting the virus because they can’t afford to eat healthy!

    • Deborah Miller

      I am on odsp and im too afraid to go out . I will not take public transportation, its costing me much more for food and cleaning supplies, and on line shopping and delivery. I lost a filling but i cannot go to dentist. I had planned on working pt as im allowed to make 6,000 a year and i was offered apt job waitressing prior to endemic. I have tested positive for tb exposure 2006 and have cronic liver disease and also have suffered broncitis all my life, i also have an unhealthy heart. So im afraid if i catch it Ill die. Am i elegitable for Emergency funding?

    • MJ Fritchley

      I think it is time for those of us who depend on O.W., ODSP and other government supports AND live in subsidized housing to unite and help ourselves out.
      In my region, housing is underserved, the units are poorly maintained, for instance, I share a 2 bedroom townhouse unit with my 15 year old daughter who lives with a severe genetic disability, and the unit has not had its ductwork cleaned in many years…my daughter is vulnerable to respiratory illness. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and other airborne contaminants which could affect our health profoundly, pandemic aside. I don’t WANT to be dependent on subsidized housing. I wanted to use this opportunity of reduced rent to springboard out to better housing and increased productivity as a citizen and taxpayer.
      But this place is soul-destroying! Featureless, poorly maintained brick boxes that are hard to keep clean due to the environmental issues, as I pointed out regarding the ductwork.
      There is the social stigma attached to living here, as well. The community presumption is that if you live in ‘housing’ you are a druggie or a lazy deadbeat.
      This is a fallacy. I am a middle-aged widower, single father of a child with special needs, and a former homeowner who over the last few years has lost everything to the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. I see many around me who have had similar struggles and those who struggle with legitimate disabilities, as well as physical and mental illness.
      I have only been here since September of 2019, but others in similar predicaments to me have been here for years. Penalized for making extra money to try and improve their place in life, and motivationally crushed by the institutional spaces we live in, the poor hygienic conditions, and the impossible stresses of just trying to get by day to day on impossibly low incomes, defeats the spirit to move onward and upward.
      In light of the pandemic, and all of the economic duress that is going to affect all classes in its aftermath…many here feel more isolated, helpless to change their fate, more fated to accept this place or others like it as our ‘forever home’.
      The socio-economic difficulties are vast and too many to list in this comment.
      On the bright side I have witnessed a broad culture of mutual support between residents, assisting each other with rides into town to get groceries or go to the food bank. Sharing or bartering food and supplies, sometimes for skills and services provided by residents. ( Yes, there are actually intelligent, skilled individuals who live here), or simply where the greatest need is observed.
      I think a council of residents to provide direction and leadership to improve the quality of life in these residences. Operating as an NFP, we could use our creativity and intelligence to aid with all of the systemic inequities of our day to day lives.
      We could access resources for residents ‘slipping through the cracks’…perhaps we could help heal families in crisis ‘in situ’ instead of tearing children from their parents, and creating more trauma than necessary. We could liaise for residents between local, provincial and federal agencies, the community at large and charitable organizations aimed at giving the desperately needed ‘hand-up’ instead of the dehumanizing and demotivating hand-out.
      This is not isolated to just housing projects, as poverty is more widespread than many are willing to admit. As our economy withers under the pandemic, these numbers will only grow.
      I have learned that our system is designed to perpetuate and sometimes intensify poverty.
      We must find a reasonable way as a community to help and support ourselves out of this institutional quicksand…or we may as well call ‘public housing’ something like a longtime palliative care facility, where people come to see their dreams and spirits die, if they don’t end up dying here literally.
      I, for one, intend still to escape this place, and I would like to motivate and inspire my neighbours to come with me.
      We just need to be allowed to be able to make these changes in our lives.
      Not much to ask.

    • Linda price

      I’m on cpp disabilty and I cant file for that tax credit in aug they say mine as expired after 5 year so I was wonder is there any other way I can get exact money I’m still on cpp disabilty but in these tough time I need a one time exact payment

    • Ashley Schell

      Take myself for example, I’m on odsp with 3 kids but 2 are special needs and II’ve in a rural area. I find it more difficult then ever to afford anything. Prices of food have gone up, Sanitizer being $4.99 for a small bottle. The income I do get I literally spend way more over then I receive to a point were i have to decided what canot be paid and go ing more into debt. living on odsp isnt fun neither di I recieve alot. I live 40% under poverty line. I wish the government wwould pay attention and treating everyone fair and not forgetting about us!

    • Jane

      People in service industries such as security make less than cleaners do but work more hours.

      With no paid leave for any reason, CERB has become the only way for them to pay rent, bills, groceries and care for their children simultaneously.

    • Cheryl Ruben

      Basic income program should be implemented NOW. Odsp did not increase last year, but rent increased 2.2%, cost of living, etc.

      • Jennifer C

        They are not increasing odsp for 2020 but my shelt exceeds the allowance and during job shut down not only will we be without $$ we have to pay ei back 100% in overpayment. My rent increased my food costs etc also increased
        I find it deplorable the Ontario government isn’t cutting it back to 50% since we were laid off due to their shut down which I understand is another two weeks

        • Karen Vardy

          I agree with you 100%. If I were you, I would contact your local MPP. Member of Provincial Parliament.

          MPP’s need to hear every sad story like yours. They are the ones that can take your rightful concerns to Premier Doug Ford.

          • Jennifer

            Agreed!!! I’m in the same boat as Jennifer C. I DID call my MPP…Amy Fee. Now, she’s works very closely with Minister of Community and Social Services, Todd Smith. Although her Assistant has benn wonderful, I still have yet to be told that Ms. Fee has taken my concerns directly to Mr. Smith….or even better…the Premier. We on ODSP (or OW) who have worked and are now laid off will lose half of our income because of the draconian practice of clawbacks. They don’t touch the CCTB a…or Child Support any more, in order to help those with kids. Only ODSP and OW recipients who have worked are left in the dust. Apparently we are expendable when we no longer work. They take half of our earnings when we work…and all of our EI (which we pay into) when we don’t. We, the working poor are personally funding the Ontario Goverment’s Social Services “Top Up” program for the Government’s bank accounts.

        • J

          Totally agree. I already get the max odsp for shelter and it doesn’t cover my half of rent. My rent just went up another fifteen bucks a month and fifteen last year but no raise in odsp. I cant find a cheaper place, they are more expensive now than ever. There isn’t a month that goes by that I can pay rent, hydro, gas, internet, food, hygiene and whatever else. I’m constantly in the hole and begging friends and family for a few bucks. Have lost good friends because of it and angered family.

      • corey baker

        my odsp hasnt changed in over 5 years! im drowning as it stands

        • Tammy

          Totally with you 100% we are living barely on less and less!! Everything goes up and our income never. It’s noy right when we can help foreign countries and so on but we are struggling and calculated out are making less than $6.00 an HOUR! This is almost like living back 30-40 years ago seriously!
          With what we strughle with daily this just adds so much more stress! We can’t get ahead on groceries we don’t have the money. Many times when using food banks most food is not what most would eat and alot I have thrown out due to it being expired.
          Makes You feel like we are the not worthy part of society!!
          Someone has to make changes for US but WHO!!!?

      • Anita Gabriele

        Curious to find out where help is for someone on ODSP and worked part time before the pandemic. I did not make $5,000 in 2019 due to 2 surgeries on my foot (which is not why I am on ODSP). I have lost my work income as well as the $100 a month bonus I get for working on ODSP. And they’re telling me to stock up! I can’t even cover monthly bills!

        • chris

          stop listening to the rules. These are laws designed to discriminate one person vs another in order to receive a lawful monetary benefit. Just apply for cerb and they will direct deposit into your account in 2-3 days. The discriminatory laws are of no force or effect due to constitutional laws. 52.1 of Canada act based on 15.1 of charter of rights and freedoms. These laws should be ignored. I’m also thinking of filing a 24.1 challenge. Business getting 40 000$ loans interest free and they do not need to repay 10 000$. That is nuts. Also paying 75% of employees salaries is something the taxpayer should not have to foot the bill for. Also OW and ODSP recipients would be lawfully entitled to the same financial benefit and they are not so it is unlawful. Only problem is they ignore my other challenges. We need to fight a civil war and kill them all!!!! It’s them or us. I would rather they die not me

  2. Nickie Wilson

    All that money they need for people & their still fracking up the Country’s & want bailouts! No way the people first!

  3. richard stafford

    I have struggled for the last 7 years on ODSP as it JUST gives you enough to get by month to month at the 872 I receive WITH max meal allowances as well BUT ODSP can be as high as 1400 BUT I am not sure how to get the extra $400 unless by paying full market rent which who leave you starving in most places..

    • Janet

      How about ppl on CPPD & Blue cross don’t we count for any emergency hardship as we are dealing with mental health issues.

      We are already just barely making it and to afford dental emergencies and medications to control inflammation.

      How does a person handle an dental inflammation and no one can look at them as the person has no funds to deal with.

      But the’re telling the public to have 2 wks supply of food.

      omg how with a fixed income?


      Wake up we ALL should been given a form of a survival hardship monies.

      Aren’t we taking a chance all ready by going out to buy food with long lines then the food is limited or gone. (expectically if people have no family to help them)

    • corey baker

      how do you figure 1400? i get the max at 1170…please let me know

      • Nikki

        I think too many are missing the point here. The 2000$ was to help those who lost their income during this epidemic. For some, it is sufficient. For others, who have either a large mortgage payment or a 1700$ a month rent, it is not. Those who have a high rent or big mortgage payment- had a high paying job before all this. 2000$ barely covers anything for them. Those on disability or social assistance (while I do agree, should get more per month regardless) already have a budget that fits their payment, or perhaps a subsidised rent. So please people, before you judge those getting the 2000$ a month help, think about all the factors involved.

        • Jake



        maybe special diet but it must be some special to get that much my special diet is 130 and I get 1235

  4. David K Carstend

    I’m on ODSP,raising twins 18 years old,my son in as autism,I’m not stupid, if you under the radar your toast,I know there will be no help,My mental health is going south,I’m not going to go deeper down the rabbit hole,I have just said not getting help, So I have moved on and deal with it

    • Aliya

      My spouse is on Odsp and I am working as part time. Whatever I earn 50% is deducted. Only 200$ is exempted. I have responsibilities of my 3 children.
      It’s my request not to deduct this 50% due to my earning.

      • Carmit

        I’m in the same situation. It comes to 160 hrs a month that I work for $1.50 !!!
        This 50% clawback keeps us in the social welfare dependency. Governments have no vision, no real incentives to help people that can work get out of this cycle of poverty.

      • Aslam

        Govt should increase the income exempt limit if they really feel for the disabled person of a society.

  5. Peggy Barfoot

    I am low income.. unable to work. I recieve $260. Every 2wks. $113.00 comes out straight away for my prescription and the rest is to buy toiletries, cleaners and food for 3. Hopefully now the higher class will have a little compassion for us lower class if their forced to live check to check. I dont know why their all so worried. Their still gonna be doing better than low income. Try living on less than 10.000 a yr with cronic pain.

  6. Areha Jay.

    It’s bad enough that its only 1169 a month when shelter allowance is under 500 dollars and theres not a single room in this town below 750… those in power think of it as “oh this person has no feet so they don’t need to buy shoes and socks etc..” they made the system, but they don’t live in it.

    • Mi helle

      I am a single widow disabled for life with a walker and broken back.My surgeon told me theres no more they can do for me Im stuck like this with chronic pain the rest of my life.After rent I have 400 to pay insurance and my bills which leaves me nothing NOTHING left for food.I have a pouch for a stomach and can only eat protein and vegtables and lactose intolerant .If I dont have at least 80 g of protein a day I get weak and sick.ODSP said they already give me the max for special needs.Yes if it wasnt for that I would not have money to pay the bills!! Im so damn mad that people on odsp , permanent disability are forgotten about and our poverty goes up but our pay doesnt come close to match.Cant anyone start asking Trudeau on our behalf? I cant even afford a computer? Again Ford only cares about the middle class families!! NO SURPRISE THERE! Who can we get to speak on pur behalf? Do say our Mayor of Huntsville he’s a usless when I told him years ago and knew he couldnt care less.Somebody PLEASE Im begging for all of us on ODSP PLEASE HELP US!

      • Carmit

        I wrote to treudo 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I get an automated response of how difficult this time is for everyone. Not even a human response. Auto generated canned response.

          • Nikki

            I think too many are missing the point here. The 2000$ was to help those who lost their income during this epidemic. For some, it is sufficient. For others, who have either a large mortgage payment or a 1700$ a month rent, it is not. Those who have a high rent or big mortgage payment- had a high paying job before all this. 2000$ barely covers anything for them. Those on disability or social assistance (while I do agree, should get more per month regardless) already have a budget that fits their payment, or perhaps a subsidised rent. So please people, before you judge those getting the 2000$ a month help, think about all the factors involved.

            • Deb

              Yes we were living on a below-poverty level budget before COVID. Some of us were lucky enough to find occasional jobs within our restricted capabilities…likely less than the $5000 2019 minimum income cutoff for CERB. Most of us relied on help from family and friends either financial or with obtaining groceries, assistance with exercises to help keep us healthy, with housework or other necessities of day to day living which you likely take for granted. All that help, and any small income supplements we previously managed to eke out, is gone under COVID and our bills have increased likely far more than those of abled bodied CERB recipients, certainly more than those of students who returned home to wait out the pandemic. People living on CPP, CPP-D and other forms of social assistance are desperate for help — but invisible. We lack the resources to do more than phone our MP’s and beg. Trudeau seems to believe that should be our lot in life — telling disabled people to seek help from charities rather than raise our benefits even by a few hundred dollars for the duration of the shutdown so that we can afford the things that we as individuals require to survive.

        • Trisha

          I hear you! My kids were beging me for to move out. We are already deaf from all the unlimited bangings from the unit owner as she wants us out. Does she really think we enjoyed living here? I have sent numerous emails as I want us out before the unit owner comes back from Asia and Australia. I have immune deficiency and my kids has a history of bronchitis. Did they do anything? Now I have coughing since yesterday, my yougest is the same with a runny nise. My eldest complining of muscle aches. I just hope these are just normal flu. My kids doesnt deserve to get sick if only I was assisted with…

        • Shelly

          Hi Carmit…

          Yeah Trudeau’s go to answer is”we are with you during this difficult time” If he was really with us he would help ALL OF US. I think they think we are accustomed to living with less…I saw a woman on TV who was in line for a food bank and she was embarrassed about it…Unbelievable, yeah we had to throw out our pride a long time ago. It will be interesting to see how the more fortunate deal with being poor. I can tell you, you never get used to it!!!

      • Bill

        The way I see it this is Ford and Trudeau’s way of population control we are on odsp starving every day worried about the rent why can’t we wear nice clothes you see if they look after us then they can’t help them selfs or there families God forbid one of their family member go’s on odsp or ow this is the governments why of having population control and the richer keep getting richer

      • corey baker

        im in ottawa in the same boat basically…id love to go to bat for us on odsp,how?

  7. Johnny

    Someone create apetition please to go to Justin Trudeau to increase Ontario support program
    the people who are on low income need help as this Covid19 pendemic is happening.
    Thank you.

  8. David Hubbins

    I’m curious how this is gonna turn out for all the people on welfare. Or even worst. The people who are on welfare, that can’t even get a full cheque. Because of how the rules are set up, and you can’t actually can’t get the rent part of the cheque.

    • N. Lund

      people on welfare and PWD is getting help now. extra $300 a month starting this month. and something with a bus pass thing. something about $52 or something. ( sorry can’t remember) BUT THE CRAPPY thing is … that’s provincial. and I am on federal. And I get nothing. Well, sorry yes. The gst. ( which is helpful yes.) But PWD gets the GST as well. Just not right.

      • chris

        that is simply not true. there is no extra 300 dollars. That is fake news you are spreading. Take you lies somewhere else.

  9. Carmit

    Its is sad to see that out of all the support federal and provincial governments gives, they could not form out $500 per household to buy supplies at this time. We are out of sight out of mind to them. We are on odsp. My income is cut off 50%. We will never have anything for a rainy day let alone a stay at home pandemic. Modern 2020 canada.

  10. David Greenfield

    your statment that stocking food and supplies for this problem IS NOT REALISTIC… to me is insulting… in that basic ODSP paid rates to basic food and rental housing costs have lost over 50% buying power since the Walkerton water problems of the 1990s. Where was the funding for the client (victem) of ODSP the pay cash for bottled water??? I as a victem of 30 plus years within this no escape system, imfacticly request that future statments you make in reporting the insantity of ODSP reflect the totally… NOT REALISTIC… 480 dollar per month payment of both rent and utilties (phone bills). Then there is some objective truth to the cause of homelessness in Ont. not media supported propiganda which lets ODSP hides this (fraud) abuse in EVERY CLIENTS DIFFERENT statments… please note the general rate of cost of living increase in my 30 plus years of history has only just gotten over 20% total in well over 30 years. (thats not 1% per year) the same is true for all ODSP divided catigories. I would request that The MINISTRY OF COMMUNITY and (ANTI) SOCIAL (DIS) SERVICES be forced to increase general rates by well over 20% to ALL catigoris of victems. This is the only action that would truly respond to the REAL WORLD needs of this group of CANADIANS. WE NEED REAL WORLD HELP… NOT THE SAME 30 PLUS YEAR CIRIMINAL FRAUD of the OSDP political system… the last time I checked I am still human and seek objective reponces to real objective basic living needs… please note welfare and ODSP programs are very different welfare is short term help, ODSP is life long….as there are no exits from said ANTI SOCIAL DIS SERVICE. Please seek real world correction of this inhuman fraud and you have my support… thank you

  11. Pamela hall

    Please give more money to odsp there is nothing g in the coved 19 for us it’s terrible we are forgotten money fir people with kids but we get nothing again we need food meds extra cleaning stuff

    • Colleen Fowler

      It’s terribly depressing for us ppl on ODSP , who want to work badly and CANNOT . Im 55 and no need to say it’s a struggle under normal circumstances……with this covid 19 ? How on earth can we make it ? I already feel like the forgotten , a loser , everyday. I have a life threatening illness and dont know what to do , I pay 1220 a month rent , my spouse is my caretaker also and he has health issues but isn’t on ODSP , just on my cheque , now truly we are the forgotten. Hate to be a downer but it’s the truth , stocking up isn’t realistic for us on ODSP who wish they could work , even part time … May God bless us all and ppl on OW too

  12. Heather driscoll

    I believe ow odsp should be up with the times. 2 or 3 kids or more u cannot get an apt for large families less the 1200. To 1400. Government needs to realize that stuff like rent food etc goes up. So should the payment. I have been on disability for a long time and never seen an increase. How sad. Ty heather

    • Andrea

      Latika, That might be why they are doing it. They have already drafted a bill that when those people then eventually get sick they might not be given a ventilator if a lot of people need it if the have a ‘low quality of life’

      Please see this article from the Toronto Sun of documents the provincial government created:

      This could be what governments have done in the past in other situations where they don’t value people and create situations that people at risk or or don’t do anything about situations where everyone can clearly see that people are going to be at risk to try to shake a few apples off the tree of the people who aren’t valued in society eg. Disabled, welfare, homeless, seniors ect.

      a) first they put them at risk

      b) then b they deny them a ventilator

      The dominoes are certainly set up to look that way.

      This looks like a passive genocide of sorts.

      This is similar to cultural genocide with the natives as they weren’t valued members of society.

      And ‘the final solution’ in Germany in world war two but in a more subtle, passive way, ( cause you can’t just do that openly) with the jews who weren’t valued eighther. Guaranteed other countries around the world are using this situation even if it is just passively and subtly, to shake off their unvalued members of society who ever they may be. Sorry but that is what the evidence points to, and that is how the dominoes are lined up.

  13. Kris

    I asked this question recently, about those on ow or odsp , if they will get extra help, shocked at the response, comments came back as bums and they don’t deserve help, only those who lost their jobs and why should low income ones get help the ones who lost their jobs are more entitled. The ironic part is if someone who worked as an example at Timmies and made only $500 a month, they are now entitled to $2000 a month, and an ow word or odsp recipients is not going to be getting extra help because apparently there low lives and are guaranteed their income.The names and opinions that were called, were leeches, and living off the the backs of tax payers, etc… And now, how many that are applying,even those who’s income were minimal are getting assistance, and now ironically enought they will be living off more the government than those who are on odsp or ow,but those who receive now just barely to survive once again will be omitted and overlooked because they are the poorest in Canada and drink beer and do drugs. SMH

    • Sal

      Agree the stigma has to stop re ODSP. I have low immunity among many other things. I developed a disease at 18 through no fault of my own. Lost my friends, lost most hours at work (i brutally force myself through a few because i need the extra), lost any potential for a career, cant care for kids, can barely walk most days…. I didnt choose this, it happened to me. And ive never been high or drunk in my life. i was a good kid and got sick before i was legal…. and yet im lumped in with the druggies and drunks just taking advantage of the system… I understand they need to be strict because there are those who do… but why does that mean us legit cases must live on less?

    • Jennifer

      Just to correct some misconceptions…those who are OW and ODSP and have worked and qualify for CERB or EI (hours required…weeks…etc) can apply. HOWEVER, even though they have worked, paid their taxes for every year they’ve worked…their entitlement will be reduced dollar for dollar from any Emergency Federal Government funding including EI and CERB. Even after working as required per OW and ODSP for years…paying 100% taxes required to satisfy both Provincial and Federal Governments…all EI or CERB will be taken away dollar for dollar…leaving the WORKING poor with less than half of what they would be entitled to before they lost their income only weeks ago. Ford closed restaurants…and 3 days later, my husband was laid off. He worked in the restaurant industry.
      If my husband got the full $2,000.00 and I got to keep my entire ODSP entitlement…we’d still be short by over $1,000.00 a month…if he was still working. However, if this was the case, we wouldn’t get much from ODSP…which is actually the point…reducing your reliance on the Social System. Now we are cut off of ALL benefits. We will get what EVERY other person on ODSP or OW gets…whether we have worked and paid into the tax system for years…or sat on our asses watching TV…drinking beer…doing drugs and sleeping. There will be no difference made between those who have worked and those who haven’t.
      Please…get your facts straight before posting inaccurate information. Thanks.

      • chris

        got some good news for you. They can only deduct up to the amount of you ODSP/OW benefit. If you made 2000$ in cerb money in that month the most ODSP could take is the money they gave for that month, a thousand or so. The extra is all yours. but ya completely unfair/unconstitutional. We as the poor should ban together and go around coughing and smearing spit on everything to make this covid thing worse for everyone else. If their going to screw us over we should return the favour.

      • Dean

        I’ve called CPPD same as ODSP they said no I can not receive CERB you can if you worked in the year yes but not if your collecting disability payments in my case is pretty low payments monthly.

        • Sharon

          Dean, You said you called CPP. Can you collect CERB if you have lost your job due to COVID and are collecting CPPD. I worked to supplement my CPPD. I made the 5,000 dollars required and have lost my job. Thanks

          • Dean

            Sharon yes I do believe so that you can get the CERB but people like me who can’t work for extra money can’t.
            They do have an article up about people who have worked if on CPP for the extra $500 a month didn’t read all of it so I’m not sure if CPPD was included.
            I think if you worked at all you can get CERB but be careful as they might stop your CPPD payments I’d call if I where you.

          • Dean

            Also I wrote to the NDP they want to try to get the government to give everyone the CERB and $250 for each child if this ever goes through great but I’m not going to hold my breath.
            An extra $2000 for myself and my wife would be unreal right about now it would help out so much as my wife did not qualify for the CERB either.

    • N. Lund

      I posted something on facebook a few days ago. I was torn a new one. 🙁

    • sherry ann

      your information is wrong part time workers are not getting 2000.00 a month from EI only people who have qualifying incomes get that. They are able to apply for the other benefit and if you do get an over-payment you will have to pay it back when this is all over. People are miss informed if you only make 500.00 a month working you will only get that on the Benefit. People please use common sense the government is not giving everybody 2000.00 it has to co inside with what you were making working, before you had to stop and also keep in mind Its not just OW and O.D.S.P recipients that fall through the cracks. I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real…….

  14. Gordon Ross

    It is sad to say as a canadian that my government has placed me and the rest of the most needed on O.D.S.P on the back burner in regaurds of the covid 19 funds that are seems that the reduse of population will most likely.are the one they are leaving behind.Us The poor.

    • Jennifer

      And isn’t that a great plan??? Chaff from Wheat. Quite convenient for all Governments here in Canada. No one will fight for us. Isn’t Covid-19 great for culling???

  15. Bea Castro-Leeman

    Please read, and sign, the attached petition. ODSP will claw back any Emergency Federal funds, given to laid off of furloughed workers’ spouses ODSP Disability Payment!

    How is this fair? Especially during a National Health Crisis?

    Please sign and share!

    • Trisha

      A country were where I had spent almost my whole life. Witnessing the struggle my mom had to go through which I took my inspiration to always haven a backup plan. I set up a bar and went beyond. I made sure than not s single penng would be wasted for OSAP giving me a chance to have a better future for myself and the family I may have in the future. Its very difficult to live in a country by yourself. No one to talk to or to listen on your frustrations in life. You dont have anyone but yourself. You just have to pray abd strive harder. Its disgusting how this world turned in to. People who offered you help think as if they own your life. If my kids and I do get te virus which I pray hard not we are not responsible from it. As up to this day, none of these agencies nor politician did try to help us out. Paid my taxes and find ways to makes end meet to avoid being on Ontario works. But my health has surrendered on me. While my X landlord continued with their life, here am I and my kids trying to get up from the grave we were disposed to. Felt ignored because I’m on OW meaning has no right t complain. I wanted to go back to school so I can upgrade my french, I was told I have to pay. The free course is only being offered to New landed immigrants and refugees. Which I don’t understand the logic of that. People come to Canada to work so they can provide the needs of their family back home. While I am trying to improve the quality of our life, I have to pay? I just want to be able to give my kids a decent life. A house no matter how tiny is it we can call HOME. A permanent community, friends and school. I had given up! When Mr. Trudeau said he is aware of what Canadians are going through, for that they are there you. Mr. Ford saying there is hope… PERHAPS THERE IS HOPE FOR PEOPLE WHO HAS FAMILY TO TURNED TO AND ENOUGH MONEY TO GO THROUGH EVERYDAY. I guess not for us!

      • Jennifer

        I don’t want to be rude to Immigrants…but, they are more entitled to financial supports than most “Canadians”. It’s starting to become a case of reverse discrimination…even where the various Governments are concerned.
        We have been on ODSP and have been discriminated against for years for being poor.We raised 6 children. Two were disabled. Eight years ago, after our kids were gone from our home, ODSP required my husband to look for work. He searched for months…to no avail. He couldn’t even get a job washing dishes in a dive bar here in town. So he went back to school to re-train himself, borrowing thousands to do so. ODSP refused to help him in any way…but because he was required to look for a job he really had no choice. Three months after paying out a fortune in borrowed money, he got a job. He has been able to work now for 8 years. He has been gone for weeks at a time…over the border picking up and delivering loads that are considered essential. As my health deteriorated, he was able to find a day job, requiring up to 14 hours a day on the road. But he was home every night to help me. He paid his taxes to all levels of Government. Never missed or deferred a mortgage payment…or hydro…or water and gas…etc. in 28 years. Our Credit Report was pristine. As of this month…not so much.
        My husbands Company isn’t willing to apply for the 75% wage subsidy benefit. Both EI and CERB payment are to be docked dollar for dollar by ODSP…as if he never worked and contributed. Why did my husband work for 8 years…only to pay into the tax system at full deductions, only to be screwed when he’s laid off because of a fourced closure of Restaurants by Ford. We should have moved into public housing…sat on our asses…drank beer and smoked. After all…that’s what Ford thinks we all do anyways.
        Now…back to the Immigrants…there were 4 newly processed Immigrants in my husband’s class while he was retraining. All four were “fresh off the boat” from some East Indian country. Their tuition AND expenses were paid for through the Canadian Government. My husband was not eligible…because he was born in Canada and a Canadian citizen. And now he/we are being abandoned by the same Governments who required to do our part…which we did…only to be forced out of work and told…thanks…but live off of half your income because no level of Government cares about you.

        • Trisha

          If only we can just sleep on the street rather being in here. Obviously the apartment owner has no problem going near my kids despite of the Government advise to isolate yourself. Is that how life is now? Us having no right to complain even she purposely go near my kids, just because she owns this apartment? Gives her right to judge, criticize and degrade me. My kids and I must tolerate all the bangings noise in whatever item she gets her hands in to, because she owns the place. I’m sorry to say this but the Government is giving you help either by EI or CERB, the only thing they asked is for anyone coming from outside Canada to isolate for two weeks. The day of her arrival she was all over the place. Sometimes we have to stay in the washroom when she’s out. What is more upsetting is she would want to use the washroom when is occupied. The feeling of being force to get out as she wants to use it. The pain I feel inside is almost unbearable. To the point I want to scream so loud for anyone to hear me. I tried to help other people in every way I can. I like sharing our blessings or whatever I have to uplift the person’s spirit even we struggle with our every day needs as well. There was a time when my kids questioned me as to why have I given $2 to the beggar? He might just use it to buy beer and not food. My answer: When you gave or offer help to anyone, it doesnt give you the authority to question what they have with it. You gave the help on your own will. No one pointed a gun on you. WE DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE! WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH & WHAT THEY’RE GOING THROUGH. WHATEVER WE HAVE HERE STAYS HERE. WE CAN’T TAKE THEM TO GRAVE. When you die, wouldn’t you want to look back and say despite the bad things you did life, you were able to make a difference towards a person’s life? It does not matter how big or small that help is. I am proud to say despite what we’ve been throough and still going through, my kids never forget to share. Its extremely hard to live in a country by yourself. You may not die from accidents nor virus. But you will end up in psychiatric ward!

        • N. Lund

          I fully agree with you. And it’s totally not fair nor right that us actual canadians get screwed over.

      • Jennifer

        If you want…I’d be willing to PM you…if that’s possible on this site. But in the mean time…contact your MP…your MPP…the Prime Minister, the Premier…Minister of Community and Social Services…and keep on calling.
        Check out my other posts on this site for more info. This whole situation is disturbing. It will destroy the poor…but perhaps that’s the point!!!

  16. Kathleen Bayers

    I have income assistance and received a $50 one time emergency payment. I am very thankful. At this time however due to being high risk I hesitate to take the bus. That does leave me using this emergency funding to provide myself with lower risk transportation. Strengthening MyHealth will be ongoing during the covid 19 virus outbreak. I therefore suggest a $50 monthly emergency payment two such individuals as myself. I am referring 2 cab fare to and from groceries or medical appointments with. Even greater need during this time is haet. An emergency fund for low income people allowing additional fuel will be greatly valued

    • joyce

      there is one more $50 for you if you apply before April deadline.
      I hope you have file Income Tax return. the federal government is doubling the income tax of previous year. A single can receive $300 extra for this year. ask a income tax clinic for help, phone 211.

  17. L Turner

    I am a single mother of 4, who is on odsp….. because of the covid19 virus, my 24yr old college student daughter and three teenage boys are all at home with me…
    Which is equivalent of 5, hungry adults!!
    My rent is $1400+utilities as well I’ve got car insurance, food, gas, phone bills And wifi to pay for…(also shoes/clothes etc, although not important during the pandemic..)
    My monthly odsp cheque is about $1700. I also receive child benefits of about $750.
    As well, I do housekeeping for people to make extra cash to be able to afford all my bills.
    Now that that the Virus is in Canada I haven’t been cleaning anyone homes and don’t intend to for a long time until this is over… so no extra cash coming in.
    One last thing… I live in one of the towns in Ontario that was a part of the Ontario Income Pilot Project, I was a part of that, I received about $300 more per month than I receive on odsp.
    So I have some first hand knowledge…. I believe the pilot project was such a great idea, and it definitely helped me…I could afford life and I didn’t have to find extra income, although I’m in daily pain, and really shouldn’t be doing it.
    I’m also assuming that when pandemic is over….. many people won’t have jobs to go back to…. it would be nice if a basic income program is put into place as many jobs won’t exist anymore…
    The other reason I’m writing, is I’m curious why people like me and my kids aren’t eligible for more help. I hope people all realize that people are already trying to survive with less than $2000/month and it’s not enough…. also the housing market…. rent is SO HIGH…. and I’m willing to bet that most renters out there are on limited incomes too.
    Ok that’s my rant, I just appreciate that you wrote this article, so thanks!

    • sherry ann

      A person getting ODSP at $1700.00 a month plus $750.00 in CCTB is $2450.00 a month and you are unable to live on that? most people working full time like myself don’t get any where near that much money and your complaining? There are people working full time and Can’t afford a car period….I must be miss informed I thought CCTB is 600.00 or close too it, per child, until they are 18 if your not working. So if your three teenagers are under 18 (obviously one is over 18) and your on ODSP your CCTB should be between 2000.00 or 2400.00 a month plus 1700.00 from ODSP…that’s $3700.00 per month?? I see a problem here…I know someone with three kids and their CCTB is 1900.00 a month. Why is yours only 750.00. Also so you are aware before you complain…You are really lucky to have a place where your rent is ONLY 1400.00 a month… I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra $ to get through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it , they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and still are low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that, it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live.No wonder there are so many homeless here. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child. 1200.00 more with two ect ect to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real……and you with 1700.00 plus your $750 and as of MAY 2020- $900.00 more on your CCTB and only a $1400.00 rent..YOUR COMPLAINING ..please re-evaluate your life you are doing way better then most that are working full time…for real…..

      • Andrea

        Sherry Ann, I think L Turner is struggling because she now has 5 mouths to feed plus pay rent, hydro ect. on $2,450 a month, as opposed to you who sounds like you only have one.

  18. Denise Seitz

    Thank you very much for speaking for us on odsp! Has this article been sent to Prime Minister Trudeau?

    Broke, anxious and sick

    • April's Hope

      I lost my job years ago due to physical and mental breakdown. I struggled for years on the lowest of all funds through ontario works and finally got ODSP, but I’ve been playing catch up for months with my bills. Like so many others, I can barely afford food, let alone stock up a two weeks supply. Soaps and hand sanitizers are luxury items we really can’t afford. Having to taxi for groceries is very expensive when you don’t have funds to pay for it, but its the safest way to safe distance from the general public on transit. I’m probably going to be homeless soon as I can’t keep up with shelter costs. At 63 and having barriers, with the covid 19 virus, any job prospects are dwindling away for most of us. Please give us some hope, we are dying here waiting.
      OUR DEATH IS ON YOUR HANDS!! Stuckinthemiddle

      • Jennifer

        Don’t worry…I have a sneaking suspicion that Ford and the Ontario PC Government are counting on it. The Federal Government is basically distancing themselves from Provincial Policies and Politics. That means they don’t really give a s**t about individual groups (OW, ODSP, working poor) who are being oppressed by certain Provincial counterparts. Hand washing has become the order of the day to protect yourself from Covid-19. However, all levels of Government is taking this one step further. They’re all collectively washing their hands of the poor and working poor. I’d like to know what highly secretive, patented, high performance disinfectant Trudeau and Ford use to scrub away the blood they will accumulate on thier hands on the backs of the poor.

    • Jennifer

      I tried…both Governments. Tumble weeds and Crickets.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve tried…both Governments. Tumble Weeds and Crickets.

  19. Lynda Legere

    Due people who are currently in OW receive any additional funds?
    If so how much?
    I am inquiring for my son Paul Legere who does not have internet or a computer. Only relying on the pubic library.

  20. Cindy'Ann Butts

    Everyone seems to be getting money to live, what about those on disability?
    We can’t stock up because we are barely making it as it is.
    Some of us get to eat at least once a day, l know people who aren’t that lucky.
    We kept the economy working when we were younger, but are now forgotten.
    There are no sighs of relief for us. You take about the curve, try living in a circle.
    Disappointment and fear is one hell of a lot to live with.

    • Jennifer

      Sorry my dear…the working poor…OW and ODSP are considered “expendable”. No Government (Provincial or Federal) will admit it…but their policies regarding this sector of citizens, tell the entire story. This virus is a hidden blessing…almost Serendipitous for all levels of the Canadian Government. Don’t expect any relief. We are the perfect “whipping boys” for Trudeau and, especially Ford…to gouge the poor and blame it on them even though both Ontario and Canada are more than willing to take our money through taxes!!!

      • sherry ann

        If your on ODSP or OW your NOT paying taxes. You are living on the tax money of the Working poor…The working Poor are people who work full time at $28000.00 a year or less and yet pay the same rent . hydro,gas, groceries ect ect…as the middle class. This is what working poor are …They pay taxes they pay for transportation to and from work but because they work there is absolutely no extra help for them during this covid-19 crises. Unless of course they loose their jobs…If like me they still have to go to work every day well you got 290.00 from GST but that’s it ….there is no extra money for them ether. They can’t stock up on supplies. They are lucky to make it pay cheque to pay cheque. Yet they are at high risk because they have to go to WORK everyday during this crises..

        • Andrea

          Many people with disabilities work and have lost their jobs. Your mindset towards the disabled is disturbing. Plus you keep posting the same thing over and over again. Please contribute to the conversation in a respectful way instead of vilifying the poor and disabled. Clearly you haven’t been in these shoes or you wouldn’t be saying these things. Sorry you are suffering too. There are a lot of holes everywhere. Remember this isn’t a competition and the poor and disabled are not your scapegoats. Please forget all the bigoted things society has taught you thus far about this group. And hope things work out for you too. Sorry you are suffering.

  21. Maria Hawkins

    I live in BC and I am on disability.I have tried to work again because of the low disability payments we get. Unfortunately I failed three times to keep the job. It would be really nice if both the provincial and federal government would stand up and say ” This is for all Canadians” Every man, woman and child. Whether employed or on assistance ,we have your back. And do what is right and help us all. I know we are considered expendable, but atleast do something for the children!

    • sherry ann

      If you have children you are starting in May to receive $300.00 more per child on your CCTB so they are doing something for the children….It’s the single people who are working poor or on OW who are hardest hit by all this and who are getting no help at all…. I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and I am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and They are still low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that, it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect… to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real……

      • Lonney

        Ok. Shut up already. You obviously have a poor attitude towards the people here who are honestly trying to find a way to survive on what has been years of Canadian governments treating them as second class citizens because of a disability or an inability to find good, steady employment. Maybe if our government offered the same help to ALL Canadians and not just high income earners we would all be better off.

  22. Jula

    I am not in subsided housing and I am disabled living on ODSP my rent is 750 a month plus heat and hydro cost . I receive shelter costs of only$497.00 so my rent extra amount, heat and hydro come out of my basic needs. I need internet for my assisitive devices I pay full price as there is no help for me with that. I barley get by. Now during the COVID 19 outbreak, I am finding it even harder as food and basic necessities have gone up yo the point I can’t afford. Why dose our government keep us so poor. I am discussed as I did not choose to be disabled. I am not on the system due to drugs, I have a legitimate disability. Yet no Government will help me. I guess my life dose not matter, I am disposable in the governments eyes, a burden.

    • Jennifer

      Jula…now you’re beginning to understand the underlying agenda.

    • Kev

      Very well put, good for you!! I wish we could put your comments in front of ford and Trudeau’s face until they make any kind of response and reason for us starting to feel like “disabled” is a swear word and that’s why we won’t hear it. Trudeau slipped a few days ago at the end of his talk involving long term he also said disability’s.. that’s the last time I’ve heard that word. Hmmm!

  23. Renee Crocker

    Hello, I’m on ODSP and every month I have to decide weather to eat or pay my hydro bill. Even with receiving OESP my electric heat costs every month is overwhelming. I use the food banks in my community but between the 2 I’m only allowed 6 at one and 5 at the other. That doesn’t even average out to one a month. Although I’m very thankful to receive the generosity of others that I have donated to before myself. I’m still starving with only a few days worth of food per month.
    I receive a total of $1,150.00 a month My rent in Kitchener is 950.00. I would like to see Doug Ford do my budget for me.
    Yes……. I am at greater risk to COVID-19 because of my chronic illness and pain, but it shouldn’t take a pandemic to see how Canadians like myself and others on ODSP have to live. I’ve worked hard my whole life and 6 yrs ago I had to not just give up my job but also my independence as well as my vehicle and investments and savings. I’ve recently had to sell my guitar and jewelry just to try to keep warm and buy bread and peanut butter
    I don’t expect to profit from ODSP but survival would be welcome.
    So while the government and Ontario minister is allocating funds for the people who can’t work (like me) don’t forget about the people who use to be in the work force and paid dearly over the years to taxes.
    Please help people who no longer can’t help themselves. We live $13,000.00 UNDER THE POVERTY LEVEL
    Thank you
    Renee Crocker

    • Sal

      Just wanted to say, look into Ontario Energy Support program – provided by ontario energy board… its not much but can get with electric heat at least $68 in help per month with hydro supports… it may take a while to get started with everything happening, but just wanted to share the info. any little bit helps.

      everything else – completely agree! Minimum wage is considered poverty and we are at half of that!

    • Jennifer

      I really feel your pain. I do understand working hard, paying into the system…taxes and all. My husband is in the Restaurant Business delivering to the Mom and Pop places- up north in beach and cottage country…and all the way down south to the shores of the Lake Erie beaches and parks, buffets located in Ontario, catering huge business gatherings, regional fairs…Ribfest, Uptown Waterloo Bluesfest, Blues, Brews and BBQs in Kitchener and the Waterloo Busker Festival in late August….and also the biggest German-Bavarian Festival in North America…Oktoberfest!!!!! All cancelled!!!!!
      When Ford closed all of them, my husband lost his job three days later. Yes there may be 800,000 people like owner of hospitality establishments, their servers, bartenders, kitchen staff and support staff that are counted in this number. But the ripple effect of this decision reaches numbers far beyond those quoted. My husband worked his ass off over 8 years. Paying taxes to both the Federal AND Provincial Governments. But neither is willing to recognize the contribution we have collectively made to both systems. Instead, we are relegated to live on less than have of what we use to…3 weeks ago, by Ford continuing to allow the dollar for dollars deduction for ODSP and OW. And shame on Trudeau for allowing certain Provinces to continue this practice. The working poor on both ODSP and OW deserve much better. Their only “crime” is being poor…or disabled. That’s called DISCRIMINATION perpetrated by BOTH levels of Government. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

  24. Pius ONeill

    I am on ODST can you tell me if there extra funding that I can receive,and how can I apply..I’ve called my ODSP working inquiring if there is extra money I can apply for but still no reply back…any help would be useful appreciated

    • Joe

      Ya never get out off poverty thanks to all are wealthy government officials

  25. Odsp Recipient

    Government gives one time discretionary amount of 100 or 200 for couples.
    How is that even remotely fair?

    • Sal

      Totally agree… if they wanted everyone to feel included or whatever bull crap was stated, wed be getting a $800 top up… and per month, not just 1 time.

      • Sal

        Oh and also, not clawed back… wed get to keep it all

        • Jennifer

          So TOTALLY agree Sal…check out my other posts.

  26. Nancy Morrissette & Darlene Beaulieu

    i am very disappointed with out government as people that that are on welfare or Ontario disappotined that we are not getting anything from

  27. IANSHound

    Its times like this that solidify the social rhetoric and stigmatic phenomenon directed at people on Welfare. A shame yes, a surprise, not at all. Because of this pandemic, there are no small basic jobs to do because everyone wants to self isolate. Lost my supplementary income capabilities, and, because they are microscopic and tax free, not losing anything, right? Taking enough from tax payers already, as it is.

  28. Carolyn

    I am low income. A self-employed cleaner. I have received ZERO $ help from either the province of alberta, nor federally from the govt of canada. I have ZERO income now, because my job puts myself & others at risk, and we’re supposed to “stay at home”..”practice social distancing”. I can’t do my job working from home. What a slap in the face this is. I have ZERO savings for this. I just got over a bankruptcy because my ex-husband used & abused me financially, verbally, emotionally & physically. I rent a basement suite, my son moved in with me when he lost his job, causing me more $. I have worked so hard all my life. Now, no work, no pay, just stressed sick with anxiety I can hardly eat. The province of ab tells me to call ei to see if I’m getting ei. I can’t get through by phone (any #), nor through email. I am in the dark. When I applied for ei, more than a week ago, I was told to apply under sickness benefits, when I’m not even sick. I was told I needed a note from my Doc. My Doc. didn’t even understand why he had to write a letter stating that I should not be doing the job I’m doing, as it puts myself & my clients at huge risk. A lot of my clients are seniors, have children, etc. That note cost me $20 (that I really could NOT afford, now that I have no work), not to mention, I have no fax # or email to send this note to, and nobody seems to know. I am sick of seeing the same paid people on tv saying to stay home & not go to work, while they get paid to tell us that. I already have anxiety from my past, now I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. I can’t apply for the emergency benefits until Monday the 6th, as I was born in Feb. I am beyond stressed. Beyond done trying to reach anybody to help me. There aren’t enough people to receive the calls or emails coming in from the public. This is awful. Should I go clean & risk my health & put others at risk too, so that I can actually survive? This govt. should’ve prepared better for all of this. I feel sorry for the people in poverty, who should be the people who get $ aide right away. I worked paycheque to paycheque. Now I have NOTHING. How can we live on NOTHING?

  29. Don Cormier

    What bothers me about this! Is that I see those who have never known what it’s like to be Homeless, to known hungry for more than a few days, or what it’s like feeling the shame of it and being told it’s your fault. I would love for anyone of them to walk in my shoes.

    • Jennifer

      Sorry for sounding crass….but look at DOUG FORD. Do you think he’s EVER lived on any kind of income that OW or ODSP recipients are forced to live on in his adult life???

      • Lonney

        No. Of course he didn’t. His drug dealing money made up the shortfall in what his super rich Daddy didn’t give him.

  30. Sal

    Odsp + losing the bit of extra income i count on + am too unhealthy to have earned $5000 in the past 12 months + lower immunity due to disease = left out! Something needs to be done. Also, if the government has now indirectly but officially stated that $2000 is the bare minimum that someone can live on per month, well slash that in half, and then try to get quarantine supplies on top of normal shelter costs and bills…. Shelter allowance is $497… thats it… so the rest of our shelter comes out of our grocery money. Pandemic aside its not right, let alone during a crisis. We cant financially afford delivery from big name stores, but we cant medically afford to shop in person…. we’re being literally forced to pay for our physical health and safety! people argue that we should get less because we have medical benefits. fair point, except many dont require anything that ohip doesnt already cover, because our conditions just are what they are… $500 per year is generous medical expenses in my case. Given these points we dont deserve to live on that much less. The low maintainence cases like my self would more than make up for those in more frequent medical need. They need to stop operating on financial data from i believe Ive read 2006. Ford doesnt care about us…

  31. Dan

    IF YOU ARE ON ODSP contact your worker. You qualify for an additional $100 per person on your check.
    There is also a benefit top up for OW

    “If you already receive Ontario Works benefits, additional funding could be available to you. You can apply through online applications such as MyBenefits, contacting their Ontario Works caseworker or online at ODSP recipients are also eligible to receive these benefits and can contact their ODSP caseworker for additional information.”

    read the article here

    • chris

      please don’t leave your you may be able to … nonsence. there is as there has always been, nothing. These people are desperate stop giving them false hope. go look it up yourself before spouting the propaganda. Extra discressionary funding meanse they can decide not to and suprise suprise they choose to do that every fing time.

    • Silvana

      Realistically, $100.00 more a month barely makes a dent. But thank you.

  32. Michael Ryan

    I believe the Trudeau government as well as the Ford government could truly care less about persons in precarious situations whose loss of control and well being are now, more than ever, heavily amplified by this virus. I’m left to assume that the hope is we will now just become collateral damage and so will eventually save the tax payer in the conclusion of this pandemic. Trudeau just announced 100 million to bolster food banks, which are currently inaccessible where I reside in a Windsor as the mayor stopped the busses. Did it cross anyone’s mind that putting that money into the hands of the most vulnerable would alleviate, or at least minimize the need for food banks all together. What kind of society prefers to force people to use food banks 2, 3 or sometimes 4 times a month. Did it cross anyone’s mind how humiliating this is ? The prevailing idea is that we should be completely strip the vulnerable of any semblance of dignity. WOW !

    • Jennifer

      WOW…good assessment of today’s political climate!!! I’m pretty sure that both governments find this virus quite SERENDIPITOUS in weeding out the weak. I believe we’re coming close to the days experienced in the WWII. Hitler gassed, shot and starved the “undesirables”…the disabled and poor included. The Feds refuse to stop the Provincial Governments from siphoning Federal help from those most vulnerable, including the working poor. The Ontario Government is gleefully rubbing their collective hands together because they will be able to line their coffers with more Federal money destined to help the most vulnerable. Doug Ford…Mike Harris…who can tell the difference????? We’re screwed!!!!

    • chris

      and dignity of the person is actually a charter right.

    • Andrea

      Plus going out multiple times in a pandemic when you have a weakened immune system eighther from being disabled or not getting enough to eat on a regular basis is obviously not going to work out as the pandemic gets worse and worse.

  33. Mike

    I was a pro athlete and worked my whole life and was hit by a transport truck . Broke my neck and back and now on odsp. If everyone is getting 2000 to stay home then the least they could do is put us on odsp at 2000. Seems like the fair thing to do.

  34. Sue

    I’m one of those on ODSP and a part time worker, my rent is 1275 and after that I have little to nothing left! As well I need to report my income and am often left with less than I can live on, why isn’t there a little extra help for those living well below the poverty line, I haven’t heard any government official address this or myself and other Disability and welfare recipients? Are we being ignored?

    • Jennifer

      OF COURSE WE ARE!!!!!!!!! We’re expendable!!!!!! And there aren’t any others, like MPs or MPPs who might be able to make a difference for us. They’re not worried about us or are interested in fighting for us. I’ve tried…MPs, MPPs, office of Premier Ford, office of Todd Smith, Minister of Community and Social Services. The silence is deafening.
      Please read some of my other posts so you get to know how I REALLY FEEL!!!!!!!
      And if you haven’t signed the petition, please do!

  35. Ferruccio capone

    I think low inc9me people and. Vulnerable people should be helped and protected during these difficult times thank you

  36. Andrew Nellis

    Don’t bother. No one cares. You think it’s accidental that the disabled have been forgotten? We’ve been slowly starved for decades, destroying our health.

    I now have diabetes, asthma, chronic pain from rotten teeth (which I can’t do anything about because ODSP only pays 20% of what dentists normally charge, so no one will take me), chronic pain from peripheral neuropathy, and I’m going slowly blind from a rare form of glaucoma called pigment dispersion syndrome. I recently came close to death from a bilateral pulmonary embolism and will be on blood thinners for life. I was getting blood testing from the hospital because the waiting list for a doctor is more than two years long, and two weeks ago the hospital told me not to come back; they had more important things to take care of. So now I have a choice between taking my blood thinner blind and risking death from a nose bleed, or not taking my blood thinner and risking death from a blood clot in my sleep.

    My rent is so high that my food budget is now $50 a month. In the last four months I’ve lost 50 pounds because I can’t afford anything but rice and microwave popcorn. It’s quite possible I’m going to starve to death even if I somehow manage not to die from a blood clot, uncontrolled diabetes, or COVID-19.

    Don’t bother begging for pity or mercy, they have none. What they want is for you to go home and die. When the Nazis starting their Final Solution, it wasn’t the Jews or the homosexuals or even the communists they went after first; it was the disabled. They shoved the disabled into the back of trucks and ran the exhaust in until they were dead. This is no different, except it’s slower and less merciful. When your food runs out, you’ll have a choice of dying quietly in your home — if you have one — or trying to steal food and dying by gunfire. I anticipate there will be food riots eventually. Maybe if you can stay alive that long, you can join in the looting if you’re still healthy enough.

    Don’t plan on surviving this. There’s little chance you will.

  37. cindy

    this is ridiculous when are we the people on odsp going to see some relief im actually disabled I worked up until this virus struck im a from line worker now I don’t work I have copd I can’t work if I get this virus I will die so what are you going to do for me since I’m back on disability????

  38. Allen

    Yeah the government thinks 733.00 is enough for me and others on ow to live on but everbody else needs 1800.00 its about what i expect from a worthless government.

    • chris

      actually it’s 2000 to your account. untaxed. You can apply and receive it too.

  39. Kimberly

    I am on odsp i feel we deserve an increase. We didnt. I have a thyroid disease thyroiditis autoimmune disease 4 nodules on my thyroid. There are hundreds of symptoms including brain fog and swelling high heartrate. I cant buy food because there is none. I cant have gluten soy dairy and theres nothing. I have rent and bills. I do not drink or do drugs nor have I ever but its not fair. Its a very debilitating disease which is a chronic suffering this is absolutely ridiculous i cant even buy tylenol. Please help us

  40. Beatriz Castro-Leeman

    Please help in getting this petition out.

    Presently, if I, as a worker, am fisplaced, due to Covid 19, and apply for the Federal Worker Assistance Program, my Spouses’, ODSP Disability Check will be deducted, dollar for dollar, for the amount received by me from the Fedetal Government. How is this going to help Workers support their vulnerable family members? Does the Federal Government know about these cruel Ontario Provincial clawbacks?

    No one seems to care or listen. Please help!

    • Jennifer

      Oh YES…they know but don’t care!!! The Feds will dole it out but it’s up to individual provinces to decide how to treat it (Social Services etc.) as income…etc. They refuse to stop Provinces from grabbing the money…like Ontario does. I tried contacting the MP in my riding…contacted my MPP, Amy Fee’s office…she’s in Ford’s inner circle. Her assistant, who answers the phone is more helpful than Ms. Fee is. I tried to contact the Minister of Community and Social Services, Todd Smith and the Premiers Office…by phone and E-mail. Tumble weeds and crickets!!! The woman I spoke with at Ford’s office was very rude and totally lacked any empathy once she realized I was enquiring about ODSP. She basically told me I should be happy with what I get…after my deduction from the Feds.
      Who cares that my husband worked for 8 years and contributed to HER CPP pension when she retires. She drives on the roads my husband contributed to through paying his mandatory taxes. My tax payments provides her with her universal healthcare…
      should SHE get Covid-19. And the list goes on.
      But her attitude reflects the attitude of this Government, lead by Ford. He is no better than Mike Harris. Remember what Harris did in the 90’s??? Decimated the Social Assistance Program. We’re on the same track now.
      Perhaps all the poor…working poor…disabled…homeless and any others who fall through the cracks are expendable. Isn’t the Covid-19 emergency serendipitous!!!

  41. James Hussey

    Poverty Level would be a major Life style improvement for most people on ODSP it certainly would be for me. as I receive $1032.07 a month to live on, now with covid19I have to run all over the damn place trying to buy essential items an if I’m really lucky I might just find a package of spaghetti an a loaf of bread on a good day. You keep telling us to stay home an wash our hands, well if nothing else I’ll have clean hands when I starve to death. AND YES I”D WORK IF I WAS ABLE TO an so would a lot people in my situation, perhaps our politicians should try living on $1000.00 a month, hell some spend that much on night out.

    • Hollie

      And with not being able to go to the cheaper grocery store atm. Paying full prices on items . No day old rack. I am not sure any of us are going to get through this with just $1000 a month. At least my landlord is happy he is getting his rent. And my cell company is happy their getting their money. As if I dont pay for those. I cant have access to the internet and I will be looked at and trwted horrible if I dont pay my rent. Choosing what to do with our money was hard before. But trying to displace the money we get on higher costs of food and the cost of our self pride about our rent.

    • Andrea

      I love working. I miss working. I was looking forward to staring a new job April 1st then all of sudden Bam!

  42. Jennifer

    I am on ODSP. My husband re-trained for a new career 8 years ago in order to comply with ODSP rules. We borrowed $8,000.00 for his schooling with 0 help from ODSP. He has been working ever since, reducing our reliance on ODSP. He was never able to earn enough to totally remove us from the rolls of ODSP. But each consecutive year The Government was more than happy to assure that we reported our income, deducting money per their formula, allowing us to keep a portion as a “reward” for doing the right thing. He paid all of his deductions as required into all of the Federal Programs, including EI. We were able to raise our standard of living by some because my husband worked long hours…faithfully for all these years.
    On March 16, 2020 Premier Ford announced the closure of all restaurants. My husband is a truck driver that exclusively supplies many eatery establishments in this Province, Mom and Pop stores here and all the way to Windsor and Cottage Country. They supply food for fairs and huge Catered gathering all across this Province. They also deliver to the large chains such as Wendy’s, A&W, Papa John’s and Subway…just to name a few. On March 20, 2020, my husband got his lay-off notice… thanks to Ford’s edict. Sure…the Federal Government is offering emergency help to people just like my husband. BUT…now any Federal help EI, CERB or the 75% Federal top-up is subjected to a dollar for dollar deduction. How is that fair???? Even if my husband applied for EI or CERB and was allowed to keep all of it by ODSP, he still wouldn’t bring in what he did when he was working. It is unfair that this Province has now allowed CCTB (a Federal Transfer Payment, which has now increased) and Child Support to be exempted from any deductions. They realized that Children were being penalized unfairly.
    Today, the working poor are being targeted by still being penalized for doing the right thing by working while on ODSP, as required and still gouging the working poor dollar for dollar. We MUST apply for EI or CERB. If we don’t we’ll be cut off for not “perusing every avenue of income”. Basically, my husband’s blood (literally), sweat and tears as well as mine, in pursuit of doing what was required, will now devastate our life.
    I have contacted the Premier’s office by phone and E-mail. The E-mail is unanswered and the call produced a very rude “associate” who didn’t give a damn…which is the PC way (let’s remember Mike Harris…not much has changed!!!) I contacted my MP, my MPP and the office of Community and Social Services…Todd Smith, to be exact. All I’ve received is tumble weeds and crickets!!!
    Why is it that we do the right thing for 8 years, pay our full taxes into every Federal (and Provincial) Government program and when we need support in a time of emergency, none is there? My husband lost his job DIRECTLY because of a decision Ford made weeks ago. Now he wants to nail me and mine to pay HIS WAY???
    We think of Restaurant Owners…Bars…etc. their employees unemployed. I see the 800,000 figure for job losses in that sector. So where do you think the bars got thier beer, spirits, lemons, limes, olives, maraschino cherries?? Or the steaks, chicken, fish, pork, potatoes and veggie. Glasses, tablecloths and cutlery…and on and on. Remember…if you bought it a truck brought it! The restaurant ripple goes far beyond the owners, servers and back kitchen support. Food delivery service companies are being devistated as well due to the closures of the Hospitality industry.
    We all need relief…according to Ford…we are “in this together and no one left behind”. He needs to man up and start treating ALL Ontarians equally!!!

  43. tony

    our provincial government and federal one has showed a great failure but I could say a huge one .. all those promises they talked about before being elected and going from door to door to gain support has been nothing but a big lie…they did all kind of cuts on schools hospitals odsp,welfare etc..etc..and now covid 19 attacked our land and all we can see is excuses after excuses… who on earth trust the health system or going to hospital facing those cold heart nurses and doctors?!!!
    some of us rather die with the virus and not going to any hospital and the examples are out there and we all know how they treat patients in the past …9 hrs waiting in emergency so finally one comes and call your name and the reason why ?because they have shortage in nurses and doctors…yesterday the sent 16 results of covid 19 to the wrong ppl ..imagine what they are doing to the patients at the hospitals and how many mistakes they ‘ve done already?!!!! NOW the new excuse is ;they are short on masks and gloves …another way to run from responsibilities. provincial and federal never store any for emergency matters like this ..instead they sent 12 tonnes to china to help and the U.S. our neighbor refuse to help ?????????!!!!!!!!! they want to put us in jails that have new names for now ”our homes” and tell us we are trying to save your lives…Trying to save our lives and how about when the virus hit woohan in december 2019 ????? and after 3 months on march 14 2020 you decided to take actions???? many many questions has to be put on the table and face every employee in both provincial and federal government who are fully responsible for every death in our country.Again they are saying we will help you with $$.. in another way they are saying we will make more money from you ..We will give a buck and make ten bucks out of your pocket… A ticket is $750.00 for not following the rules of social distancing as one example and the list will continue ..
    I write this and I am in tears for the poor and elderly people who died in the past few days due to covid 19 AND STILL THE MINSTERS OF THE FEDERAL GOV. TAKING SEATS ON CHAIRS ……..STAND UP AND SHOW RESPECT FOR THE LOST SOULS CAUSED BY YOUR DEADLY MISTAKES. I see that so disrespectful to the Canadian people …
    at the end this corona virus has shown the truth about those elected men and women who are pretending now that they are doing everything in their power to hep us.. BUT AFTER WHEN ? and you expect them to help people on odsp??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless Canada and the Canadian people.

  44. Colleen Cookney

    I am a single mother on ODSP and I have really been struggling to keep food in the fridge as we used to rely heavily on meals in the community…. I called my worker to access discretionary funds that I thought were available due to Covid19 but it was only a one time payment of 75$, my worker said more is supposed to be announced but for now that’s it, I don’t know how we will weather this storm

  45. Randy

    What gets me is l’m on odsp and when my spouse works they take money off your check. But if your spouse gets laid off they take dollar for dollar off my check . I thought this program was supposed to help Canadians live a better life , not worry about where your next meal is going to come. I surely don’t see too many politicians suffering especially Mr Ford looks well fed is all l’m saying. Governments are supposed to be here for the people and not crap on the poor !!!!

  46. Cathy

    What’s going after the government is done blowing all this money? What’s next a record hit of inflation poverty and a decit.It doesn’t really sense to hand oit individually. And offer each hold free utilities and rent and rent mortgage freezes. Due the there household with 7-10 peoplease residing in it. And with rent of beyond ridiculous amounts anyways, it would make still a huge difference in spendures. Also, just they’re handling its definitely any faster. It’s surprising really on what steps the government is actually taking. It’s quite baffling actually but everyone be prepared for long of mess

  47. Michael tanner

    I’m on odsp Wright now and I struggle to to feed myself often. My rent has increased ,but I don’t report it because I’m in fear of losing what they give me. I’m also a heart patient with copd and I’m a borderline diabetic. I don’t want to sound ungrateful I’m not. I haven’t always been a upstanding person I’ve made many poor decisions in my life ,that being said I don’t have enough money to weather this crisis covid .the one fear I have is that I will be forced to do bad things to survive
    .I don’t have any masks or gloves, noar do I have cleaning supplies. My fear is that without some sort of help I’m going to make some very bad decisions
    Please help

  48. Mary

    I am on social assistance and get way lower then anyone who works. So I spent most of it on what food I could find n cleaning supplies and I have pets too so need to get them taken care of for a month. I also got my normal amount for GST. So this month I’m hoping I can stay home n stay safe and have enough money after paying for my internet n my shaw bill and my phone bill too. I’m just scared this isn’t enough money and I’ll be in a situation where I’m stuck. I heard the government might give us double the amount on our GST. Is this correct?? For people on assistance and not working.

    • Dean Savinkoff

      Many people who scrape the pavement for work do NOT get more money than people on social assistance !!!!
      Simple as that .
      We pay our own rent and can not afford

      • chris

        go fuck yourself dean.
        No one gives a fuck about you lies.

        • me

          excuse me chris if i punched you in the face infront of dean i woudent heve to worry what he says to aneyone becuse you said he tells lies right

          • Jakr


        • sherry ann

          Don’t be so rude Chris, this is just anger from the working poor when they see people who are complaining who don’t work . You need more compassion. There are people who work and get only about what someone on ODSP gets, yet they have to work very hard every day for it. I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and I am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it, they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and They are still low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that, it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect… to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real……NOT all working people who work full time make lots of money. A lot of us are struggling pay cheque to pay cheque just like people on ODSP and OW.

          • Andrea

            People on OW get $733 approximately

            at $14 an hour this equals to 52 hours of work a month or approximately 13 hours of work a week.
            People on ODSP get $1169

            At $14 an hour this equals to 83.5 hours a month or 21 hours a week.

            This is at minimum wage at $14 an hour. Even at $14 an hour you would be working between 13 to 21 hours a week maximum. If your wage was higher as a building manager you would hope it would be less. You work between 13 and 21 hours a week and you claim you work ‘very hard’????? Seriously???

            • Andrea

              Many people on ODSP with disabilities put in more hours then this.

        • Jakr

          Takes a very small man…even tiny to respond with bad language and distasteful words….GROW THE …. UP!!

      • sherry ann

        You are rite Dean but a lot of people on ODSP and OW do not know this .Their are a lot of people who work for min wage and here in Toronto Ontario rents are astronomically high as well as food prices and we live pay cheque to pay cheque and work very hard. I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and I am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and They are still low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that, it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect… to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real……

  49. Kathy Masselos

    If a person renting in my building since July paid me the rent, with her welfare and family allowance checks, does covid 19 closures give her the excuse now not to pay rent. Is the government supplementing these people. Why is it she cannot pay me April rent. Nothing has changed for her, or has it?

    • chris

      ya things have changed. Now evictions are unlawfull. Go f yourself blood sucker.

      • J.T.

        They are for now, but not for long. It’s no one’s fault but your own that you’re too lazy and entitled to work. If you don’t want to pay your rent, you’ll live on the street. It’s coming. Enjoy.

    • Jaxx

      Nothing with her checks would have changed she gets no less and no more. I am currently on Welfare and everything is the same and my rent is sent to my landlord by Ontario Works directly. I would suggest having that as an option to receive your rent. Seems she is just not wanting to pay and is using COVID-19 as an excuse. Don’t listen to this Chris guy he seems pretty angry lol.

    • Jakr

      You must be Greek? Is that why you are such a greedy bastard in times of crisis? You can’t take it with you!!

  50. Alan Hardwick

    Ever since minimum wage went up in Ontario years back, and put OW & ODSP people well below the cost of living. Ex; here in Peterborough a single person gets $597 a month for rent. Renting a room here average’s $400 to $600 a month. 1 bedrooms average’s $800 and up. So anything over $597 we are allowed for rent comes out of our food money.
    people like me on ODSP have very hard time getting though each month before covid-19 was around.
    News, online info and Government teller’s everyone to buy more food when shopping but when someone is on ODSP or OW NEVER HAVE EXTRA MONEY TO BUY MORE FOOD. We only get money once a month. Even if u include the Government credit we get each month (trillium) for single person is below $60, that dont get much of anything. How can a person like me survive this pandemic when I could barely survive a month before it started.

    P.s. I dont use foodbanks because majority of the food they offer is already passed the expired date.
    I do go hungry throughout a month and it’s hard to live this life before this all started and now it’s just horrible to get though.

  51. Renata Nguyen

    I am on disability through ministry of finance(welfare) in BC. I have to use my support to subsidize my rent due to all we get is $375.00 for rent and rent here for a 1 bedroom is over $1000.00 and I only get not even $1200.00. How is anyone able to survive with the covid-19 when we have to self isolate due to this. How can anyone survive without the food banks, 7-10 breakfast club or the lunch and dinner that the salvation army puts on. We donf have enough money as it is and we rely on these services on a day to day basis. Now they are no more.

    • Renata Nguyen

      Also the food bank that I go to has expired food. That is due to the staff and volunteers get to go through the food and take all of the non expired food. Also we can only go every 2 weeks but the amount of food we are allowed doesn’t even last 3 or 4 days.

      • Jaxx

        It’s rough I hear ya I am on OW and I get 733.00 a month and my rent is 425. The rest goes to food and other basic needs.

        Food banks are able to give foods over the expiry date being most items will last an extra year. In our situations we cant really be picky but if they are really taking shit from people who need it then thats sad and I’d find a way to report them if possible. Although you will need proof.

        Either way good luck and stay safe through this hell hole of a situation.

  52. Mike DAmours

    The government should implement a basic income for anyone who is too poor. Realistically, I can’t live on $1,192 per month in Ontario, unless it’s almost abject poverty and still. It’s a crisis, along with the housing crisis and I’m frankly tired of it! DO SOMETHING NOW! The government is tone deaf, or rather, it’s everyone
    who seems to think all is fine and nice with OW and ODSP. No it’s not. The system is a big mess and need to be fixed. We can’t live off $1,000 until 2040. It’s like the government want to kill us all.

    • Jaxx

      I live off of $308 a month after my rent which is 425 lol How can you not live off of 1192? Just saying it can be done. Not easily by any means lol. But I do agree a basic income should be implemented and should have been months ago.

      Also as people who don’t work we need to realize we give nothing to society we don’t pay taxes we take taxes we really aren’t entitled to anything being we give nothing. Once people start to realize this maybe we can be happy with what we do get for the most part. Just saying!

      • Andrea

        People with disabilities do work. Every situation is unique. Don’t ‘just say’ what you say effects others. Perhaps your situation is like that. Many peopl can’t live in a room as they are in wheelchairs ect. Most rents are not $425, and that is cheap even for a room. Many people live in major cities where the cost of even a cheap wheelchair accesable apartment is $1,000. And that is unheard of even. And hard to get due to discrimination from landlords. People with disabilities do give back, and do work often and do contribute. People are really suffering here. Don’t ‘just say’ . Know it and live it. Perhaps what you say applies to you specifically. Doesn’t mean it is everyone’s else’s reality.

  53. fred brown

    No governments anywhere in Canada give a dam about us born here, all they care about are the freeloading refugees who are treated as gods, I called cause I am on ODSP and was told, sorry you were born here so you should get by on $672 a month after all the freeloaders need at least $10,00 a month for their families

    • Andrea

      Refugees are not here to be scapegoated. Many people are escaping from situations as dire and scary as Covid. Please let’s all be kind and not persecute others for situations we are not a part of.

  54. Hollie

    I am a single women living off of cpp & odsp. Are the ones living off this who already struggle to get by get any relief fund?

  55. lesley grenon

    Great points made I am a single mother working in a covid facility. I have four kids one with a learning disability I can qualify for cerb but the government will claw back on my ow money all of it so this cerb does not get me ahead at all i would just break even. This system is supposed to provide some relief for canadians. Instead I have to continue working in long term care exposed to the virus as we have 5 cases and cannot help my children with their studies and also continue my school studies for nursing online which i recieve no government assistance for. This does not benefit peoplke in the lower income bracket at all.

    • Andrea

      Yet you are being hailed a ‘HERO’ for going to work everyday to fight to save lives. What a mockery.

  56. Gord

    All Canadians who rent out rooms and share their homes with Roomers, at this time, should helps relieve the number of homeless persons, are subject to losing 60 percent of their ODSP and OW benefit entitlement. I believe in these times, and especially with the of numbers of people who are homeless now climbing, recipients should not have to suffer this disproportionately excessive deduction on their entitlement when helping the homeless.As well recipients should be able to deduct expenses relates to roomers who damage property during their stay.

  57. Shawn

    Am I able to get a Covid 19 benefit when I am on ODSP? I cannot look for work due to the pandemic. And my ODSP cheque barley covers my rent and food.

  58. Freida

    I have a question I am on my boyfriends ODSP and and want to no if I am eligible for the cerb benifit since I was working and not going back due to covid

  59. Roy Marceniuk

    Every man woman and child in Canada should receive $2000 a month as a baseline to get rid of all poverty and everyone have a starting point in life and all those who want to work and do work should keep your wages on top of that….. That will only make it fair for everyone

    • J.T.

      It’s not fair for you to expect that other people pay for your lifestyle, Roy. That’s called being a parasite. And if everyone receives $2000 a month, no one will work. Then where’s your $2000 going to come from? See. It doesn’t make sense. This is the reason why there are so many of you refusing to work right now. Because why work when you can have your lifestyle bankrolled by those who actually add value to society. You sit around and complain, instead of supporting yourself like a decent human being would. Disgusting.

  60. Dean Savinkoff

    There is a huge group of people in North America who are not on social assistance but acquire LESS money every month than those who are on social assistance . Yet these people do not receive free money. They are not a burden on the system. They work and earn every dime they receive. Many of them have to pick up extra work on the side from friends and family just to keep their heads above water . They do not burden the system but many of them make so little that they have not paid taxes for years because when they go to bed exhausted every night and never have enough money they feel like they are at least NOT on welfare .
    These emergency benefits should be based on BANK ACCOUNT !!!!!!
    If you have a hundred thousand dollars in your account too bad !
    You’ll be fine !!! But if your bank account is in the negative and you can’t carry out your regular work routine right now , you WON’T be fine.
    Simple as that ! Why does the government always cater to the rich !
    Why do the poor always have to fight for table scraps !

    • J.T.

      The government caters to the rich because the rich are the ones who are providing any money that you currently get for not working. If the rich aren’t rich anymore, you’ll die. You entitled jackass.

  61. Carla Brooks

    As a client of O.D.S.P. , we as a family of 3 only get 1,400 a month to survive on, with that we pay our rent, utilities and food and any other expenses. How on earth does the government or public expect us to buy cleaning supplies or masks on top of our regular expenses. what a joke.! I’m not laughing!

  62. Andrew Nellis

    No one is going to help us. They never have. They never will. We were always an afterthought in the best of times, and now that things are hard all over, they want us to go home and die. The world is a mean, cruel, sadistic place. If you intend to survive, you’re going to have to break the law. You’re going to have to steal what you need to survive by force or by stealth. If you can’t, then you’re just going to die. That’s the law of the jungle, and that’s what people seem to want right now. They’re going to have to learn why a social safety net was invented to begin with: not out of mercy or pity or generosity, but because when people are hungry and desperate, they’re *dangerous*.

    Be dangerous. Take what you need or die.

    • J.T.

      I’m sure your new cell mate will think you’re really cool and dangerous, Andrew. Hard to believe that you won’t be playing the victim when you’re apprehended by law enforcement for theft. Let’s hope that your super tough attitude lasts all the way through your prison term.

  63. KoolBreeze

    I’m an ODSP recipient have been for over a decade and so far this pandemic hasn’t affected me financially. I get $469.00 per month for food and bills, I cut cable and my home phone off in favour of the internet and a cell phone. I was using the magic jack because of how cheap it is but one night I was chocking and I had to call 911 well the call went to a call centre in the states and then through I think 3 other operators before it got to my local 911, thankfully by that time I had managed to swallow it. So I pay $125.00 per month for that leaving me with $344.00 for everything else. I spend around $60. per month for food leaving me with a cool $144.00 for other things. It’s not a lot but when if I get into subsidized housing then my situation will drastically improve the biggest problem is there is nowhere to move to. I’m still living in the apartment my wife passed away and my landlord reduced the rent by $300.00 for me nicest landlord in the world but this was granted so long as I applied for subsidized house it’s been 4 years now and well I’m only 47 and still waiting I would love an increase of any kind but I just don’t see how COVID-19 affects a single person on ODSP.

  64. Amir Masud

    Kyle Vose, co-chair of the ODSP Action Coalition.

    Thanks very much Kyle for speaking about people on OW and ODSP which everybody forgets even our Great Prime Minister Mr.Justin Trudeau speak every morning and not a Single Word on Clear Help for people on OW and ODSP. No Complians just sharing. Thank You!

  65. Ace

    I am on ODSP Disability. I never read nor neard anything for us.

  66. Kathy

    Hi, will somebody please tell me how anyone even gets approved for ow? I have been looking for work in Windsor for 4 years and no one will hire me because I don’t have a resume. Have been relying on help from my sister to get by but she has lost income because of COVID-19 and can’t help me now. I applied to ow last week and was told I qualify for $733 a month, but the nexr day I looked online at my application and thd status had changed from pending to denied. I only get voicemail when I try to call the lady who said she would be my worker and she doesn’t call me back. No one has informed me i’m denied or why I never received the direct deposit I was supposed to get 3 business date after I applied. I haven’t filed taxes because I don’t have documents of random money my sister has given me to get by so I don’t get any GST or trillium or any benefits at all that everyone else gets. I know it’s not fair that people who had jobs get so much emergency money now, but I wish I knew how to get even the $733/mo ow it would be so much better than nothing. Somebody please if you know how I can get this? Thanks

    • Andrew Nellis

      You need to find someone to advocate for you. The workers are not your friends. They’re bureaucrats, and their function is to deny you access to money. The thing is, if you have an advocate, it forces them to work according to the rules because there is an observer present. Without an advocate they can do or say anything they like and it’s your word against theirs. Their own rules say you have a right to an advocate, so you might as well take advantage of it.

      If you don’t know anyone who has the knowledge and inclination to act as an advocate for you, I suggest you try New Song Church on Drouillard. They’re usually pretty good about advocating for people.

      • Kathy

        Thank you Andrew! I never expected anybody would hear me on here much less take time to reply. You’re right I have no advocate I’m all alone. My sister is my only living relative and she moved to the US years ago.
        I will see if I can find a phone number for that church. I don’t have any transportation to get anywhere not walking distance from downtown since they stopped the busses.

        • Andrew Nellis

          I have 25 years of experience as a community organizer. I’d advocate for you myself, but I couldn’t find anyone willing to rent to me in Windsor, so I was forced to move out to Wheatley, where I’m now trapped with no transportation. Drouillard is close to downtown, right near the casino. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding New Song Church.

  67. Lianne

    I too am on Odsp but I work 2 days a week to cover my monthly expenses and I’ve been out of work since March 20th. We need help too!

  68. DeadlyKitten

    I’m a single mom on ODSP. Since Ford came in my income went from 18k a year to $9062 for 2019. The virus is causing a lot of issues. I have to see 8 different specialist and because my health is so fragile and I would only have a 20% chance of surviving it I have had to rely on Uber or taxi’s to get me to appointments. I am only eating twice a week because I can’t afford to eat. If I don’t want my kids to do without food. The guaranteed income would have taken away so much stress, especially in these times.

    • Andrew Nellis

      Do you have any Subways near you? When I lived beside a Subway, at least half my food came from their dumpster. I’d go every night after they closed, and there was nearly always a garbage bag full of whatever sub buns they hadn’t used, sometimes as many of 20 or 30 of them. They freeze well, so I always had bread if nothing else. They also threw out entire five-pound bags of frozen cold cuts, ten pound bags of stuff like lettuce and hot peppers, and sometimes box-loads of stuff like apple slices or bottled water — all of it just past the best-before date.

      If you’re starving, dumpster-diving is a very viable way to feed yourself once you get past the squeamishness. Just make sure you go late at night/early morning so you don’t get hassled by the cops. It’s not technically illegal to take stuff from the garbage, but cops are authoritarian dolts and they’ll sometimes jerk your chain just because they hate the poor.

    • sherry ann

      what do you do with your CCTB? Canadian Child Tax Benefit ….how many kid’s do you have? You should be getting around $600.00 a month per child on the 20th of the month to buy food and such?

  69. Susan Van Hoecke

    We on ODSP didnt choose to be disabled..alot of us would prefer to work but this is the hand we’ve been dealt and therefore must rely on the government..and are barely surviving with the rising costs of food rent and clothing… bring a basic income to at least the cost ofliving to survive!

  70. Barbara

    I am a 61 yr old women, on ODSP, I can not afford a place to live, never mind, eat the way I am suppose to eat being a diabetic, high BP, etc.
    I SEE SOME.PLACE IN WESTERN CANADA, there helping disability , seniors, welfare people. When are they going to help us. Alot cant afford first and last months rent.
    It’s alright with the rich, while everyone else suffers. I use to work as a Health Care Aide and in Isolation right now till Apr 10th, and from there dont know where I am going to live , cant afford such high rents , would have nothing to live on if paid money they want for a bachelor or a 1 bdrm apt..
    I dont know what’s wrong with our government, think they need to live life I have lived for past 18 months, none of them would last a week, without there money, and no place to call home.
    So it’s time everyone reguardless gets help whether they work or not, I was born and raised in this country, Canada its beautiful country, it’s about time they take care of people who were born here, not all the people Trudeau and many others brought here.
    I am not a loving caring women, but I believe take care.of everyone the same, whether they lived here for there while life or not.
    That’s were people get upset with foreigners.
    Me love everyone and pray for them all.
    There are alot of Homeless people in Canada alone.
    It’s time people quit wanting super high ,rents, so people, like myself, can have a place to call home to.
    Thank you for listening

  71. Vanessa Beattie

    people who live off the government have suffered zero financial loss.This is about losses people are having because they have lost jobs,job hours,but welfare people still get all there monthly free money.This is not about scoring free bees from the government its about the government assisting those who are directly financially effected because of the corona.Welfare and disability collectors still receive the same as they did before the virus,why should they gain from this!

    • Debbie Weston

      Before you throw stones Vanessa you may find yourself one day needing help.
      I worked 16 years as an RN before two back surgeries and sadly having to give up my career. I never imagined I would need government assistance until four years ago. The waiting list for subsidized housing for me is three more years. Like many my cheque pays rent and food, nothing else.
      I do companion care when able and my children help me out. I help my daughter with getting the children off the bus and meal preparation so she has helped me out and my son is in construction with his work winding down. Please understand im not crying to you but I take insult to your harsh words, especially when you are making a generalization of people on government assistance.
      I write this to you on behalf of the the thousands of us who are freeloaders of the government and are doing the best we can.
      Given a choice I would have been back on the nursing frontlines yesterday if possible.
      These are hard times Vanessa don’t you have better things to do than pass judgement on others. There are always exceptions to the rules so I write this to you on behalf of myself an many whom dont always have a choice.
      Stay well Vanessa

    • Dean Short

      Did you receive a $2000 payment as no one on CPPD did who worked most of there lives before getting hurt and unfortunately had to apply for CPPD which I’m great full to get by the way it’s under $900 a month what I get but I’m great full.
      When I worked I had a lot more coming in a month paid my taxes but unfortunately I got hurt and needed financial help.
      I have a mortgage pay my taxes pay my bills I’m lucky to have a partner to share the bills with but at the same time my wife doesn’t bring in much there’s nothing left after at the end of the month we are hurting to.
      Please don’t judge people as one day you might need help I hope you don’t and you stay healthy wish I was.

    • Andrea

      People on disabilities do work, and have lost jobs. Please stop stereotyping disabled people and those receiving assistance. People end up like this for all kinds of reasons. Right now your reason is Covid. If you are worried about people ‘scoring freebies’ then be the first to follow your own advice and don’t take anything now that you find yourself in a position where you have to ‘score a freebie’. Please stop spouting ignorance. People here are already suffering enough.

  72. O'Neill

    Everyone is getting money EXCEPT those on OW or ODSP. Those people barely have enough money to buy food on a weekly basis. Many of them rely on food banks, school lunches, soup kitchens, family and friends to help supplement their food bill. Why is the government not doing anything to help those people. A single person gets enough money to cover low rent and food. I am sure now that everything is closed many of these people are going hungry. The government needs to offer these people more money while the covid-19 is going on. These people need help also just like the waiter, the construction worker, the office worker. The average single person gets approximately $500 – $700 a month. Many times that is not even enough to cover their rent, never mind having to buy food. Our government needs to help these people to. Offer them no monthly reporting and more money to buy food. Increasing the Child tax credit may be OK if there are children in the home, but not everyone on OW or ODSP has children many of these people are single. Help everyone. As much as I dislike Trump he is sending out a $2000 cheque to every household who claimed income tax last year. Why doesn’t out government do the same thing. HELP EVERYONE!!

    • Cristina

      That would be a huge help to many of us. Although it may only be one time that would help me for a couple of months to come.

    • sherry ann

      I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and I am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and They are still low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that, it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child 1200.00 more with two ect ect… to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real……

  73. Pam

    Great article? Has anyone explained how some of the government’s measures will affect people living in subsidized housing in Ontario? For example, a senior getting subsidized rent may have their pension increased due to the Feds’ covid-19 measures. Will their rent end up increasing?

  74. Diana Walker

    I’m on CPP Disability and cant find out if I can get help I have no drug benefits either and my meds cost alot I have fibromyalgia and cant work I’m 64 yrs old if anyone can help with info I’d be greatly appreciated

  75. S&K

    Guess wife & I are only second class Canadians as we are on ODSP. Why doesn’t Ford just get some of the Chinese portable crematoriums & grind us all up, faster than starving or dying from Covid. already know who would qualify for a ventilator & who won’t if any shortages hit, [ not us]
    Wrote to all Federal & Ont Leaders today recommend we all flood their emails with Demands for fair treatment NOW!

    • More depressed with each passing day

      S&K, you aren’t the only ones reading this thread. Nor is Ontario the only province. Most days I don’t bother getting out of bed due to depression. I was bad enough when I lost my father nearly 1.5 years ago. My mother lives in another province and went into a nursing home last summer with Dementia. Found out last week through my step-father that she’s now in a wheelchair on top of everything else. There are times as of late that she has no clue as to who he is. With this disease he is no longer able to visit him. Last time I had seen my mother was when my sister was home to NL for our father’s funeral 1.5 yrs ago. I drove to NS with her. I haven’t had enough money to survive since then let alone go for a visit.

      If either provincial or federal government(s) were to start a euthenization program, I would be one of the first to sign up! Absolutely no doubt about that! I’m at the point as of late where I’d rather die from COVID than to fact this b/s the rest of my life. Sorry if I offend anyone here but government as done more for our new citizens than they will EVER do for you and me. The best I can hope for with all this is to either die myself from COVID or pray for a depression. That way we ALL get treated equal.

      It was a difficult battle when things were “normal” having to struggle month to month. Now with this disease it’s worse. When I see how government helps those who were blessed in being able to work it truely shows there IS a two-tier welfare system. A one time GST benefit does SFA for me. That along with the $47 bi-weekly money from AESL here in NL. Aka social assistance. All they did for me is increase my stress level. It was a final swift kick in the nuts as far as I’m concerned! Like others on this thread, I did NOT ask to be born with a disability or obtain one later in life, for many. Yet because we are disabled, certain a-holes decided to help us out even further by kicking us when we’re now. Now the shoe is on the other foot. No petty for them. They shold have gotten <$700/mo. as I do and many others. Think of how much less their petty fund would have dropped from the $82B. Hell, if the NL government would euthanize me, they could save a whopping $1,128 per year @ $47 every two weeks!.

      As for crapping on Mr. Trudeau, it DOESN'T matter who's in power. They are all tared and feathered with the one mop as far as I'm concerned. The only thing we have to make us happy in all of this is that we are north of the border and NOT south.


    the government is not looking at the people living in poverty to help them and seniors that are also living on poverty as well as those whom were looking for work

  77. Debbie Weston

    I’m one of thousands on ODSP who has to work odd jobs in order to live.
    This is no secret to anyone, including the Government.
    It’s not a huge amount but it helps to get through the month.
    Do you know if there is anything out there to help up?
    My rent is not subsidized so my cheque pays my rent with $140.00 left over for the month.
    Any information may be helpful, thank you sincerely,

  78. Debbie Bittorf

    I don’t understand why WELFARE and ODSP only get a “One time payment of maybe close to $400.00”. Are we not as important as everybody else. It’s all we can do to make it from cheque to cheque and if it wasn’t for the foodbanks, alot of us wouldn’t be able to eat. Now that there’s more people that need the help of foodbanks there may not be enough food to go around. The higher paid people should trades us places for a month, just to see what it’s like for us to be on WELFARE AND ODSP. It would be interesting to see how they make it.

    • Cristina

      They wouldn’t be able to make it. Not for a month, not for a week. They have no clue how we survive. They need to.

    • Andrea

      It’s a one time payment of $100, descretionary so one time payment of $100 max. Some people may get less. But nobody gets more for this.

  79. Jason

    Some people have worked there whole life and have hurt themselves bad in the past 2-1/2 years and now are on odsp. Thanks alot for bailing out non essential services and air lines and forgetting about those canadians that through injury haven’t been able to work and have suffered long enough already on 1000 dollars a month. Thanks. Great job. Proof that capitalization has failed. Maybe use the rest of the bail out money and give it to the corporations. I think that they need it most. Lol.
    No future can be envisioned by the youth of one of the freest and best nations in the world.
    Politicians and the prime minister and in the queens name they have failed us.

    Yours truly.

  80. HARRY


  81. HARRY


  82. SLAY


  83. corey baker

    as a quadriplegic on odsp who lives on 1170 a month i am drowning as it is…my main medication is not covered nor will they cover it under the special request they have for some medication that are not covered up front…my medication runs me on average 650 a month,my half of the rent is 500 a month ,leaving me with 20$ for hydro,food and whatever else i may need through the month…its not working out.

  84. sara

    Its time to update Ontario works and disability benifits, Hello FEDIRAL and provincial government, Benifits urgently needed to increase the OW and Disability benifits, your giving us below poverty benifits, this is unexcepable benifits to survive , you know it we feel it, AT A 1000 DOLLARS MINAMUM FOR A 1 ROOM APARTMENT, IT IS UNEXCEPTABLE FOR A OW, [Ontario works] recipient to receive just under 800 a month to survive, that is unjustafyable living standard benifits in 2020, for a single person. System is in desperate need of todays benifits 2020 to servive The federal and provincial government is not allowing a single person to service, on those benifits , The time is now , AS JUSTIN TRUDEAU PUT IT WHEN HE GOT ELECTED , I QUOTE ,[ TIME FOR A CHANGE ]. WELL JUSTIN NOW IS THE TIME TO GIVE FUNDING TO THE PROVINCAIL GOVERMENT TO INCREASE BENIFITS AND MEET THE STANDARD OF LIVING, FOR ONTARIO WORKS AND DISABILITY IN 2020. ITS TIME FOR A SOCIAL MEDIA CONCERN OF A CRYING NEED, ITS TIME WE ARE HEARD OF IN 2020, TO SURVIVE WITH AT LEAST A UP TO DATE OF A STANDARD OF LIVING IN 2020 . EXAMPLE; SO A SINGLE CANADIAN CITIZEN CAN HAVE ENOUGH BENIFITS TO PAY THE ESCALATING RENT IN 2020, the federal government, and the provincial government are showing there true colours in a pandemic crisis on how a low in come citizens are delt with, NOT MUCH, ITS ALMOST AN INSULT, BACT TO YOU JUSTIN TRUDEAU , ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE , AS YOU PUT IT, ENOUGHS ENOUGH, ITS TIME TO GIVE THE PROVINCAIL GOVERMENT MORE FUNDING SO ONTARIO WORKS AND DISABILITY CAN HAVE BENIFITS THAT MEET THE STANDARD OF LIVING IN 2020 SO WE CAN SURVIVE TO LIVE IN 2020 AND ON. or do you not care about your citizens

  85. HARRY

    The true colours come out in desperate times, NOW WE KNOW WHAT WORKS AND DOESNT WORK IN THIS COUNTRY, WHEN IN NEED , TIME TO FIX WHAT DOESNT WORK . JUSTIN TRUDEAU, Canada is only as STRONG as its WEAKEST link, you took care of part of the country , [ What about the rest of us ] That my Primeminister of Canada is your strongest link , regarding cerb benifits

  86. HARRY

    Canada is only as SRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK, reguarding left behind and left out of receiving cerb benifits for Canadian citizens living in a home, and including below poverty benifits for Ontario works and disability recipients in 2020 Justin Trudeau resolve these two links, SO CANADA MAY BECOME STRONG,

  87. Sandra Kealey

    Why when Trudeau says all Canadian will receive 400 GST..Well I guess anyone on any kind assistance are not Canadians we already barely survive well below the poverty line this isolation his harder on people who cannot afford to stock up on anything because there isn’t enough money for that luxury and now to receive half of what was promised to ALL Canadians is a SLAP IN THE FACE
    Mr Trudeau you should be ASHAMED

  88. Barbara marois

    Please help our people on ow ans odsp as we struggle month to month to get food for our family’s to thanks

  89. Cristina

    Is anyone dping anything yet? I have been watching the news everyday in hopes that the Prime Minister even mentions us, those on odsp, but he hasnt. I received $290 today. To be honest that went to bills. I have tried to get extra items in the house as i do work part time but the more i work the more money they take from my cheque. It is impossible to get ahead. Its heart breaking. Cant they at least lower the amount they take from us working so we do have a chance to protect ourselves and be able to stay home?

  90. erlind latifi

    Me and my wife are selfemployed in construction new homes.We stayed 3 weeks without work. Now I just started working and we see very few or no other trades at the site. I guess they are applying for CERB.There is a lot of work but maybe they are scared (I don’t too are scared). We DID NOT apply for CERB (we do not qualify) . The problem is after 2-3 weeks We will not have any work for another 2-3 weeks because the other trades are not showing up. After they collect help …they will show to work (maybe) and start working normally having their paycheque. How about us ?? First 3 weeks no work and then work for 2 weeks … then no work again. Is there justice for the honest working class or are we the suckers?





  93. Janet hewitt

    I live in kingston Ontario we need a basic income now we can’t survive on what we get on odsp or welfare we can’t afford the prices that they are charging for one bedroom over one thousand dollars I have to be out of were I live on April 30 I don’t k ow what I’m gonna do i won’t survive on the street I have a lung condition emphysema 17yers now and chronic bronchitis and have had some my lung out what isanyone to do during this time of corvid 19 my landlord won’t give me extra months who can I call

    • Michael

      My heart goes out to you Janet! If you did not give your notice to move than tell your landlord you will stay until the pandemic is over. If you did give your notice you may have to settle for a room until you can find a decent affordable place. Good luck and all my best wishes are with you.

    • joyce

      call your MPP, city counsellor, legal aids clinic, probono hotline housing dept or up to 30 minutes of free legal advice and assistance. The toll-free number is 1-855-255-7256. call/write to Premier Ford office. local social service provides one month rent for people facing eviction,sometimes moving expense. May I ask why landlord will not let you stay? rent arrear money issue, you can go through landlord and tenant board, you do not have to go right away. the legal clinic will teach you how to fight, to have a hearing scheduled so to buy time to look for new apartment, asking all people for help, legal group etc. I am glad you have access to a computer, there are a lots of agencies you can ask for help.

  94. Charles James

    Does anyone know, if there is anything in these programs for low income seniors,collecting CP and OAS?
    I believe I had read in the inital
    outbreak that it was in the program.
    Since then I haven’t heard, or read anything about it..

    • Michael

      I’m not sure Charles but I think you will get a couple of hundred from the GST credit but they cheated me on the amount that I was to receive.
      Check your account if you get auto deposit if not watch in the mail over the next week.
      Good luck to you Charles and try to eat well and stay strong.

  95. Michael

    The whole set up is geared toward profits instead of furthering humanitarian interest. A basic income program would allow me to take a deal breath for once in my life and find a way for me to contribute to humanity, but instead I am always struggling with my illness and like a hunted hunter I go out every day trying to find a decent piece of chicken or fish that I can afford on Odsp. I can’t even get a good pair of shoes on my feet and I am terrified of the shy rocketing price of rents. I am getting old and I think of all the love in my heart that could have Been put to productive use by maybe volunteering at a hospice or soup kitchen but my energy all goes on a panic for survival. My Grandfather built the railroads in this country and I am struggling in fear and poverty to make ends meet.
    They say socialism doesn’t work but either does this corporate greed mentality and government waist.
    Where I live they give out crack pipes like candy canes at Christmas but they won’t help us live up to our true potential just because we can’t work 9 to 5 because of or disability.

  96. Annette Jackman

    Very well said n yes I agree I myself is on odsp got hurt at work had fight get it coming in n no retro pay ….get 1169 per month not enough to live off rent 712.60 …then Bill’s n food which is not cheap I have health issues that need taken care of so another expense I called odsp to see if any help cuz having hard time said nothing they can do n not even a number for food bank when asked ….just unreal

  97. Alloe

    Yes I agree I am on low income I have to live off under 400 a month and my light bill is over 200 and I have to pay over 100 in medication. What do low income people do in time’s like these We can’t go stock up on groceries and supplies so who do we turn to who do we talk to you and then with all the financial stress comes mental health issues and other underlying health issuesCan someone please give me and other people like me some hope and a solution to this problem

    • Andrea

      Sometimes it seems like the never ending cycle of dispair contributes to the alcohol and drug use that some people receiving assistance, but all people on assistance are stereotyped and ‘known’ for.

  98. Craig

    Im on welfare I get 733 a month and with all this price gouging I can barely make it sometimes I have to go without eating for a few days so that I have enough food to last

  99. Sharon Walker

    As an individual who is on Ontario Works. Pandemic or not we do not get enough to get by every month, especially with the monthly cost of rent. Not enough low income housing is also an issue. The wait list is 5-8 years or more. It is crazy! I would love to work but as many Canadians I have invisible conditions that make it hard to get out of bed or even function on a daily basis. My way of thinking is those in the government should live on an income of one who is on OW or ODSP for at least 6 months with no access to anything else and then tell us who live off it we get enough.

  100. Depressed

    I suffer from Macular Degeneration. I suffer from depression thanks to said systems. I live in NL and receive CPP disability which is topped up by social services. I get LESS THAN $700 total. Social services allowance is $47 bi-weekly. I have to “try” to keep a house going on this!

    I had to have my phone services cut due to fact that I cannot afford the price gouging going on by the ONE provider in my area.

    I live in rural community. Even before COVID my trips into town for groceries etc. were sparce. They do NOT allow for transportation costs, meals, etc. while going to/from town. It’s all out of pocket. If I need or want anything for myself it HAS to come out of grocery money. If I want something bad enough, I go several days, no joke, without food to be able to get it.

    It’s a punishment going day to day with a disability on the best of times. Now with this disease on the go everyone is finding it difficult. Those people with their third-tier welfare system are turning for help while THEY were the ones who looked down upon people like me! I was considered scum because I couldn’t work and have to rely on assistance. I have absolutely NO petty for them! None! Right now the only difference between them and me is that their assistance is $2k/mo. where mine is set at <$700. Yet, the government and general population complain and talk about mental illness? Ever since this started my depression has gotten worse. Why you ask? Because I was classified as a welfare bum and don't deserve, nor am I entitled to, a decent allowable income. Yet, because these people who are now finding themselves out of work are now getting a higher welfare rate than I. Just give me that load of Shit that it isn't welfare! Anything that is given to you is welfare! It costs me the same to live as it does them. I get absolutely NO discounts when I go into a store. I have to pay the same for heating fuel etc. If I'm made to live on <$700 and can "supposidly" do it… why the hell can't anyone else? It irks me to no end! Where's the equality? Are they any better than me just because they can see properly? NO!

    As of late, the only thing that gets me out of bed is due to having to put my dog out. There is nothing to look forward to for me. I realize that will NEVER change. As for isolation, I well used to it long ever before this disease came round. I'm isolated because I can't afford to live. All this did for me is drive into a deeper depression. Folks this isn't living… it's merely existing! While you're finding it difficult living on your $2k/mo. income, don't go whining and complaining about it. I've been living off <$700/mo. for yrs.

    That doesn't go as far as it once did. It now cost more for said items, it costs more for trash with having to shell out extra money for soaking labels, clear bags etc. My last oil bill BEFORE drop in oil prices cost me just shy of $500. No discount!

  101. P

    live on a disability and have no food or money! Very sad!!

  102. Pat

    I’m sure Justin Trudeau’s turkey will be great, but I’m on odsp, Starving and have no money! I’ve got a Canada CRA account with Canada revue, but yet there’s no extra money deposited and it’s Easter weekend and I’m STARVING!!!! On top of that, my little beagle is running out of food in 1 day. I’m very sad.

  103. More depressed with each passing day

    While you’re awaiting moneys from said government, think of how many Canadians are off work but yet the government may be taking in foreign workers. Sound familiar?

  104. Shelly O'Brien

    Hi there…

    I am a chronically ill single mother, that has not been able to work for some time…I also have a son with a learning disability that prevents him from working as well…He does not get disability anymore because he is no longer in school. He cannot get a job because of his disability, but he also does not qualify for any disability support…We are both on Social Assistance, and take in a combined income of $1630/month…The CERB is giving individuals $2000/month to survive…This is extremely unfair…We all have to pay our bills, yet my being sick and my son’s disability make us feel completely forgotten. We are people too and would be working if it was at all possible…Please help all Canadians,,,We all matter!!!!

  105. Melanie Lewis

    Is there a benefit program for citizens on OW OR ODSP IF SO how do I apply and how much is the payment

  106. jeremy dodson

    It also dosn’t help that family responsibility office took my covid 19 gst/hst credit in a garnishment.
    Iam on disability as well a sole parent of my little girl . i feel duped , betrayed , stolen from .. I could have done alot with that covid gst
    I would have loved to buy 2 weeks of groceries and some other essentials that i needed …
    I cried when i found out that it was garnished . iam going threw a hard enough time with being on odsp and with this covid 19 thing then to add to it the money that trudeau gave my family to get essentials taken poof gone just like that the lil guy is FORGOT.
    Sincerely the forgotten citizen

    • More depressed with each passing day

      Jeremy, I’m sorry for your loss. Trudump and the boys/gals just used your money to help fund the NEW $73B wage subsidy that’s just been approved on top of the original $82B.

      I’m aware of people in my situation that were supposed to have gotten around $400 in top up on GST and have gotten a lot less. I get mine through mail and haven’t received it yet. I’m certain it’ll be slashed to help the Federal welfare system. We locked out due to having to rely on the Provincial one. Sucks to be us!

    • Andrea

      Try going to the bank and explaining the situation. The bank may automatically garnish your account. Some banks are understanding during Covid. Try, it doesn’t hurt. Explain your situation. I feel sad for you.

  107. Sally

    What about people like me and a lot of other Canada Pension Plan Disability Recipients who are low income l make less than 1100 a month and don’t qualify for other supports. A family member makes more on ODSP than l do per month. I have extra expenses too.

    • Bonnie

      I totally agree the government helps everyone but us who live on a monthly check and we barely get by

  108. AL

    NOT seeing any support package for Canadians on CPP disability, lets just give it to welfare recipients who then give it to drug dealers,

    • sherry ann

      cpp disability is just like ODSP Ontario Disability Pension, Who are you to lump everyone on OW or ODSP as people who do Drugs. This make you a very small minded little narrow person to think this way. A lot of people with Drug issues or addictions have them because of underlying issues of abuse or mental illness. Do not judge lest you be judge you are on disability too which means you do not work ether…..Just for your information ODSP and OW are not at this point getting anything extra eather…I am a building manager I make way less then what people who have stopped working because of covid-19 are getting on E.I. I still have to go to work every day, clean a 17 floor building take out garbage deal with tenants ect..ect… and I am still low income . There are a lot of people who work full time who’s employers are not giving them any extra to work through this and they are low income and go to work everyday….there is no help for them ether..they got a one time payment of 290.00 from GST and that’s it they didn’t even get 400.00 because they work…So there are people going to work everyday working full time and They are still low income. These people like myself get NOTHING to help them. However the worst hit are Single people on OW they only get max of $720.00 a month and I know in Toronto Ontario you can’t even rent a room for that, it’s ridiculous how the Government expect them to live. At least if you have children you get min 600.00 more a month for CCTB and now even $300.00 more a month on top of your OW and CCTB per child which is 900.00 more a month on top of OW with one child, 1200.00 more with two ect ect… to help, but Single people get nothing not even enough to pay rent for real……and low income working single people also get NOTHING its not just you or people cpp disability. People just on cpp also got NOTHING.

      • Blair

        Not all people on odsp do drugs do your research or ow

    • More depressed with each passing day

      Al and Sally, I know where you’re coming from. I get CPP Disability that’s partially mine along with survivors. Lost my 35y/o wife to cancer in 04. CPP cut my allowance at that time and added her’s to it. I’m topped of by social assistance here in NL. Combined income is still <$700/mo. I was told if it weren't for my disability I'd be getting less than that. How others survive on less is beyond me. I'm being penalized b/c I own my own home. I'd do a little better if I were to go into low income housing which I refuse to do. This place is all I have.

    • Blair

      75 percent or more people on ow do not give money too drug dealers al

    • Jaxx

      Funny I am on Welfare and I do not have a drug dealer lol Can you hook me up with one to suit your agenda? Thanks!

    • Dean Short

      Al I’m unfortunately collecting CPPD and I have worked in the system before I got hurt I have seen first hand people who collect Welfare let me tell you it’s next to nothing they receive.
      Maybe some do buy drugs and if they do it’s to deal with the life they have to live so many say ohhh why don’t they get a job why do we have to pay for these people most don’t have access to good clothes or even showers to get ready for an interview.
      I’ve worked with people who where unfortunate to have there mothers drink while pregnant with them laving them with FASD most can’t hold a full time job but they do go out and try to work and would just love to live a somewhat normal life.
      So please don’t judge people while maybe you your self go to a buddy’s place or stay at home, and smoke a joint or drink a beer don’t judge people cause you never know maybe one day one of these people might be there at the right time to help up if you fall.

    • Andrea

      Please don’t stereotype. The same could be said about you.

  109. Blair

    I’m on ow and need more money too help my grandparents because there on low income pensions and receiving an extra $290.00 for the quarterly payments only a 1 time period not very helpful this goes towards food supplies and bills if this pendemic keeps up there going too lose there home and I as well will lose my room I rent from them

  110. John L

    What a joke.Now Canadian taxpayers would have to support financially people who are illegally in the country,and have been bumping steuggling Canadians out of jobs,if avvy Go got her way.
    Illegal aliens working for cash under the table do displace Canadians from jobs,as any business employing people legally will have a much higher labour cost theough Ei premiums,WCB premiums and others and therefore will be unable to compete with a neighouring business employing illegals residents.

  111. Bonnie

    I totally agree living on odsp we barely get by please help

  112. Sue

    I do not even get welfare despite I’m a jobless single mom age 39 living at my moms who is very low income and suffers from copd and my elderly stepdad. I am having to go out daily and scrummage for food and money. I tried asking strangers on the street if they had any spare money to part with but that’s not safe or possible. I’m starting to think that selling myself to strangers might be my only option or stealing from the grocery stores. I’m scared and there are no cerb Benefits I can get….

    • Andrea

      Don’t do that, try to hold out. Things are going to get really bad. You don’t want to bring that home to your family.

  113. Terri

    Im on ODSP and get 717 a month which is barely enough to stock up on food and cleaning supplies and with the stores having very limited supply due to everything being bought up before I recieve my money at end of the month would be great if us ppl on ODSP or OW were given some help also during this covid-19 pandemic
    It’s a struggle to keep going from month to month at normal times bills take a big chunk of my monthly money

  114. Dave

    I feel like a second class citizen being on odsp we struggle every day not my fault I got sick. I did work all my life till this happened

    • Charles Eyre

      They dont help us disabled and low income because we afe the ones they want to die off

  115. Ryan T Pennell

    People on odb and welfare in every country needs help, they are barely survive in general, they are barely able to pay bills like rent, food, childern expenses, clothing expenses, hydro expenses. These people barely eat a month, why because most money is going to paying off other bills then thier food bill, they need more money during covid 19 times. Most this emergency program benafits middel class or rich people, so they need to to increase welfare, disability, and pensions. They are humans and need to get the same treatment as others. Help lower class family’s they are the ones who really need it, dont look at them as evil people cause they arnt they are just helpless and need help.

  116. Robin Laybolt

    People on OW or Ontario disability can NOT afford to live and the government doesn’t care cause if they did they would do something about it. I’m on disability and my rent is $1,100 plus hydro and I get $1,269 so I’m suppose to buy food for a month and pay my phone bill and my hydro all out of the $169.00 I have left. The government has to do something because people are starving in Hamilton Ontario..

    • Andrea

      This is probably why you see a lot of pan handlers around in major cities or smaller cities with a high cost of living (rent).

  117. Randy Garrison

    I’m 63 years old with all kinds of medical problems. I’m having a very hard time hanging on to a place to live never mind being able to eat. So my question is am I ENTITLED to receive any help from the government or are we forgot about again. PLEASE HELP!!

  118. Andrea

    Many people at Amazon in New York who couldn’t afford to stay home financially during the pandemic went to work anyways while feeling sick or knowing that they had a family member at home with Covid. These people then went to work handling parcels that were shipped all over North America. This isn’t a one time thing it is a pattern. They gave no money and need to stock up. You don’t think this is happening in every low wage job situation that people are being forced to work. eg. grocery stores, fast food, warehouses ect? Some poeople can’t afford to stay home. These people then work with the public all day long, or work touching goods all day long. They can’t easily stay home. They a lot of the time can’t even afford to eat healthy or buy medication.

    See what happened at Anazon below:

    • Andrea

      People whether they are working poor in ‘essential’ jobs or the disabled will find a way to survive, whether it is through looting as things get more desperate or just die. This could lead to riots, crime, on top of the pandemic. What effects one eventually effects all.

  119. Mich

    Im an OW recipient, & am appaulled at the fact that, for years, i’ve been forced/told to get by on $740-$1046/month( w 1dependant), while getting the run-around from disability. Now, ppl in my situation due to covid-19 are allotted $2000/mo to cover BASIC needs & keep them afloat!!!. What about my basic needs? How do i (or any low/fixed income recipient) stay afloat. There’s no help for me when toilet paper costs $12/pk!! How can i afford to keep paying reg bills/rent, when half my funds are eaten up by raised prices & lack of supply?!!..
    It’s dispicable, and a slap in the face to those of us trapped in/stuck on the system, to see the amount of money deemed “necessary to cover basic needs” that’s being thrown at ppl (even those still employed and working)!! If $2000/mo is considered the basic necessity, why have i been struggling on less than half that each month all this time?!!…
    Absolutely infuriating to watch the blatent, second-class treatment in its full effect. Great way to increase (& eliminate) the homeless population tho…

    • Michele Davies

      I call it low income genocide! Ford’s been doing it since he came to power..feds doing it too now with covid..poor have to go to several grocery stores to stretch the measly buck..putting themselves..families and grocery store employees at risk.

  120. Dean Short

    I only have CPPD coming in it’s under $870 a month what do I do?
    My wife doesn’t have much coming in we pay the mortgage with my monthly pay and my wife’s pay goes on the bills and food vehicle insurance house insurance etc which leaves nothing left.
    I Checked so many sites to see if we qualify for anything but there’s nothing yet we are hoping something will change what about people collecting there CPP and are barely making it what about help them too what is it for them $1600 a month that’s not much these days.

  121. Sue

    I don’t find it fair that people on social assistance don’t get an increase on their checks due to the coronavirus.
    François Legault should treat everyone equally and not discriminate.We are humane just like everyone else.Even before the coronavirus we don’t have enough money to live on and now it’s even worse.He should help all Canadians and not exclude or penalize us cause we are on social assistance.
    We’re the ones that need the most help in our society cause we are living in poverty.Have a heart,Francois Legault!

    • Michele Davies

      Again… everyone on odsp..if you worked all your life and paid into cpp….apply for cppd…it may take several times but keep at your research..anyone who paid into it can apply..if your really sick or disabled you will get it with doctors consent..if your scamming the won’t get it! I’m tired of being vilified for legitimately being on disability because of scammers…REAL DISABILITIES WILL BE COVERED BY CPPD…I GOT IT FIRST TIME BUT FOR MANY IT TAKES several weed out the illegitimate claims…that does not mean that it will be enuf to survive on so we need to keep the movement going..getting on cppd just means less scrutiny..the ability to earn out a room without it being called income etc. Odsp sucks! I know! Some of us can work some hours a month on good days or more the next month….odsp limits you to $200 a month before they claw back..cppd allows for $5800 per year…huge difference…almost $500 month with no asshole worker to contend with!


    wow !! these governments operating in canada under sworn oth to protect and serve canadians racking up dept from where no canadian knows and as history proves itself over and over again in canada these elected so called parliments kicking the poor to death one way or the other, I ask you if im gangstalked ( like my entire life) and theres no accountability to those abusing thier COLOR OF AUTHORITY or the COLOR OF MONEY how is that if i am forced from town to town city to city to live on the streets or in a bush or wrapped up in some cardboard on a heater vent if i can find one that the governments of canada are aloud to use my name in my state of poverty and disaray and fearfull treatment to put thousands and thousands of dollars of dept in my name!! where is the accountability and justivacation RICHARD L ROY/WINDSOR

  123. Brian

    I’m on odsp and received $429.00 from the federal government on April 9 is this just a one time payment or is it monthly till the crisis is over.

  124. gail shenker

    i have a question. if someone on odsp and has an overpayment should they freeze it during covi19. our health during this time is causing stress and anxiety and having to worry about the overpayment adds to it. prices for essentals will go up because of the economy. what do you think?

    • Michele Davies

      As it stands..overpayments case u didn’t know can ask your worker to reduce it to $10 a month…if your worker is humane she will do it..if a prick like most..she will deny it..get in touch with your there if denied. File a complaint with any one who Will listen..good luck.

  125. Michele Davies

    Trying to start a revolution for odsp and the poor who live $7000 a year BELOW poverty line and during covid…go to huff post (Huffington post blog) go to sections…go to basic income($1007 sandwich article) “pooranddying ” handle…like my posts and follow me…we need to stand United and get help now! BC giving $300 extra a month to disability recipients…our govt should too or more!

    • Richard L Roy/Windsor

      as i stated on april 14 the government is borrowing billions of dollars and if you have healthcare they can use your name to borrow (if someone did research the gov parties probablly have privite healthcare so they themsevles dont aquire any dept on the phoney loan) thats why when i moved to woodstock N.B. resently the social services threatin me if i didnt have n.b. healthcare in 3 months i was cut off welfare,,because ontario would be getting the loan payments being destribatated across canada cause i had health care there before i moved here as it stands i came here to work but because of reasons beond my control i cant get one wooden nickel from ontario or a plastic or wooden nickel for new brunswick but the all the governments in canada are working together to make sure cause i got health care which i never use that they can add thousands and thousands of dollars to my name and i dont even get a wooden or plastic nickel out of it i just get targeted for speaking of thruth of theyer evil and deceptive ways at times i am sad to say i was born here on this great land that was stolen and turned in to sess pit it is in these times of mysterous sicknes

  126. Karen

    What about Cpp disabilty. I get a cheque once a month also. I am not seeing or hearing.

  127. kim

    im on cpp disabilty making 840.00 a month ive had no choice but to find something cash to make enough to live on but aas it stands now im not getting cash now to cover my exspenses, i myself born and raised canadian and also hav worked in canada all my life , i did not choose to be disable , and feel degraded as a canadian , we are all in this togather and should all be treated equal and have help togather rather than be single out because im on cpp disabilty i need help to .

  128. barbara marois

    I think trudeau needs to help out our poor people too as we are below the poverty line and live month to month and would not have to go out looking for food

  129. Suzanne

    After years being a Social Worker I was deemed with mental health problems and I am now receiving ODSP. I can’t believe that nobody hasn’t raised both basic needs and shelter allowance. If people aren’t in a gueared to income housing they are using their basic needs to cover their rent. The homeless have no choice because what can you rent that’s $500 .
    Mike Harris took a lot from low income people why hasn’t it changed since?

  130. Jodi

    What happens when a child turns 18 years old and cannot get a job, and CTB is no longer available to help keep things going?

  131. Jodi

    The increase to CTB increase doesn’t help single moms now unemployed with an 18 year old months away from graduation of grade 12 and no job prospects now. I can’t do it on a single reduced/no income and no CTB.

  132. Marsha

    Odsp receipients who were out working prior to the covid 19 outbreak should be treated like other working Canadian. They should be able to keep their cerb payment and be treated as equals, as they were equals and were contributing to our society. Are we going to discriminate against certain groups during a pandemic. I sure pray not.

  133. Jeff haggins

    I’m on Canada pension disability I was just wondering are they going to give people on that erase to I’m on low low income I don’t get much it’s hard for me to live on what I get now

  134. Susan Hallett

    Every Canadian deserves equal opportunity to survive. People on low income assistance barely exist, struggle to survive without a world wide crisis. Lets give them an equal chance to have the “extras” we all need right now to survive. Remember “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER”.

  135. Bernice Brown

    It really needs updating… I’m afraid I might have to live on the street again! I don’t think I could do it anymore! Death would be better… please help us before it gets to this point! Please There are so many of us with no toilet paper! Can u see the rich having to do this?!

  136. Mickey

    If you got GST in the last tax year (2018) then u are supposed to qualify for that tri-monthly amount x3. So if u got $100 for every GST payment. U would get $400

  137. Sandra Conners

    I am a senior that’s on a pension and just got kicked out of my daughters home after elder abuse had occurred for months. I finally got the strength to go to the hospital with injuries m, where the doctor contacted the police. I had police protection to leave the home quickly with a few of my belongings and my dog. I ended up staying in my car for ever a week during the freezing weather. My dog has arthritis in his legs and suffered terrible. We had no place to go and it was mid March and the pandemic was a health issue at that time. I struggled so much and had very little money to live on. We are when we could and it was difficult living in Oshawa and only having parking lots to sleep in and using the public washrooms, when I could. I’ve never been in this position in my life and I feared for my safety many times.
    I have had a heart attack and have terrible back problems with a deteriorating disc and arthritis. I have a 100% blockage in my left leg and before this pandemic was scheduled to have a consult with Dr Coutu regarding necessary surgery. I also just received a further diagnosis from my family Doctor that I now have diabetes. I suffered at my daughters with terrible high blood pressure and all of this added stress has caused a tremendous health emergency, both mental and physical. I went to housing and they turned me away with some pamphlets? I’m 71 yrs old and was desperate.
    I finally have received help from victim services and the police and elder abuse organization. They have arranged for me to go to a hotel until I can get a permanent residence within my price range? All the rents in Durham are out of control and I couldn’t possibly afford what landlords are asking for a one bedroom apt unit??
    I am without funds and truly feel at a loss to receive help to keep going in my life.
    Every day is another hardship and the after effects of my daughters abuse are constantly with me.
    I want to know if I’m eligible for any kind of assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic????? I need help because I’m currently live on my pension alone and by the end of each month there isn’t enough money to buy food for my diabetic diet that my Doctor has outlined.
    I’m only a lot of medication and it is another problem right now as it’s in my car / travel bag and I’m always scared I will lose it someplace.
    Please help me, if you cann
    Thank you

  138. storm

    As someone on ODSP I only get a ONE time financial relief payment of a measly $200..
    This is apparently suppose to take all our worries away! I have two kids for peats sake. I can’t work therefore I don’t qualify for any real help and the little amount I get from ODSP once a month barely helps us to get by let alone get by during these extremely trying times. I don’t understand why there’s no REAL help for people like myself! Tell me how is it fair that some are getting $2000 a month, actually I know someone who gets $5000 a month but because I already get money from the government I don’t qualify!? I get such a little amount of money most would be horrified as to how my kids and I even survive. Thankfully I’m extremely good at stretching a buck but it’s still not right that I see all these people brag about how they’re enjoying their time at home and some getting paid more then what they made working yet us living below the breadline just have to continue to struggle now even more so.. Increasing childtax isn’t enough and a one time tiny payment that will barely cover a weeks worth of groceries at my house let alone all the other shit I need to get is NOT enough. We need REAL help. I guess like always us little guys get put on the back burner.

    • storm

      Also yes if we get any other help we could lose our benefits or have them drastically lowered! It’s sickening that we get punished if we reach out for more financial help especially now! I think our benefits should be increased during all of this to an amount to actually help us survive. People are starving!! How is this acceptable?! That’s GST payment helped but again it was ONE time.

      • storm

        Also I DIDN’T ASK to be put on ODSP! I feel like we’re all put under a bubble, labeled as low lives who mooch off the government and are lazy. While I’m sure there’s some bad apples out there I can honestly attest to the fact that the vast majority of us actually need these benefits. I didn’t even know about these benefits until my doctor suggested it and filled out all the paperwork for me. If I could work I WOULD! There’s so many damn rules though that it could make your head spin. It’s almost like they do everything they can to try and cut you off or not approve you for benefits. This is NOT right too! Things need to change. We NEED more help and our benefits shouldn’t be affected if we get it.

    • Dean

      Well said it’s hard enough as it is with no kids let alone trying to manage with kids during this and yes some are making more money staying home I just don’t understand these payments should help everyone not a select few.
      I do get it people who worked now have no income but they also are getting the CERB which would help our situation out a lot just that alone.

  139. Lisa

    I am on CPP disability. The increase of costs are making it unable to service. I would make more money on ODSP. Can I switch?

  140. Latika Lata

    People like me getting 480 dollars please raise our money at this difficult time thank you

  141. joyce

    Hello, two things we can help ourselves
    sign a petition to ask Ford government to give a $2000 emergency fund, initiated by NDP party

    fill your annual income tax form to get benefits, there are free income clinic to help you if you do not know how. This is very important as now the federal government give money to Canadians who filled income tax return. There is regular GST benefits about $500 per year. In this COVID 19 pandemic, federal did double the amount for this year. Please share this news, as I know a lot of people did missed this benefits as they thought ‘I did not work and why I bother with income tax’
    come 211 and ask where is the income tax clinic and ask who can help you.
    stay safe.

    • Andrea

      Most programs are shut down because of Covid. It might not be possible to access these services this time because of what is going on.

  142. Mohamed Shiraz

    Thank you really enjoyed the article I’m sort of facing a dilemma as well I’m on disability and I had some issues in a sort of been residing in recovery homes for the last couple of years in spite of some of the addiction models they follow namely harm reduction which is really really not very conducive to my own personal recovery and I’m sure many others and I’ve had to shift quite a few times as well as had an issue a few weeks ago and because of people just leaving and taking off the place where I was or have been out for the last one year did re-except me back this is on President Jordan has to do with my past experience as I was the director You’re of 6 recovery homes years ago before I became ill I was responsible for close to 900 patients and ran myself completely to the ground anyways I’m back and trying to do the best I can one day at a time in spite of my circumstances however I’ve been asked to pay one month advance and rent which is almost close to $1000 that I do not have what is the best solution if any and I would be very grateful if you were able to contact me at some point during your busy time here making sure that people are awareAnd also able to access the basic needs as I am also diabetic Have heart and other health issues I have yet to submit a form for supplement nutritional I really do need it because I have to conform to a special diet which is impossible to attain at these kinds of particular settings….
    Thank You kindly in advance for your possible attention to this matter…. Please continue to keep up the great work

  143. Rushelle

    Cerb is $2000 per person but odsp is $1950 for two people. This doesn’t make sense. Odsp & Ow doesn’t consider internet or phone is a basic need as while as a vehicle or insurance. They only cover up to $751 of shelter. This is not right

  144. Linde

    I have worked all my life and payed into all the appropriate things thru work including donations to lots of different things . In 2010 i got sick and had to retire from the work force. I am on ODSP/CPP since 2013/15. My husband has Diabetes type1/+2 and heart problems. He is my dependent as well as my caregiver on ODSP/CPP, we recieved our regular cheque on the 28th of February, 2020. On the 20th of March 2020 a state of emergency was placed upon the province. Our last money recieved was Feb. 28. Our next money will not come until last day of March. When S.of E. was called on march 20 everyone went out and bought up everything considered essential needs. We could not. We had no money til end of the Month. Then when our money came we payed all our bills including our Rent… in full… Same as we always have done. Then with the same amount of money we usually have to shop with.. sales and discounts included we usually get enough for our monthly needs just barely. But with everything sold out or only super expensive item left for us to buy. .. it’s not fair.. everyone is getting additional funding to help with everything… i am not. I’m on ODSP/CPP i can not afford the prices of all that’s left on the shelf… today is only the 16th and we are nearly out of everything.. we did not even get the extra gst pay ment that everyone else got. Why not ? Nor did my husband get any extra funding. He is a native living off the reserve as i cannot live there. He lives with me. He did not get the gst funding either. Nor any other funding either. Neither one of us belongs to any of the Native resources like friendship centers. We keep to ourselves. We are self isolating since we were told too we only go out when necessary but it’s not fair that we get nothing extra to help us when our direct dilemma is caused but hoarders because of Covid-19 Coronavirus. We the people on ODSP, our lives matter too

  145. sh

    ODSP and OW low incomes were questioned but what about CPPDisabilty people. Im in the cppd situation and havent heard of any assistance.

  146. Sue Jubenville

    I am on ODSP plus work 9 hours a week at $15 an hour. I started in December last year. I have sent in my income report statements but not heard from my social worker. I’ve tried contacting her and left messages to no avail. Will I be penalized for this? Do I still apply for the covid 19 relief benefit? I don’t know what to do.

  147. Pierre Lacroix

    HELLO, my name is Pierre Lacroix live in Ottawa on I am receiving ODSP I receive in my bank some $100 cove -19 it not much I have chronic lung disease and detering disc in neck and back. With rent and everything hydro; phone .Tv. internet I barely have no money to eat will I receive any more money to help me true this hard time that we are all going true even disable I deserve more than $100 dollars the prices are rediculous dew to Cov-19.

    • Debbie Smith

      St johns nfld canada do anyone qualify if they got high blood pressure and asthma

  148. Chris martin

    Thanks,Doug Ford.I can,t believe you cancelled the basic income.I hope you have a heart attack,and die of a crack overdose,like your fat pig,brother,and coked -out mother!To bad my daddy,didn’t, t have a printing buisness,so I could use it to advertise the shit out of my face,and con all these non-political thinking people into believing I’m job creater! , by the way,Ontario job losses are at 1 million,and a half in under 30 days!,congrats!

  149. Theresa Yarrow

    We are barely making enough on a single person on odsp and due to this crisis my autistic son is doing without even seeing me due to this pls do something please help

  150. Donna

    What about people on CPP disability benefits. These benefits are usually less than what you get on welfare disability and do not come with medical and dental plans. What help is there for these people amid this crisis?

    • Debbie Smith

      i got high blood Pressure n asthma fo ppl qualify for 2000

    • Dean

      Exactly no Dental and no benefits this isn’t right hopefully when this pandemic is over with the government will look at a change doubt it though

  151. Debbie Smith

    I was wondering ppl who r on social services getting a welfare check fo they get 2000

    • Andrea

      Welfare is $733 for a single person for the month for (everything) including rent.

      This is the equivalent of someone surviving off 13 hours a week at minimum wage at $14 an hour.

      • Andrea

        ODSP is $1,169 a month for (everything) including rent.

        • Donna

          Disabled people Andrea, that’s what this is about.

  152. Brendabe Thirlwall

    Yup I’m a school bus driver and when I’m working I’m making just enough to get by . Now I’m only getting 1260 a month .just enough to pay rent the government doesnt see the price of rent or hydro or food I’m getting very scared on how I’ll pay next months rent

  153. Dean

    Reading most everyone’s comment’s we all seem to be in the same boat with no extra help I to live off a small income each month with a CPPD monthly payment I’m glad I’m getting what they give as it’s better than nothing.
    But it’s a pandemic going on and having your payments come each month for a period of time it’s hard very hard to get ahead it’s like if stores have sales, and when you buy your groceries you pretty well have to wait and miss out sometimes due to the timing of your payment paying bills or other on top yet.
    I’d be happy just to receive the old age supplement right now to top up my low payment under $870 a month, I have another seven years to wait for this I think it’s only like $750 more but this would help out so much until this is over with I’m sure the government can afford to help somehow.
    It almost feels like we don’t matter we are a burden on society I worked hard in my years of working payed all my taxes helped the economy buying Canadian it’s not my fault I got sick.

    • Andrea

      Exactly. But we are being put in a position where we are likely to get sick because of the stereotypes implanted in people’s minds for decades. People want to punish us for stereotypes.They don’t realize that we work. We pay taxes. Some people have had businesses and created services and jobs for the economy. Some of us work part time as nurses and other essential worker. Risking our lives for the people who put us down and stereotype us. Then we are praised in politics as ‘Heroes’, then spat on the other cheek as garbage because of our disability status. ect.

  154. Sydney Cranham

    It’s utterly ridiculous that the only financial aid given to the people in Ontario living on ODSP, by the government to date has been an additional one time payment of $100.00 ???? How is this supposed to help people who are already barely getting their basic needs met by their monthly cheques…..and why are they not being offered equal attention from the government financially? I think this government should be ashamed for its lack of empathy and lack of action.

  155. Mrs. Lois Harach

    There doesn’t seem to be any relief for people on disability pension & 1/5 of his entitlement of WCB, because, after going to multiple Drs, who specialized in my husband’s injuries, WCB wouldn’t accept that the injury’s were all caused from work. So, we now get $28. from SAID, because our worker, Melody McRury, has worked against us, from her first day with our file. Our hands are tied, because she’s told my husband & I, that if we ask any more questions, she’ll cut us off SAID, effective immediately! Needless to say, we don’t ask any questions! Is there any help out there for us?

  156. Mrs. Lois Harach

    I need to submit another comment. I need people to know that our income has not gone up, but buying groceries has gone up by at least 25%! For bare essentials! HELP! I don’t have an income, because when I applied 10 years ago, I was denied, because I would only get $40. a month! I think 40$, a month, over 10 years, would be about, $4,800.00! But, they didn’t think the paperwork was worth me getting $40. a month! Go figure!

  157. Allan & Vera Hancock

    My husband and I are both on CCPD since the Covid19 we have struggled getting out and getting what we need. We can’t afford extras like gloves, sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, masks, & extra cleaning products. I normally shop around where the cheapest place is to get certain items thus saving $20-$30. My mental illness is wreaking havoc on my marriage and my whole life in general I do have phone calls with my therapist but my anxiety & depression is horrible. My husband is severely impaired on the right side from a massive stroke I have to get our meds & I am his full time primary caregiver. This Covid19 is demanding more money than we normally have to spend. Why can’t we qualify for CERB so I can pay people to get our things we need and get the PPE so when we have to go out we are protected. Thank you for your help.

  158. Donna Kilworth

    So I read the comments but never got a clear Answer….Can people who R physically Or mentally disabled living
    On cppd. Can they apply for CERB?
    This and payment from insurance company monthly?
    Thank you. DMK

  159. Bonnie

    I totally agree living on a monthly check you can barely get by please help

  160. Charlene Bilodeau

    I currently am on ODSP and recieve $1141.00 monthly. Why are we not getting the $2000.00 month or at least the difference to equal this This is not fair. We have disabilities and cannot work or are only allowed $200 month which is still less than what cerb is giving out. How is this fair. I actually really upset. We live way below the poverty line as it is. Alot of us are not able to work enough to ever pay our expenses or medical needs through no fault of our own! You don’t choose to be disabled. We constantly suffer. Physically…financially and mentally.

  161. Dennis Sweet

    Is the government giving CPP(d) an extra benefit because of the corona virus and how much

  162. Tebasum

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Tebasum Durrani and I am the author of this story. I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to speak with me about their experiences trying to access the federal COVID-19 income supports (CERB or EI), while on ODSP or OW, and concerns around having any additional supports being deducted. If you are in this situation, or know of anyone who is, please reach out to me, as I would really appreciate hearing people’s firsthand experience with this important issue. Please email me at Many thanks

  163. Lesa

    Hi, I agree that people on OW and ODSP should get more help now as they barely survive on what they get and with the virus its far worse for them, for instance my husband has cancer and tumors inside his heart and respiratory problems, so Im constantly cleaning, and more now cause of this virus, it get expensive and we have a strict budget and we still suffer. Also the government has to realize that almost all the people that are on ODSP were workers had a life before they were sick its not their fault what happen to them and it has to be fixed for them all. No low income families can afford to buy 2 weeks at a time they base it on their cheques and the baby bonus to even survive and still have problems as half of alll OW and ODSP people pay utilities and have more then 4 in their whole family and pay extra for rent to live in a house so theres no extras for them. So people need to stop judging the low income and sick.

  164. Tina

    I am a single mom with a intellectually disabled son my ow cheque is 950.00 a month my rent is 1200.00 month my baby bonus is 570.00 do the math i am left with 3 and change to live on how do u stock up on anything when ur buy ing shoes clothes for a growing boy… buses to medical appts…like really

  165. sherry rinck

    i have been on odsp for years ,,but i have also worked I have driven school bus for 29 yrs ,,so they take 50% of my pay and i survived on that barely ,,,then in october i had to go on wsib because i got hurt at work ,,,the take dollar for dollar and then some ,,almost makes me wonder why i worked all my life ,i get punished ,i would have been better off never working at all …i am now struggling ,,i get 392.00 every other week so thats 784.00 a month from wsib ,,my last cheque i recieved from odsp was 77.00 , thats a total of $861.00 a month to live on ,,im now behind on my mortage for the first time ever ,,my daughters have been dropping off food to me ,,i may lose my house along with my pride …had i never worked at least i would be getting 1,200 a month that at least covers my mortgage ….makes me upset when i see all this help 2,000 a month even for people that work part time ,,im under 1,000 a month and was told by my worker i can not apply for the covid relief of 2,000 like most working people because i recieve odsp even as little as it is,,,that big $100.00 on time relief is a kick in the head for people that are disabled without children,,i have not seen a raise in odsp for years ,,,they need to review it ,,rent and food has double if not tripled just in the past 3 yrs .. SO WHAT ABOUT US SINGLE PEOPLE THAT ARE DISABLED ????

    • Michelle

      I agree they shoukd raise odsp, BUT right now the goverment us helping the ones Who have been financially hurt due to to the virus. Im sorry and feel bad how low odsap is but people on ow and odsp HAVE NOT LOST ANYTHING . Right now the goverment need s to worry about safing small business, making sure students are still abke to go to school and live.When this is all over yes tge government should raise odsp. Ow i believe should not be raised .

  166. Farah

    Hi. I request the minister of ontarion disability to boost its monthly payment. All low inco.e people are suffering a lot.

  167. Rob

    Yes Ontario basic pilot is important more then ever ASAP

  168. Anonymous

    Such a joke. Government gives people $2000 to survive, yet only give people on disability $1100 to survive. Reduce the $2000 a month to $1100 a month as that is apparently enough for the disabled to survive!

  169. Sharon

    Odsp should not fall below the range they feel canaduans need to survive

  170. Michelle

    Im sorry but people that were on welfare before this have not been affected actually they have gained due to gst and baby bonus giing up. I work very hard and am upset i am out of work. People on welfare have NOT LOST INCOME. Nothing has changed in there financial world. So i believe tge goverment needs to safe tge small businesses that r going to go under and help the people who have LOST their income. Ow has to relize tgeir clients were on ut before thus so if they got say 1200 a month then THEY STILL R GETTING 1200 so they have lost NO INCOME. Their lives stay the same.

    • Andrew Nellis

      We were struggling to survive BEFORE this you sad, ignorant cow. How the hell are we supposed to eat now when food costs are skyrocketing and all the cheap staples like pasta and rice we used to survive eating have been snapped up? We’re on disability because we’re SICK. If we get COVID-19, we DIE. How the hell are we supposed to protect ourselves? I lost 50 pounds in four months BEFORE the pandemic because I couldn’t afford anything to eat but rice and microwave popcorn. When my rice runs out in a few weeks, what the hell am I supposed to eat?

      Go away. Everyone posting here is angry, depressed, anxious, and/or terrified, and empathy-free, mouth-breathing imbeciles like you just make it worse.

  171. Tracy Atkinson

    Living on ODSP, being an older woman with many health issues I cant really keep my head above water on a good day and now during this pandemic its truly devistating I am truly scared

  172. Roxanne Fugère

    the cerb progam is available for kid’s of 15 years old in which case do not work.yet they can apply for the CERB PROGRAM along with their parents which = 6,000.00 per month, YET WELFARE RECIPIENTS CANNOT APPLY WE ARE THE FORGOTTEN ONES IN THIS PANDEMIC……WHILE EVERYONE ELSE CAN APPLY FOR THE CERB PROGRAM AND GO TO FOOD BANKS………..THERE IS A DISCREMINATION ON THESELINES.FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS…………

  173. Bella

    The best way to communicate to any level of government is Twitter. The more people re-tweet the better chance your voice will be heard. All government levels hate it when you voice your issues or concerns.

  174. Alley Heaney

    Totally agree….I am on CPPD and I am not doing good. All the cheaper food is picked over and after my bills are paid I have 100.00 left over for groceries and necessities. How does the government expect a person to get through this. Depression has hit me hard and the constant worrying is not helping. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat. I would not doubt if things don’t change your going to see sucide rates going up.

  175. Ada.

    Honestly the goverment messed up with this Cerb I live downtown and there was a bunch of homeless people saying yes i got the $2000. That makes me sick. These people dont work contribute nothing to society. They get odsp which is like 800 dollars plus a month and waste it on booze and drugs makes me sick and they dont care if they get penalized cause they will never pay it back.

    Makes me sick

  176. Silvana

    Living on a total income of $1,169.00 a month is impossible. Payment is once a month at the end of the month. That amount is supposed to pay rent, bills, food, transportation etc… how is it possible? Doesn’t the government realize that a healthy person would love to work if they could? Obviously, a person is too unhealthy to work. Why is the ODSP income so low??

  177. Ray

    I am on disable pension in nl I get a pension check and since I now have a wife. Between what they call social services they actually take out my whopping 747 and the assistance here is if my pension check is 1 doctor say they consider this income and I live to see why our prime minister finally put a end to this like the rest Canada.. if ppl had to live on my whopping 11 thousand dollars and that’s now 2 off us.. now with what’s going on with this virus. The trying to stay save and only go out to pharmacy which is kind off funny just yesterday I had to keep 104 dollar check from two weeks early to pay for my MEDS not all are covered. Fought with mha’s to get covered .. with promises and never coming thru. Now we have this virus and I actually have single friends living with there own woman and they get 400 each but not us we get 600 for 2 ppl because we are married and that’s a extra 200 for my friends. But we have been told by our prime minister that he’s going to change the way the disabled get penalized.. well as long as he’s been in I’m still waiting for that one. But back to the VIRUS THAT’S KILLING alot off ppl. We have been trying so hard to stay away because we both have underlying health issues.. it’s costly for us just to get to our pharmacy and stores to by food and get our medication.. but from what we both have read . We don’t get any more than the extra money added to our GST. Try to get to the food was hard enough before the virus. Now things are not there when we finally get my pension check.. so who ever is going to read this please understand that sometimes it just blows our minds on how different we get treated here.. you think this would make ppl closer and see the true Newfie helping at all times.. I haven’t seen that in so many years it’s actually hurtful.. please if anyone knows a few things that we maybe missing.. let me know in the comments I hope this is not to long for the reader to understand that we need things just like all the ppl else where.

  178. eh

    Lets not forget disabled people who are trying to live on a CPPDisability..which is often less than ODSP. Hopefully govt will allocate funds to increase CPPDisability as theyve doubled the senior GAINS amount for next 6 mths

  179. Mark Frank

    Still see nothing to help diebetics on cppd . That are stuck at home no tv no internet. Stuck in the dark. All running very low on food and esentials6

  180. Sally Froude

    I am on CPP disability l do not see any help for me, l guess we do not count as needing extra help l paid into the system and do not receive any extra income.

    • Margaret

      I’m In the same situation
      There should be allowed something to help paying daily expenses

  181. Margaret

    What happens for people collecting cpp disability any help for them

  182. Jake

    The CERB OR ANY AVAILABLE BENEFIT should go to EVERY SINGLE CANADIAN, whether or not they’re working or laid off. AND at tax time, going by business value and not income from 500,000.00 up would have to pay back whatever they took. I for example, am unemployed but refuse any government welfare and there are many like me. But the government in it’s supreme decision making, eliminated all of us and decided that after paying taxes for more than 10 years, me 25 personally.. cannot get the CERB payment?? They demanded we stay indoors and as such I am unable to gather my supplies from donors and I need twice as much??? Are these morons blind? Or do they sleep on their faces…pissed off.

  183. Amanda Jones

    Yes I understand that there is quite a few people may be registered on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program. I would like to know why we do not have the same luxury as a employed person in Ontario when most are legitimately disabled and unable to work to create a better living situation for ourselves financially and emotionally and physically. our government really needs to step up for all the people including myself that unfortunately I need to be on this benefit. The facts being is I have been told that I am not allowed not that I don’t want to that I am not allowed to retain any type of employment due to extreme physical disabilities that unfortunately affects the aspects of my everyday life on top being told that medical treatment will be denied if I do not follow request of being unemployed. if I could work I would.

  184. Jakr


  185. Luna

    Great article!
    Unfortunately I would have to agree with the precarious conditions people on ODSP live in. I’m under CPP/ODSP my monthly income is less than $1200 a month, with my room rental being over $600…it’s sad to even try to do the Math. I have a history of Deppression and suffer from a condition where my immune system attacks itself, causing inflammation and chronic pain. For me, work isn’t an option.
    I was very glad to read that there might be a little extra help for disabled people, so I called ODSP. I was happy, but surprised the extra help is a one time payment of $100.
    Like me, there are many, I run from abuse after 21 years, but had just been through surgery, and there was no Accessible rooms in shelters. I had to accommodate on a stranger S sofa, and still no hope of receiving the shelter I so desperately need. Because I’m not being abused anymore, I disqualified myself for the apartment I apply for at least five years ago. And so, the story goes, the vulnerable becoming more vulnerable.
    Thanks for reading my scattered story. It took courage to write, re live it and send it.
    May you be in good health

  186. Hasina Reshamwalla

    I am a single mother receiving cpp disability, not odsp. Funds are helping everyone but those that are sick.. those that have medications, dietary restrictions due to health and thr increase cost of these in stores (not to mention the lack of these being available.
    Help those on cpp disability.

  187. Hasina Reshamwalla

    I am a single mother receiving cpp disability, not odsp. Funds are helping everyone but those that are sick.. those that have medications, dietary restrictions due to health and thr increase cost of these in stores (not to mention the lack of these being available.
    Help those on cpp disability. I have a multitude of medical conditions and no cure for at least 9 of them. I keep healthy thru proper nutrition and medicine that isn’t even available and when it is, the price is atrocious.

  188. Bill

    I’m suffering with Sarcoidosis, I had lobectomy on my right lung Mid November 2019, I am in pain and suffering from arthritis and other conditions from sarcoidosis still.
    I’m 44 years old and I worked my whole life up until two years ago when I got sick, I’m currently collecting ow because my doctor will not complete the forms for me to collect ODSP
    I’m a full-time father and I rent a home in the country.
    Since being released from the hospital I have been unable to pay my rent because I don’t get enough money and basically I am in extreme isolation since January due to covid19.
    I’m unable to pay my rent because I have been having to buy over the counter medications and supplies as well as caring for myself and my teenage son all of this on $1,000 a month it’s not even enough to cover my rent.
    How the hell do I not qualify for benefits when I’m guaranteed the highest risk and among the most vulnerable Canadians in extreme isolation. I’m living in the country with no internet, I was behind on my rent and no access to services or medical Supplies …
    I in isolation, and it scares the hell out of me to even remotely consider going into London so I’m very cautious and I go in once a week and I take great care in protecting myself.
    I had borrowed money from family and friends and I am having a hard time paying it back and I don’t know how things are going to work out?… on top of this which is the worst I have developed an anxiety and also suffering from different types of depression butt I feel shame for our government snd the policies on how they have in no way provided funding me. Im born, raised, educated in Ontario
    I’ve faithfully contributed my whole life and I contributed as a full-time employee for 33 years and I don’t even qualify for any benefits whatsoever I don’t get gst/hst or Trillium Benefits because for some stupid reason it’s being sent to an old FRO account and nobody will reverse it, as well as child tax benefits are not being sent to me because I have no idea?? I’ve applied for them every year since 2008…I provided court orders lawyers documents proving sole custody…however my child tax benefits do not arrive and still being fraudulently collected by an ex partner.
    Im sooo suffering and I went through hell to log into my CRA account which still doesn’t work however I had to use a sign in partner.
    I felt a great deal of sadness as i spent two full days on my phone going to every corner of that site only to find it absolutely nothing for me.
    Anyeays..I thought I would share this piece of my story… that is 1% of a very long long sad story that I could show how services in our Province have failed me, I have documented every situation. Even when I contacted my case worker at Ontario Works office in St Thomas she told me that I’m already getting assistance with nothing more available for me.
    I’m not one to complain but life really sucks right now. I’m hungry and I’m in the country with no internet.
    I hope the people read this and they realize how good their life really is.

    (F**k Covid)

  189. Tammy

    I’m on ODSP anf recieved a ONE time amount of 100.00 it does not help at all when I now have to pay someone to go numerous times to try and find essentials that get out of stock! Also we make less than 6.00 hour is you calculate it out and barely survive as is with never any increase to meet cost of living and utility increases. It gets worse every month and adds so much more added stress. We seem to be always the ones neglected. We can not get ahead on groceries because the money is just not there! I don’t understand how we have do much money to help other countries and all the money they are coming up with now and once again we are all suffering. It’s hard enough being disabled this is just adding so much more stress and hardships.
    Someone has to help US !!!!
    Thank you

  190. Anonymous

    Im on low income assistance.. after i pay all my essential bills every month such as insurance internet phone hydro rent bank fees i am left with 70 dollars to buy cat food/litter some few grocery items and gas. I understand that alot of people would argue that well all your bills are paid what do you have to worry about.. I would answer that most months i wouldnt worry. I usually can do my laundry at a friends house or go over for dinner because in all honesty i wouldnt be able to afford food without Covid going on im not sure how to pay for food when i wouldnt have been able to survive on a normal month and that doesnt even begin to factor in the preventative gear that comes with this epidemic.. Gloves masks sanitizer. Now i get that working canadians deserve help but the goverment has given them access to countless more to help them through than someone in my position up to and including ei no interest loans cerb the gst credit that everyone got… being able to default on rent and mortages… Now the people on cpp odsp welfare or whatever kind of system have been forgotten about.. I rely on friends and family for 90 percent of the things like food and laundry. And they cant afford to help or are isolating themselves, We are just as much Canadian as you.

  191. Steve


  192. Sue

    Those of us on CPPD are also entirely missed here in Ontario!! we cannot work due to disabities and are more vunlnerable to the virus (myself being type 1 diabetic for close to 50 years) We do not get drug or dental coverage like those on ODSP and are expected to continue with no help. BC is getting 300/month more on their cppd checks, why cant we? We are totally slipped between all the cracks for any financial help.

    • Bob

      Hi Sue, B.C. people on welfare disability only get the 300 per month for 3 months not ccp disability, we are left in the dark

  193. Ishtar XXIII

    Me and my boyfriend are on odsp and we’re fucking starving And can’t even get our laundry done. Apparently everyone in the US got money to help with covid. Canada usually were the ones on top of this shit before the US

  194. Karen

    It is doug ford, he is the premier of Ontario.

    • Mike

      Ya and he gave himself and his legislators a 20% increase in their housing allowance in January before all of this so they could afford the rental increase in Toronto They’re taken care of

  195. Julie McLaren

    I find everything very discouraging. I work 40 hours a week in a Long term care home with 5 individuals with developmental disabilities. I’m 52 and the work is very physically, emotionally and mentally draining. We are union…I make $23 an hour…and my take home per month is less than the $2000 CERB payment. Yes I’m grateful to be employed…Yes I am fearing for my health and life everyday at work…HONESTLY! Id rather be home gardening and creating something to enjoy for the Summer in lockdown in my yard…then busting my ass…wiping them all day for the same amount of money. But NO..I’m not eligible and must continue to care for others and risk my own. I believe frontline workers should st least be getting HAZARD PAY!!

    .Frustrated and so unfair in Powell River, BC

  196. penny willoughby

    why is no one calling out mr, trudeau about not shelling out any of those billions of dollars for seniors, and low income people., and people with disabilities!! so what if he is providing more resourses ,we can not use it to buy food or pay bills !!!!! we need someone that works in media to be our voice ! any suggestions

  197. Gord

    C.p.p disability in canada this should be with the seniors the first this government should be helping , but nothing I mean nothing,….. 537.00 a month wow pick rent ,good,bills or street. 231.00 this month and next open the courts why 17 year long battle of stealing my and income i made under the amout the law states but still took it and still is . Over 14 months now in courts.. this went down to 231.00 and again this government don’t care.,,all about business this is not canada, we care about the weaker. I’m told until the court opens this is were i am at .. 17 years now canada fix this extra pain you are giving me every day of my life, lose family lost friends lost everything, why ill tell you I had nothing for me or to offer , everyone else was shopping i was alone, thanks for picking at me for 17 years now. How many others have to done this to .

  198. Brian St John

    It’s pretty sad I have been living the last 4 yrs on a low CPP disability of $924 per month and get no help, now seeing all these people receiving all kinds of money with money, I believe it’s time for our Government to look at us people that work and ended up with a disability that put us out of work and need help !!!

  199. Liana

    The Federal Government will be giving would be graduating students $1250/month and disabled or students caring for someone $1750/month. These amounts are $100 & $600 more than the maximum a disabled adult on ODSP can receive.

    • Richard

      These amounts have been increased to $2250/month graduating students and $2000/month for disabled or caring for someone effective May 1 to end of August.

  200. Maureen Davidson

    Seniors are hurting, everything has gone up especially food. Where is the help for us!!!
    Disabled people need a raise and so do Seniors we are living below the poverty level!
    When is the raise coming for us !!

  201. Mike

    Has Canada forgotten the people on odsp and social assistance? Everybody got the extra gst cheque in April and everybody so far the government seems to be taking care of but people with disabilities or people on welfare have recieved nothing really! ODSP offering a one time emergency benefit of $100 for single people but where’s Trudeau? What’s he offering? I haven’t found anything really, everywhere I look it’s for the working class people, but the lower class nothing! Thanks a lot Trudeau, for forgetting us!

  202. Captain Zicard

    The government has to decide the people who matter and the people who don’t matter. People who matter get CERB. People who don’t matter get 1,000 per month or less. Then Trudeau and Doug Ford refuse to explain, the only thing Doug has to spew is “the best social program is a job”. What a fool.

  203. Jeremy

    I am a disabled person who was an over achiever from age 12 onward my life was super successful and I had a six figure job a dozen years back.
    *** I am a fully disabled person for several years now. *** This covid financial help from government is a HUGE LIE. they have given zero help to disabled people. The money we were told was given odsp authorities who in turn made only 100 dollars available to each disabled person. This $100 is only available once from odsp and that’s it. I’m disgusted with the government and odsp staff authorities for the way I’m being treated because I’m disabled people have been treated placed in danger as a direct result of no financial help YET for covid costs (which in my case left me flat broke a week ago barely past half way through the month. I barely ever make it through a month and only ever buy food when on sale. The items I honestly use in my lifestayle are sold out in every grocery store due to covid
    The people who are not disbaled have been given thousands and thousands of dollars while I’m made to wait 21 days fr a one time help of $100 that doesn’t even cover one single medicka cost I have now due to covid protocols AND safety. ***Even seniors have received more in each and evry single.month of payments yet they even have been given double GAINS and that’s ongoing monthly not just once payment mile me because in disabled
    *** Seniors to receive double EVERY MONTH FOR NEXT 6 TO 12 months of examPle 88 per month now 166 per month. Yet all people like me who’ve been to sick to work long term or to mentally challenged to get work have been dramatically kicked down in real life time of need for safety during a virus that’s killing people. Does the government think my life is worth less then everyone else’s becuase I’m sick often so much I cant hold a job and face brutal hate challenges all year long a d yet they give me squat to help me live safely during this virus outbreak. To make it even worse the government is is patting itself on the back saying it helped odsp yet it ***they have not help, odsp authorities have sickeningly cheated us down to a single one time one payment of $100 available tk me NEXT MKMTH ??? WOW 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 It wont be given to me until the 1st of next month by then so much food shortage massive stresses already and can’t afford masks or to get to my weekly mandatory in person dr appointments safely due to transit.

    Whoever screwed over the poor-health disabled people like myself is gonna have some answers to give spiritually speaking since no one else cares and I can’t exactly send an email to our leadership Ontario or Canada saying please don’t put me in danger anymore and pay us what we need to be safe each month for next 4 months same as everyone else. Even if they gave is each $500 which would be almost appropriate each month for 4 months I’d still have less $$ then my best friend a senior in Her 70’s. What does my life matter so little or less then everyone’s else? Am I not a human also? This virus doesn’t care who a person is or what my income social status is or isn’t.

    My monthly income is several hundred less then my closet friend who is a senior. I dont even now who to send this too for the government to treat me the same as everyone else and for the powers that be at odsp to be stopped from how they took all the government’s covid funds but going to give us a tiny fraction of what was given to them for us.

    • Andrew Nellis

      No, you aren’t human. That’s the reality of it. The federal government decided that the minimum amount a human being needs to survive in Canada is $2000 a month. This means a person on ODSP is only worth half of a human, and a person on OW even less. You are untermensch, a term the Nazis used to refer to the less-than-human, like the disabled. The government wants you to die. They regard you as a “useless eater,” another phrase used by the Nazis.

      This pandemic allows the government to quietly allow a disease to do their dirty work for them, racing through the sick and old and killing them. They don’t need death camps when they can allow COVID-19 to do all the killing and then sit back and wash their hands like Pontius Pilate.

    • Andrew Nellis

      Don’t waste your time. They won’t help. Doug Ford and his cronies *hate* the poor and disabled. They see this as an opportunity to let them die. Both the government and the media are quietly turning a blind eye to the suffering, hunger, and desperation of the poor because their agenda is eliminating what the Nazis once referred to as the “useless eaters,” ie/ you and me.

      Use your effort to figure out how to steal or scavenge what you need to survive, because the government is trying to kill you. They certainly aren’t going to be moved by a petition.

  204. Bernice

    I really do hope the government’s do something about what’s happening to the poor…?! The forgotten… people in a circle at a bank down town trying to keep warm! Is this right to be happening? To what people around the world think of CANADA… We are not so.

  205. Lama

    I agree that all people should be treated equally, especially those living under the poverty line. We should look after the most disenfranchised first because they are the most vulnerable.

  206. Martha

    I’m on ODSP with two children. I need help. What and or where do I go or do?

  207. rose

    i am 48 yrs old on CPP disability and was receiving spousal support until my ex who is a union carpenter was out of work, I havent received my support payment for april and FRO said they will apply for a government garnishee if he is receiving EI but if her is receiving CERB they cannot garnish that..the government garnishee FRO is applying for will not go through until sometime in june, so until then my income from CPP disability is only around $800 a month, my rent is $1025 plus hydro..I do not qualify for CERB, so I get no help, was told I could apply for ODSB which might give me max $400 a month but will have to be paid back once my spousal starts coming back in…why is it the government is not considering people in my situation that depend either on child or spousal support?my spousal support is for life due to the length of my relationship and my disability..I dont know what to do at this point, I may end up losing my place..also once the garnishment goes thru I will not get the full payments owed but will gradually get it in small installments monthly…fml i dont know where to turn?

  208. Mike

    Thank you for addressing this issue with ODSP!
    It is a shame that most Canadians got more help than those most at risk here.
    It is a slap in the face that we were only offered a one time payment of $100 when 7.5 million Canadians got instant help and more help than those get when not in a crisis. It’s not right. A student that has a disability now gets more assistance too than those already in the program.
    They also only offer $497 for rental funds and you can barely find anything for that price in this country anymore

  209. Covid-18

    The Canada Government sucks. People on welfare and ODSP ( welfare with head problems) get paid extra 300$ a month for Covid19 but people on Canada Disability get squat. So, my welfare neighbour is buying crack with her 300$ bonus, and my mother, gets to sit inside her house with nothing. Unbelievable.

    • Andrew Nellis

      First, people on OW and ODSP are getting nothing. The extra $300 a month you’re referring to is in BC only, not Ontario. Second, expressing hatred and contempt for people just as poor and desperate as you are is not helpful. We’re all in the same boat. If you’re going to be hateful, at least point it at the people responsible, like Doug Ford.

  210. Bonnie Hardman

    alot been done for low income with kids what about low income odsp for single people not enough food as food banks closed

  211. Tony

    had a good job thanks to a drunk driver I know must live on 1000.00 a month thank you very much

  212. Robyn DeRosier

    I am on ODSP with an income of 1235 rent of 1150 which my daughter helps pay, Plus we pay heat and hydro we have to use the food bank to eat and often go without medications as all medication is not covered on ODSP after being in 2 car accidents and have other preexisting issues I am unable to work with a 2000.00 hydro bill hanging over my head as soon as Trudeau lifts the ban on hydro being cut for non payment trust me they are coming for me. They offered me a payment plan of 500 dollars a month. If I had 500 a month for hydro I would never have gotten into this position. And yes I have tried to find a cheaper place everything is so expensive. I am not sure I will live long enough to wait the ten years to get a one room senior subsidized unit

  213. Esther

    I’m a care aide and my back surgery was cancelled due to covid, and now the pain is to much to work, can I apply for cerb?

  214. Teresa Annette Shaw

    What is the government planning on doing for we canadian on CPP Disability? I have heard of nothing to help me, I receive 962.28 a month. There has been no increase for me. Can you please explain why we have been forgotten about please?

  215. Dianne Spence

    i am confused about this so called help from the husband is on federal cpp due to his health.i am on provincal cpp due to ms . we do not recieve a top up cheque from social services aka welfare due to bot disability cheques together is just over 1300.00 a month..we were told by a couple of employees from our office that when i first was had to sign on to disability that we would receive more funds on our cheques and receive more help.why is that.if im wrong please say something because im thinking cause we are married we are both cpp and we are both under 48 and he is 52 .

  216. Sandy Moore

    Fact is …the numbers isnt correct. All people that have crossed over gets 1200 plus each child 500. How many familys ate getting mega bucks and i a hard damn worker only living on less than 12,000 a year paid and busted my ass for this and only end up with 1200.oo and not received that but have no children to claim at 500 each dont we think this unfair , lk ast to get but we older people have paid our dues and paid the price for being where we are now….busted ass and broke our backs to be where we are now…thats d ou sab lk ed!We arent going to allow nothing to to you ake ys down and wipe us out,,dont you think our goverment shoukd allow us disabled and veterans that strived and gave to to our state and country and us the benefits that they are handing out now? We will continue to stuggle until the eyes are open,perhaps they think we wont pull this…but damn it sucks handing out big weekly checks to those to dont deserve a red dime925 per week x 4 would you work ,this is 4x what disabled gets plus they get food stamps and all where does piverty level stand?

  217. br

    Fucking gov’t is got potatoes up their ass they never help who needs it middsle finger for idiots in high places..

  218. Tim

    What are you talking about there receiving 2000 per month plus there benefits..

  219. kelly

    why is it that with all the help that is being given to several groups people that collect cpp disability did not receive anything extra to try and cope with covid 19 ?

    • Wayne G. Moffett

      Hi Kelly, I posted a couple below you, and happened to read yours. I feel for you, as I believe my post is just the longer version of yours. I would appreciate to know if you rattled any chains. And likewise.. GOOD LUCK!

  220. aimee henstra

    hi sorry but i have no idea who to ask for help but im a single woman with one child on ontario works and i was cut off because my ex never changed his address on his cell phone she did a reverse number search and seen his number was at my address and cut me off my benefits during covid because she thinks we live together she tells me this 2 days before im to get my cheque who should i talk to i have .18 cents in my bank account if anyone knows who i could talk to please let me know thank u so much all

    • Andrew Nellis

      Appeal immediately. First appeal to the worker. Then appeal to the supervisor. If they both turn you down, you’ll have to file a formal appeal and go before the tribunal. But as soon as you appeal, they are forced according to their rules to continue to give you welfare until the appeal has been processed. That should keep you going in the short term, and the appeals process is probably log-jammed so it’ll take a while to go through.

      You should also try to find an advocate. You don’t say where you’re located so I can’t suggest an organization, but check with local churches, food banks, and drop-in centres to see where you might be able to find someone to advocate for you. Social services’ own rules say you are allowed to have an advocate present for all interactions, and the presence of an advocate forces them to follow the rules. Without an advocate they can and will make up their own rules to screw you over. As soon as there’s an advocate, even if she or he does nothing but quietly watch, the way they treat you will change completely.

    • Virginia Baelde

      Hi I feel so bad for you. I’m very ill an I won’t get better ever. I find a lot of workers shouldn’t have there jobs. They make me so nervous an then I’m sick for days. That worker should no cut you off without evidence-based on this. That’s total bull shit. She could make calls e.g. his landlord, work place ECT. The sad part is they just don’t care.

  221. Doris

    I am 62 years old and was in a life long relationship and he died last year. Although my mortgage is paid and I havent worked . I have severe copd now and cannot work. I live alone and just was just told by my Social assistance worker I wiln be receiving 430.00 a month. Out of this I have to pay my 210.00 hydro and ware 160 quarterly. This leaves me no money for food a phone or tv service . I cannot feed my pets also. I’m crying I don’t know what to do.

    • Andrew Nellis

      You’ll have to get creative if you want to live. You’ll also have to be prepared to break the law. If you don’t there is a very real probability that you’ll simply die, which is what they want. I have electric heat, so I couldn’t afford to turn on the heat this winter. I barricaded myself in a single room and kept the door shut, burned candles when I could afford them, and wrapped myself in a blanket when the temperature dropped low enough.

      Find out where the nearest body of water with fish is. Go out at night, under cover of darkness, and set some lines with bait in the water, tied to branches. Come back before the sun rises and check your lines. If you put out enough you should have at least one or two fish. Even if you can’t eat them, your pets can.

      Walk around your neighbourhood and make a note of which restaurants have accessible dumpsters. Every night, go out with boxcutters, gloves, and boots, and start cutting bags to find food. I lived next to a Subway and every night they’d throw out a whole garbage bag full of sub rolls. I also got frozen 5 pound bags of cold cuts, five pound bags of lettuce and hot peppers, and entire boxloads of apple slices, all just a day past the best-before. Hotels are also a good place to source food from dumpsters; after events like weddings or conferences, the catered food gets tossed. If you’re lucky you can find entire pizzas still in boxes.

      If you are old or sick or disabled, no one cares whether you live or die. In fact people like Doug Ford would prefer that you die. If you want to survive you’re going to have to change the way you think. You are no longer living in the same world as “normal” people. Learn to scavenge and make do, or you’ll just die. No one is going to help you except you.

  222. Wayne G. Moffett

    I am on ODSP. The cheapest 1 bedroom I could find was $1149.00. My ODSP that I receive is $1188.00 /mth. If I didn’t have family to helpwith food, I would probably be on the streets. Besides rent and food l also have to pay hydro, cable, laundry which I am 2-3 mths behind on all. I am a Millwright by tradeand was making close to $100,000 a year until a back injury caused me to have my back (spine) fused. It doesn’t look like I’ll work as a Millwright again which was my passion. Obviously ł would rather work at my trade as my income went from $100,000/yr – $13,000/yr. overnight. If there is some type of help out there it would be muchh
    appreciated. Thank you in advance. Wayne G. Moffett.

  223. Concerned ODSP receipiant

    It is quite simple what people on ODSP need to do. Just as you have been abandoned by the provincial government in Ontario and the federal government, you too need to abandon these governments.

    Next federal election, do NOT vote liberal !
    Next provincial election do NOT vote conservatives !

    As long as people on disability accept the policies of these governments, they will remain unrepresented !!



  225. Theo

    A one time supplement is not realistic for seniors on old age pensions. Credit cards have for the most part have become the means of payment for almost every purchase made even at pharmacies. Pension recipients should be getting a supplemental each month. How does the one time payment cover all following months during the pandemic.

  226. Virginia Baelde

    The government will never help us poor. I/we have no value to them & I feel like dirt they sweep under the rug so know one sees. I know they have a media ban on ODSP an other social services.

  227. Virginia Baelde

    I got the $100 for just me. An it’s a one time thing. There saying this VIRUS will be around for about 18 months. An that $100 over 18 months is $5.55 a month or 18 cents a day to help someone on ODSP an others. This is an insult. This made me cry my eyes out. What can u buy with $5.55? I bought 2 masks from my local drug store an that was $7.00. I don’t get the option to shop around I don’t drive. An my $5.55 I got for May 2 boxes of tissue. Can’t find hand sanitizer any were.

  228. Leith a.curtis

    How is it fair for someone who recently dealt with a break in enter lost identification, has a handicap cap and had to reorder Identification all over again and is still waiting now for pic id to catch up on taxes to be able to apply…… most don’t deal with this issue but I’m seriously struggling…. . My landlord is on verge of eviction, we need to have a faster method because these things do happen .

  229. Craig

    This is a old story its now may 3 20 /20 I’ve paid my rent which is 550 dollars and i still have to pay hydro food and car insurance to be able to by food insurance is 77 amonth hydro is 143 this month which works out two770 a month I only 733 dollars and I haven’t even got groceries yet I was actively looking for work now theirs no work at all my landlord didn’t give me a break there only so many ways to eat potatoes this is just not fair that this government is telling everyone there there to help well if there helping I would sure love to know how there help us that are in this position I personally have no family to fall back on I’m pretty much screwed thanks Ford and Justin im vlad your there for all your help during this time in need BAHAHA HAHA

  230. Josephine Safar

    Yes you right 100%