Low-income Ontarians facing partial claw back of federal assistance during COVID-19

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  1. Darren

    Thank you for addressing basic needs for the most vulnerable.

    • Darlene

      I am single recieving $869.00 per month on ODSP very hard to get by. Leaves me 50.00 for groc. Money to pay phone and little for transportation.

      • Pauly Dibiasio

        It’s not right leaving people with so little income. During this time. There even trying to give students 1250 a month. Thats what I make on odsp.things have to change. I got PTSD. Anxiety. Depression. Panic.

        • Ruth

          I never knew about this I even had called my worker at the end of march and asked if there was anything I could get extra due to I have alot of health issues and walking issues. She sound no because I still get my monthly amount. But I said I dont have enough money to buy cleaning supplies and masks nor gloves. Plus its costing more to get the little groceries I normally buy. Why dont the government just add extra funds to my monthly payment. I’m on odsp & cop disability. Can anyone explain to me why are we not getting the help or the information.

          • Macdonald

            Thumbs up .its hard ..I’m with u .I hope someone hears you ..

        • Evan

          Your an idiot shut your fucking mouth

          • Jennifer

            R U serious??? That kind of language AND attitude is not helpful on this site and is definitely NOT welcome. I don’t care what issues you have or what your point of view is…you have no right to speak to anyone that way!

          • patricia

            The same way every one else is getting help why don’t people on ODSP get extra help, I am unable to go to the store do to my illness I have to order everything on line,I think the of Ontario Gov should give every recipients on social assistance at least $500 extra per month.

      • james

        got kick of odsp 6 years no one help me it is story because my wife older then me brings more in she can look me lam 54 she 70 nothing is fair in this james

      • Hollie Feltham

        A one time only payment of a $100 only helped me out for that one month, for extra soaps,hand sanitizers and lysol spray to keep me safe. I had no extra for masks or gloves. How is it suppose to help me for next month or the month after . ? Can odsp/cppd recipients apply for cerb and not face consequences? Is this $100 available every month. ? It seems to me that the less fortunate sick folk have been left out of help. But yet we are the most vulnerable. Please clarify this. And maybe set out points for us disabled. Thank you
        Regards H.A.F

    • Mike Toole

      I have tried to find out how the CERB payments will affect GIS payments, and have not been able to.
      A GIS recipient is allowed to keep the first $5000 of employment or self employment income and then 50% of amounts up to above that up to a ceiling.
      Will the CERB payments be treated as earned income in Ontario for the purposes of calculating any GIS clawback?

      If they are and assuming that $8000 CERB is paid (4 x $2000), this would mean that of the $8000, $6500 would be exempt income for GIS purposes. Could someone confirm that these assumptions are correct?


        • Marilyn

          Hi I’m 59 live on my own I get partial CPP and disability will never be able to work again I was told by a friend I could have help with assistance with covid 19 allowance is this true ? I am the type that wouldn’t want or try have anything I’m not entitled to any advice I would be grateful of …my heart goes out to everyone through these terrible times…be safe and thank you

  2. Shelly O'Brien

    I think that there should be Canada wide increases to the Social Assistance and Disability incomes. It seems to be only Provincial, and that’s just not fair!!!

    • Donna

      Me and my husband are in CPP Disability…not any help for us

      • Tammy

        I say same thing , why were us CPP Disability left out ? All other programs were being helped but us on CPP Disability. All I can say is, it’s just not right .

      • Nancy Monahan

        I too am on CPP Disability benefit. We are not even being mentioned, at ALL. The cost of my groceries to get them delivered via online orders, has doubled since pandemic began. I am now cutting back drastically on items like meat, produce, and absolutely no cleaning supplies. CPP DIsability is a benefit that is very difficult to receive, which I have no issue with, but when I see most of Canadians getting some form of aid, I see nothing for the disabled. I have worked my whole life until, unfortunately, and on numerous back to work attempts, my doctor would no longer give me a doctor’s note advising that I was able to return. PLEASE, I WILL BEG, BUT PLEASE, WE NEED HELP!

      • Jane

        Anyone under 65 years on CPP Disability and not able to work is falling between the cracks. No assistance at all. Bring it to Ms. Carla’s attention.

    • betty lou walmsley

      why do you need it you did alright with it 6 months ago what has changed???????????

      • Hollie Feltham

        Covid has changed. We are sick. We need to protect ourselves just as much as our healthy neighbour if not more. So yes… us people on government help for illnesses we did not ask for are asking for a little help to help keep us safe in this pandemic. It is different from 6 months ago because of delivery charges… extra items we did not need 6 months ago. They gave an extra $100 One Time Only “help” which helped pay for toilet paper once I found some and hand sanitizer “when I was able to get out” as we are only paid once a month… we do not have the luxury to pick up items when needed. And when that time came that we got paid. The healthy and panicked had purchased all the items and once again forgot the disabled.

        • Hollie Feltham

          BETTY LOU … Covid has changed things over the last 6 months. . We are sick. We need to protect ourselves just as much as our healthy neighbour if not more. So yes… us people on government help for illnesses we did not ask for are asking for a little help to help keep us safe in this pandemic. It is different from 6 months ago because of delivery charges… extra items we did not need 6 months ago. They gave an extra $100 One Time Only “help” which helped pay for toilet paper once I found some and hand sanitizer “when I was able to get out” as we are only paid once a month… we do not have the luxury to pick up items when needed. And when that time came that we got paid. The healthy and panicked had purchased all the items and once again forgot the disabled.

  3. Diana Walker

    What about people on CPP disability benefits we get no help and have no drug plan

    • Sheldon

      Yes i totally agree i am on CPP disability as well, we are getting nothing extra but yet if you are on welfare disability here in BC they are getting 1235 plus an extra 300 a month and all medication paid for.

    • Karen King-Boyd

      Same here Diana I receive CPP disability as well and I agree what about us.I guess they seem to think we are not important.

      • Cindy Graziotto

        Myself and my husband are both on CPPD and search as I may, have not yet found any financial assistance to help with the added costs of Covid19. Any suggestions on how to address this issue?

      • Donna

        I’m also on cpp disability onlyhard to get by these days

  4. Christina

    my dependant sons worked part-time. They lost their extra personal income to better help themselves. They held off from applying even though they would have been eligible. As we were at confusion of how badly this could affect our household long term. Including our rent being raised. However due to the messy complications we’ve decided it’s in our household units best interest not to apply concerning it will add to my case being complicated with clawbacks & monthly basic income. All I have to say, it’s extremely disappointing that my sons have no rights or working equality when it boils down to all of this. due to MY own setbacks. They still need to complete their education. So we’ve decided not to add any more complications or stress, than I or they, are currently under. The pressures are there, but it is what it is. I must express the depression that adds feeling like because of me & my setbacks, & limitations.. single mom, no support, other than ODSP.. how turbulent that feels. Like, I’m the one who’s responsible for their lack or for them to get ahead at all. They refuse to apply, knowing it may help them better, yet are aware it will make matters a lot more worst for us long term. So no thanks. I’ll just stretch the budget the best I can.. minimal grocery walks, since I don’t have the luxury of transportation. minimal buying, since I have trouble walking & pulling groceries that physically despair me in pain ..& just make do.. little by little, in hopes this pandemic gets better for everyone’s sakes!! Thank you Ontario provincial government for leaving families like mine under & in lack, going with the bare minimal but are trying to make it. My youngest is considering putting himself at risk & potentially my family, so he can somehow still try to make himself a few dollars… a decision he feels forced to do. To request his part time hours again. That frightens/worries me.
    I hope this b.s. is over soon!!! Considering we at the bottom are to sink lower… degradation of humanity at its best. And a lack of concern for people or families caught up in this pandemic like mine. We cant get treated any lower than this.


    i live on c.p.p disability and live on less than 1000 a month nothing gets offered to us people out here living like this we don,t even get drug cards every month and now we have to pay extra for groceries to be deliver and prescriptions every month

    • Shauna

      I am also a ODSP recipiant. Just resenly got in the program . I have a few underlining conditions.So there for I have limitations to work. First of all, I am 52. Worked since I was 16. I have high blood pressure, nerve damage in my back and neck. I battle mental illness , depression and anxiety. I used to go to the gym to help with most of my ailments. Forgot I also have bronchial asthma that had flared up. All I know is that I put in a lot of good years of working. I wish I could go back to work but at this time I can’t. I believe the cost of living for OW& ODSP should be more. Just like BC.

      • Sarah

        I now know why people commit suicide they cant get the help they need I have CPP disability and make less than $600.00 per month there is no help anywhere we are the forgotten and forsaken

        • Lisa C

          There are several other programs that work with ODSP to keep Canadians at or above the poverty line. Not a great spot but better than $600 a month. You can’t add the maximum amounts for all programs (if applied for independently) but the combines total is better in most cases. Also look into provincial and federal drug benefit programs for prescriptions.

    • Sheldon

      Yes i totally agree i am on CPP disability as well, we are getting nothing extra but yet if you are on welfare disability here in BC they are getting 1235 plus an extra 300 a month and all medication paid for.

      • Lisa C

        Have you looked into federal and provincial drug programs. I believe it is called Pharmacare in BC. It is available to all residents of BC that qualify for the provincial health care. Every province has a program like this. It will deal with your medication coverage at least.

    • Lisa C

      Have you looked into federal and provincial drug programs. It is available to all residents that qualify for the provincial health care. Every province has a program like this. It is income based regarding deductibles and covers most medications. Even higher cost specialty medications can be covered after Doctors complete forms to support your need.

    • betty lou walmsley

      you must be single or have not worked much but whenever the case may be hand in there hon

  6. Kay Lee

    I am a person with a disability and a recipient of ODSP. I was being employed in a restaurant washing dishes on weekends for minimum wage paid in cash by friends prior to the pandemic. My job also provided some meals, which also helped me out alot. I lost my job when the restaurants were closed down mid-March. I was not claiming my employment to ODSP, because they would have clawed back a week’s salary of this per month had I done so, and as my rent in Toronto exceeded my OSDP cheque, and beyond this I required money for food and medical expenses and transportation to doctor’s appointments, I needed every penny of my pay to stay alive.
    I am a Canadian citizen, however, my job was undocumented and I am not eligible for CERB for this reason. If I take my chances and apply, ODSP will clawback roughly half, and then if CERB later decides I am ineligible due to my job being off the books, I will have to pay it back and also pay $1200 tax on it at the end of the year. ODSP will not re-pay me the thousand dollars a month that gets clawed back and the entire thing could end up costing me about $13 000 by the end of the year. Hardly seems fair. And all I need in the first place is to recover that extra $500/month that I’ve lost, to cover my rent and basic needs. And that extra $500 a month doesn’t even bring me up to the poverty line.
    How many more people out there are dealing with this?

    • Lisa C

      You will have to pay back any CERB if you applied based on a unreported income. They made exceptions for people reporting additional income as required (varies depending on what assistance program you get), and yes I think people will be upset and ‘surprised’ when tax time comes and they owe taxes on that ‘free’ money.
      I would guess if you applied for CERB and was audited regarding claw backs and/or eligibility they would report it to ODSP as well and you could be in a lot of trouble. I understand your situation and it stinks. If you are below the poverty line you should qualify for additional funding you just have to figure out where to look for it.

      Good luck and best wishes. Oh, apply for Trillium drug program it is income based but gives you coverage for medications if you don’t receive OW.

    • betty lou walmsley

      so you are saying you were paid under the table there fore there is no record of employment oppps

  7. Libby

    There is no help for people on CPP disability which is very unfair or any disability for that matter ODSP.

    • betty lou walmsley

      i kinda think you are well covered if you are on disability nothing has changed for you

  8. Irene Galloway

    As ford said no one will be left behind.is it rend food . being a diebetic is a tough road ,but now is even harder .

      • Deb

        you obviously have no concept of the challenges associated with disability. Instead of trolling, please show some compassion for those in greater need than yourself. CPP-D benefits are based on lifetime earnings but even top earners don’t receive enough of pension to live on and must deplete their retirement savings in order to survive until eligible for OAS. Disabled people face incredible barriers to employment and day-to-day living. While we may eke out a few hundred or thousand dollars in part time/occasional work, most are unable to reach the $5000 hurdle set for CERB benefits and have also lost financial help from now beleaguered friends and family. We aren’t asking for $2000/month, we are begging for a few hundred dollars to help with the higher costs of buying groceries, getting about now that transit is particularly unsafe for us, buying cleaning supplies and PPE, and much needed exercise equipment to replace services or gym memberships that helped to prevent further physical/mental deterioration. Many recipients have not been able to afford internet, cellphones, or tablets/computer equipment to access the services that are now only available online.

  9. Michelle

    ODSP in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, you can’t talk to worker, they don’t return your calls. Someone in that office keeps taking more money away from my file every 2 months?
    I have been trying to fix my situation for 2.5 years. Any increase to the program, they minus it off my file.
    I don’t even get enough money to pay rent and then they gave me an overpayment for some that I didn’t do( which I still can’t fix other)
    Kids should come first have a safe place to live and have food to eat and clothes to wear, medicine and medical coverage. The whole system here is tremble.

  10. Maryann leviste

    I have a question I’m earning below 2000 , is there any additional fund from the government in time of covid ? And how to apply what site that I can go ?

    • Lo lo

      You can apply if your make 1000 n under

      • Lisa C

        Only if you lost your job due to covid 19 or they will claw it back.

      • John

        I get maybe 100 a month from ow because of earned income how much cerb would I end up receiving if I even tell ,ow I am applying

    • betty lou walmsley

      the only thing you apply for is either medical or if you are unemployed depending on age

  11. Janice

    I am on the same boat but I get a portion from cpp disability and odsp..
    Will the coffers make me pay it all back on my case..I cant make it on what i get, I dont drive, prices for food are going up..I dammed if I do dammed if I dont…I am a health care aid.Graduated in 1996, but hurt my back bad at work..

  12. Jennifer

    Well…here’s something to chew on. OW and ODSP are totally immaterial to the Ford Government. They don’t care that there are actual human beings behind the numbers. When those of us who could, worked, and the Government took almost half of our income. Now, they found another way to pilfer half of the Federal Covid-19 emergency fund from OW and ODSP (working poor)…even though it’s much less than what we would ordinarily get working, even after their deductions. After we claim the CERB on our 2021 Income Tax Forms…we will lose even more. The present Government doesn’t give damn.
    Here’s the kicker…Ford is trying to placate his critics and justify his decision to pilfer Federal Emergency Money (CERB…$30 million per month from the “Working Poor) by announcing that this money “will be immediately invested into programs to help others on OW and ODSP who are not eligible for Federal Assistance.”
    I ask you…how did it become the responsibility of the Working Poor to fund those who did not, could not or refused to work??? My husband worked 13 hour a day for weeks, months and years to get off the system, but he never quite made it. And now he will lose another almost half of the Federal Emergency Money…after losing most of his pay check for 8 years???? And for what??? To fund others who DON’T qualify for CERB!!!!!! That’s not the responsibility of the Working Poor!!!!! However, it IS the Progressive Conservative’s issue and it falls squarely in laps of this reigning Government.
    If we would like to donate to those who are in need, that should be up to every individual who feels moved to do so. The Provincial Government has absolutely no business diverting Federal Emergency Funds to line their coffers in order to relieve their collective responsibilities to every less fortunate citizen in this Great Province.

    • j

      You need to understand that the cerb money is not being diverted to the province, you’re still getting it – the province is just paying out less due to the cerb income, in the same way it does when people work.

      Everyone working full time minimum wage or greater who’s on cerb instead has had an income reduction.

      • Jennifer

        You are VERY misinformed, my dear. Yes…ODSP took a portion of my husband’s paycheque every month while he was working. Problem is that taking half of the CERB money plus my ODSP top up per month actually leaves us about half of what we were receiving through his employment. (ODSP deductions on his monthly employment income plus our entitlement under ODSP top up per month).
        To give u an example…@ $4,000.00 earned income per month the $ 4,000.00 is allowed to be kept…it is then calculated by ODSP with their formula to figure out your entitlement. However, based on $4,000.00 a month in this case, a couple on ODSP is entitled to approx. $400.00 plus benefits after all the calculations of ODSP are done which allows this couple to receive and keep a total of at least $4,400 a month plus benefits. With CERB…you’re entitled to $2,000.00 a month. Using the calculations of ODSP…as per your theory of “income” from CERB, after all calculations of ODSP, this same couple will only receive $2,100.00. That’s a difference of $2,300.00 a month. WE ARE LOSING $2,300.00 A MONTH!!!!! Figure it out!!! You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about!!!
        If you’d like to trade barbs…plz…let me know. I’d love to go toe to toe. BUT, I’ve been on ODSP for many, many years and I am very well informed on the rules…regs, and have successfully appealed four cases and changed law through the ODSP Tribunal.
        Wow…j…do a favour…check your facts before u rack off.

    • Snjeza

      I respect your opinion. Sorry my English is not perfect but I can understand what you just wrote. Thanks, b/c when I got sick as an RPN I used to work 7 days, after recovery Nobady, even CNO, DIDN’t show interest to help me to find at least few days a week to work again. I spent lots of time to learn English and to get RPN LICENCE. I am very disappointed, I could still contribute to community. Now I am old, and even more sick.

  13. Bob

    Being a disabled person in Ontario is a unbearable life. We dis not ask to be disabled. It was not a life goal. However you are penalized everyday. If you get in a relationship they penalize that person as well. Only the government would want a man to live off a woman or vise versa. You get in a relationship all of a sudden there income is your income and you are deducted for it. Let alone the fact that there personal money and things they worked for their entire life like pensions and savings must be spent as they are deducted from the ODSP recipients benefit. That’s right our government feels you should find a sugar momma or daddy to pay your way. Living off the avails is quite alright in Ontario. I have no use for government nor man that leaves disabled and seniors to starve. I will never stand for them nor help them till they help those in need.

    • Lillian Gill

      Cpp disability we get nothing from cov19 no support of any kind .we have no benefits we pay for our medication plus rent and food .try living on 833.00 a month .thanks for no help government not voteing anymore .

    • betty lou walmsley

      i am sorry bob the government is trying so hard for the people that have no food on their tables and other people that are going to lose everything at a young age with children

    • Jennifer

      Bob…I agree. But apparently we are expendable. Poor people can’t get proper care. But don’t forget…if we die…we won’t be a drag on the system anymore. Like the elderly. Doug Ford pretends to care. But Covid-19 is doing his job for him. Getting rid of the “parasites” draining the system only helps his bottom line. But that’s not good enough.
      Ford decides to grab half of anything the Feds are providing, leaving the poor in deeper poverty than we were in before Covid-19. What a con man!!! A greasy, used car salesman!!! He’s Ontario’s answer to Bonhomme…except Ford is made of Burgers, fries, milkshakes and donuts…Chocolate Cake, Carmel and his almost famous Cherry Cheese Cake, portrayed on line…instead of snow!!!
      I haven’t been out of my home since March 9/2020. We haven’t had ANY contact with parents, children and grand children since. We don’t have visual social media. Can’t afford it anyways. Just phone and texting…we’re old school. How we would love to be able to see all of them. But I don’t b/c of Covid-19 and Doug Ford’s edict.
      But then…he defies his own general rules and his Provincial instructions and invited his older 2 daughters, who no longer live with him…to his home for a meal on Mother’s Day. I didn’t…my husband didn’t. I wouldn’t allow MY kids to come over on that day b/c I was adhering to the rules FORD set out. What a hypocrite!!!!

  14. Sheldon

    What really upsets me is i am on CPP disability here in BC and i get less then 900 a month on it no medication is covered and no CERB for CPP disabled people, but if you are on welfare disability you get 1235 per month plus 300 a month extra because of the COVID-19 and all medication is covered 100%. I do not qualify for welfare disability as they say my wife works.

    • Lisa C

      Have you looked into federal and provincial drug programs. I believe it is called Pharmacare in BC. It is available to all residents of BC that qualify for the provincial health care. Every province has a program like this.

    • Nancy Monahan

      I totally agree with you Sheldon…I am in the same position! People who receive welfare disability obviously are not entitled to CPP Disability as it is extremely difficult to get approval from CPPD. In order to receive CPPD, you MUST be either terminally ill or have a severe disability. That in itself means that in all likelihood, we cannot even earn ANY extra income, even though I believe we are entitled to earn $6000/yr. Yet, ODSP recipients are getting approximately $400 more per month than I, plus, as you stated, an extra $300 per month in BC Province (ODSP recipients getting nothing more in ON Province). I cannot afford to have my groceries delivered via shopping online, when the cost of food has doubled since pandemic began. I now can only order very limited number of produce, meat, and absolutely nothing for cleaning aids. Not to mention, nowhere have I been able to get my hands on hand sanitizers or masks, and I check Amazon every single morning. God help us!

  15. Susan. V

    I am a single mom living on ODSP, I live with my 20-year-old son who was working full-time but when COVID-19 came he was out of work. When he’s working and making an income he’s considered an extra income in the household which I have to claim on my cheque every month. I don’t think that is right I would agree if he was my spouse but he is not, he’s my son and shouldn’t have to support his mom. Now that he is out of work and collecting the CERB I’ll basically be losing my whole 0DSP cheque every month he’s collecting the CERB, when I was claiming his working income I wasn’t losing anything on my cheque but the government considers this a different type of income so basically the first $200 is exempt and 50% remaining of his cheque will come off dollar per dollar off my cheque. I had my first job at the age of 14 and continued working, I always had a job and paid my taxes the only time I was off work was when I had my son, I kept working full time right up to when I was diagnosed with MS which I had to go onto disability (in which I didn’t pray for this to happen to me) I truly miss working I would go back to work in a heartbeat if I could, which forces me to live in extreme poverty. Every year my CPP Pension goes up 1.5% and in the same month my ODSP cheque goes down 1.5% making me live on the very little you give me, which doesn’t make sense especially when I’m seeing the cost of living going way up especially with the Covid-19 pandemic going on the cost of groceries have gone extremely up, but my ODSP cheque stays the same. Also listening to the government giving benefits to students which works out to be more money than what I get for my ODSP cheque. Anyone who lives my way will never be able to get ahead or be able to save for the future. Now that this pandemic is going on I’ve been listening to the news every day and all I’m hearing is all these benefits out there to help out all the Canadians but any Canadian that lives on a disability pension only qualifies for a large amount of $100 and it’s a one time payment only. I would really like to force Doug Ford into my wheelchair and have him live off of my income for 6 months and maybe then he’ll finally realize that the pension amount needs to go up in order for us to survive and be able to live and not have to worry about how you’re going to put food on the table. IT’S TIME THAT THE GOVERNMENT HELPS THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DISABILITIES AND LIVE IN POVERTY.

    • Patricia

      I agree with you. Doug Ford and other government people should spend 6mths in our shoes. I’m also on ODSP and barely make it through the month. My rent goes up every year but my cheque doesn’t how do they expect people to live. The rent everywhere is so high your stuck at where your living and to deal with the hikes. The food is up in prices also, it’s getting to the point to just live on KD and PB sandwiches. They should raise our cheques to at least $ 2000 a mth that would be a start.

  16. Fathom Dixon

    Without question the difficulty of lack of resources is a big factor in feeling even slightly human.The fact we can keep so little and more is taken and not alowed any way too save or get better resources.

    • Khadija

      I am single of two dependent child , Is there any extra benefit OW ?

      • Khadija

        I am a single mom of two dependent child , Is there any extra benefit OW ?

      • betty lou walmsley

        i dont know how old you are but you are better off to quit your job for now and go on assistance you will have your rent paid and alot of groceries

  17. Lynda

    This is So True.I am in disability and can Not afford all these cleaning disinfecting items needed to protect my room.I have Scarred lungs have C.O.P.D lung disease plus I’ve had probably 7 cases of Lung disease or Viruses because of that one fact.I was put in an infused comma So the doctors has time to figure out how to save me.If the funds were there I wouldn’t of been Sick.

  18. Sara

    Hi . I am with my son onodsp. I am getting the money 70 percent goes in rent. I am struggling and getting sick . I am diabetic and have sleep apnea. I cannot go out to shop. I order online. Uts too expensive. How can we survive in this situation. Pl tell them to increase some money for us.

  19. Linda

    My husband is on odsp and I work part time and care for him. I am self employed, I,m not able to work but one job right now of 2.5 – 3 hrs a week cleaning a office for agriculture, because of the Covid 19. i don,t pay into unemployment so that’s out of the question. I make over 5 thousand a year. I did apply and did get the 2 thousand but sent it back because I didn’t think I would be entitled to it because of odsp. We are finding it very hard with out my income but have no idea on who to turn to for help. My husbands odsp worker does not respond to any of our calls. I am so frustrated with the hoops we have to go through to get information on what we can apply for. I can only hope this is over soon so I can go back to work.

  20. Diane Skier

    I am the working- non working poor!! I last worked March 13. However, I am still getting paid, my cheque’s work out to just over $1000, which means I don’t qualify for CERB. I live in subsidized housing and I’m still paying the same rent I was before this started, yet I’m not making the same as I did, I’m making less. My wages are the basic they can get at my job. My neighbours that are getting CERB (which is still twice as much as I make), get the luxury of paying the basic price for rent. I’m a single mother of a 12 yr old who’s supposed to be doing schoolwork via the internet, still haven’t heard from her school board (despite calling repeatedly!), about having the internet connected as I can’t afford the monthly $100 charge. I know I’m not the only one dealing like this. My stress level has reached such a peak, I don’t know if I’ll ever get back down!! By the time I do actually get laid off, there won’t be any stimulus left to give me. I’ll still be stuck the working poor!

    • bibi

      so your neighbours are still paying the same amount of rend during cerb because they didnt report the cerb or because cerb won’t be considered as income by housing and it won’t raise your rent?

  21. Snjeza

    What a shame? ODSP IS going to deduct $900.00 from each check. So, me and my husband are going to get $1950.00 assistance with CREB TOTAL. We already spent on Vitamins, minerals, polisporine cream and ear drops, eye drops, pain meds , Lakota and Aruba-5 , Voltaren so we don’t have to see a Dr. My husband just had accident, cat little bit finger on glass I applied polisporine and bandages. I had bachace for days after Lakota and voltaren I feel better. So we are ble to make food,laundry do chores….on our own. Our daughter brings groceries every 10-15 days, thanks god we have her. ODSP should increase income longe time ago, only Appt. rent is $1450.00 and we don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol….what a shaim from Ontario government. Thanks for informing us.

  22. Karen Sinden

    I’m on cpp disability and only receive 1100 a month…will there be anything for me?

    Karen Sinden

  23. Frank

    I’m on ow ….and just started a job but was laid off due to covid…..I now get $0 because I can’t get cerb due to not making $5000 in the past year and my common law partner gets the cerb so it takes me down to $0 Real nice.

  24. Christine

    What do I do? My partner is disabled and on ODSP. He works part time to lower stress due to having a diagnosis of Autism. He was voluntarily taking extra shifts due to people being off sick which then disqualified him from ODSP, but then he was laid off for two weeks. He applied for CERB. But he then two weeks later was called back to work. He was told by his manager that he must take extra shifts now or face disciplinary actions. He felt he had no choice but to work. He has now made too much to qualify two months in a row for ODSP. ODSP then said we are not eligable for the pandemic funding or Employment start up (I had to set up the ability to work at home) because he is working too much along with my income we wee declined the help. The bills are now sitting on a credit card because not working is not an option for me. In receiving the CERB, my partner used the CERB to fix his car so he could reach work which is rural there is no public transit (the motor had to be replaced as it was not drivable.) ODSP won’t help and the bill was $1600. My partner’s boss then knowing this tells him if he does not take extra shift he will face disciplinary action. As he faced being threatened at work, he felt he had no chouce but to say yes, but it pushed him just over the CERB $1000 limit maximum then disqualifying him for CERB which he had just received. Then when told that the company was not accommodating his disability, the manager went to the company that hires their cleaning company and that company manager made a new ruling that the only people allowed to work at the factory are those who are full time. His boss said he can chose to work full time or be laid off. But if he choses to turn down employment he is disqualified from CERB. If he accepts he is basically saying that both companies no longer have any responsibility to accommodate his disability needs. I don’t know what to tell him nor can I see a way that anyone is actually is willing to support his continued employment. It is clearly bullying (in writing) in the workplace and questionably breaking the Ontario Human Rights Code regarding Disabilities and Employment. But what does he need to do and what can he do? How much stress can he cope with? What do I tell him is best for him? The last thing he needs in this enviroment is to be treated badly. He has really tried his best. But I don’t know how to help him? The whole thing is an unclear mess. How is someone who has a grade 12 diploma while being in a Basic level, yet now almost 60 suppost to know how to navigate these systems? We are actually claiming all income we have to ODSP and EI (CERB) and always have.

    My disabled partner is facing choices he needs to make as it is his job as of later today, but he doesn’t know or understand the financial decisions or government systems to make these types choices wisely. It is far to complicated with so many different issues, several different government systems and his employment work place concerns.

    There has to be answers, but it has become so complicated that I can’t figure it out.

  25. suzy

    I think I made a mistake I was working I am Ontario disability but I work part time and then I clean some homes and motels but I couldn’t go back because the virus and someone said you can apply for that now I’m scared

  26. Debra Smith

    Thank you for being an advocate for the ones that have a hard time speaking up for themselves. I am one of those ODSP recipients and I assure you that it is not easy at the best of times to get help from the ODSP office. Just like I had lost everything to Bed bugs and couldn’t get any help at all even for a bed. so Thank you for fighting for the little people. The system has to change especially now during the covid 19 pandemic. Yours Truly Debra

  27. Monica Vincent

    My son is on disability and also works for the military making 500.00 a month would he qualify for the CERB. Also people on CPP disability do they qualify for anything. Please let me know for we are afraid to apply cause we are not sure.

  28. John Fellows

    Ford is thinks that recipients of ODSP and OW are lazy and don’t want to work. He also feels that since we don’t pay taxes we should shut up and be grateful that we’re receiving an income and medical benefits from the taxpayer. Want to know how we change this mentality fellow ODSP and ow recipients. We protest in front of parliament but oh no not with a few hundred protesters which the government laughs at…. oh no how about a few hundred thousand. We can only accomplish this if we commit ourselves to take action. The government would shake in it’s boots knowing that this many potentials votes would destroy them.

  29. Vic

    Mr. Ford, you said NO ONE would get left behind. How about seniors collecting their pension early…before 65 so they can survive. How about OW recipients and ODSP recipients who can’t work. You are handing out hundreds and thousands of dollars to other Ontarians…HOW ABOUT US!!!!!!!

  30. William

    How does this work for couples, does it mean $400.00 being deducted from the first $2000.00. All I see is ppl talking about single ppl but would like to know how it works for couples collecting the CERB!

  31. Marc R Parsons

    Wow after reading some of these comments I wonder myself why is it that people like me get little help from the government , while people who cheat the system are getting alot more then us who are on ODSP.
    1169.00 per month is nothing compared to the 2,000.00 that others get.
    I need help but I have heard nothing about this extra money we can get throu ODSP.
    Just give us a raise or something and go after the cheaters who get money for nothing.

  32. Julie Ann Trentin

    Honestly, I am very disappointed by this current government because they make me afraid to apply for anything for fear of losing my benefit package altogether. Furthermore to take off $900.00 to give you a $1000.00 more makes no sense! why didn’t they just give all recipients an extra amount($1000.00) to cover our costs so we didn’t worry or struggle. It’s simple math. No need to take off $900.00 from the income support amount, just give another thousand! Not hard people!!!!

  33. tina

    This is shot. Hubby was working me odsp his income was treated as such we would still have some money from odsp. He got cerb… and odsp deducted as EI getting nothing from odsp. And it sucks trying to get in touch with workers no return calls fax and no calls back

    • Marc Parsons

      Call BBB and let them know whats going on.
      Believe it or not I called BBB because they paid me only housing which is like 400.00 or 500.00,
      and guess what? not long after I get a call from ODSP and they sure fixed that fast.
      Not sure if this helps you but it’s a try.
      Hope ODSP gives us something more then what we are getting now because this amount will place a lot of people on the street including myself when it is had to manage what I don’t have.

  34. betty lou walmsley

    how can you be so stupid going to lose everything what about the morgage on people on asstance that get free money to pay their rent and they are not doing it will they ever get caught stop that rent cheque right away if they are spending on drugs and booze while i lose that house what is going on too many people taking advantage of your good will stop their money for rent right away please

    • Jennifer

      WOW…Betty Lou…you’re obviously a very angry individual. Who do you think are the “individuals” that should be cut off??? Those who have mortgages…or those who pay rent??? Your rant isn’t clear on who you feel are abusing the system…except for those who partake in drugs and alcohol.
      So I am on ODSP, have a mortgage and my husband works very hard. An average of 80 HOURS A WEEK (before Covid-19) delivering hundreds of pounds of food to YOUR favorite restaurants so you could “dine in or take out”, instead of cooking…and he decides to have a beer or two on the weekend…Now, we shouldn’t be allowed to receive ODSP, JUST because he decides to drink a beer to relax from being laid off????
      So…don’t look down on someone unless you’re bending over to help them up!!!!!

  35. Marilyn

    Hi I’m 59 live on my own I get partial CPP and disability will never be able to work again I was told by a friend I could have help with assistance with covid 19 allowance is this true ?

  36. Virginia

    I’m a single mother of 3 kids under the age 3 and I only get $1015 for assistances and my rent is $1750 a month plus other bills leaves my family with little over $500 for food diapers wipes cleaning supplies etc

  37. Hollie Feltham

    A one time only payment of a $100 only helped me out for that one month of extra soaps,hand sanitizers and lysol spray to keep me safe. I had no extra for masks or gloves. How is it suppose to help ke for next month or the month after . ? Can odsp/cppd recipients apply for cerb and not face consequences? Is this $100 available every month. ? It seems to me that the less fortunate sick folk have been left out of help. But yet we are the most venerable. Please clarify this. And maybe set out points for us disabled. Thank you
    Regards H.A.F

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