Low-income Ontarians facing partial claw back of federal assistance during COVID-19

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  1. Darren

    Thank you for addressing basic needs for the most vulnerable.

    • Darlene

      I am single recieving $869.00 per month on ODSP very hard to get by. Leaves me 50.00 for groc. Money to pay phone and little for transportation.

      • Pauly Dibiasio

        It’s not right leaving people with so little income. During this time. There even trying to give students 1250 a month. Thats what I make on odsp.things have to change. I got PTSD. Anxiety. Depression. Panic.

        • Ruth

          I never knew about this I even had called my worker at the end of march and asked if there was anything I could get extra due to I have alot of health issues and walking issues. She sound no because I still get my monthly amount. But I said I dont have enough money to buy cleaning supplies and masks nor gloves. Plus its costing more to get the little groceries I normally buy. Why dont the government just add extra funds to my monthly payment. I’m on odsp & cop disability. Can anyone explain to me why are we not getting the help or the information.

          • Macdonald

            Thumbs up .its hard ..I’m with u .I hope someone hears you ..

          • Micheline bolduc

            How to get help for extra cleaning supplies grocery that prices wen up the roof everything is extra im on cpp disability.

            • Brenda

              I hear what your saying I’m on Cpp disability which can be lower than ODSP disability of $1169 per month plus health benefits. Cpp Disability is also considered Taxable income unlike ODSP or OW Non Taxable income.

          • Neola

            That’s right I a single mom of there I get 1,009 buck I can’t leave lus I’m being abused and there’s no help

            • Irene Odrzywolski

              Have you tried calling a womans shelter . They will be able to help you. ♥️

            • Angela

              I recieved cerb because boyfriend stopped working due to covid and worker stopped entire cheque for a month even my rent. Good thing i got another cerb to pay my rent
              Shame on odsp to stop payment during a global emidemic.

              • Trevor Goble

                OW and OSSP should be ashamed as it was called a benefit. Those who work part time and receive OW and ODSP saw real no benefit and what they haven’t calculated is the real number is $1700 not $2000 since $300 (15%) will be what you owe when you do your taxes. In other words about $1800 by the end.

            • Gord Ross

              Im not giving up any part of the Cerb to anyone .we are a disabaled group on odsp .So remember we all matter.

              • Sh.m

                Poors get poorer
                Richs get richer
                It is called capitalism
                Screwed up

              • Hwas

                I think he meant to say ‘thoes who recieve ow OR odsp’

            • Dina Dawkins

              We are ODSP recipients.
              We received the CERB me, for the full amount him for 6000$.
              We applied because we were ones counted, in our opinion, as ones who could contract the virus fastest because I have a heart condition and lung condition. So far We have been unscathed by the virus. Just hoping that the CRA finds it in their hearts to forgive the debts of ODSP recipients. Because if they claw back we won’t be able to pay rent. And will end up homeless.Please CRA
              Help us avoid the hardship or make 200$ monthly an amount that we can afford without losing our homes.

          • Becca

            I feel bad for u I live in Nova Scotia and alot of people here can’t even find jobs should still get it

          • Anne Marie Cipparrone

            Because they’re greedy.. I feel bad for people who are in dire straits.. we should all be treated equally

          • Jennifer

            I have worked most of my life while raising 3 children and let me tell you living on less than one paycheck a month was just absurd and still now that I get ODSP I still get less than what I made, I didn’t choose too get sick and become disabled it’s so not right and now they are deducting money every month because I collected cerb but why now my first check it should be next year that it starts I can’t live like this and I can’t work!!! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone

            • Batb

              I agree the new benafit after cerb is only for workers

          • Connie

            Finding some poor or homeless picking up discarded face masks to wear. Make your own You Tube video tutorial no machine sewing required. Wear a handkerchief or a light scarf over your face.Wear dollar store cotton gloves. Wash in soap & water for several minutes. Try not to worry just do what you’re capable of. Use Trains or Buses during off-hours.
            Try the dollar stores and Dollarama stores for discounted food items. Local smaller shops often sell items including fruit and veggies at a bargain price. Nut butters and fresh fruit together with some grains are providing necessary nutrition cheaper than meats
            Fish from these dollar stores have valuable oils.
            Veggie basics such as potatoes with the skins on, or fries with skins, onions, a bit of honey, lemon jce., raw garlic, and some greens even frozen on sale will do.
            Best of luck…for a fellow traveler.

          • Ken Craddock6

            I’m appalled by the federal goverment clawbacking creb I worked and got dismissed right at covid19 time e.i said at march I was.on e.i
            Now e.i
            Sais your on cerb then they take back 2000 and leave you in the lurch

          • Billy bob

            Its bs that bc gets 100% of cerb benefit and a 300 raise in social assistance payments not cool bc!

          • W stuart

            Help me kill myself ,I’m nothing when I worked I was on top of the world now I feel like I’m nothing .they love you when your paying taxes .I had a stroke

        • christine toth

          i havent recived any money but i dont know if u have my banking info updated

        • Diana Daly

          As an ODSP recipient who is also getting CERB, which is being taken a month after CERB payment, $900.00 a month removed from our cheques. This will leave us with approximately 2 months with only $200. 00 a month to live on. What are we to live on during these months?

          Also, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms Act, section 15 states that everyone must be treated equally including any benefits that are offered to one MUST be given to all and only in this way, can be true equallity be achieved. Meaning that CERB eligibility criteria is unconstitutional unless every citizen is given it. To give CERB only to some and not others is a Charter Violation which is the most serious of government offenses and totally discriminatory, also violating The Human Rights Code.
          Please email me back with an explanation of how this can be done by the government to some of its citizens which it is sworn to protect.

          Thank you,

          Diana Daly

          • Connie

            The basic cause for this sort of deed(s) has roots as far back as mankind itself. At times throughout human history, evil seems more prevalent. Try not to look into the Abyss -be informed while finding a higher plane for your perspective. One which will give you hope and help you have trust in your future along with others.

          • Leeanne

            Ya but you receive 900 a week from Cerb…why would you need welfare as well…Try supporting a family of 4 on one working income…We are suffering badly because of pandemic. But do not qualify for any help. I am literally bawling because i am unable to purchase back to school items for my children. My bills have doubled.. Food prices have increased. I am so sad. I am sending my children to school as i need to work and help my husband with the bills. We have gone from comfortable living to this. And childs tax is a joke for working people. Increase of what ours was so low the increase actually gave us one. But not near enough to help.

            • Gail

              Yes Leanne, it seems to me that it is families that are suffering the most. That must have been so difficult for you to not be able to buy your children back to school items. I hope things improve for you and your family.

            • Brenda

              Child Care Benefit is a joke. Why do individuals who choose not to work even receive it at all. They have 5 or 6 children just for a pay check. The earned incomers should only qualify for the CCB because they also have Child Care Expenses. The individuals not working have all the time in the world to look after & support their own children just like I did. I never received that kind of money a month and I paid out good child care expenses plus everything else because I choose to have my children.

          • Trevor Goble

            You are correct on quoting the Charter of Rights. I am assuming you received $2000 which is much more than assistance. However in most cases people receive less than $1000 per month on assistance which is “income support”. The question is why are some people allowed to make $1000 and still get the full amount while those on assistance who get less than $1000 are faced of losing it.

          • Carol

            I’m on ODDP, I’ll have many health issues. COVID19 has cause so much of increase of health & expenses / I can’t work because of COVID19 $ being high risk. No am I am
            It’s make me feel I’m NOT a Canadian, I didn’t ask to be sick & suffering, no obw ask for COVID19 I need to be an equal just like other & why ODSP $ is not up to par for many years. Premier Doug Ford has said Every Canadian will be looked after, why are they ignoring ODSP & OW being ignore.
            Why? Why?
            Then saying CERB is going to be asked to returned. I live from month to month so zero funds to return.
            Simple: ODSP/OW have a right to have $ increase
            I can’t work because if COVID19 and I’m very high risk
            My life is so sad depressing
            I’m very high risk.

            Premier Rob Ford Help please there $ for everyone there’s $ for people how well deserve this $. Make it easier to survive thank you
            Let’s get this increase

          • Diana

            You are so right. It is a hellish existence and more hellish now.

          • Bob

            You do know the Trudeau regime is in power right?

        • Cathy Thornton

          Why doesnt the goverment allow odsp and ow ppl collect there cpp benifit on top of the others! Without taking it

        • Tim Phillips

          I have been on O.D.S.P. for years as I had open heart surgery, yet I still go out and get work when my health allows it. For 2019 I claimed $4,350.00 of self employment income and as we know 2020 taxes are not due till April of this year. I was getting the CRB entitlement but on December 21,2021 when I went to call my next two weeks in; I had a message come a cross the screen saying they needed verification. I faxed it the same day and through Christmas, New Years and right up until this past Friday I did not call or try to get on my account. When I called the CRA, I was told that my file had not even been to an agent as of yet. I AM OUTRAGED AT THE FACT THAT I CLAIM SELF EMPLOYMENT INCOME AND ACTUALLY WORK AND HAVE THE INVOICES FROM 3 DIFFERENT TOWNS FOR THE WORK I HAVE DONE AND OUR GOVERNMENT HAS LEFT ME AT THE POINT I AM IN TOTAL FINANCIAL RUINS. About to lose my cell services as well as my internet. Have no food to speak of and really no options as I have no family. At the end of the story I will be what I never wanted to be, on disability not trying to get anywhere as the CANADA GOVERNMENT SYSTEMATICALLY TOOK EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KEEP EARNING AND SUPPLIMENTING MY INCOME. Thanks there MR. TRUDEAU AND THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT!!!!

      • james

        got kick of odsp 6 years no one help me it is story because my wife older then me brings more in she can look me lam 54 she 70 nothing is fair in this james

        • Neola

          That’s not fair I will fight for this I’m a social worker

          • Christopher

            900 dollars off odsp and they hold itx 2 if you applied for cerb at the beginning truedau says if you don’t make 1000 dollars in a year your eligible his own words no mention of it being income 3 times at the end of different programs last being a couple of weeks ago he said I quote topups for gst doubles for low income on gst day July 5 then we all find out it hasn’t even passed as a bill it was voted no in the house so does this guy even know what he’s done to low income people its written all over cra website that’s what we get gst wise and now nothing has even been sent does he not realize we are the highest group who are susceptible to contract the virus as I get 1400 a month and after rent 700 to pay bills 100 for cleaning supplies verb gives 2000 to stay at home and how is that fair I’m a heart patient after bills and food delivery cost masks which I might add are cloth not n95 some of us were at one time considered people whom worked for a living and helping our economy and may may have got hurt doing so are totally last in line to get help biggest slap in the face for several thousands like me who have a severe heart condition to help now and when covid 19 hits its breathing problems followed by heart problems and death follows some of us are already marked for death and the forgotten ones cra web when asked gives us April 9 topup information we are in July and even that info when googled after the pm says July help coming and breakdown for what we get hasn’t even been voted on yet I guess in a nutshell come voting time its time to vote someone in who knows what he’s doing when I heard the nays on our top up damn he totally spoke way before he should have especially since the bill wasn’t even passed to help us vote him out we ate the highest level of susceptible people according to his own bar graph to contract covid19 being jammed in low income housing together with no safety net low income advocacy groups get your shit together and march protest whatever you can do otherwise your gonna be burying a lot of men women and children for no fuckin reason we matter a lot of us were hurt making this country work and can’t help now and now our country has forgotten to help us completely with no help till the final bell dear Canada we did our best when we could now we need you to help us survive while we are suffering

            • Jennifer

              Yes and also I was told that they are only going to make us pay back half, yet my papers say the full amount!!! We should be treated better…

              • David Fitzzimmons

                If you were ineligible to apply for the C.E.R.B. then just why did you apply in the first place?

                All you did by receiving the C.E.R.B. was put yourself into a higher tax bracket which may eliminate you from further tax payers supported benefits.

              • Brenda

                Jennifer I’m in the tax business & I don’t know why all individuals who are on OW or ODSP are so worried about having to claim 50% of the Cerb Benefits. OW & ODSP are classified as NON-TAXABLE income so claiming 50% of Cerb will have little to zero effect on your tax returns. It will effect those who were not eligible that have TAXABLE INCOME to declare on top of the Cerb of 100%. These individuals include Low Income Seniors & individuals on CPP Disability.

          • Jen

            Please do for everyone in need

          • Marie Martin

            I dont mean to bother you but I am on odsp an have no one no family just myself here i didnt ask to go on odsp I am also non status native I live in ottawa ontario area an we all need extra help we are now in another shut down and with food going up I can only live off the food bank and i only get 775.00 dollars a month so who can help us do you know pls let me know my email adress is ravensunstar2001@yahoo.ca ty stay safe an merry christmas to you ty again

        • Gordon Ross

          I am dying from COPD I’m stuck in my appointment with no help.what can I do?

          • Gail

            Hi Gordon,
            I am just reading this today November 12. Did you find someone to help you?

      • Hollie Feltham

        A one time only payment of a $100 only helped me out for that one month, for extra soaps,hand sanitizers and lysol spray to keep me safe. I had no extra for masks or gloves. How is it suppose to help me for next month or the month after . ? Can odsp/cppd recipients apply for cerb and not face consequences? Is this $100 available every month. ? It seems to me that the less fortunate sick folk have been left out of help. But yet we are the most vulnerable. Please clarify this. And maybe set out points for us disabled. Thank you
        Regards H.A.F

        • Robeeta

          I agree this was absurd to offer only $100 one time only. Not only that but all ODSP AND OW recipients should have recieved it without having to ask their worker! It’s unfair because there are many individuals who cannot understand or speak well on their on behalf and probably never even knew about an extra benefit.

          • Andrea

            Hi Robeeta
            I know I am a little late here replying. I only just now came upon this website. I haven’t even looked at this site yet, except for this odsp comments section here!
            BUT you are absolutely right when it comes to the unfortunate few who have a hard time organizing and applying for any kind of application- for anything. I did not know about the emergency benefit for OW/ODSP recipients until I read a odsp community type Facebook group I joined! It is like the benefit is a big secret! They sure do publicize the CERB benefit but not the Emerge. Benefit of 100.00 singles and 200.00 family. Thats for us to figure out! If I didn’t read about it on that Facebook page,I would have never known about it. I even informed some people I know who are also on ODSP-OW. They had no clue about it!
            And why do we even have to explain why we need it when we apply for it? It’s like we are begging . Unbelievable right? And look at students who would be off school for the summer anyway, but because they are missing their income for school by working, they are entitled for their own Students emergency funds. Which is great. However- their emergency fund are more that what ODSP recipients get on a regular basis. Why is that? We are the bottom feeders living in times where a one bedroom apartment is 2 months worth of our income. The only livable homes for us are A-With family. B- Share an apartment with people you don’t even like. C-Rent a room Or Live in a tent on the streets.
            What kind of life is that? Not everyone can work to supplement their income. I am so disgusted at the government . I would love to see all of these blind bureaucrats live on our income for at least 5 months. Then maybe things would change.

            • Brenda

              You know what I don’t get is why there is only comments about the poor people on OW or ODSP? What about the individuals who were earned income workers for numerous years and have to live on their CPP Disability income which if your fortunate you could receive the maximum of $1350 per month – Health Benefits-Taxable Income or Senior’s who live on Maximum per individual $1500 per month with prescriptions benefits covered (not all) & have to claim Taxable Income meaning the non-eligible cerb payments received by all these individuals with have little to zero effect on OW’s or ODSP recipients. This will effect all those on a low income with TAXABLE INCOME to declare on top of their 100% taxable cerb payments received unlike OW & ODSP only claiming 50% of their non-eligible Cerb payments & Non-Taxable income.

        • Rev Victoria

          They extra is available for three months. You have to call each month.

        • Sara

          I wish they would help you and everyone else.. Not fair!

        • L. Michelle Dixon

          Just apply for it, I did – the gov’t will take years to figure it all out… and it is only fair (my case worker did nothing for me)

          • David Fitzzimmons

            You do know of course that you will be taxed on that money and when added to your income it may disqualify you from benefits.

          • Brenda

            Seriously you truly didn’t think the Government would take years to figure out how many people were not eligible for the Cerb payments. Were talking millions of dollars received by recipients who knew they were not eligible but thought it was so easy to apply and receive it they choose to do it anyway. The only one’s receiving a Huge Break on receiving the Cerb are the individuals who are recipients of OW or ODSP because they only have to claim 50% of their Cerb Payments and receive Non-Taxable income meaning claiming the Cerb will have zero to little effect on their taxes. The ones that will be effected the most are Seniors considered low income
            & Cpp Disability recipients who have to declare their Taxable Income Plus 100% of all non-eligible Cerb Payments. Does that make sense or do you consider this fair?

        • Brenda

          I’m not sure if you are a Senior or an individual who is on OW. Either way it doesn’t really change the fact that individuals who are on OW or ODSP receive NON-TAXABLE income meaning when they claim 50% of their non-eligible Cerb this will have little to no effect on their tax return. Individuals that should be concerned are non-eligible Seniors & individuals who receive CPP Disability because they have TAXABLE INCOME to declare with little to zero health benefits.

      • Norma

        Im on disabilty single get 1169.00 I look into it and see why your not

      • Tammy liberty

        My rent is 1150. I only get 1285. A month it is very hard because I have hydro to pay on top. Every month is a challenge and I wonder how I get by

        • Trevor Goble

          The real issue it appears “affordable housing” and landlords that don’t seem to get things. High rent virtually takes out the bulk of their potential renters in low income areas. The government needs to adapt new policies about rent amounts. Owners of investment properties also need to be educated and the government could assist by offering property owners tax incentives who chose to help low income families.

      • steph

        Thats crazy you get more than me and im a single mom of 2 kids. I only receive $754 because there reasoning is I live in housing so my rent is $323 right now because I lost my full time job. leaving me with $431 for the rest of the month.. how the f*ck do they suspect someone to live off of that. groceries alone has gone up as my kids gotten older I spend about $160 a week on groceries alone. forget about my car, cable, cell phone, daughters cell phone, clothes, any other bill payments. I have not gone clothe shopping for myself in over 5 f*ing years. I guess low income people are suppose to just live off scraps and not have our own anything. Mind you I am not a lazy person I have always worked gone to college and because I have kids and no family or friends to help me and other personal factors (depression, anxiety)ect. which makes it harder for me to work or find a job within my kids schedule. I find it to be a huge slap in the face to see that the government believes that $2000 is a livable amount but people on OW like myself receive $754(with 2 children) I would like some answers to this. were is the help for single parents?! there is so much disregard for us. why is there not 24 hour daycare access already? more jobs and more job opportunities for the single parents? wtf

        • Gail

          You should see if you can have them take a look at what you are getting to see you need an increase.

      • Crystal

        I am single mom of three after I pay my rent I am left with nothing my rent is 1850 plus so it’s hard to even pay bills

    • Mike Toole

      I have tried to find out how the CERB payments will affect GIS payments, and have not been able to.
      A GIS recipient is allowed to keep the first $5000 of employment or self employment income and then 50% of amounts up to above that up to a ceiling.
      Will the CERB payments be treated as earned income in Ontario for the purposes of calculating any GIS clawback?

      If they are and assuming that $8000 CERB is paid (4 x $2000), this would mean that of the $8000, $6500 would be exempt income for GIS purposes. Could someone confirm that these assumptions are correct?


        • Marilyn

          Hi I’m 59 live on my own I get partial CPP and disability will never be able to work again I was told by a friend I could have help with assistance with covid 19 allowance is this true ? I am the type that wouldn’t want or try have anything I’m not entitled to any advice I would be grateful of …my heart goes out to everyone through these terrible times…be safe and thank you

          • Rev Victoria

            Contact ODSP and you will receive the $100 each eligible month. You must call each month to receive it.

          • Batb

            I agree the new benafit after cerb is only for workers

      • Therese Rodrigues

        Hi Everyone..

        Just to let you know. ODSP is suppose to give this emergency fund to those in need for three months not just for one month. That just came into effect. Do a search and you will see for yourself. It is also under Government website. Put search words; Does ODSP recipients get any help during Covid 19. Call your ODSP office and ask, if they don’t answer leave a message with your case number ect and request a call back.

        • Rev Victoria

          True. It was originally only one payment and it wasn’t widely broadcasted. However, they are cycling the workers now. All you need to do is leave the message with reception with your case id number and it will be taken care of. Just be sure to call each month or they won’t bother giving it to you.

      • Lisa

        I am.wondering, and hopefully someone can let me know. Is there anyone that is on ODSP, and also in RGI. housing, and was able to claim the CERB, how much housing increased their rent? Or does anyone know how the rent with CERB is calculated? For a single.person on.ODSP Are they taking the CERB, of 2000, deducting.the 75 for a single person, 150 family, so.1925 times by 30% which is $577.50, Then adding the $109 plus/minus extra (mije is 30) so paying $719 for RIG for a couple of months that they get this? I am charged full market rent,

      • David rivera

        hi my name is Dave Rivera I’m unable to work cause I’m handicapped bipolar schizophrenic and I’m on the wheelchair I get SSI I get a m b however I am behind in my rent

      • Brenda

        It absolutely will effect your GIS because it is considered earned income. This being said “If you didn’t think it should be considered earned income on your taxes why would you apply for something you knowingly weren’t eligible for?



      • Rev Victoria

        Leave the request with reception. All case workers are on rotation. You won’t necessarily speak with your usual worker. However, if you tell reception your case id and that you need the emergency benefit it will be taken care of. Just call each month or you won’t get it. Should be automatic but it’s not.

      • Sara

        It’s extremely fustrating I know someone that’s in the same boat

    • Cameron

      I was told that you can repay them with the yearly income tax and I also agree with most people that they should take it easy on these people by not gouging their money out and allowing to pay $3-$400 dollars per month back and stop being harsh

      • Jennifer

        They started on my last months cheque deducting payments from CERB yet it should start next year at tax time bs bs bs

        • Carol

          It should not start at all. We deserve to have $ just like others. We need to get this especially how our lives have changed so much and telling ODSP people who are disabled can’t win to why shall we to suffer.

      • Brenda

        Believe you me individuals who are recipients of OW or ODSP especially those who have children & receive the CCB each month should be counting their Lucky Stars because their Income each month received or the total of their yearly non working income is considered NON-TAXABLE income so meaning zero tax dollars are received from these recipients. Don’t get me wrong some of these individuals are legit but a lot ARE NOT. It’s like anything else good in life once abused the individuals who wake up every morning to serve a purpose in life contributing to Society which living in a perfect world everybody ABLE should be doing.

    • Melissa

      People on ow and odsp need this expeshually with having children at home the cost is double for food and necessities at this time but I dont believe it will ever happen …

    • Cary

      JUST TO LET ANYONE KNOW This is why many of the Ontario disability support people are receiving cash payments from work

    • Mylow

      Why do people that work get $1267.00 more then a person not working or is disabled?
      This is not treating all people equal. Someone who maded $1000 a month now gets $2000 a month but someone who can’t look for work or get a job because of the effects of covid-19 gets $733 a month. That don’t seem fair or right to the people. I think that it breaks the people’s right on the charter of Canada of what we are to follow that Canada enforces is to live by. Is this not correct? Or am I not understanding my charter of rights as a Canadian citizen? The canadian charter of rights and freedom section 15.(1) would be taken from a vast majority of Canadian is just a start of our right’s as a canadian being denied….just a thought…just saying…not saying!

    • Bill

      Ford your fired ! Odsp relievers live in constant poverty unable to make their dreams come true ,n trust me we don’t dream that big ,
      Food prices sore, rent is out of control who is doing anything for us ,I remember m p s giving themselves a 35k raise n odsp never got 2 % of 1100 .everyone will be taken care of i say bullshit soon there will be thousands of new homeless especially for people unable to work ty gl bill

    • Laurrie-Ann Danforth

      This article is very enlightening! It’s obviously an older article but I really wish I had read this earlier! I talked to my worker at the beginning of April because I had to move and she offered no support, not even this “special” benefit? Here I am struggling to financially recover from the move and I could’ve had access to the extra benefit, she never mentioned a thing. They keep you on these programs, they talk about the programs with disdain, and then they want to claw back the CERB payments, that’s how little they think of us, the stupid thing us people are truly gullible enough to believe any savings will go in their pocket, it doesn’t, it just goes into things they want to support!! That’s just how it is. As if anyone wants to live this way but thank you for your work, it’s truly important!

    • Linda

      I’m on cop disabitly and get a little bit from odsp can I filling for some help do to the virus

  2. Shelly O'Brien

    I think that there should be Canada wide increases to the Social Assistance and Disability incomes. It seems to be only Provincial, and that’s just not fair!!!

    • Donna

      Me and my husband are in CPP Disability…not any help for us

      • Tammy

        I say same thing , why were us CPP Disability left out ? All other programs were being helped but us on CPP Disability. All I can say is, it’s just not right .

        • christine toth

          i havent recived money from odsp or my gst hst since 2o16 can u guys change my banking info or dose cra share my info

      • Nancy Monahan

        I too am on CPP Disability benefit. We are not even being mentioned, at ALL. The cost of my groceries to get them delivered via online orders, has doubled since pandemic began. I am now cutting back drastically on items like meat, produce, and absolutely no cleaning supplies. CPP DIsability is a benefit that is very difficult to receive, which I have no issue with, but when I see most of Canadians getting some form of aid, I see nothing for the disabled. I have worked my whole life until, unfortunately, and on numerous back to work attempts, my doctor would no longer give me a doctor’s note advising that I was able to return. PLEASE, I WILL BEG, BUT PLEASE, WE NEED HELP!

        • Lillian

          Hi Nancy, I read your comment here it is not fair that the government pays a CERB amount of 2000 dollars because that is the amount they think you can live on a month. Well, pay this amount to all ODSP recipients if that is the livable monthly amount. Why do they think we can live on next to nothing after rent & bills not close to 2000 a month. They don’t care that’s why. I would like to see one of them live on such a miserly amount. I never heard of the 100 dollars when I did it was too late. I could not get through to the 1-888 number. They should write off any COVID 19 money. So many got the money and used it for nefarious reasons. It will be interesting what will happen.

          • michael

            odsp is provincial cerb is federal do the correct math

            • Sherylee

              Hi, I have worked alot in my life, I was born with a eye disease that affects both eyes, I was always blind at night with very low vision during the day. I worked tell one of my managers told me I could no longer perform my duties properly. I was asked to quit or I would be fired, I was a assistant manager, I quit. For years I felt ashamed of my disability because of others and myself. I have been registered with CNIB my entire life. One of my counselors at CNIB to apply for ODSP I was a candidate she said, so I did. I only ever took what was offered to me , over the years I have required many eye surgeries just to keep what little eye sight I had, and because I am unable to drive I needed help getting to and from wherever I was sent. I found myself often begging for help, made to feel less like a human, today at 60 trying to find a place to live and buy food, pay Bill’s on 1169.00 is so horrible , each month you feel less and less aprt of society, today I’m just very tired. I never asked to be born this way, I did contribute to society I still do my best to contribute. Anyone with a severe disability is not treated fairly or understood, we are human, we do need help , we are worth it.

            • ted

              it’s abuse ..it’s disgusting !!

            • Lillian

              You are just an ignorant person, who uses, steals and robs people. Get some help.

          • Sara

            The people that really need the money don’t get it I’ve seen people buy cars with the money that they get and that being students.. students.. I mean students that barely even worked get two grand a month are you f****** kidding me? they should give it to people that actually needed that money

            • Judy

              Oh my I completely agree with the students comment. What the blank is going on that kids who don’t even WANT to work gigs for $15 an hour min can collect on emergency cash doled out by the feds?
              I’m on CPP disability pension and ya no mention at all for extra income to us. I worked for a slave company for 10 years prior to my harassment in the workplace plus every stupid low paid mundane job I could hustle to provide for 3 kids. Man this Venezuela type corruption at its finest – keep given funds to those who Simply are NOT ENTITLED yet hello waving white flag over here. FYI a 12 pack of KD (that’s right I eat it) went from 7.99 to 11.99 for EVERYONE not just those who get 2 Gs a month and can afford a few more bucks. CRIMINAL

          • alexandria snoes fonseca

            I agree at least right off the cerb payments for those on assistance! It’s not fair I only get 673 from disability and I have to live on tjat monthly!? Before I was on ow and only got 323!!!! What is wrong with our government!?

            • Christine

              I am disgusted and fed up. Turdo,does not give a rats ass about poor people, the boy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, self entitled white male spoiled brat,he is still eating the best food, do you think he is suffering. Hell no. I am seriously contemplating killing this virus.

              • Clint

                The way I look at it the CRA should have known if u were eligible for the Serb when you put your social insurance number in so the way I look at it if they’re going to give you free money take it I don’t think we should have to pay back a damn dime

        • Nancy

          Hi, I agree. I also am on CPP Disability and it is hard to get. My meds yesterday where $900. There has been absolutely no mention of help for us. I only get just over $700 a month . While people on OW get more and now get 100 a month to help with cleaning supplies ect. Where the heck is our help!

        • Lillian

          Nothing was ever done to help any recipient on ODSP. While Trudeau gives Billions away to his fav’s even his family members got money and quite a lot. Isn’t he before the ethics committee again? We need leader born politicians, not support your own let the rest fight the good fight constantly.

      • Jane

        Anyone under 65 years on CPP Disability and not able to work is falling between the cracks. No assistance at all. Bring it to Ms. Carla’s attention.

        • Lillian

          Do you think she really would care.No she would not? If the government believes 2000 dollars is a good and reasonable amount they should pay this amount to CPP ODSP recipients. It would be nice to buy good and decent food after paying sky-high rent and bills. We need leaders in government, not politicians. Good luck

        • A

          You are soo right I worked my whole life paid into the system and I get $800 a month that’s ridiculous I wish I could work I didn’t ask for this

        • Clint

          The way I look at it the CRA should have known if u were eligible for the Serb when you put your social insurance number in so the way I look at it if they’re going to give you free money take it I don’t think we should have to pay back a damn dime

      • A

        Exactly why are we not receiving extra money

      • Brenda

        You sure do have that right! People on OW & ODSP think they have it so bad. Most live off this income because they choose not too work and usually have Additive personalities or Mental Health Issues. Individuals who receive CPP Disability are those who have worked most of their lives contributing to all of those who choose not to work & have a lot of children for the Extra Canada Child Care Benefit. I wish people would actually understand the difference between the 2 (CPP Disability & ODSP). Another thing because I could go on forever is that OW & ODSP recipients are considered NON-TAXABLE Income with Health Benefits & CPP MAX if your fortunate enough to get the max is $1350 per month – considered TAXABLE INCOME – ALL HEALTH BENEFITS.

    • betty lou walmsley

      why do you need it you did alright with it 6 months ago what has changed???????????

      • Hollie Feltham

        Covid has changed. We are sick. We need to protect ourselves just as much as our healthy neighbour if not more. So yes… us people on government help for illnesses we did not ask for are asking for a little help to help keep us safe in this pandemic. It is different from 6 months ago because of delivery charges… extra items we did not need 6 months ago. They gave an extra $100 One Time Only “help” which helped pay for toilet paper once I found some and hand sanitizer “when I was able to get out” as we are only paid once a month… we do not have the luxury to pick up items when needed. And when that time came that we got paid. The healthy and panicked had purchased all the items and once again forgot the disabled.

        • Hollie Feltham

          BETTY LOU … Covid has changed things over the last 6 months. . We are sick. We need to protect ourselves just as much as our healthy neighbour if not more. So yes… us people on government help for illnesses we did not ask for are asking for a little help to help keep us safe in this pandemic. It is different from 6 months ago because of delivery charges… extra items we did not need 6 months ago. They gave an extra $100 One Time Only “help” which helped pay for toilet paper once I found some and hand sanitizer “when I was able to get out” as we are only paid once a month… we do not have the luxury to pick up items when needed. And when that time came that we got paid. The healthy and panicked had purchased all the items and once again forgot the disabled.

          • A

            I’m on CPPD and I worked my whole life and I receive $800 a month try living on that

            • Toulla

              OHHH DER LORD SO SAD And don’t forget we have been suffering in poverty in silence for years ):

      • Andrea Dean

        Are you serious?!?! WE need it to cope with the entire change in our expenses related to Covid-19 pandemic!?! Me personally, I’ve had to spend at least $130 MORE per month to just have things delivered, or cleaning supplies ( including Masks, Gloves, Antiseptics, hand sanitizer and more). I can’t believe you would make such a comment, it is very disheartening, and frankly, extremely insensitive!!!

      • Debbie

        Well the issue here is if one person is entitled too 2000 per month,people on odsp and ow should be able that extra money on there checks also.But because we’ve done alright living on less we shouldnt recieve the extra monies???Hey I wouldnt mind a steak,nice baked potato and salad for a change instead of wieners and beaners and kid.Fair is fair in my books.Get with the program people that feel we dont deserve as everyone else.

        • Brenda

          Because the Cerb Payment was designed for those who EARNED (meaning I get up and go to work which is considered taxable Income where most to all on OW or ODSP don’t get out of bed on occasion or daily to earn taxable income (which is to be reported on your tax return as income received including odd & or casual jobs)

      • Nathalie H T Partica

        Friday, 2020/06/05 EDT 22:36

        Betty Lou Walmsley,

        You are disillusioned to think ODSP recipients or any low income recipients were doing alright six (6) months ago.
        Shame on you for putting the struggling on the defense.
        Do everyone a favour – crawl back into the shameless hole you crawled out of.

        • steph

          exactly , we were never doing alright .. just learned how to cope with what we had and it was always a damn struggle.

      • Diane

        Not much has changed people on disability struggle every damn month to try and survive. Most of us just get enough to pay rent if you look at the rent now a days. The disability has not had a significant increase in years and years, we just get sicker and sicker with all the stress that comes with struggling every day to just survive…..

        • Diana

          It is mental and physical torture worrying about money daily, weekly and monthly

        • Brenda

          Diane you are so right about that but because more & more people have abused what used to be a good benefit it’s decreasing in our monthly amount. We can’t keep up with the Cost of living now a days. Sad but True!

      • BettieS

        Are you serious. Do you not see how much it costs to buy masks and gloves and sanitizers, in addition to the price increases on basic necessities. And no, we did not do okay before, how could we?
        Would you be fine with 50.00 to 100.00 a month after you pay rent and not seeing anything changing in your future, it’s terrifying. People spend more than that going out for coffee in a month.
        What corner of the universe is your brain in? Do you think people with a disability are magically able to live fulfilling lives and be content without ever being able to afford healthy food, or ever ..ever be able to indulge in the even the least expensive hobby. It’s being punished for a crime you didn’t commit.

        • Toulla

          And don’t forget we have been suffering in poverty in silence for years ):

      • Nancy

        Hello! Have you watched the price of food go up! Not to mention paying someone to get your groceries. Cleaning supplies, masks ect. Some people with disabilities can’t drive or wait in long lines. If you think 700 is right and fair for someone who worked . Then you live on it !

      • J.S.Brown

        You’re right nothing has changed we were just forced to live below poverty level income but the government decided that so called regular people are worth $2000 a month but you are right nothing has changed were still being discriminated against shame on you betty. It’s people like you and your attitude that keep people like us down what is your income I wonder

      • Toulla

        What on earth are you talking about? I ended up in the hospital for sandwiches due I had nothing to eat STOP posting such wrongful things you are not on ODSP so you have no idea what we go through. I am SHOCKED at such behavior and abuse towards me and my people. I am TRAPPED in poverty and I want to move forward. These types of comments show a lack of education and lack of reality and respect it is pure hate and this form of abuse will not be accepted by my people so you can keep those empty cold words for yourself as we never received it— just like we never received the help.

    • N.T.

      Ontario disability funding and Ontario work should match COVID-19 emergency
      benefit , now everything has changed and people in a big need for this increase .
      it should be double Ontario Disability Support (ODSP) or Ontario Works (OW) rates to bring them in line with the CERB, because if laid-off workers need $2,000 a month to get
      by, so do people who receive ODSP and OW,

      • A

        Wow it would be nice if people on CPPD received more money we pay tax on every cent we get. $800 a month is ridiculous we have received no extra money. I’ve worked my whole life paid into the system and look where it gets you

    • Julz

      I agrre we should get 2000 a month always nor just during the COVID 19 out break. But all we get is a our Basic income ODSP payment. and an extra 1oo for 3 months. So not fair. I pay high rent not in subsided housing and every month I struggle to survive. I can afford food after paying for medical cost not covered by OHIP. I am so hurt to think our government dose not care about us…

    • Rev Victoria

      Agree. If they feel that $2000/person is needed now it should be the case for all receiving assistance regularly. Especially since it’s disable Canadians were speaking of that have no other means of generating extra income. They need to stop assuming everyone has a rich uncle helping them out. I know how it feels to have zero help. It’s not easy.

  3. Diana Walker

    What about people on CPP disability benefits we get no help and have no drug plan

    • Sheldon

      Yes i totally agree i am on CPP disability as well, we are getting nothing extra but yet if you are on welfare disability here in BC they are getting 1235 plus an extra 300 a month and all medication paid for.

    • Karen King-Boyd

      Same here Diana I receive CPP disability as well and I agree what about us.I guess they seem to think we are not important.

      • Cindy Graziotto

        Myself and my husband are both on CPPD and search as I may, have not yet found any financial assistance to help with the added costs of Covid19. Any suggestions on how to address this issue?

      • Donna

        I’m also on cpp disability onlyhard to get by these days

    • Rev Victoria

      Valid question. I’d be interested in the correct reply for this question.

  4. Christina

    my dependant sons worked part-time. They lost their extra personal income to better help themselves. They held off from applying even though they would have been eligible. As we were at confusion of how badly this could affect our household long term. Including our rent being raised. However due to the messy complications we’ve decided it’s in our household units best interest not to apply concerning it will add to my case being complicated with clawbacks & monthly basic income. All I have to say, it’s extremely disappointing that my sons have no rights or working equality when it boils down to all of this. due to MY own setbacks. They still need to complete their education. So we’ve decided not to add any more complications or stress, than I or they, are currently under. The pressures are there, but it is what it is. I must express the depression that adds feeling like because of me & my setbacks, & limitations.. single mom, no support, other than ODSP.. how turbulent that feels. Like, I’m the one who’s responsible for their lack or for them to get ahead at all. They refuse to apply, knowing it may help them better, yet are aware it will make matters a lot more worst for us long term. So no thanks. I’ll just stretch the budget the best I can.. minimal grocery walks, since I don’t have the luxury of transportation. minimal buying, since I have trouble walking & pulling groceries that physically despair me in pain ..& just make do.. little by little, in hopes this pandemic gets better for everyone’s sakes!! Thank you Ontario provincial government for leaving families like mine under & in lack, going with the bare minimal but are trying to make it. My youngest is considering putting himself at risk & potentially my family, so he can somehow still try to make himself a few dollars… a decision he feels forced to do. To request his part time hours again. That frightens/worries me.
    I hope this b.s. is over soon!!! Considering we at the bottom are to sink lower… degradation of humanity at its best. And a lack of concern for people or families caught up in this pandemic like mine. We cant get treated any lower than this.

    • Lillian

      This was very sad to read. I hope when our Government fails us and they are we can come tog as people in communities and help one another. I find little help or difficult as transportation is expensive and not available. You are right pulling groceries for miles hurts, now it’s not a lot of healthy food I pull because of the cost because of medical problems that are mine alone just hurts a lot, getting older does not help either. We need a stronger community to help, people helping people. I give up on Government they are always too busy fighting to get much done, or taking holidays or the big party dinners. One day we will figure this all out.


    i live on c.p.p disability and live on less than 1000 a month nothing gets offered to us people out here living like this we don,t even get drug cards every month and now we have to pay extra for groceries to be deliver and prescriptions every month

    • Shauna

      I am also a ODSP recipiant. Just resenly got in the program . I have a few underlining conditions.So there for I have limitations to work. First of all, I am 52. Worked since I was 16. I have high blood pressure, nerve damage in my back and neck. I battle mental illness , depression and anxiety. I used to go to the gym to help with most of my ailments. Forgot I also have bronchial asthma that had flared up. All I know is that I put in a lot of good years of working. I wish I could go back to work but at this time I can’t. I believe the cost of living for OW& ODSP should be more. Just like BC.

      • Sarah

        I now know why people commit suicide they cant get the help they need I have CPP disability and make less than $600.00 per month there is no help anywhere we are the forgotten and forsaken

        • Lisa C

          There are several other programs that work with ODSP to keep Canadians at or above the poverty line. Not a great spot but better than $600 a month. You can’t add the maximum amounts for all programs (if applied for independently) but the combines total is better in most cases. Also look into provincial and federal drug benefit programs for prescriptions.

          • Michele davies

            Wrong…nothing combined puts someone on or close to poverty line!!!!!!..approximately $7000 below the line with cppd and odsp combined…please get the facts before posting jibberish!

          • Rev Victoria

            Are you accessing these additional programs? Are you aware of what these programs are? I’m interested in knowing what your speaking of.
            I can say that as much as everyone feels there’s resources out there…it’s not what people assume and these resources are not exactly easy to access.

        • Judy

          You should be an automatic shoe in that is if you reside in Ontario? CPP gives your amount and ODSP pick up the slack. I know this

          • Nancy

            That’s incorrect. I am on CPP Disability. I don’t qualify for any other help. No drugs, dental, food. I’m diabetic. Nothing. People always ask me about that. The only reason I don’t qualify is my husband works. We struggle. It’s hard . He is getting older and has issues too.

    • Sheldon

      Yes i totally agree i am on CPP disability as well, we are getting nothing extra but yet if you are on welfare disability here in BC they are getting 1235 plus an extra 300 a month and all medication paid for.

      • Lisa C

        Have you looked into federal and provincial drug programs. I believe it is called Pharmacare in BC. It is available to all residents of BC that qualify for the provincial health care. Every province has a program like this. It will deal with your medication coverage at least.

        • Julz

          They don’t cover everything thing my drug cost above what they cover is 600 a month out of my ODSP then my rent nothing left at all

    • Lisa C

      Have you looked into federal and provincial drug programs. It is available to all residents that qualify for the provincial health care. Every province has a program like this. It is income based regarding deductibles and covers most medications. Even higher cost specialty medications can be covered after Doctors complete forms to support your need.

      • Rev Victoria

        Depends on the medication. Example medicinal cannabis is not covered anywhere despite its effectiveness. They’ll cover opiates though…even though there’s an opiate crisis out there.
        A lot of people assume that those on assistance have access to all kinds of supports. It’s not true.

  6. Kay Lee

    I am a person with a disability and a recipient of ODSP. I was being employed in a restaurant washing dishes on weekends for minimum wage paid in cash by friends prior to the pandemic. My job also provided some meals, which also helped me out alot. I lost my job when the restaurants were closed down mid-March. I was not claiming my employment to ODSP, because they would have clawed back a week’s salary of this per month had I done so, and as my rent in Toronto exceeded my OSDP cheque, and beyond this I required money for food and medical expenses and transportation to doctor’s appointments, I needed every penny of my pay to stay alive.
    I am a Canadian citizen, however, my job was undocumented and I am not eligible for CERB for this reason. If I take my chances and apply, ODSP will clawback roughly half, and then if CERB later decides I am ineligible due to my job being off the books, I will have to pay it back and also pay $1200 tax on it at the end of the year. ODSP will not re-pay me the thousand dollars a month that gets clawed back and the entire thing could end up costing me about $13 000 by the end of the year. Hardly seems fair. And all I need in the first place is to recover that extra $500/month that I’ve lost, to cover my rent and basic needs. And that extra $500 a month doesn’t even bring me up to the poverty line.
    How many more people out there are dealing with this?

    • Lisa C

      You will have to pay back any CERB if you applied based on a unreported income. They made exceptions for people reporting additional income as required (varies depending on what assistance program you get), and yes I think people will be upset and ‘surprised’ when tax time comes and they owe taxes on that ‘free’ money.
      I would guess if you applied for CERB and was audited regarding claw backs and/or eligibility they would report it to ODSP as well and you could be in a lot of trouble. I understand your situation and it stinks. If you are below the poverty line you should qualify for additional funding you just have to figure out where to look for it.

      Good luck and best wishes. Oh, apply for Trillium drug program it is income based but gives you coverage for medications if you don’t receive OW.

    • betty lou walmsley

      so you are saying you were paid under the table there fore there is no record of employment oppps

    • Rev Victoria

      You can always come clean and admit you have been earning.
      You are able to earn $200/month and then 50% of every dollar afterwards. Many also don’t know you can receive $10000 per household member as a gift per twelve months.

  7. Libby

    There is no help for people on CPP disability which is very unfair or any disability for that matter ODSP.

    • betty lou walmsley

      i kinda think you are well covered if you are on disability nothing has changed for you

      • Rev Victoria

        Not quite. Do you live on disability? It’s a lot of assumptions that those on assistance have it made. A lot of angry citizens that individuals receive government money to stay home…these recipients have disabilities. During this crisis and those receiving benefits being vulnerable due to pre-existing conditions have it a bit tougher. They don’t have the means to do what many non disabled individuals do.

      • Karl

        Your a very arrogant you have no idea what it’s like. You no doubt have s abundance of money from one source or another. My assumption is you just like yo prey on us less fortunate get the the fuck off this site.

      • Timothy D

        You definitely have NO IDEA what has changed! I am on ODSP , I suffer from nerve damage and spinal stenosis, thanks to my deranged dad! My feet and legs are badly swollen and I can’t do cooking or cleaning! I have to pay for deliveries, the list goes on!

      • Diana

        That is a very ignorant statement. Odsp recipients struggle every month to survive on below the poverty line with children and get no child support and have worked all their lives. Get yourself some education and empathy for your fellow man

        • Toulla

          What on earth are they talking about? I ended up in the hospital for sandwiches due I had nothing to eat tell them to STOP posting such wrongful things they are not on ODSP so they have no idea what we go through. I am SHOCKED at such behavior and abuse towards me and my people. I am TRAPPED in poverty and I want to move forward. These types of comments show a lack of education and lack of reality and respect it is pure hate and this form of abuse will not be accepted by my people so they can keep those empty cold words for themselves as we never received it— just like we never received the help.

  8. Irene Galloway

    As ford said no one will be left behind.is it rend food . being a diebetic is a tough road ,but now is even harder .

      • Deb

        you obviously have no concept of the challenges associated with disability. Instead of trolling, please show some compassion for those in greater need than yourself. CPP-D benefits are based on lifetime earnings but even top earners don’t receive enough of pension to live on and must deplete their retirement savings in order to survive until eligible for OAS. Disabled people face incredible barriers to employment and day-to-day living. While we may eke out a few hundred or thousand dollars in part time/occasional work, most are unable to reach the $5000 hurdle set for CERB benefits and have also lost financial help from now beleaguered friends and family. We aren’t asking for $2000/month, we are begging for a few hundred dollars to help with the higher costs of buying groceries, getting about now that transit is particularly unsafe for us, buying cleaning supplies and PPE, and much needed exercise equipment to replace services or gym memberships that helped to prevent further physical/mental deterioration. Many recipients have not been able to afford internet, cellphones, or tablets/computer equipment to access the services that are now only available online.

        • Michele davies

          Well said..I was working on my good days when pain was manageable…but didn’t make the qualifying $5000….thats just ridiculous….disability should have been topped up to $2000…..approximately $8-900 month..like I was making this year before covid …the qualifying amount should be rubbed out…work is work…some people just started working when covid hit…not fair at all!

          • Cheryl Nixon

            Do you know how many children will be hungry and homeless with the claw back ! Most foodbank sand community help for mothers and fathers raising there children weren’t open to help! So there will be another pandemic a lot of homeless children and hungry children ! A lot of ppl got the cerb to pay there bills off or to keep a roof over there kids heads it to feed them due to nothing being open to help them! So I don’t agree with the claw back at all children will suffer when all the parents did was collect the cerb to help there children cause ow didn’t pay them enough to feed there kids or buy masks to keep the children safe

            • Diana

              That is right The children already suffer on this horrible social assistance with no child support from the so called fathers. Do not HURT THESE INNOCENTS MORE THAN THEY ARE NOW!!!

            • derek Rank

              odsp should be $2600-$3000 ,especially if the rent is over$1000 a month…also minimum wage at full time hours should also be $3000 at least…

      • Judy

        Betty holy lady you have commented every 3-4 person here. Please for the love of anything stop angering ppl.
        It’s all she can do obviously EVERYONE
        Go plant a garden or walk your dog anything just get off this forum.
        That’s all

        • Miranda Friesen

          Obvi must be hard to make sure all ppla circumstances are taken into consideration but at a time when corruption of leaders around the world is avid in the headlines of our news it wkuld be nice to catch a break ourselves being the poor and struggling class just scrapping by on assistance. I mean im grateful for the help i do receive but in march i had just moved to a new apt with my 2 daughters. I was short 500 dollars on rent and welfare gave us only 100 dollars extra. So i took the cerb money. Then i got told i was nit eligable for my chq which only pays part of my 1700 a month rent whixh includes NO utilities. They are all extra ontop of that 1700. So my monthly expenses are approx 2300 a month once hydro and enridge gas and water and sewage bills are paid not to metion internet which is the only way u can keep up with everything at this time. I am broke and have been broke completely right from the beginning when rhis started. How can u get ahead. Rent in my province is atrocious. I was lucky to find my apt for 1700 . everything else was at the very least 2000 plus all utilities for a 3 bedroom. I lucked out with a 4 bedroom but dont know how to pay my rent at the end of this month. Very frustrating. And no good for our mental health. Mirandafriesen@aol.com

      • Kimmy Ann

        Remember Betty Lou Walmsley it takes one second to have a stroke be hit by a car or be in an accident. I believe in Karma be very careful what you say. Or have an onslaught of mental illness one day you go to bed fine the next you wake up with voices in your head. NOBODY I mean NOBODY is safe from Disabilities. Please wake up and realize we lived on very little before this Pandemic. wait let me rephrase that STRUGGLE and SCRAPED and ate cheap out of date food and lived in dirty rooms with strangers before. Imagine how bad it is now. Be careful what you say all you that are so entitled. I was born disabled and abandoned and have suffered many travesties in my life. Molested had a child of rape. I have not been protected. So once again I say what is missing in this life is EMPATHY for the vulnerable in Canada. Well in Ontario anyways. I am trying to put a book together of my life being disabled and impoverished. So maybe it will educate some of you I Just cant believe the answers I see when I watch trudeau in the comments and even in here. I am in tears.

    • Bonnie Dann

      its a joke in London,ontario the people on social assistance is being allowed to keep the money and pay very little back after frauding the government thats why they will keep doing this because doug ford is doing nothing we all need more money but this is not fair for the honest people or old age they should not have to pay back or lose their gic money,we should all be compensated with this extra cash as soon as possible honesty should not be our down fall

      • Rev Victoria

        CERB is partially deducted off of their checks. If they weren’t eligible I’m unsure of anyone being told to keep. I’m not so sure your statement is accurate. With all due respect. Genuine curiosity about that statement.

  9. Michelle

    ODSP in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, you can’t talk to worker, they don’t return your calls. Someone in that office keeps taking more money away from my file every 2 months?
    I have been trying to fix my situation for 2.5 years. Any increase to the program, they minus it off my file.
    I don’t even get enough money to pay rent and then they gave me an overpayment for some that I didn’t do( which I still can’t fix other)
    Kids should come first have a safe place to live and have food to eat and clothes to wear, medicine and medical coverage. The whole system here is tremble.

      • mike magee

        Unless you worship Islam, the government does not see you as anything but subhuman, BTW every refugee that enters Canada just like foreign workers qualify for all C.E.R.B. programs while people born here on OW/Odsp are told to go away peasant your not human.

    • Rev Victoria

      All offices currently are cycling the case workers. You are correct at this time you won’t reach your worker. However, if you let reception know you need the benefit and give your case id number an appointed worker will handle it and you’ll get the deposit or check sent within three business days. Speak to reception instead of trying your own regular worker.

  10. Maryann leviste

    I have a question I’m earning below 2000 , is there any additional fund from the government in time of covid ? And how to apply what site that I can go ?

    • Lo lo

      You can apply if your make 1000 n under

      • Lisa C

        Only if you lost your job due to covid 19 or they will claw it back.

      • John

        I get maybe 100 a month from ow because of earned income how much cerb would I end up receiving if I even tell ,ow I am applying

    • betty lou walmsley

      the only thing you apply for is either medical or if you are unemployed depending on age

    • Rev Victoria

      You must be making at most $1000 or less. CERB is $2000/month. If you receive that now….I assume there’s nothing more unfortunately. Still look into the CRA website but I feel you’d be ineligible.

  11. Janice

    I am on the same boat but I get a portion from cpp disability and odsp..
    Will the coffers make me pay it all back on my case..I cant make it on what i get, I dont drive, prices for food are going up..I dammed if I do dammed if I dont…I am a health care aid.Graduated in 1996, but hurt my back bad at work..

  12. Jennifer

    Well…here’s something to chew on. OW and ODSP are totally immaterial to the Ford Government. They don’t care that there are actual human beings behind the numbers. When those of us who could, worked, and the Government took almost half of our income. Now, they found another way to pilfer half of the Federal Covid-19 emergency fund from OW and ODSP (working poor)…even though it’s much less than what we would ordinarily get working, even after their deductions. After we claim the CERB on our 2021 Income Tax Forms…we will lose even more. The present Government doesn’t give damn.
    Here’s the kicker…Ford is trying to placate his critics and justify his decision to pilfer Federal Emergency Money (CERB…$30 million per month from the “Working Poor) by announcing that this money “will be immediately invested into programs to help others on OW and ODSP who are not eligible for Federal Assistance.”
    I ask you…how did it become the responsibility of the Working Poor to fund those who did not, could not or refused to work??? My husband worked 13 hour a day for weeks, months and years to get off the system, but he never quite made it. And now he will lose another almost half of the Federal Emergency Money…after losing most of his pay check for 8 years???? And for what??? To fund others who DON’T qualify for CERB!!!!!! That’s not the responsibility of the Working Poor!!!!! However, it IS the Progressive Conservative’s issue and it falls squarely in laps of this reigning Government.
    If we would like to donate to those who are in need, that should be up to every individual who feels moved to do so. The Provincial Government has absolutely no business diverting Federal Emergency Funds to line their coffers in order to relieve their collective responsibilities to every less fortunate citizen in this Great Province.

    • j

      You need to understand that the cerb money is not being diverted to the province, you’re still getting it – the province is just paying out less due to the cerb income, in the same way it does when people work.

      Everyone working full time minimum wage or greater who’s on cerb instead has had an income reduction.

      • Jennifer

        You are VERY misinformed, my dear. Yes…ODSP took a portion of my husband’s paycheque every month while he was working. Problem is that taking half of the CERB money plus my ODSP top up per month actually leaves us about half of what we were receiving through his employment. (ODSP deductions on his monthly employment income plus our entitlement under ODSP top up per month).
        To give u an example…@ $4,000.00 earned income per month the $ 4,000.00 is allowed to be kept…it is then calculated by ODSP with their formula to figure out your entitlement. However, based on $4,000.00 a month in this case, a couple on ODSP is entitled to approx. $400.00 plus benefits after all the calculations of ODSP are done which allows this couple to receive and keep a total of at least $4,400 a month plus benefits. With CERB…you’re entitled to $2,000.00 a month. Using the calculations of ODSP…as per your theory of “income” from CERB, after all calculations of ODSP, this same couple will only receive $2,100.00. That’s a difference of $2,300.00 a month. WE ARE LOSING $2,300.00 A MONTH!!!!! Figure it out!!! You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about!!!
        If you’d like to trade barbs…plz…let me know. I’d love to go toe to toe. BUT, I’ve been on ODSP for many, many years and I am very well informed on the rules…regs, and have successfully appealed four cases and changed law through the ODSP Tribunal.
        Wow…j…do a favour…check your facts before u rack off.

        • Kimmy Ann

          May I ask Jennifer what was your income before the pandemic?

        • Toulla


    • Snjeza

      I respect your opinion. Sorry my English is not perfect but I can understand what you just wrote. Thanks, b/c when I got sick as an RPN I used to work 7 days, after recovery Nobady, even CNO, DIDN’t show interest to help me to find at least few days a week to work again. I spent lots of time to learn English and to get RPN LICENCE. I am very disappointed, I could still contribute to community. Now I am old, and even more sick.

      • Diana

        You write very good English dear and I am in a similar situation and still have a teen son at home who receives no child support and never did. They used to jail those fathers who did nothing for their children Why did the gov’t stop this? More and more children suffer on a fixed income. It is hellish

    • Joe Frisbee

      Good for you!! You are the only person here with any sense,I also believe that the Ford government should be keeping their grubby hands off the CERB payment. Taking $900 bucks off for some alleged other programs (1169-900=$269.00) , Oh thank you Lord Ford. lol. I took the CERB payment and I’ll worry about the feds next year. I’m going to hope that the NDP will talk to Justin and ask the Liberal government to give us a pass on income tax next year. I’ll take the $4400 bucks now because I need it now!!! I’m thinking you’re a Canadian so if we are going to be subsidizing other supposed programs for the poor,or whomever they choose to give the clawback to,then take it and use it as needed. J F.

      • Diana

        You are right but if they take a single mothers almost whole cheque for the next few months the children will suffer greatly Please don’t take the only income these mothers have to support their children when the fathers are delinquent in support

    • Timothy D

      The Ford government has swept us under the rug,too!

      • Batb

        I agree the new benafit after cerb is only for workers

  13. Bob

    Being a disabled person in Ontario is a unbearable life. We dis not ask to be disabled. It was not a life goal. However you are penalized everyday. If you get in a relationship they penalize that person as well. Only the government would want a man to live off a woman or vise versa. You get in a relationship all of a sudden there income is your income and you are deducted for it. Let alone the fact that there personal money and things they worked for their entire life like pensions and savings must be spent as they are deducted from the ODSP recipients benefit. That’s right our government feels you should find a sugar momma or daddy to pay your way. Living off the avails is quite alright in Ontario. I have no use for government nor man that leaves disabled and seniors to starve. I will never stand for them nor help them till they help those in need.

    • Lillian Gill

      Cpp disability we get nothing from cov19 no support of any kind .we have no benefits we pay for our medication plus rent and food .try living on 833.00 a month .thanks for no help government not voteing anymore .

    • betty lou walmsley

      i am sorry bob the government is trying so hard for the people that have no food on their tables and other people that are going to lose everything at a young age with children

    • Jennifer

      Bob…I agree. But apparently we are expendable. Poor people can’t get proper care. But don’t forget…if we die…we won’t be a drag on the system anymore. Like the elderly. Doug Ford pretends to care. But Covid-19 is doing his job for him. Getting rid of the “parasites” draining the system only helps his bottom line. But that’s not good enough.
      Ford decides to grab half of anything the Feds are providing, leaving the poor in deeper poverty than we were in before Covid-19. What a con man!!! A greasy, used car salesman!!! He’s Ontario’s answer to Bonhomme…except Ford is made of Burgers, fries, milkshakes and donuts…Chocolate Cake, Carmel and his almost famous Cherry Cheese Cake, portrayed on line…instead of snow!!!
      I haven’t been out of my home since March 9/2020. We haven’t had ANY contact with parents, children and grand children since. We don’t have visual social media. Can’t afford it anyways. Just phone and texting…we’re old school. How we would love to be able to see all of them. But I don’t b/c of Covid-19 and Doug Ford’s edict.
      But then…he defies his own general rules and his Provincial instructions and invited his older 2 daughters, who no longer live with him…to his home for a meal on Mother’s Day. I didn’t…my husband didn’t. I wouldn’t allow MY kids to come over on that day b/c I was adhering to the rules FORD set out. What a hypocrite!!!!

      • Tracie Watson

        If immigrants can receive 48000 a year then Canadians should be getting more.

    • Eric Lvsq

      Im on odsp and i applied for the cerb paiment how much are the going to claw back every month from my 1155 dollars odsp income?

    • Rev Victoria

      Glad you painted that out. They need to change that. Stop making it a family income and deducting the spouses money. At times the I du usual on ODSP is cut off completely with no self respect or dollar coming anymore based on their partners earnings. It makes it tough on relationships. They expect disabled to be with disabled. It’s unfair to say another had to support their partner 100%…it impacts self respect and dignity to the disabled not having a few dollars of their own each month to contribute. It’s shameful.

  14. Sheldon

    What really upsets me is i am on CPP disability here in BC and i get less then 900 a month on it no medication is covered and no CERB for CPP disabled people, but if you are on welfare disability you get 1235 per month plus 300 a month extra because of the COVID-19 and all medication is covered 100%. I do not qualify for welfare disability as they say my wife works.

    • Lisa C

      Have you looked into federal and provincial drug programs. I believe it is called Pharmacare in BC. It is available to all residents of BC that qualify for the provincial health care. Every province has a program like this.

    • Nancy Monahan

      I totally agree with you Sheldon…I am in the same position! People who receive welfare disability obviously are not entitled to CPP Disability as it is extremely difficult to get approval from CPPD. In order to receive CPPD, you MUST be either terminally ill or have a severe disability. That in itself means that in all likelihood, we cannot even earn ANY extra income, even though I believe we are entitled to earn $6000/yr. Yet, ODSP recipients are getting approximately $400 more per month than I, plus, as you stated, an extra $300 per month in BC Province (ODSP recipients getting nothing more in ON Province). I cannot afford to have my groceries delivered via shopping online, when the cost of food has doubled since pandemic began. I now can only order very limited number of produce, meat, and absolutely nothing for cleaning aids. Not to mention, nowhere have I been able to get my hands on hand sanitizers or masks, and I check Amazon every single morning. God help us!

      • A

        Exactly I get $800 a month on CPPD. I fought for 3 years to get it. Worked my whole life paid into the system and this is how we are treated

  15. Susan. V

    I am a single mom living on ODSP, I live with my 20-year-old son who was working full-time but when COVID-19 came he was out of work. When he’s working and making an income he’s considered an extra income in the household which I have to claim on my cheque every month. I don’t think that is right I would agree if he was my spouse but he is not, he’s my son and shouldn’t have to support his mom. Now that he is out of work and collecting the CERB I’ll basically be losing my whole 0DSP cheque every month he’s collecting the CERB, when I was claiming his working income I wasn’t losing anything on my cheque but the government considers this a different type of income so basically the first $200 is exempt and 50% remaining of his cheque will come off dollar per dollar off my cheque. I had my first job at the age of 14 and continued working, I always had a job and paid my taxes the only time I was off work was when I had my son, I kept working full time right up to when I was diagnosed with MS which I had to go onto disability (in which I didn’t pray for this to happen to me) I truly miss working I would go back to work in a heartbeat if I could, which forces me to live in extreme poverty. Every year my CPP Pension goes up 1.5% and in the same month my ODSP cheque goes down 1.5% making me live on the very little you give me, which doesn’t make sense especially when I’m seeing the cost of living going way up especially with the Covid-19 pandemic going on the cost of groceries have gone extremely up, but my ODSP cheque stays the same. Also listening to the government giving benefits to students which works out to be more money than what I get for my ODSP cheque. Anyone who lives my way will never be able to get ahead or be able to save for the future. Now that this pandemic is going on I’ve been listening to the news every day and all I’m hearing is all these benefits out there to help out all the Canadians but any Canadian that lives on a disability pension only qualifies for a large amount of $100 and it’s a one time payment only. I would really like to force Doug Ford into my wheelchair and have him live off of my income for 6 months and maybe then he’ll finally realize that the pension amount needs to go up in order for us to survive and be able to live and not have to worry about how you’re going to put food on the table. IT’S TIME THAT THE GOVERNMENT HELPS THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DISABILITIES AND LIVE IN POVERTY.

    • Patricia

      I agree with you. Doug Ford and other government people should spend 6mths in our shoes. I’m also on ODSP and barely make it through the month. My rent goes up every year but my cheque doesn’t how do they expect people to live. The rent everywhere is so high your stuck at where your living and to deal with the hikes. The food is up in prices also, it’s getting to the point to just live on KD and PB sandwiches. They should raise our cheques to at least $ 2000 a mth that would be a start.

    • Timothy D

      I agree with you 100%!Ford needs to live on our ODSP for 6 months, but he would never lower his standards!

  16. Fathom Dixon

    Without question the difficulty of lack of resources is a big factor in feeling even slightly human.The fact we can keep so little and more is taken and not alowed any way too save or get better resources.

    • Khadija

      I am single of two dependent child , Is there any extra benefit OW ?

      • Khadija

        I am a single mom of two dependent child , Is there any extra benefit OW ?

        • Rev Victoria

          Yes $200 per month. You must call and let reception know each month for the eligible months. They will assign a rotational worker to get that money to you either direct deposit or check in the mail. If you do not request it, they won’t voluntarily give it to you. There was also an increase to child tax in May…one time increase.

      • betty lou walmsley

        i dont know how old you are but you are better off to quit your job for now and go on assistance you will have your rent paid and alot of groceries

        • Michele davies

          Where did you get your Information from…quit your job, go on assistance and get your rent paid? Wow…such unbelievable rhetoric from this person!!!!

          • Diana

            very ignorant and ill conceived statement

        • Rev Victoria

          So untrue. These comments based on assumptions are a huge problem within society.
          ODSP and OW recipients do not get handed cash as easily as it’s assumed. Have you gone to a food bank? Been told you can have eggs or milk but not both when your fridge is empty with kids? The other issue with food banks is much of what’s donated requires other ingredients that clients don’t have. It’s not what you assume. Please trust that I’m aware first hand.

        • Diana

          That is a very ill conceived statement

  17. Lynda

    This is So True.I am in disability and can Not afford all these cleaning disinfecting items needed to protect my room.I have Scarred lungs have C.O.P.D lung disease plus I’ve had probably 7 cases of Lung disease or Viruses because of that one fact.I was put in an infused comma So the doctors has time to figure out how to save me.If the funds were there I wouldn’t of been Sick.

  18. Sara

    Hi . I am with my son onodsp. I am getting the money 70 percent goes in rent. I am struggling and getting sick . I am diabetic and have sleep apnea. I cannot go out to shop. I order online. Uts too expensive. How can we survive in this situation. Pl tell them to increase some money for us.

  19. Linda

    My husband is on odsp and I work part time and care for him. I am self employed, I,m not able to work but one job right now of 2.5 – 3 hrs a week cleaning a office for agriculture, because of the Covid 19. i don,t pay into unemployment so that’s out of the question. I make over 5 thousand a year. I did apply and did get the 2 thousand but sent it back because I didn’t think I would be entitled to it because of odsp. We are finding it very hard with out my income but have no idea on who to turn to for help. My husbands odsp worker does not respond to any of our calls. I am so frustrated with the hoops we have to go through to get information on what we can apply for. I can only hope this is over soon so I can go back to work.

    • Rev Victoria

      You’re entitled on ODSP especially if you met the earnings requirement. They will let you keep the first $200 and 50% off each dollar thereafter. $900 would be deducted from your ODSP…you’ll have $1100 more for the eligible months. Please reapply and explain your confusion.

  20. Diane Skier

    I am the working- non working poor!! I last worked March 13. However, I am still getting paid, my cheque’s work out to just over $1000, which means I don’t qualify for CERB. I live in subsidized housing and I’m still paying the same rent I was before this started, yet I’m not making the same as I did, I’m making less. My wages are the basic they can get at my job. My neighbours that are getting CERB (which is still twice as much as I make), get the luxury of paying the basic price for rent. I’m a single mother of a 12 yr old who’s supposed to be doing schoolwork via the internet, still haven’t heard from her school board (despite calling repeatedly!), about having the internet connected as I can’t afford the monthly $100 charge. I know I’m not the only one dealing like this. My stress level has reached such a peak, I don’t know if I’ll ever get back down!! By the time I do actually get laid off, there won’t be any stimulus left to give me. I’ll still be stuck the working poor!

    • bibi

      so your neighbours are still paying the same amount of rend during cerb because they didnt report the cerb or because cerb won’t be considered as income by housing and it won’t raise your rent?

    • Rev Victoria

      This has to be an exceptional case. I’d look into it further. Don’t give up just yet.

  21. Snjeza

    What a shame? ODSP IS going to deduct $900.00 from each check. So, me and my husband are going to get $1950.00 assistance with CREB TOTAL. We already spent on Vitamins, minerals, polisporine cream and ear drops, eye drops, pain meds , Lakota and Aruba-5 , Voltaren so we don’t have to see a Dr. My husband just had accident, cat little bit finger on glass I applied polisporine and bandages. I had bachace for days after Lakota and voltaren I feel better. So we are ble to make food,laundry do chores….on our own. Our daughter brings groceries every 10-15 days, thanks god we have her. ODSP should increase income longe time ago, only Appt. rent is $1450.00 and we don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol….what a shaim from Ontario government. Thanks for informing us.

    • Rev Victoria

      You’ll be up $1100 more than usual. They deduct $900 of the $2000….

  22. Karen Sinden

    I’m on cpp disability and only receive 1100 a month…will there be anything for me?

    Karen Sinden

  23. Frank

    I’m on ow ….and just started a job but was laid off due to covid…..I now get $0 because I can’t get cerb due to not making $5000 in the past year and my common law partner gets the cerb so it takes me down to $0 Real nice.

  24. Christine

    What do I do? My partner is disabled and on ODSP. He works part time to lower stress due to having a diagnosis of Autism. He was voluntarily taking extra shifts due to people being off sick which then disqualified him from ODSP, but then he was laid off for two weeks. He applied for CERB. But he then two weeks later was called back to work. He was told by his manager that he must take extra shifts now or face disciplinary actions. He felt he had no choice but to work. He has now made too much to qualify two months in a row for ODSP. ODSP then said we are not eligable for the pandemic funding or Employment start up (I had to set up the ability to work at home) because he is working too much along with my income we wee declined the help. The bills are now sitting on a credit card because not working is not an option for me. In receiving the CERB, my partner used the CERB to fix his car so he could reach work which is rural there is no public transit (the motor had to be replaced as it was not drivable.) ODSP won’t help and the bill was $1600. My partner’s boss then knowing this tells him if he does not take extra shift he will face disciplinary action. As he faced being threatened at work, he felt he had no chouce but to say yes, but it pushed him just over the CERB $1000 limit maximum then disqualifying him for CERB which he had just received. Then when told that the company was not accommodating his disability, the manager went to the company that hires their cleaning company and that company manager made a new ruling that the only people allowed to work at the factory are those who are full time. His boss said he can chose to work full time or be laid off. But if he choses to turn down employment he is disqualified from CERB. If he accepts he is basically saying that both companies no longer have any responsibility to accommodate his disability needs. I don’t know what to tell him nor can I see a way that anyone is actually is willing to support his continued employment. It is clearly bullying (in writing) in the workplace and questionably breaking the Ontario Human Rights Code regarding Disabilities and Employment. But what does he need to do and what can he do? How much stress can he cope with? What do I tell him is best for him? The last thing he needs in this enviroment is to be treated badly. He has really tried his best. But I don’t know how to help him? The whole thing is an unclear mess. How is someone who has a grade 12 diploma while being in a Basic level, yet now almost 60 suppost to know how to navigate these systems? We are actually claiming all income we have to ODSP and EI (CERB) and always have.

    My disabled partner is facing choices he needs to make as it is his job as of later today, but he doesn’t know or understand the financial decisions or government systems to make these types choices wisely. It is far to complicated with so many different issues, several different government systems and his employment work place concerns.

    There has to be answers, but it has become so complicated that I can’t figure it out.

  25. suzy

    I think I made a mistake I was working I am Ontario disability but I work part time and then I clean some homes and motels but I couldn’t go back because the virus and someone said you can apply for that now I’m scared

    • Rev Victoria

      You should be ok for CERB if you’ve told your worker about your employment income. They will deduct $900 off your check. You’ll be ahead $1100/month

    • Judy

      Your fine as long as you pay taxes on the house cleaning income and of course you meet all requirements for eligibility of CERB. Don’t forget even if you worked 12 months before and didn’t claim it On your 2019 tax return don’t fret! Look on cra.ca website bc as time has elapsed since the outbreak first surfaced in Canada they did a 72 hour pass the bill on the CERB without a whole lot of thought- they were panicked right. Now they have a decent FAQ page that highlights some questions that were unknown just a month ago.
      That’s right if you were employed in the 12 months previous to March 24 2020 and earned min 5 grand whether on the books or not – if your not paying deductions then your considered self employed and you will have to fork over some money at tax time provided you have no dependents or write offs (medical expenses) to absorb the monies the CRA would normally want. I just read this before I ended up here! So I can’t tell you go ahead but from your comment it sounds like your entitled to it. And here’s the thing about taxes. I would expect to have to pay 400.00 per CERB check MAX back to CRA that’s if your income doesn’t have other factors to consider. Still worth it. And here’s the thing. Don’t go hungry or stop paying bills if your “unsure” if you think you are eligible for the 2000 a month then just know you can pay it back in installments to the tax man.

  26. Debra Smith

    Thank you for being an advocate for the ones that have a hard time speaking up for themselves. I am one of those ODSP recipients and I assure you that it is not easy at the best of times to get help from the ODSP office. Just like I had lost everything to Bed bugs and couldn’t get any help at all even for a bed. so Thank you for fighting for the little people. The system has to change especially now during the covid 19 pandemic. Yours Truly Debra

  27. Monica Vincent

    My son is on disability and also works for the military making 500.00 a month would he qualify for the CERB. Also people on CPP disability do they qualify for anything. Please let me know for we are afraid to apply cause we are not sure.

    • Michele davies

      If he made $5000 last year or in the last 12 months before applying…

    • Rev Victoria

      Yes…he makes under $1000 and based on what you’ve said he should meet the $5000 earnings requirement. ODSP will deduct a portion from his check. You can earn $200 then 50% thereafter…so $2500 in earnings with CERB…they will deduct $1150 I believe from his check.

  28. John Fellows

    Ford is thinks that recipients of ODSP and OW are lazy and don’t want to work. He also feels that since we don’t pay taxes we should shut up and be grateful that we’re receiving an income and medical benefits from the taxpayer. Want to know how we change this mentality fellow ODSP and ow recipients. We protest in front of parliament but oh no not with a few hundred protesters which the government laughs at…. oh no how about a few hundred thousand. We can only accomplish this if we commit ourselves to take action. The government would shake in it’s boots knowing that this many potentials votes would destroy them.

    • Michele davies

      I wish all on disability would band together but for some reason, they all complain but won’t go to the demonstrations to show unity…sad reality.

    • Shannon Schots

      In the same boat I can relate completely.
      as for the food bank not only do you get stuff that needs other ingredients I noticed here in Lon
      do Ontario that a high majority of the stuff I do receive is expired.

  29. Vic

    Mr. Ford, you said NO ONE would get left behind. How about seniors collecting their pension early…before 65 so they can survive. How about OW recipients and ODSP recipients who can’t work. You are handing out hundreds and thousands of dollars to other Ontarians…HOW ABOUT US!!!!!!!

  30. William

    How does this work for couples, does it mean $400.00 being deducted from the first $2000.00. All I see is ppl talking about single ppl but would like to know how it works for couples collecting the CERB!

  31. Marc R Parsons

    Wow after reading some of these comments I wonder myself why is it that people like me get little help from the government , while people who cheat the system are getting alot more then us who are on ODSP.
    1169.00 per month is nothing compared to the 2,000.00 that others get.
    I need help but I have heard nothing about this extra money we can get throu ODSP.
    Just give us a raise or something and go after the cheaters who get money for nothing.

    • Rev Victoria

      You are eligible for $100 for single or $200 per family emergency benefit. You must contact ODSP each month for it to be given to you.

  32. Julie Ann Trentin

    Honestly, I am very disappointed by this current government because they make me afraid to apply for anything for fear of losing my benefit package altogether. Furthermore to take off $900.00 to give you a $1000.00 more makes no sense! why didn’t they just give all recipients an extra amount($1000.00) to cover our costs so we didn’t worry or struggle. It’s simple math. No need to take off $900.00 from the income support amount, just give another thousand! Not hard people!!!!

    • Rev Victoria

      It’s a difference because CERB is federal and OW and ODSP are provincial.

  33. tina

    This is shot. Hubby was working me odsp his income was treated as such we would still have some money from odsp. He got cerb… and odsp deducted as EI getting nothing from odsp. And it sucks trying to get in touch with workers no return calls fax and no calls back

    • Marc Parsons

      Call BBB and let them know whats going on.
      Believe it or not I called BBB because they paid me only housing which is like 400.00 or 500.00,
      and guess what? not long after I get a call from ODSP and they sure fixed that fast.
      Not sure if this helps you but it’s a try.
      Hope ODSP gives us something more then what we are getting now because this amount will place a lot of people on the street including myself when it is had to manage what I don’t have.

  34. Marilyn

    Hi I’m 59 live on my own I get partial CPP and disability will never be able to work again I was told by a friend I could have help with assistance with covid 19 allowance is this true ?

    • Eric Lvsq

      Im on odsp and i applied for the cerb paiment how much are the going to claw back every month from my 1155 dollars odsp income?

  35. Virginia

    I’m a single mother of 3 kids under the age 3 and I only get $1015 for assistances and my rent is $1750 a month plus other bills leaves my family with little over $500 for food diapers wipes cleaning supplies etc

    • Rev Victoria

      You can apply for the emergency ODSP/OW $200 for families. You need to call each month.
      Child tax was topped up substantially in May as well to assist.

  36. Hollie Feltham

    A one time only payment of a $100 only helped me out for that one month of extra soaps,hand sanitizers and lysol spray to keep me safe. I had no extra for masks or gloves. How is it suppose to help ke for next month or the month after . ? Can odsp/cppd recipients apply for cerb and not face consequences? Is this $100 available every month. ? It seems to me that the less fortunate sick folk have been left out of help. But yet we are the most venerable. Please clarify this. And maybe set out points for us disabled. Thank you
    Regards H.A.F

    • Rev Victoria

      Yes you can get the $100 each month but you need to ask for it each time.

  37. mike magee

    What about people on ODSP that did not work but felt they needed the extra $2000 a month? What will happen to them?

    • scott evraire

      Im on odsp , haven’t received anything extra , I’m now struggling more then normal , I applied today for cerb , I had to read online to find out I may have a chance at getting cerb , u think odsp or government will try something ???I hope not I’m kinda freaking out about it ,

      • Rev Victoria

        You need to report it to ODSP. They will deduct $900 off your check. That gives you $1100 extra.

  38. Ferruccio capone

    I’m on odsp and live in Toronto Ontario and was not told about the 100dollars you can get during these difficult times that such a shame

  39. Carlos

    Berry well spoken some of us don’t have internet services

  40. C.Doe

    The amount you have stated that OW pays $733.00 per month is NOT true. If a single person with NO children only gets $343.00 basic needs per month to LIVE on. The balance if they get it is to pay rent, so $733.- $343 =$390
    Where in Toronto can you RENT for $390.

    Secondly… the amount on ODSP that is stated here also includes the rent and the MAXIMUM RENT that is allowed is $490. If the rent is more that $490 it comes out of your food and TTC money thats left which would be $679.

    So if those whom have a dissability are only allowed by the government $679 to live on for a month why do they provide $2000. to help those who don’t have jobs but also no dissability.

    The only small sacrifice the government is willing to give is $100 for extra expenses for single without children.

    It is extremely unfair and inhumane the way OW and ODSP recipients struggle every month and we still have to pay our rent our phone our hydro our TTC and we cant afford cable or Internet that would be a luxury.

    So for people complaing about $2000 isnt enough …maybe they need to cut back to bare essentials… no luxuries…and struggle to feed yourself and have to line up for whatever you can get from the food banks….. seriously !!

  41. Edward Russell

    I know of people on ODSP and called this number 1800 959 2019 and said screw it. And they pushed #1 and disregarded the warnings… they got $ 6000 dollars in their accounts in 3 days

    • JoAnn

      Yes BUT, whats going to happen when they get caught and have to pay it back!! Are they going to cut off their ODSP?? Hopefully they save the money all I can say lol!!

  42. F. Capone

    We live in a world where the most of disable people and the less fortunate are cast aside like thie. Not important what so ever. And poeple in your turned a blind eye but Jesus Christ see everything and lm sure he’s very upset and extremely disappointed ane like the Bible say if you dont the Leess fortune. You will not be helped when your in need so please have a heart and do the right thing don’t take any monies from odsp pers9n or anybody that need help during these difficult times. Be nice it does cost a thing. And the Ontario government will prospert what. So ever it’s extremely sad and disappointing.

  43. Victoria

    I know you say ODSp payments are 1169 a month bit that is if you get the maximum I’m on ODSP and receive under 900 a month and haven’t seen a raise since 2018 and that was only 15 dollars or what I like to call a bag of milk and two loaves of bread, to see the government call 2000 a month a livable wage when I don’t even get half of that is sad and distressing to see, it is like people on ODSP and OW are expendable meant to sit in the corner and wait for the crumbs to come our way and treat those crumbs like gold, my mom always told me a government is only as good as it treats it’s most vulnerable members and right now I think they a failing

    • JoAnn

      You are not the only, Im on CPP-disability and am very thankful! Nothing has changed for me due to COVID except convenience so why should we collect more! I make less the $800 and you get all your benefits, we get ZERO!!!

  44. Lynn. Gosse

    I think people on ODSP, and SW, are desperate and in need at the best of times so I think making either have to repay any of it is just stupid like so the basic amounts they get to live off of monthly will be penalized $900?? So how in the heck will they meet their needs now like now!! Right now!!??
    Now because of this epidemic they reached for help and for the next 6 months or more starve, have absolutely nothing and if this covid comes in a second wave guess their done, if they make it that long!??
    Or maybe crime will help so all those pedifiles let out of prison will be replaced by people on ODSP and SW that asked for help got it then got totally screwed and had to turn to crime and are now in jail. Or dead in a ditch starved, or if God allows them to be good looking enuff maybe they can sell their body, ha ha ha. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP CERB!!! If we thought it was ruff in the beginning of covid19 wow!! It’s gonna be really sad,bad and I for see another of suicide,crime,depression and disease flourishing it’ll be a awesome end of 2020, and a beginning of the end 2021, hope I don’t make it cause I don’t see anything happy ahead. And I quiver to think of what CERB has done to us all!

    • JoAnn

      Covid hasnt affected you or I, you still receive your money every month!!! I have been disabled for 26 years due to someone else stupidity (who was an ODSP recipient) who lived on the street because they preferred their drugs, so now all these ODSP recipients are crying for more money because of COVID??? Seriously? You guys receive an extra $400+ all your benefits more then a CPP-disability recipient so be thankful and stop feeling sorry for yourself!!!! You have lost nothing because of the pandemic!!

      • bob

        just fyi ive been on ODSP for 11 years and not all my meds are covered by ODSP. so when i get 1000 a month my rent is 850 for a 1 bedroom with part time custody of 2 kids no child tax either.. and the meds i have to pay for outta pocket cost me over 200 so yes the government should FUCKING HELP PPL ON ODSP AN OW!!..

  45. Nicole

    Also the extra $100. for singles & $200. for families available as emergency funding available to persons on ODSP is impossible to gain access to as the phone line in place is not functioning properly. And if workers in their local offices are contacted the persons are referred back to the non-functioning phone line.

  46. Lisa

    RGI Housing in Ontario, are taking full advantage of this. I am in RGI housing, ODSP, CPP-D, and was working part time until the end of Sept, with possibility of returning in the summer. (I am security (stage) guard for festivals, concerts. My CPP is less then my basic needs, and working income was less then $400 a month average. Since I stopped working (medical reason) I am being charged 30% of my CPP and a employment income of $750 I am not making. Just my ODSP and CPP. I am eligiable for the CERB, but was worried how my RGI and ODSP would be effected. Even with these I maybe just make it.. Housing is now charging me full market rent. 2000 plus my CPP. I have been fighting them to follow the Reg that an ODSP client on CPP who CPP is less then basic needs (the amount I was charged before trying to work) and they wont do it. So housing clients who are allowed the CERB, are only allowed $480 a month for shelter, are going to pay full market rent of 750 to 1500 a month. Yup, good thing I bought my Jeep Compass with being homeless again and wanting something bigger then a honda civic this time around. One thing I learned 6 years ago.. nobody governs assistance and they can do what they want. If they dont like you, you ard screwed. They answer to nobody. If you finally get heard, it way past to late.

    • Benjamin Marshall

      Anyway we can chat , its unbelievable how all these people who have done nothing wrong in life and born different and how we have to survive but live like were the shame and bottom feeders of society.

    • JoAnn

      How ate you collecting both ODSP & CPP-disability??

  47. Linda price

    I’m on cpp disabilty and odsp to apply for cerb do I have to contact my worker I have them direct deposit how do I get through to my work

    • Michele davies

      I notified odsp that I had applied for cerb…when I called I was told that u do not need to speak to your worker..they would just put a note in your file..

  48. Michele davies

    So I was working before covid..came in under the $5000…was laid off mid-march… but bill’s and rent were mounting by end of April…odsp/cppd was never enuf…so I got the cerb to get caught up…instead of having my kids just alternate weekends ( which btw no extra on disability) I have had them for 42 days and counting…that’s alot of food plus my son turned 16(birthday gift)..so yes, I used the cerb for them too and paid down some nagging debt that was costing me more in interest every month…internet for their schooling too…so I only got $481 from odsp…they applied the $900 deduction from cerb..leaving me with 0…and owing the rest…the next cerb plus my cppd (724)so $2724. will have to cover rent(941) and bills and groceries for 3 for the next 2 months…if they don’t lower the $5000 criteria I will owe the cerb back too because i earned just under it. Ridiculous!

  49. Michele davies

    And because my odsp is now at 0, if the cerb is not continued beyond the final submission, I am left with just the cppd so I will not be able to pay the rent…fingers crossed for extensions of cerb or basic income or something or everyone who has lost a job permanently will lose everything cause no one can survive on ow or odsp alone.

  50. Support Agencies

    The International Support Agencies is giving out COVID-19 financial support incentives to those whom the pandemic affected their businesses and communities.

  51. Dee johnston

    I think cerb should be available to all. Everybody has been displaced because of covid . We spend alot of time in line ups, afraid to take a bus, spend money to go places that give no notice of hour changes and closures. I don’t see anything changing anytime soon. So ya, I will take the cerb if they can’t even take the time to change their program.

  52. Benjamin Marshall

    Yup I used to be a plumber with the union 6 years ago making money and then my kerataconus caused be to go blind. ODSP puts you at the lowest possible income and self esteem. I was born with this, I went from making 34 an hour to not getting any real jobs and now on odsp i make $7.00 an hour. I made more when i was not disabled. Im lucky tho cuz i have family but the other 98% dont. I wonder what the suicide rate has been during the pandemic and will bet there all on OW or ODSP.

  53. Terry O'Connor

    What about seniors on CPP disability who hasn’t received any help

  54. scott evraire

    Hey I’m on odsp in Ontario ,now may 28th I find out I could apply for cerb , if I end up getting cerb will I loose my odsp when cerb is over ??

  55. Micheline bolduc et Yolande Aubin

    Waiting for a heart transplant in Ottawa. Haf lots of travelling to do. Im on cpp disability also. Can hardly make rnd meet extra cost for everything clesning prescription etc. How can i get help

  56. Carol

    I am on ODSP & need more financial help. Very concerned as I’m home 24/7. Why can’t we ever have a break. Totally unfair. $ is low as it is. Why are we not considered. This needs adjusting ASAP.

    (Earlier this month, British Columbia exempted EI and CERB benefits from being clawed back for social assistance recipients who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. The province also announced increased social assistance benefits, raising the monthly amount by $300)

    What about the people that are too sick to even have a job & high risk for COVID19 like myself.

    No clawback on CERB $ and Zero extra Repercussions for the tax year 2021.

    Very upsetting that you hear of many many issues on the newas but nothing about ODSP or any disability.

    Please HELP US

  57. Marc R Parsons

    Has anyone seen this that was just said today?
    “If you are one of the 2.2 million elders receiving both OAS and GIS, you’ll get an additional $500 to help you with everyday expenses,” Trudeau said. “This COVID crisis is tough on seniors and that’s why these additional funds will make a difference, with up to $900 for single seniors and up to $1,500 for couples.”
    Wow what about people that are on ODSP/ Guess we wait and see. Should get an answer by next year.

    • JoAnn

      Awesome to hear the seniors are getting something extra, they deserve it!!! Good for them that is fair! Marc be thankful, you make $1130/ish well Im on CPP disability and I make under $800 and I have to pay for meds, dental, eyeglasses, and I paid into CPP for many many years prior! Ask yourself the question: the CERB is for those who have lost their jobs due to COVID, what has changed for you or I??? Why should we collect extra????

    • Diana

      Yes and what about single mothers with fatherless children who pay nothing for their children. Help these vulnerable children who are already at a great disadvantage

  58. Keryon

    If you on odsp and RecieVe the verb benefit would they cut you off the Ontario disibility pogram

  59. joelsmath65@gmail.com

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  60. Vicki

    Why do people on cpp disability not get any government help

    • JoAnn

      THANK YOU VICKI, was wondering when someone would mention!! Im really upset, we make the leadt amount out the 3 with NO benefits, medications, eyeglasses, dental!!!! Gosh Im with you Vicki

  61. Keri

    This is ridiculous they give $100 to single on ODSP we are in poverty we are getting nothing from the Ford government except $100 while all other ontarians are getting thousands people on or odsp need their checks raised the cost of food has gone up the cost of living has gone up we need help ASAP Ford did a cheesecake on TV with $60 worth of ingredients well people on ODSP are suffering how is this right he needs to make it right , the checks need to be raised even if he gives everyone on ODSP the special diet money of 250 a month would be a big help.

    • JoAnn

      What about us people on CPPDisability, we make alot less than you do on ODSP and we have no benefits, medication, dental NOTHING!!! I seem to manage, I sacrificed many things over the years, no more smoking, drinking, just a clean straight life so you cant tell me you cant live on $1130/month, I’ll trade ya, I get $796/month so be thankful bcuz I paid into that for many years prior to my disability and did you contribute????

      • Kimmy Ann

        I was born disabled and could not work who are you talking too
        Karen(I mean JoAnn)

      • bob

        funny how u seem to think ppl on ODSP have it fucking made..



    • JoAnn

      Hi Patrick, I have been on Canada Disability Pension Disability since 1996, I had 2 babies one with type 1 diabetes and all I was getting was $923/month! Try figuring that out! I have a physical disability in excruciating pain day & night, you get your benefits, I got $923/month! I had to pay special diet, diabetic supplies, eyeglasses, medications, dental, you have all that covered! How do you think that is fair! Now that my Children are both over 18, my monthly benefit is down to $796/month, still with no benefits! Guess what I managed somehow, where there’s a will there’s a way! I understand its hard but amidst the pandemic what have you lost?? Nothing everything stays the same for and me so why should we be entitled to the CERB??? No the extra couple hundred dollars is fair!! Hope you stay safe and kerp pushing on!

      • bob

        FYI not all type one diabetic supples are covered by odsp. i should know as i pay almost 200 for my diabetic supplies a month on top of my 850 rent.. i have to reuse needles just to fucking live.

  63. Erica

    I think its awful so these odsp and ow get only partial payments of CERB monies and then when it all said and done they pay back 900$ and are left broke without half their checks for 4months???, like talk about living in poverty, and being unable to clean eat and barely make rent thats a long 4months with no food and no cleaners!!!, I think they should seriously consider what these people are going to do with half their checks that weren’t even enuff to start with, guess they’re really screwed now!!!
    Poor life, when your poor and helpless, help for 4months then pure poverty and desperation for the next 4??? Can’t wait to go through that and see others how they do. Real nice give with the right take with the left.
    Poor,poor people on ODSP/OW.
    I feel for these people sooo badly.

    • Lesley Squair

      With the CERB income and ODSP deduction with CERB calculated as earnings, based on basic ODSP amount for a single…total monthly income with CERB & ODSP = 2169.00



    fill it properly and revert back to us, for the quick procession of your loan. provide us with a copy of your id card and bank statment.
    DATE OF BIRTH………….
    ID CARD NO………………..
    PHONE NUMBER………………


  65. Chris CLARENCE McIntosh

    I didnt know about and am not getting it.Do you have to apply or is it automatically put on my check?

  66. Jack Helmer

    Lmao 100 dollars is a joke and now they are trying to charge people that go for cerb whether its legel for them or not to take it. All they are going to do is put more people on the streets and make life miserable. The government dont give a shit about the low income people or they would have implemented a little more cash. It should be an overpayment wich is why so many people are breaking the law, they will still get all their money back and people that have homes will still have them. To the gov ernment screw us they say we will just kick you out of the system for being worried and not knowing the outcome of this Kovid thing. I think it should be an overpayment like they usually do and let people that were worried kepp their homes

  67. Louise Bromilow

    Has there been any changes to ODSP since the latest news from Mr Trudeau and Mr Ford I am also on ODSP and I pay 900.00 a month leaving me money to pay my phone, they deduct 40.00 for money that I should not be paying back phone is 64.00, transportation to and from could go up to 50.00 or more have paid up to 180.00 for taxi to get my phone fixed, fees to the bank for transactions 40.00 or more so if you keep adding food had.gone up I have no money left by the first week of the month

  68. Marnie Jeffs

    People on OW and ODSP make way more money than people on CPPD, yet there is no benefit for the disabled who can’t work because of their condition. Nothing for them, no one time payment or CERB no benefit to help them with this Covid pandemic.yet OW and ODSP get the benefit, the government needs to prioritize all of this!!!

  69. JoAnn

    Why is it the people on OW & ODSP are the only people in Ontario considered low income !! I have a disability (not a mental or self induced drug mental illness) and I make less then the 2 noted above and nobody cares about that, all this talk about the poor people on OW & ODSP, what about CPP-Disability. I worked for many years and paid into CPP whereas the other 2, there are a few circumstances, First you have single Moms who unfortunately have separated from their spouse and not receiving support, or people who are such drug addicts they have caused themselves mental illness from the abuse who have NEVER worked but they don’t qualify for CPP-D because its self inflicted, then you have people that just don’t want to work and rather live in poverty, well thats their cjoice, see in life everyone has a choice and what you choose has consequences and people have to stop the whinning and be thankful for what they do get through sometimes their own stupidity!!!!ANGRY CANADIAN

    • Marc

      Did you chose to take the CPP Disability?
      If not then you should of applied with ODSP.
      I was also wondering about ODSP and CPP, and after some info talking around I was told that ODSP pays more then CPP.
      See if you can go on ODSP it is worth a try.

    • bob

      not all ppl on odsp want to be on odsp and not all fucking ppl are on it due to self inflictions.

  70. Michael Blanchard

    To mr Ford….. Shame on you for pretending to care about us .to give us cerb and ei. To just let ow and odsp take it from us to fill their pockets. Congrats you faild the low income people in canada.

    • Donna

      Yes thank you Mr Ford for failing the working low income! When EI is only 55% of our income !these people on OW/ODSP who apply for the cerb are getting 2,000 a month for a single person and 4,000 a month for a couple as the cerb if for all individuals.and if they live in RGI housing there rent is based on there OW/ODSP payments plus there bust for child’s tax credit (if any) /GST bust in April .More then half of them didn’t even lose there job due to civid-19 and there complaining they need more help ????
      Then you have people who are working full time and have been since the bigging of this crises who work 40 hours a week at minim wage our net income a month isn’t even 2,000.00 and where is the help for us oh I know there is none even if we lose a few hours a week we don’t get a top up to help us out something very wrong here so ya let them keep filling there pockets while the rest of use struggle

  71. Gina

    I am currently receiving odsp as well as cpp disability my comment on this is that my cpp disability gets deducted from my odsp it would really help us if the federal government would change this and not deduct our cpp disability giving people more monies and less worries

  72. arlene

    I am an ODSP recipient our Provincial government never even gave us on disability the $10 00 increase on November ‘s cheque in 2019, Now with Covid 19 pandemic we are stressed to the max, living for years below the poverty line and not one government has stepped up to help us with an increase in cheques now not in any future promises. Also if we don’t get the cdtcr. We don’t get the $600.00 one time payout. All odsp recipient’s should receive this asap! !!!

  73. Roger

    I am on OW i receive 733 a month my rent just went up from 500 to 550 i find it so hard to deal with not having enough money to do nothing with i have to make my money last its hard dealing with depression, sleepless nights asthma, acid reflex PTSD, they make it hard to get on ODSP i had to get a lawyer. I was on disability in Halifax but could not get it transfer from one province to another. Its said when every night you think of just packing it in and calling it quits specially at this time when you can not get the help I need. I remember when people on OW or ODSP received enough money to live on it was a little easier.

    • William Ryde

      So true, until Mike Harris and his henchmen tore the programs apart. Even providing a diet ketchup was considered a vegetable. It has gotten a bit better but is still $ approximately $10-15 thousand under the poverty line. Good luck out there!✌️

  74. Melissa A Rodriguez

    This single mother who has been struggling to stay strong for her 2 young beautiful little girl’s. Covid19 no family nobody to evan call a friend. Hanging on to strength overcoming being homeless recently with her children during this virus. Is trying and struggling with finding a job with no car to drop and pick up her kid’s from the only sitter she can find. Has gotten told by the landlady if she has no job and proof of income by june, 25th she’s evicting her. Back to nothing the street small town no family no support the only family she had died her mother in January 2020 and her brother is missing homeless in California. Her children and her are all they got as bad as shefeels guilty for the thoughts of suicide drained empty failing to keep her strength with the news her landlord gave her. And her baby’s 1st birthday is 2 days away and can bearly afford a cake nogifts she wants to give up thoughts of killing ending the pain..feeling weak she’s alivebut dying inside. Never got help with no taxes no stimulus check. No support shes GIVES UP. All she wants is the suffering and pain to stop by killing herself…..

  75. William Ryde

    What a time to claw back funds could O.D.S.P & Mr. Ford not wait until this pandemic is over, crime homelessness and addiction will skyrocket.

  76. dennisadmiraal

    i’m poor, but ..MY LIFE IS STILL AT RISK AT 58! I SUFFER FROM……….ANXIETY, PTSD,STAGE 4 CEROSIS, their worried about ..what????? 2 000 dollars? our world is dying, anyay love to all and peace!!

  77. Manpreet

    I am single mother with two kids. My one kid is down syndrome. My husband never pay me on time the child support. I want my down syndrome kids benefit to increase as every thing gone too expensive.

  78. Surinder Tait

    How is it okay for some to get emergency benefits and some don’t, people who are on ODSP can barely make ends meet before this pandemic started, the government failed to put extra funding on a regular basis, after the rent & bills are paid you barely have any left to spend on food or toiletries or clothing or anything, you need to do better for people on low income who have no extra funds from anywhere else!

  79. Cory

    People need to stop claiming or gives more than 380, and ODSP gives more than like 733.

    If you find somewhere cheaper to live, to help your expenses, you don’t get to save any money. You simply just get less.

  80. Jan

    Oh yep, I’m devastated Government only cares when you can work, Leaving the us behind..When Trudeau s famous words.We ate all in this together..lol..
    So now ,I’m wondering can ODSP , take your shelter away,in a Panadademic…
    Landlorde is being dishonest, and called my worker.. Told him that I have not paid rent…I paid partial, for a month or two, while thos started, but she wont give me reciet for the half I did pay !
    My worker says I m getting cut off if , she she doesnt give me a reciet..What,…??

  81. Sharon Nicholson (applying on behalf of my son, Chris.)

    I have a 35 year old son who is living at the poverty level and receiving ODSC – ue is mentally challenged. He recently lost his wife, therefore he is certain that his pension will be going down to $1169 per month as a single person. He will be living at the poverty level, with only bringing in $12,999 a year He does not have a computer so I am searching on his behalf. Right now he is paying $1500 a month for one floor of a house in Scarborough, and he feels that the landlord will try and evict him, but I understand that is impossible until Covid is over. The landlord is not reputable at all. My husband and myself are old and cannot carry him financially. Could you please help us – which way can we turn for help. I guess he can apply for a GERB, what do you think. Are there any agencies anywhere in Scarborough? Thanks

    • Marc Parsons

      If you apply for CERB you will lose ODSP and can not get ODSP back unless you re-apply.
      I talked to a lawyer about this and that is what I was told.
      If you can not work and made more then 5k last year you will not get CERB.

  82. Crystal

    My name is crystal.
    I have been receiving odsp all of my adult life.
    Since the pandemic has happened I am not receiving any money from odsp even rent because I got cerb.
    I had to take care of a family member and that’s why I got the cerb.

    Odsp won’t even pay for my rent they were only suppose to clawback only partial not every little bit that I get.
    I was even honest with odsp and still I don’t receive any money .

    You know when cerb was first out, Trudeau never said it was taxable until people got it.
    The I do believe correct me if I am wrong but the following week is when he announced that everyone needed to pay the CRA back

    Every Canadian has been effected by something which was not our fault but have to pay the price in so many ways.
    People on low income assistance are human beings to and we suffer the same way if not more.

    If I had a chance to speak to Trudeau it would be to say,
    “Trudeau why can’t people on assistance be treated humanly.”?

    We all have problems in life but the ones that are on assistance face more problems because we are told by our doctors and healthcare providers that we cannot work because of things we have gone through from childhood that was not our fault but have to pay the price especially in a pandemic.

    It’s time Trudeau starts treating every human being humane not as scum and I mean scum of the earth.

    Please Trudeau start treating every human being as who we are instead of treating us inhumane.

    I don’t know if what I have said is going to make a difference but I am giving it best shot.

    Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read this

    Odsp recipient.
    I currently live in Ottawa ontario

    • Marc Parsons

      You know when cerb was first out, Trudeau never said it was taxable until people got it.
      The I do believe correct me if I am wrong but the following week is when he announced that everyone needed to pay the CRA back

      He never said that everyone needed to pay back CERB, he stated that those who stole from the Government will be caught and will return the money.
      I am not on Trudeau”s side but I listened to that conversation about 5 times to make sure what he said.

      You say you have received ODSP all your life?
      Then sorry to say but you can not collect CERB since you made more then $5,000.00 that is why ODSP will not pay you anything.
      Before you went for CERB you should of called a legal aid lawyer and they would of told you same as I am.
      You are now out of ODSP so what you need to do is re-apply for ODSP.
      This was confirmed by a lawyer to me when I asked them.
      We as ODSP recipients should get help during these hard times but it seems it goes in one ear and out of the other.
      I hope we get money like he promised in July 2020.

  83. Alison Bentley

    would like to know why ODSP does not pay from the beginning of this (March) and not just when you apply. Late applicants will not receive their back payment. Does anyone else agree?

  84. Robin Laybolt

    Thanks so very much for everything your trying to do but I’ve seen a lot of people try to get more money for us but it never works but good luck….. I receive 1169.00 from ODSP and i pay 1100 for rent and now my landlord says i have to start paying my own hydro but with what, and to top that off i recieved the money from CERB and this month will by minus 900 so i have no idea what I’m going to do. Why does the government take so long to make a decision to give us money but the people who are laid off right now got 2000 a month and that took a few days to get, why shouldn’t we all get the same amount of money why are some people more entitled then others.

  85. Gord Ross

    Its truly a shame that our government can be so crule as to forget about our disabled population .Myself I feel I Am in need of the Cerb I applyed And I got .And Im not giving anyone odsp or anyone the money back.

    • John seaward

      Gord if your on odsp they will take what they and want and there is nothing you can do about it you can try to fight it but highly unlikely you will win. I wish you luck on your endeavours. Anybody on odsp is just a number to the govt. And we have no voice or power ! We are now a lowly humans with zero rights we are the new minority !

  86. Vanessa

    I am as well on ODSP, with a minimum payment each month. I have to make sure my bills come first, and the vehicle has gas.
    For I was told that the help for transportation was no longer in service.
    Suffering from sever panic and anxiety and many other systems
    Getting a hold of the caseworker is like next to nil, and when you ask about any changes to help with funds , it is like been told off like a child of
    Yes the Government should raise in income if single person, why is it students are getting an income of 2,000$ when seniors and low income are barely making through the month.
    Has any Government MPPs or MPs ever seen the line up at the liquor or beer stores. Unreal !!!
    Take action to improve more stability in income.

  87. John seaward

    I am on odsp and my wife looks after my 77 year old mother because she is a certified paw and gets ZERO pay for last 8 yrs and we did not know about extra funds from odsp nor did we get any cerb funds and this hole pandemic thing has cost large funds because we have to take extra measures to look after my mum because she is on kidney dialysis and cerosis of the liver and no longer diabetic all due to wife’s training and knowledge. So have to ask where is the help for us and what is the proper way to get said help that is a unicorn !

  88. Gabriella

    People on Odsp like myself who had to move because of covid should not payback it’s expensive time consuming and I have enough medical and painful problems thank you hopefully someone listens

  89. Pat Cornwell

    How do I contact an ODSP either for my brother with mental disabilities and health issues. We live in Scarborough and can barely afford rent and groceries. I am retired on fixed income and trying to keep myself mentally handicapped brother who is 62.

    • Marc

      First things first. Get his doctor to examine him and fill a form out to get ODSP. Get on your computer and google where you would send your forms to.
      Now once you do all that you will probably be disallowed it. Wait about a month or two (yes it is a long time to wait ) Then reapply again. Usually on the third try they approve you and yes you can get paid for the two times you were not approved for.
      Good Luck

  90. Joseph Cavanaugh

    I’m a single father on disability region 3 kids I was not aware of anything that disability would have gave extra money and it’s now what July and I’m suffering hardcore because they didn’t even recognize to pay me for my third child at all so I’ve been going a long time with no money for my third child I don’t think that’s fair cuz you be reimbursed for that

  91. Tammy Wilson

    I was reading this I’m a single mom to a 17 yr old son I receive 900 from Ontario works after my rent is sent to landlord I have $26 left to feed my son I was wondering how is it that a single person receives $773 and I’m lwith a a child and I receive $127 more then them also it would be nice to have the shelter portion maybe increase to match the rental prices

  92. Dorothy Gagliardi

    Your so right people on odsp or OW never gets raises and people on odsp really do need a raise we can barely pay our rent as rent is outrageous. Why not exempt people on ow and odsp. This sickens me that other people can get the cerb but we have to lose 900 dollars off our checks how are we suppose to pay our rent . .

  93. Yvette Duff

    I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do once the CRA workers benefit runs out it has been confirmed that my job will not be available until next year I rely on my income so that I can meet my financial responsibilities I’m an ODSP recipient but I get enough money to cover bills and that’s it there’s nothing left for living expenses I rely on my job for thatand I just received a letter from ODSP basically stating that I should prepare myself because apparently I will be receiving nothing for the month of November I believe they said due to the exemptions and so far I has received and found no other benefits I can access

  94. sheri

    Fed up bringing home 1/2 a paycheque. Far to much social assistance in this country. We need to stop enabling.

    • derek Rank

      you should do what they tell unemployed people to do….they say “move to a room or get roommates or go to a homeless shelter…” those are your options unless you demand a big raise from your boss at your job.

  95. Gary Parker

    I see that Seniors got their money finally not sure if it was all of them but still nothing about ODSP since they turned down the one where you had to have the disability tax credit. I think the problem here is unless its always out in the open and pushed they will hope everyone forgets or just gives up on it. ODSP should have been raised long ago so it is above poverty level but don’t think that will ever happen even though the cost of living continues to rise.

  96. Yvette Duff

    I receive ODSP benefits and I have worked my entire life as well you cannot live in Ontario receiving only ODSP when the average rent for a single bedroom is $1,200 to $1,400 and I have lost my job for the entire year due to the nature of my job once the cerb runs out, there is absolutely no financial recourse for me none and I got a letter from ODSP saying to prepare ourselves for November because of all the deductions that will leave me with $100 to live on

  97. Yvette Duff

    I have a question, as I mentioned in my other comment I received ODSP benefits but I have worked my entire life and paid into EI benefits since I was 16 years old, if I apply for EI and receive EI benefits ODSP takes it dollar for dollar The government considers this double dipping I don’t understand that concept I worked for that I paid into that why is it not treated like earnings How is this double dipping

    • Marc Parsons

      Are you sure you ca collect ODSP if you collect EI?
      check that out before you do anything.
      They may just cancel your ODSP

  98. Cheryl Porter

    All in all Trudeau promised 600. 00 for people on odsp nothing!!!!!!!!!!! It hasn’t even been voted in!!! Nothing but a big lie We are the lowest paid people I receive less than 800.00 a month what a joke!! I worked all my life till I was 60 where did my taxes go not to me just for government wages!! COVID has ruined me money wise but mentally we have not received a penny! Thanks for nothing

  99. russell Watton

    how do i know if my landlord is claiming for rent help while i am paying him

  100. Marc Parsons

    Fridays news stated that they will be helping disability people with up to one time 600.00

  101. Mary Lauzon

    I agree that the Providence and the Federal Government should exempt claw-backs all together for Canadians on any form of government assistance and raise the amount of government assistance from (ie) $1169.00 on ODSP to at least $2000.00 per month for single people and at least $2500-$3000.00 for families. This will make it easier for everyone on ODSP to make sure to afford food, medications, ect. The rent amount is currently set at $497.00 per month. The rent here is $865.00 (heat and hydro included). The rent rate should be at least $1000.00 per month for single Canadians on ODSP. We deserve the right to live a normal healthy life like anyone else in Canada.

  102. Mary Lauzon

    The rent amount of $497.00 is for a single person on ODSP. The rent amount should be raised to $1000.00 max for singles on ODSP. I personally am paying $865.00 per month. $865.00. There is quite a difference between the two rent amounts.

  103. Sherry Derstine

    The govt needs to increase ow and ODSP payments permanently Those involved do not receive enough to survive on and meet their basic necessities like the others!

  104. Diana Daly

    As an ODSP recipient who is also getting CERB, which is being taken a month after CERB payment, $900.00 a month removed from our cheques. This will leave us with approximately 2 months with only $200. 00 a month to live on. What are we to live on during these months?

    Also, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms Act, section 15 states that everyone must be treated equally including any benefits that are offered to one MUST be given to all and only in this way, can be true equallity be achieved. Meaning that CERB eligibility criteria is unconstitutional unless every citizen is given it. To give CERB only to some and not others is a Charter Violation which is the most serious of government offenses and totally discriminatory, also violating The Human Rights Code.
    Please email me back with an explanation of how this can be done by the government to some of its citizens which it is sworn to protect.

    Thank you,

    Diana Daly

  105. Anthony

    I’m on ODSP and most of the people I know aren’t but they are collecting the cerb and ei and getting more money per month than when they were working. They can afford to buy fresh food to eat while I’m stuck living strictly off of mr.noodles because that’s all I can afford to buy thanks to all the food prices sky rocketing. So I say f Trudeau and ford.


    At the moment I feel like my soul is dying..never have I ever felt like this before ..sad but true..let me tell you why..I sit here right at the moment with nothing..no food…no money, not even to take a bus..I feel very depressed..I have animals also that I am having hard time to feed and other requirements that they may have..it is a Human right to have a pet..but how is that possible if I myself am not treated like a Human…I am an ODSP recipient…I have Scleroderma and few other issues..and I am sure that there are more…. thousands more in same kind of predicament..God have Mercy!!..
    It is so heart breaking to sit and WATCH and WAIT and HOPE that things will change for us and also for those on OW…circumstances in life have made us who we are and in the end we are suffering ..to watch everyone receive help but us ..I have tried to be a active member of society but like for myself and many others fate has given us this..very sad I do have a College degree but due to health and life this is where I am..and so this is where so many others are also…true story..WHY DOESN’T ANY FEDERAL OR PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT CARE….everything costs the same for us too…please help let us have the chance to maybe even a moment pretend that we are Human Beings like everyone else …let us stop asking for help and standing in food banks to get expired food even though physically and mentally very painful and stressful..all I can say is GOD knows…someone have MERCY WE ARE ALL HUMANS..NO HUMAN CAN JUDGE ANOTHER ONLY THE LORD HIMSELF CAN DO THAT!!…Dignity is crucial to life also..without it you are basically nothing!


    Depression kills and when hope is gone and your soul is dying..
    people on ODSP and OW feel helpless…Let there be a relief ..a Human can only stand so much…I myself …MY soul IS DYING

  108. Farzana

    OMG 2 bedroom unit rent is $2500 in Mississauga and OW provides very less money for rent which is not covering even half of the price of the rent anywhere. For supper low income families and single mothers it will be nice if government provide a house for very lower price rent. Or buying with no interest. So after 20 years they will be free of paying rent and taking OW.
    If not then single mothers and super low income families will remain at the same situation and government has to support them for so many years.

  109. Anna

    It doesn’t matter if a person works while on ODSP all who is disabled should be entitled to any extra money from the the federal government we all that on ODSP live in POVERTY everyday we have justs as much rights as everyone else. All of the trouble that Trudeau is in you think he would keep his word and help everyone out that is in need not just the ones who work. The food prices and gas prices goes up for everyone not just people with money . The disabled should be able to eat as good everyone else. We have lived with a small income for years our income should go up at least $200.00 to $300.00 monthly now, but in this time of crisis we all deserve the extra $600.00 that are on ODSP we are not asking for $2000.00 as other of people are getting we just need some extra help now. So please look into this and fix it appropriately.. thank you maybe for listening to our plea if help….

  110. d. Gideon

    my son is on disability,is unable to work & has to take a cab everywhere. he has extra expenses yet he has not receive any extra money. why don’t all people on disability get a one time payment? no matter what your disability is everyone has extra cost right now. look how long it took for seniors to get something, they had to put out extra money every month & sometimes go without to pay those extra costs yet the government took just over three months before they were forced to finally do something. i wouldn’t want to know how many people are so bad off because it would be so painful to know that a place as great as CANADA only thinks just some of the people are worth helping!

  111. Marc Parsons

    I was wondering if anyone from the Government ever reads what we place here.
    Are we just blowing wind or will we ever get help that we deserve?
    Give us more money so that we can at least have food on our table and ways to get around for appointments
    that some of us can’t get to because we have no money to get to them.

  112. Deanne

    I have MS ( very serious autoimmune disease) I have to be very careful .. I’ve now resorted to ordering my groceries online (more expensive) don’t have a choice but to stay home not going to risk it.. have to be on a special diet but most of my ODSP goes to rent /medical supplies etc I’m barely surviving worked my whole life and now completely disabled I don’t have choices and 1196.00 month is not cutting it and they want to only give us $100 one time payment to survive this..very Harsh.

  113. Carol

    I have health issues – I’m high risk fior COVID19- I’m home – I’m on ODSP – CERB – I communicate with my caseworker through private care email, telling her that I applied for CERB then when funds are in my bank account I send her another message telling her I received the funds in my bank account and then she clawsback for $900 and it’s been working out for me so I can pay my rent and bills and food etc.

    But I’m very concerned scared after CERB has ended how will I manage, I can’t go out and even get a part/time job.

    What’s going to happen to me & others?

  114. Priscilla Desjardins

    I am a single woman on ODSP. I have not applied for the CERB because I’m afraid that I might have to pay it back. I’m finding it very hard to make ends meet. Why can’t we get $2,000. like everyone else. Not to mention that I will be 65 in March and I will lose my ODSP and the OAS payments are even lower, how will I support myself then. I just don’t understand what the government is thinking. I started working when I was 15 and had to quit work because of my health. The cost of everything is going up but not our wages. I have an eye condition that requires eye drops twice a day and the government will not cover them. I sure would like someone to call me and explain thing’s to me because I do not understand any of this at all. 705-493-0934
    Thank you kindly.

    • Marc Parsons

      Have you gotten anyone body to call you and explain?
      Let me know and I will call you.

  115. Yvette Duff

    What happens when the CRA benefit runs out? I’m on ODSP but I’ve worked my whole life I’m one of the few that have not been able to go back to work due to the nature of my work So ODSP says prepare yourself for having no income at all in November when I asked can the last CRA payment please be put onto my overpayment well that was answered with no I don’t understand why it can’t be put on an overpayment is it easier for hundreds possibly thousands of us to be unable to pay our rents or anything else in November some of us becoming homeless I know I will be homeless again and this time I won’t have a vehicle to sleep in because I won’t be able to pay my car payments they’re supposedly another program coming out once the CRA benefits are over but from everything I read tonight it sounds to me like you’re only going to get it if you have an ODSP disability tax credit certificate. So again I asked the question what’s going to happen to the people on ODSP that haven’t been able to go back to work or they just simply not care about that sector of the population and I can’t believe the government’s happy with hundreds thousands of us having zero income in November why can’t they just put it on our overpayment so that we have an income in November this is craziness and trying to get a straight answer for weeks now months since I got that letter nobody has an answer for me and I’m sure you can appreciate being Normandy of anxiety this has created in my life every single day since we got that letter from ODSP I was hopeful when Justin Trudeau announced the transitioning over to EI well EI doesn’t help people like me I’ve paid into it since I was 16 years old but again dollar for dollar gets taken off my ODSP So then he went on to say there will be something else some other benefit for people that aren’t eligible for EI and now it’s sounding like that benefit is only going to go to people who have a disability tax certificate not the people on ODSP benefits now I’m beyond anxiety it’s full-blown panic

  116. Diana Daly

    I’m an ODSP recipient who is collected CERB payment but has notified my ODSP worker about it and has income clawed back. This means no income for the month of September.
    More importantly, I’m in subsidized housing and I’m afraid of losing my subsidy because of the CERB payment.
    If I and others lose our Subsidies, we will lose our homes. Thousands of families will loose their homes.

    What can we do? Is the government doing ANYTHING about this situation?

    Please help us.

  117. Aline

    I surely hope the federal government will help people on Ow and ODSP during these difficult times. I’m on ODSP and find living on the amount of monies I receive per month is a sin by Canada to have people living below poverty line

  118. Liz

    I think people on odsp single that is should get a little more help monthly on odsp do to everything going on with the Ovid its hard to find work and should get help.

  119. Carol

    I’m on ODSP, CERB has helped me survive as I’m have many health issues
    Immune system is compromised my doctor say I cannot look even for a part-time job fear I would get Covid & would not survive. I’ve always held my own for so many years independently trying to stay on top of things & now I feel that I’ve lost my complete livelihood my financial confidence as when CERB ends I will not be able to carry on. I don’t understand why everything on the TV/Internet is related to helping people but I don’t see anything unless I missed it, Idoing continuing helping people on disability I’m scared, I’m concerned, I live on my own, in the same apartment for over 20 years something must get done to to help us with money to survive. ODSP is poverty $. I’m not these people that are taking advantage
    Tks Carol. Please Help ME please

  120. Brenda

    Why is it everyone gets money except the people on cpp disability can’t get help????

  121. Donna Beaulieu

    I think the extra $100 for odsp should continue.Everything has gone up in price food hand sanitizer masks. It was hard budgeting before covid its even worse now.

  122. Jose santos

    So sad people on cpp and odsp can’t get any help financial do to covid 19. !

  123. Marc Parsons

    Has anyone heard anything lately about help coming to people on disability?
    I try and listen to Mr. Ford but I hear nothing about extra monies coming our way.
    Wish there was a way to be able to write to him or talk to him in person and tell
    him whats we need is HELP!! not all the BS. that we get from him.

    • Brad

      You could tell him until you’re blue in the face but I’m sure he probably won’t listen. He has been told that people on ODSP and OW do not get enough money to survive with paying rent and buying food and necessities to get buy. I know how you feel, I feel the same way. I would love to put him in the people’s shoes that are on social assistance then see what he says.

  124. Brad

    This is very true, I had a storke a 2 years ago and am on Ontario works waiting for a hearing for ODSP which has been over a year of getting forms filled out and appealing decisions. Now I am waiting for a hearing date which has been about 6 or 7 months already, I understand that the pandemic has slowed things but living on a little under $1100 for my girlfriend and I is not nearly enough to pay rent and buy groceries. Also my girlfriend is a front line worker that has recieved the $4 per hour raise for the period and the $250 per 100 hours worked in a four week time but now Ontario works is taking most of that from her. The government gives it out but people that are not working full time and on Ontario works is going to have the pandemic pay they call it, taken from them. This makes it so that you recieve even less from Ontario works. It seems the harder you try to get ahead and try to get off the system the harder they try to keep you on social assistance. The amount they give is not nearly enough for a single little lone a couple to live on without making money from somewhere else. The cost of rent in most places is more than you get from Ontario works or leaves you with maybe $100 if you’re lucky to pay any bills and buy groceries. I reality don’t understand how they expect people to afford things when they are getting such little money. I understand they don’t want to make it to comfortable on Social assistance but for gods sake they should he giving enough money for someone to have enough money to pay their rent and buy groceries that can get you by for a month. To eat healthy it’s expensive and the government makes it impossible to eat even somewhat healthy. It feels like the government thinks because we are not able to work or can not find a job that we are not entitled to live with groceries or have housing. It is stressful and living like this is definitely not healthy and I believe will cause someone’s health to decline. The government in Ontario needs to quit working about themselves for a change and help the Ontario citizens employed and unemployed. That’s why they get voted in. When they give money out like they did during the pandemic the government is always looking for ways to get it back any way they can. It seems when they gave out the CERB money that everyone is going to pay a big price in return. It is not fair that frontline workers that only work part time and need a little extra financial help, because alot of companies do not hire full time anymore because they have to pay benefits and other things, are having the $4 per hour pandemic pay raise and the $250 bonus for working 100 hours in a 4 week period deducted from their Ontario works cheque. They are deducting it the same way as the CERB is being taken off peoples Ontario works cheques. Social assistance has been years behind the basic cost of living amounts with the money they are giving to people. ODSP should be alot more money than it is. It should be at least $1500 per month because if it is not your fault you can’t work full time due to a disability then it is unfair to make their level of living lower and hard to survive because of their disability. The government needs to wake up and realize they need to do something or else there’s going to be alot more people that are homeless or end up sick and in hospitals and costing taxpayers even more money on health care. It feels as if you’re on some type of social assistance than the government looks down on you and thinks you don’t deserve to have anything. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this way. I think you’d find there’s alot of other people that would agree with what I have commented on and are trying their best to get by but no matter how hard you try when having to be on social assistance it is nearly impossible to get by. It is very frustrating and concerning how the government is treating social assistance. It needs an overhaul of the system and needs some really big changes and upgrades to it.

    • Marc Parsons

      If and when you get ODSP tell them that you applied before and was turned down and then tell them since when you started to apply for ODSP. They will retro your months and you can get paid for all the months that you have waited for.
      Ex: when I applied back in 2005 I was like you and got nothing. Then I appealed and they paid me back for the 1.5 years that I had waited for ODSP.
      Remember to let them know and also if you have pictures or medical papers bring it with you to your hearing that will help a lot. You will probably not see your lawyer till the day of the appeal.
      Let me know how it goes.

    • bob

      omg u took the words right outts my mouth about ODSP. I have letters by 3 different doctors saying I cant work due to my disability and i get 1000 a month to live off off my rent is 850 an i have to pay for medical supplies outta pocket.. i also get my kids ever second weekend.

  125. Trudeaus selfish agenda

    With rent so high mine being $1300/month plus hydro food bills, I have nothing left for food. I co rent with my daughter that also needs to co rent. She is an ODSP recipient also and we each use $650.00 when slotted only $495.00 for rent! Tired of eating chips and drinking milk cause we haven’t any money for healthy food that will keep you from feeling hungry in 10 min! I’d live some meat like chicken or a little piece of steak in the earning with a nice helping of veggies! Have you seen the orice if heathy food? But during a pandemic everybody’s telling you to stay healthy! lol ok! Will do! Lol

  126. alanna

    Will odsp recipients continue to receive the $100 /myth extra past August 1st.

  127. derek Rank

    if the CERB of $2000 a month is supposed to be the very minimum basic amount a person is supposedly ok to survive on according too the government. then why is a single person on odsp only living on $1169 a month.

    in addition why is there a 15 year waiting list to get into an affordable low income apartment ? ALL apartments these days start at $1000 for rent plus hydro. how does a single person on odsp who gets $1169 pay $1000 for rent ? its impossible to live on $169 a month. raise odsp OR bring in universal basic income. oidsp should be a minimum of $2000 a month. raise the rates.

    • Connie

      Good commentary ! Please continue with your views or queries. Thanks.

  128. derek Rank

    make sure next election you all vote for someone who brings in universal basic income OR raises odsp to $2000 a month

    • Marc Parsons

      Please don’t take me as a racist person but the reason that we have to wait that long is because of the immigrants that Trudeau let in 2 years ago. And just an up date about the time for waiting is you now only get 1 choice and if you refuse that choice you start back at the bottom with re-applying.
      We talk and the ones that we need help from take it in one ear and out the other. It’s like talking to a wall.

    • Jason Bouskill

      I totally agree with you Jennifer its tough living off of $760 a month my vitamins alone end me up poor and even if i didnt buy them i still can bairly afford food the Jennifer i know is going threw the same problem not having enough money for healthy food i worrie about her but we dont speak to eachother anymore because of Covid 19

  129. Connie

    Fine move to continue supporting those able to secure jobs. For low-income Seniors or those on Social Assistance subsidized Provincially above Federal payments and Welfare, these Federal increases help those with a descent Federal CPP income. While low-income Seniors find out the following Income Tax year, that their subsidies such as Provincial Top-up & Safer Rent subsidies are lowered through receipt of the Federal increases.
    From welfare to Federal Pensions, and all applicable Provincial subsidies available, the increased income is substantial until the next years Income Tax declaration. Then the subTl. of deductions monthly can be over $200/monthly. Carbon Tax benefit also reduced. GST rates also reduced. Provincial top-up also reduced. Safer Senior rent subsidy also reduced. That’s quite a hit for low-income Seniors especially
    Those on Welfare & Disability social assistance who are unemployed not due to COVIDVIRUS will need to expect deductions for the Pandemic related supplements during 2020. These will show up on the 2021 Income Tax declaration. I’ve received $2,000 & some Federal & Provincially managed pop-ups. I’ve had an $8.00 & some cents reduction since receiving the additional $80.00 in my Federal Pension amount. In 2020 to 2021 I’ll have $96 further deducted income while receiving $80 Federally.
    This is $8 some reduction for &80 & I’m wondering now with having received $2,000 some in COVIDVIRUS Supplements could my 2021 Income Tax declaration result in future & ongoing deductions for my GST, CTB, Safer Senior rent subsidy, the Provincial top-up? I have been told by a rep. from Safer there will be deduction to my Safer Senior rent subsidy due to COVIDVIRUS Supplements given in 2020.
    Will someone please help me to comprehend how the National crisis will support those vulnerable in our present day Society while clawing back from the poor elderly, unemployed and disabled?

  130. Connie

    Additionally, rents are criminal especially for those who do not access Housing Programs or other possible rentals. I’ve seen Seniors begging or homeless. Similarly, these are quickly put out of sight and mind. Where do the homeless go and those in housing which contributes to stress and health issues? I’ve met several Seniors homeless due to health reasons after credit debt made to help them through a condition or temporary illness left them unable to afford the increasing rents or utility payments and manage their debt repayment.
    Over dozens of years experienced others who turned to some unpreferred employment and activity in order to assist a sick grandmother, child or loved one!
    Reducing persons to ongoing impoverishment with social stigma backing this up to the hilt, it makes me wonder whether racism has become socially accepted to such an extent the reality of impoverishment has become the source of opportunism with revenue for Religious organizations, Charities, Realty, and Government alike. The backbone of Canadas economy now is those employed by the Government. Were Social Services, Health Care, Subsidized Programs, Disability affiliated Workers, Etc. to vanish, the middle class economic sector or the present day backbone of Canadas economy would also cave-in ! The CAN $ is already valued less than the US Dollar. What’s occuring in the USA will continue to depreciate the CAN $.
    For tens of years cutbacks to social programs with Provincial or Federal funding have been happening. This increased much in the manner of suffering, homelessness, family breakdown, mental health or addictions. Of course, Crime also increased !!!
    Fear spreads and Policing policies change with pressure from those to whom concerns are virtual entitlement being tax payers or valued employed citizens. It also helps to belong to some group or another dominating the location lived in. The one main concern I’ve had over the past forty some years is, while Planetary events of Nature increase intensely, in short enough a time-span who will survive. Certainly, Mars is nowhere ready to beam up those capable of affording such a ‘move.’ Nor even the Prppers are safe for any extended timeframe. Those underground complexes built by Governments for their select clientel – the ‘ Elite, ‘ are the most deceived of all. A lengthy rain, a flood, an Eartjquake, some faulty wiring, a lack of Oxygen, claustrophobia or whatever,
    will add to the dissatisfaction of living in such ‘ tight quarters.’
    The World has gone ‘ Mad.’ Just hopefully those destined to survive will be ready for what comes afterwards.
    Meanwhile, we sure have had it pretty darn good for now.

  131. Mike

    …I’m on ODSP and I got 1 CERB check that I needed $600 dollars of because I was overdraft at my bank do to costs of Covid-19. I’ve paid it back since amd I understand there are many people just like me that needed a helping hand at the time and were grateful for it but I have many friends who have gotten all the CERB monies so far ($12k) and spent it on big screen TV’s, vehicles or other unmentionables. That is $12,000 that I could have used to upgrade my standard of living but because I was honest I feel as though I have been punished. I’m not complaining but I live off of $900/month which is hard enough as it is but if I could have $12k in my bank account all at once and only pay back $5,600 that would have been amazing but alot of the people I know who received the CERB don’t have any of it left they spent it all willy nilly. I guess in some cases honesty isn’t the best policy 🙁

  132. Jennifer temple

    The government is killing the low income families by starving them to death with no means to actual get proper meals
    And pay bills. Telling someone that is hungry they can’t cerb is at most disgusting. These r ppl with small children and no way to get help. They dangle money in the faces and tell them they can’t have any money to feel their families. I see the low income ppl payin the pay check of all the government officials. Cause they r def not goin hungry and they r not facing living on the st because how dare they want to feed them selves. I hate Canada now This is just not right at all. Did Justin truedeau. Loose food weight his apt Is he at risk of living in a tent. Nope. Just the low income Let’s rob the low income so Justin feels better

  133. Trevor Goble

    In reviewing the “claw back” and the 15% tax on the CERB Benefit Income the real tangible CERB Benefit amounts to $1700 not $2000 since $300 would be returned in the form of taxes. However, OW and ODSP allows a person to keep the first $200 and 50% of the balance on the entire amount of $2000 and not the real world figure of $1700. In other words the claw back is $900 were if properly looked it the claw back should only be $750 based on the real amount.

  134. Ken Craddock6

    I’m appalled by the federal goverment clawbacking creb I worked and got dismissed right at covid19 time e.i said at march I was.on e.i
    Now e.i
    Sais your on cerb then they take back 2000 and leave you in the lurch

  135. Lita Terriah

    People like myself on O.D.S.P. r having very difficult time to pay bills or busting ass to make even to stick to doctors orders like dieting, if they can eat little but still can’t gain weight but can’t get ensures n stuff it’s hard I say look into y there on O.D.S.P. like learning issue go back to school instead of living off O.D.S.P. if it’s medical well that’s different start looking into WHY? There on it most r lazy won’t work if there getting free income if there ability to work

  136. Helen Horseman

    I am on odsp I don’t have enough to properly feed myself heigne products costs alot. It is a night mare I would love to work again there is not the support to do so. Alot of individuals on the system cannot read write have no clue how to use a computer and we have no where to go now everything is closed

  137. Bea Castro Leeman

    Please sign and share this petition…


    Ontario plans to (again) clawback the new EI Benefits, from ODSP Recipients, whose Spouses are eligible for the new EI! Why is Ontario determined to save money off the backs of their most vulnerable citizens?

    Please spread this far and wide! Contact your Politicians!

  138. beverly

    If I am on ODSP and not working am I allowed to receive emergency money I get 1169 a month if so could you get back to me and let me know phone number 613 935 5689 Beverly

    • Marc

      You will be allowed to get a one time payment of an extra $100.00 and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

  139. Tray

    What??? The hell is going on I’m a single Mom 4 kids 2 are minor. I’ve been fighting with my disgusting CWer who doesn’t answer ph or return calls after I’ve been in an abusive situation and was told by SWer to ask for additional funds to help us get away, she cut my funds for my children n started giving me $630 and told me if I bring my kids back in the abusive home she’s calling CAS. I have nowhere else to go. I can’t do anything to get help, no one won’t help and from what I’m seeing I’m not even getting the min Amt of ODSP. What do I do? I‘m begging for help. Traysplace4@gmail.com

  140. Colleen Fowler

    Disturbing.. I want to work so bad and cant due to disabilities so I have to suffer and live a crappy life of just existing due to low now money

  141. Colleen Fowler

    Oops typo not illiterate lol… I meant a low existence in life… I’d work part time anywhere I’d thru could understand I am only good for 15 hrs a week . I’d love it even for low pay

  142. J.S.Brown

    Why is it acceptable for the government to decide emergency benefits of a basic income is $2000 month yet people on odious P out there to do in 1/2 of that talk about discrimination

  143. Carol

    I would really like to now how the government thinks that people on Odsp an ow can afford to live on what they are receiving every month when rent is way rot much for us to afford groceries have completely went out of control some of us people on Odsp have not wanted to be on it the government should listen to why some people are on it it wasn’t because they chose to be mine was because of a life of hell an was out of my control I live everyday wishing I could work an have a better life but that was all taken away from me due to the way I was raised I cry all the time because my life was destroyed by my parents but live everyday trying to rebuild my life just to fall further in a hole that I think I never am going to get out of I get up everyday hopping this day will be better I never give up hope that one day I will wake up an things will have gotten better unless the go that’s lived our life he has no idea what it is like living in our shoes the stress of everyday living is the worst feeling u can have depression is killing me I never asked for any of this but I’m paying for someone else that destroyed my life how is that fare or right I don’t drink I don’t do drugs all I do is live in my own little world everyday struggling to get through each day I’m not saying it’s the government fault I’m saying he needs to understand what people like us live with everyday an start worrying about the people living in poverty he has a nice house pay cheque everyday which he worked to have what he has but stop an take a look at people that are hurting everyday an wish they could work an have better but can’t because of many reasons an help us not hurt us or put us down because we are on Odsp or ow thank you carol

  144. dale miller

    the goverment dont help people in the low income and yet they will help the middle class with @2000 per month the canada disabilty gets less than$1000 per month and we are all canadans but not treated like canadans we did not get the $600 they said we would get.

  145. Mark

    In this article you say ODSP recipients receive $1,169 per month. I don’t. Neither does Darlene, who commented below that she receives $869 per month. So why are you stating a minimum on ODSP pays $1,169 when it doesn’t? Another comment is; the government wastes billions of dollars year after year, but they keep OW and ODSP recipients under their thumb. Not a chance to get ahead. Always under survival rates. This is disgusting, deplorable, and inhuman! There are no moral compasses in government. And Doug Ford, who clearly has no shortage of food in his fridge (That isn’t a dig to anyone else but him and his over indulgence), stopped the $1,500 basic income. Prick! That would make such a huge difference in our lives.

  146. Sumitra Karmakar

    Why OW and ODSP people treat like we are no body in this country .Alfter all we Canadian citizens or otherwise they are staying here.Goverment should think about us. We people voted them.Because they’re not treated like human being.All people are similar in this country.We are people not happy about this!!

  147. lynn

    I wish they would increase the amount of ODSP in Peel. It is hard enough to survive with the amount I receive as is, so when covid is here it is more expensive to survive with all the extra needs involved. Peel should do what B.C. has done and raise the amount,even if it is only temporary. I guess us poor don’t deserve or need the help! Lynn from mississauga

  148. GRACE

    I’m receiving cpp disability pay an i also go in welfare?

    • Marc

      You can only get one and if I was you I would see if you can get on ODSP instead of CPP Disability.
      ODSP pays more plus your medication if you need any. CPP Disability I believe does not cover you meds.

  149. Andy

    Just a question, when you mentioned ” the most vulnerable” you aren’t speaking for the tens of thousands of completely illegal CERB recipients? Those who are already receiving ODSP OR OW pre – pandemic, and have now fraudulently scooped up an extra $14,000 on top of their monthly checks ? Certainly it won’t be difficult for the CRA to spot these errors @ tax time, it will take a decade and more for the government of Ontario to recoup these monies,lol. Interestingly NDP ,conservatives were up in arms over Trudeaus plan to penalize $$$, and even amount to minor jail sentences for the fraudsters, not speaking of those who have made “honest” mistakes in error, but outright fraud,incidences, the minority govt Bill was shot down, but when people consider the current rules for making knowingly false statements when drawing EI, including double $ penalties and limited access to future benefits,,and hundreds of hours to qualify added onto future claims, the liberals proposed Bill wasn’t much different than current rules for other benefits, given the necessity to generate the CERB Benefits quickly the ability to take advantage of the program with few rules at the onset has been wide spread

  150. Valerie Chevalier

    hello my name is Valerie, i use to work till I was 45 and health issues has ocurrred that took me out of the work force, I had a hard time when I worked for minimum wage so now I struggle on ODSP, I just wish there was people in goverment that had jobs before that were minimum wage then they would know how it is to struggle and understand that everybody needs help to live properly, working low income people and people on pensions, living in a rich company but people have to go to food banks in order to eat, that is so crazy, i don’t think nothing will ever change in my life time, thanks for listening, and take care and god bless.

  151. steph

    After reading a lot of these comments I feel like we all need to come together and start some type of petition for people on OW, ODSP, CPP whatever money that you are receiving from the government to make ends meet and talk about this situation. why is $2000 a month reasonable for “regular” living people but for us we are not even looked at twice.? why is that ? also why the hell are students allowed to receive $2000 a month and a lot of them don’t have bills, or children to care for (and I’m literally talking about those students, not the ones with rent and children to care for) .. why are they entitled but we are not. We need to come together and make a change for the low income families on assistance its ridiculous and degrading. even if they bumped the payments to $1500 a month is way better than receiving less than $1000.. something needs to change and nothing will change if nothing is being done.

    • shawn dwayne hanson

      I’m poor citizen of toronto ontario $600.00 would be a great help to put bread on my table. my name is shawn dwayne hanson please consider my request thankyou.

  152. Julie Aubin

    I was unaware of extra help of 2,000.00 through CERB plus one time fee of 100.00 when on ODSP. We are now in October 2020. Also it is very hard to connect with your case worker. I dont know if this still applies, I get 1,169.00 a month to pay rent, Bill’s, medical that’s not covered, transportation, mask, sanitizer, etc last on list is food.

    • marc

      You can not get CERB if you are on ODSP. If you try and get CERB , ODSP will take so much off and once the CERB is over good luck on getting it back.

  153. Cathy Thornton

    Why doesnt the goverment allow 60 and over to collect there cpp benifit on top of ow or odsp

  154. Batb

    I agree the new benafit after cerb is only for workers

  155. Toulla

    Another day living in poverty on ODSP ): my tears seem longer today as this thing called poverty won’t get off me it attaches itself like the enemy. The poverty hurts me a despair 8000 shattered pieces a few times, I ended up in the hospital for a few sandwiches. I feel sad today nobody to talk to have been isolated, but now we have Twitter so. I will do what I can, I am talking to the NDP and getting my most powerful speech in Canada ready to go to Ottowa when things get better with a few who are also on ODSP.

    I was seriously abused in foster care, I was taken around the back of the house up the long steel stairs and shoved in the meets freezer, I was only 13 at the time from foster home to the group home, I lost everything now suffering in poverty. I am now in my studies and working towards a few good things. My pain and sorrow have given me a way to feel that I was not born on this land to suffer so I shall keep walking until I see the sun when I do see the far-away meadow with the green grass and I shall be free as the truth of its lawlessness is known. Nobody has the right to abuse me nobody.

  156. Gordon Ross

    There has to be changes for each of us .Our government has been very successful in leaving the poor up against the walls while building the brick houses that they live in.

  157. christine toth

    they put my odsp on hold and then now i get nothing i havent gotten my gst hst since 2016 what am i sapose to do money ran out and rent is past due

    • marc

      Have they given you a reason for holding it? If not call them even if it is a recorded message just live them one to call you right away.
      Do you owe taxes? if so that is why you are not getting your gst and trillium.
      My mind is blank but there is a company you can call and tell them whats going on and they will call them and get a hold of them.
      You can also contact a lawyer and I believe you get half hour of free info. Call one of them.
      Good Luck let me know what happens.

  158. Queen Pissed Off Bitch

    I keep reading articles for answers one article explained this corona virus is driving everybody into poverty would u please stop posting articles that don’t help with fuck all we all don’t care anymore!!!!! We are either homeless, losing our businesses, facing unemployment, how the hell are we supposed cope and survive during this??? I got the choice right now to pay for a motel room until my money runs out or leave and live on the streets with money. Money doesn’t bring happiness id rather have a WiFi signal until I can afford it we don’t care about covid anymore little children even newborn babies are going to die the government does not care about nobody during covid 19 they only care about their own pathetic asses they can take all their money and shove it up their ass we brought covid here apparently so we all suffer WTF man

  159. Michelle Nardangeli

    It’s not fair because the government doesn’t give people on odsp who are disabled enough money to live on, that is ignorant, unfair and despicable!

  160. Carla Killian

    Just asking for medical transportation or anything not related to covid is impossible asking my case worker its like its coming out of her purse,I have even told her this I have major complaints on the non existing help of any kind from my social case worker, who in my opinion and proof has stepped way out of the box of code of ethics, in recent past and over the lastcouple years not to help me, when I call for help, and say NO to every and anything I’ve needed or required its a fight for everything, and I should not have to fight its mentally exhausting trying to take care of my full health and my sons , with a horrible worker. change workers you say, no not possible, you see small office small town, friend of a friend it would only be. so fight for my rights every time and google everything now. So in short terms basically do her job then call her to tell her how to do it arrrrgggggggg I hate my caseworker she is not a nice fair woman, and she plays games all the way with ones integrity and mental health to say the least . I wonder how many people client’s are neglected because of workers like mine on ODSP long term, it absolutely frustrates me to my core I have to depend on a person whomhates her job and the system that she works for that im on and have to count on for financial purposes. She is not my first dragon caseworker either she is my second so ya how many crappy caseworker I swear they must get bonus if they save save save on clients health behalf sad

  161. Lynda

    The government is also clawing back the Ontario Sales Tax Credit given/extended to OW clients in July 2020. If your OW income which was $733-now raised to $777-you now OWE the government $260 on your next tax return. Doesn’t matter that your rent could be $625 a month, the government wants their “helping hand” money back!!!

    And buy the way, it doesn’t matter that the OW client didn’t ask for the extra bump in their OSTC, they received it anyways and happily spent it not knowing it was a loan.

    So TWO dirty tricks–OW not informing their clients they were entitled to an extra desperately needed $100/month for four months and the gov’t not informing low income people they were going to have to pay back MONEY they didn’t ask for, spending it on nessecities thinking it wa s a gift!!

    COME ON!!

  162. Jennifer

    I’m just besides myself I worked and raised 3 children then my health started getting bad real fast I had to fight with ODSP for almost 2 years! In the meantime ow only gave me $511.00 a month when I made more than that every two weeks I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to work anymore so that financial situation made me even sicker and if I didn’t have credit cards I never would’ve made it through now in two years I have to try and get my credit cards down I’ve never had a problem with my cards always been at zero and now I have the stress of how am I going to get these cards down all I can do is make my payments so that I don’t screw my credit but yeah my biggest problem is the fact that I worked and that needs to change! On ow you are rewarded with extra money if working well shouldn’t be the same for me and also when excepted on ODSP if you were working while you got sick you should receive more! So I’m pissed that only Covid related situations get all the help it’s so not fair…time for a change!

    • Jennifer

      I didn’t know until now about the extra $100 I’ll be calling in the morning

      • Marc

        That extra 100.00 is just a one time thing remember that.

    • Marc

      You say that you been after ODSP for almost 2 years. Did you know that you could bring that up to them and probably get rectroactive pay? Back in 2006 when I got mine I mentioned to them I have tried before and got no where with them so when I was awarded ODSP they told me I would get back pay for when I started applying for it. You should try and see what you can do about it. Let me know if anything happens with that.

  163. elle

    Hey there just read this garbage. All conservatives in canada should be shipped along with heir trump to hell. You greedy thieves. You care about how much you can steal. fore yourselves. and you steal off us the ones left behind because of your rules a d laws. A person with grade 11 in on. is now classified as a moron with grade 8. why is that . to be able to belittle us and have us work as dogs for you. Con servatives of canada..

  164. elle

    Yes it sure looks like I am a moron . with the typing but I’m typing thru 3 layers of tape holding my phone together. It fell and cracked. I wanted to replace it but my car died my job died covid lived E.I. told me 30 days ago to hold on. In 28 .more days they may have to make a dicision

  165. Lois

    What about seniors who were on ODSP and turned 65. They lost all the medical supports and don’t get enough pension to pay rent let alone to live on. I understand if low income people are revieving CPP that the gov will be clawing that back. That is cruel and inhumane! Seniors have to pay s lot out of pocket and the one time $500 should have been ongoing.

  166. Sharon

    I am a single female 60 years old with a disability ,, and compromised immune system I receive the maximum amount on ODSP

    It’s extremely difficult , paying market rent , and keeping atop the utility bills , with little to no money left over for groceries . Their isn’t any additional money for esstenials , cleaning material , unless you remove something off the grocery list , and groceries you have to buy for the enrire month , people don’t realize who don’t live on social assistance what it’s like , to struggle ,or go without , food , how degrading it is to have to go to a food bank , because your hungry it not only affects your physical health it affects your mental health .

    That $100 discretionary benefit that clients during the first wave of covid, was by word of mouth , and you had to call , and put in a request , and it was difficult to contact your case worker.
    This $100 discretionary benefit as a result of covid , should have simply autinaticallt been added to the monthly benefit .
    Many elderly people , and people with mental health issues went unaware of this $100 one time benefit .didn’t receive it at all These people are the most vanerable because their is no other sources of income accessable to these people except the odsp benefit it’s self .

    And I will steonglt note this , their are people on social assistance on OW and some on ODSP income , who simply should not be on it , who can work .

    These people aren’t single, they are families , or young single parents who are very capable of working , but use their having children , can’t find child care, so they can’t look for employment , and these very people whom are single , already with children , are getting pregnant while receiving supplement income .

    Why would they look for work let’s be realistic here , pumping out children is very lucrative financially for these single parents ,
    1, They receive the maximum benefits on social assistance .
    Plus . they also receive all the extra discretionary benefits in connection to their children for programs basic needs etc ..the list is long
    3. Child support is no longer seen as additional income or deducted from their social assistance , that’s additional income for them .
    4. Child Tax Benefit (baby bonus ) for one child is over $ 600.00 a month , the more children you have the more you receive , , and this is not seen as income , their is no deductions
    Example A 20 year old single mother 3 young children on social assistance wants to ( get pregnant) again you do the math .
    5. Single parents are seen as priority status for obtaining social housing ( geared to income ( low rental) that is based on only social assistance income .
    Child support and CTB (baby bonus) is exempt not seen as part of their monthly income .
    Rental cost of approximately $300 or less
    Then theirs the free programs for children , that these parents do not have to pay for ..
    Free clothing , coats , boots, back to school Christmas sponsership who purchases toys for their children for families , plus Good fellows , Salvation Army , the list goes on .it’s very lucrative , for the younger generation. Not to Physical seek work , at all why would they , if a single mom , on social assistance is taking in close to $6000 a month , earns more money pays out less money then , a 2- working income family who has 2 children pay more rent and don’t have access or the benefits for their children , as someone does on social assistance because , they make too much , and they make less money then the one sitting at home does .
    is gross abuse .of the system …
    And then it’s these people on OW , and people on ODSP who can work , and don’t and were not working that took advantage , of the CERB because they could , another $2000 , knowing they weren’t entitled , and their outlook is , into works can’t cut me off of benefits I have children ? They will see it as an over payment deduct $40 from my social assistance as an overpayment so what ? knowing they were committing fraud to obtain the CERB money
    This Government diffidently screwed up , with these changes that apply to single parents , that exempted income from child support/ income child tax benefit increases , and removing , work job searches , mandatory volunteer , and by exsepting all sources of income except (employment income earned)
    Of course theiy are not going to look for employment because the Government has enabled them not too !
    And the Government will allow , what these people did by fraudulently obtaining the CERB how exactly will the Government deal with these people or will their children continue to be an excuse for them , and their actions. For society to excuse it and for the Government to over look it ,
    The people who go unacknowledged overlook it !

    The people who struggle on OW and on Odsp are the single , elderly and disabled people and I most certainly agree , that an additional raise of $300 to those benefits would greatly help , but realistically with the rise of cost and this pandemic it is going to continue to cause financal Barrier’s That’s going to force more people to be homeless or worse (die)

    Sharon ( Advocate) l experience

    • Sharon

      Covid 19 this Pandemic this desease, is current focus to resolve .

      But I think the Government ,The Provincial leaders and society needs and municipalities to address this pandemic of enabling those who are grossly taking advantage fraudulently with all Government funding .

  167. Lou

    Other than the GST/HST credit top up back in April, there has been nothing in the support plan for those in low income brackets, that are not on ODSP, OW or able to collect EI or CERB, or any other current support benefit. I’m talking about those who maybe collect CPP or a small company pension, but are still well under the poverty line! I know there are those getting CERB and additional family benefits, who really do NOT NEED them……they are entitled under the plan YES!, but that money could be used by others who really NEED it during this difficult and budget impacting time!

  168. Jason Bouskill

    ODSP Is a huge ripoff even my ex girlfriend is getting sick because of this bullshit ODSP Doesnt give out enough money to survive and be healthy

  169. Wendy Sullivan

    I live on Odsp . I have learning disability. Everything going up.
    And it’s hard. People who don’t have it does not understand. Put them in our shoes. Put them into appartment and give them the max for three months. I bet they will understand .
    Thank you for
    Reading this I’m speaking for all people . On Odsp

    Wendy Sullivan.

    • shawn dwayne hanson

      I’m writing because I’m poor the extra $600.00 would help a big deal thanks. Shawn Hanson signing off

  170. Marc

    I wish we could get $600.00 before Christmas but I don’t see that coming anywhere in the near future unless Ford decides to help those in need like us on ODSP and OW.
    Best bet is to email to Doug Fords office and maybe when he sees that we really do need help, that he will wake up and do something about it.

  171. Gail LaBossiere

    Living on ODSP, and taking away our OTB, without any substantial reason to residents in Ottawa Housing, yet individuals living under the umberella of CCOC, continue to receive their OTB. IT seems as if the government is clawing back any monies that disabled individuals on a disability pension, making it extreemly difficult to budget between paying for uncovered medication, transportation, medical needs, food, shelter, which I see will eventually lead to an upsurge of crimes in poor neighbourhood, as well as those who are well off, which again, may spead to stealing food, clothing, whatever is not chained down into the ground. I live on minimal ODSP, severely handicapped, and am doing without medical needs. I cannot use my cpap machine in the OCH senior building I’m in, as there is a proliferation of bed bugs, cockroaches, and green bugs, that seem to be attracted to CO2 (the breath). It’s been 2 years now, without proper oxygen support, and no funds or means to get the support needed. It seems the government likes to spend money for no reason,…as it doesn’t stop the crime that is poliferating in our city. Where is the compassion? Respect? Understanding?

  172. Jacob Critch

    So your gonna give ppl 2000 as basic needs why are u still give 733 a month basic needs doesn’t make sense the poorer get pourer and the rich rich its a joke now leaving ppl to crime and theft to survive.

  173. Tonya Francis

    This is unacceptable the government needs to help out the less fortunate a bit more a person on OW/ODSP can hardly make it through this pandemic…

  174. Dina Dawkins

    If cra expects money back from ODSP recipients the recipient will be homeless no money for rent!!!!
    Surely they can excuse ODSP
    recipients for applying for the CERB & CRB they are also in eminent danger of catching the virus too. I had heart surgery in 2018 Jan. And so applied because I was afraid to go outside too much. I am asking that the debt if a debt be forgiven.

    • Marc

      If you are on ODSP how did you apply for cerb? ODSP will take that money off your cheque and then good luck in trying to get back to full payment on ODSP. I asked a lawyer about this and was told that you can not get Cerb if you are on ODSP. I would check up on this because you may be expected to pay back.

  175. Eliz

    The increased cost of basic needs as well has gone up and is going up again in january . I have to rob peter to pay paul….in otherwords i have to choose between paying my utilities and feeding my family.trying to do both has left most bills bahind a great deal. Not to mention i often have to have food delivered now because i dont want to expose myself to covid. I have asthma diabetis and a heart condition i dont want to mess with my health. Its already bad enough.

  176. Andy M

    I’m unclear how anyone who already receives ODSP should qualify for the CERB or other 2k$ monthly benefit on top of their monthly cheque,assuming they had no other employment previously in 2019 additional to their 1200$ ODSP?
    Although I’ve seen personally, dozens of Ontario residents doing exactly that with the CERB benefits? Others collecting cerb with no previous work for decades , and those who receive 3k$ monthly insurance monies also collecting cerb and now the newer replacement emergengy benefits, given it seems no real proof beforehand supporting prior earned income the previous year, it seems the government has left themselves open to erroneous fraud, without any degree of doubt,. Given there’s zero penalties or interest charges on these collected monies , the ideal of I’ll worry about paying it back later seems to have been reinforced ten fold. I do agree an additional 20-30% should have been automatically added to Ontario works & ODSP RECIPIENTS AUTOMATICALLY, obviously it wasn’t. I also don’t agree that collecting unentitled monies is oppressive in any way,especially given there are zero penalties, zero interest added on outstanding balances.
    Considering the current EI program penalizes claims and monies received in error, they call it fraud, interest is compounded, balances received by recipients are regularly doubled , as well as additional weeks required to apply for future claims is also multiplied,these practices are longstanding in Ontario,seemingly very effective deterrents. None of these already effective penalties/ rules have been applied to pandemic benefits yet still politicians opposed to liberal party echo the same rhetoric in their messages. The monies being offered by the Ontario government are available for set purposes and residents for others there should be designed monies and programs if not already available.im unsure if accepting fraud out of hand, without any consequence sets a good example for the next coming health crisis!!!

  177. Angela Murphy

    Look I never or my daughter asked to have mental health disorder fear of people Why do we have to be mote sick being scared to live everyday then add we can’t eat or have housing I’ve been homeless and no food since three years no help just judged for shit I can’t do nothing about I’m so sick it’s a pandemic we should all feel comfy not just people that have money we’re all equal

  178. Angela Murphy

    Please we are all children of god we all should be treated equal it’s not human

  179. Brenda

    I think it’s great that individuals who received the Cerb and knew they were not eligible for it are receiving a break. I have a few concerns because this group is only OW & ODSP individuals. There are a lot of Low-Income’s in Ontario. There are low income Seniors who can’t afford the necessities in life especially during a pandemic. There are also individuals who are on CPP disability & have a Disability Tax Credit on file with the CRA deeming them disabled. The individuals who receive CPP disability as opposed to ODSP individuals have qualified for CPP disability because of their CPP Contributions through earned Income over numerous years. The maximum Cpp disability that an individual will receive is approximately $1350 per month. Not too many people will even receive the max CPP disability. Cpp disability is considered taxable income, OW & ODSP are considered NON-Taxable Income. ODSP & OW also receive health benefits which are expensive to those on CPP
    Disability who receive zero health benefits. Low income seniors do not have dental, eyeglass coverage & some of their prescriptions aren’t even covered. So what I am saying is it really makes little to know difference at all for OW & ODSP individuals who were not eligible for Cerb to claim the full amount received because their income is Not Taxable to begin with. To have made this fair & a difference to all Low Income individuals our Government should of given the Low Income individuals a tax break on their TAXABLE INCOME!

  180. Irene

    With this virus going on even if you could go out make a few dollars can’t You tell me how you can pay rent in your bills and put food on the table for 1169 month is impossible I used to work and I felt sorry for people now I am one of them and then you help people with $2000 if you don’t qualify you don’t get It if your Your faithful in you tell your worker you did apply so you didn’t have the homeless anymore that makes you so you can’t apply even if it takes your GST away at the moment it’s going to help

  181. Marc Parsons

    This is to everyone out there that is on ODSP or OW, please if you want to lose your ODSP do not apply for the CERB. This will be taken off your ODSP plus you would then have to re-apply for ODSP ( Good Luck ).
    These people who have been collecting both have now received letters stating that they owe this money back.
    I have been sending emails to Mr. Ford and still have not received a dam response from anyon back in his office.
    I am in same boat as you all are. Pay rent or pay for food? I pay my rent because I want a roof over my head. If I need food and I have a bit of money after paying rent, I would go to Giant Tigers and buy Craft dinners.
    I would hope that 2021 will see a change in our cheques and get to $2000.00 per month like every other person almost is getting today.

    God Bless
    Happy New Year to all.

  182. David Michael gagnon

    I conçue that the Goverment Is the cause of poverty in Canada
    I world know im now on AISH.and withiut tv or internet .o want award of cerb till sondons sauf.the govewnt os.givong out free money.sceptical as all hell inrelunctantly.held.off till i was the least poor bastard on the block so i was given the nimber and low ans bémols.i was éligible..im a pretty smart guy.as i.listened to.the phone question3x.til.i.was satisfied from a.lawyers perspectives at how the questions were ssle.so being that i dont want.to be on assistance any Moreau BROUGHT my.vrhicle from sask got or all légal and roadwoty so i could get back n fort to work IR conttrsvt muself out..never thought the corvidé world least this long romand annoter curve balle stoppes my looking for a job for annoter year.i did pruchase a phone and have been screwed out of évaluable moneyby 7 proviens sondé when have companies bécane lowlife monstres.but as i fond out thisr ému toik it ego.cannot.pay it back.will perhaps be charges with fraud alto thtuoug the dirait series of wiestiona.tgey legaly have no rounds to do.so
    Being.on assistants they can keep my gst.and il tu.and survive that way.but being a licences truck driver if i can.get pastis the checks employées dont could get hâtif and pay.back in no tome.but.now in looking.at filin bankruptcy as adbised by s.need clip i read.all this hard eork of getting wheeld on the.toad to GE t a job.has.bavkfiref.like covid19.im shoping the govewnt talés or eau onvyhe poor.because erre the ornes forces to live this way.and its a crime on the goveentd part for treating us as such.keeping us low like this brins on mère diseuses as we are always stress facing homelessness monthly..cost of living skyrocketting.lowering the psychology of an entier nation Rover a pamdemic.and doping vert little to help ânonne.i was trying to gey my business off the round.themall hell brome lose still had to pay full rentre to.pepple getting money ckawed back during a pamdemic sure shows how out of control the corruption and gréer gas become worldwide.putting 60 + year old onto the streets .but i Willy applaudi The British Columbia Goverment on tthrr legging the less fortunate keep the money to bette themselvrs in these times.i honestly shed a tear when i read that .BRAVO B.C.B.C.BRB.C.B.C.BRAVO.NOT ONLY THE PROVINCE IS GORGEOUS.BUT THE HEARTS OF THERE POLITICIANS AS WELL.and ive never complimentes any part of Goverment ever.before.thanks bec for instilling hope to thèse who néeds it most.

    • Marc

      Write your message in french then people can use translator, I understand some of you message but not all of it

  183. Arthur

    Hi. I’m on Odsp but have been cautious to apply for any benefits. Am I eligible for anything extra in this difficult times. Thank you. Hugh CLARKE

    • Marc

      You can get a $100.00 for a one time only.
      Call your worker or leave a message and just ask if you can get the 1 time $100.00.
      Not much but can help you out a bit.
      Careful on applying for other benefits because either 1 of 2 things will happen.
      #1– ODSP would take that amount off your cheque or
      #2— you will have a hard time getting back on ODSP if you collect any and then you would be screwed.

      All this info comes from a lawyer that I contacted myself.

  184. Danielle Neil

    This is how all social assistance works in Ontario. If we don’t ask (or even know of its existence) they don’t tell.
    Last August 2020 Ontario cancelled a $200 per month rental support for low income citizens without notice.

  185. Catherine Murray

    Hello my name is Catherine Murray I have Agoraphobia I don’t own a phone n use my neighbors n it’s so hard to even ask n leave my home. Now I’m in the process of moving n need my tax assessment yet I only have access to a phone certain times a day therefore I’m stuck n my depression is extremely hitting me I don’t know technology n my income has been cut 56 percent I can’t get a hold of the necessity therefore my frustrations r detrimental . I feel all alone n ashamed not to know ? N feel even worse to ask without thinking I’m stupid can anybody feel my pain n how n where can I get help .I’m screaming for help . Is there any person who would take the time to help. Whats so sick even if anyone would it takes a day to get the message .I m a human being n don’t want to give up in human nature . PLEASE if u see this can u reach out n HELP my # is 416 206 9002 my neighbor will let me know .I’m not one to ask for help so this is very hard to ask thank you for taking the time to read this

  186. Erin McLachlin

    I was laid off because of COVID-19 and received CERB on top of my ODSP money (minus deductions) now that the government has moved me over to EI, ODSP deducts 100% of my EI earnings. I get $2.50/month from ODSP now when nothing has changed. This isn’t right!!

    • Marc

      You are lucky you get something back from them. Now that they put you over to EI do you think you can be placed back on ODSP when the time comes that you no longer will get EI because covid19 is over with and everyone can go back to normal?
      You should of asked or talked to a lawyer before going after CERB. I have mentioned this on my other posts that you will find it hard to get back on ODSP unless you have a good doctor.
      Good Luck

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