New Divorce Act won’t prevent family violence, critics say

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  1. Peggy

    This is very profound and well researched !! I have heard of too many situations where the victims’ rights (women & children) and I am sure some men ( who have been victimized) have not been valued or respected and have ultimately suffered greatly!! Well done!!

  2. Judy Eileen

    Thank you for writing an article that truly depicts what many women have to face in family courts. Your last statement is so true: “What’s apparently valued is the father’s access to the child over what the child wants.”

  3. pedrochapman

    Resourceful article. You cleared about some of my query. These days, people face many problems in families that break peace and happiness of their lives and the issues like property settlement, unhappy married life, adoption, abduction, divorce, child support etc. These problems need extra attention to be done legally, so people need to hire family lawyer. If you want more information about divorce law you can visit divorce lawyer in Canada

  4. Judy Eileen

    This article summarizes the failures of Canadian family courts today. Too many women are signing parenting agreements because they’re being told they’ll lose access if they speak up for their children. For this reason, the children are not having a true voice.

  5. ishtar gabriel

    Thank you for this article. You helped me put into words things I have shockingly experienced first hand in family court. It has been more traumatizing to be in family court than my emotionally and psychologically abusive 10 year marriage. When I was brave enough to get out… was the lack of validation and affirmation that pushed me into a deeper spiral of trauma……I had to constantly fight against the message I was getting from ALL OF THOSE MEANT TO HELP ME…….that I was overreacting, being difficult, exaggerating. They treated me as a hysterical crazy frantic woman. I had read about this shit in women studies classes…..but it was UNBELIEVABLE to EXPERIENCE such systematic repression of women in the VERY SYSTEM I naively believed would help me and protect my children. Until the system is healed women need to be warned and prepared for this reality. The system will gaslight you!!!!
    …..police officers, teachers, social workers, judges and lawyers turned them backs on us time and time again. “My daughter said to me one day, “mommy I can’t trust anyone. No one cares!”

    As a mother it is horrifying to come to understand that I had brought children into a relationship that wasnt safe…..but a whole society……never did I believe that such systematic repression of woman and children existed in this day and age. My eyes are wide open. My heart ways heavy and my passion for change pushes on.

    Thank you for this work. Ishtar Gabriel psychotherapist Hamilton ontario. Mother of 2 great kids

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