In Their Own Words

Did I just have a dream?

The world was normal till yesterday,
Which now seems like decades away!!
COVID 19 is longing its stay,
And socializing seems left at a bay!

Seems like a rough wind just blew,
The curtain of suffering, upon the world it drew,
Times so uncertain, we have no clue,
Comes from where this deadly flu?

Spring’s the season, but grey’s the hue,
It feels like animals trapped in a zoo!
Stuck in our homes just like glue,
We shall live through history, who knew?

Never before have I heard the birds talk,
“Where have humans went?” wonders the Hawk,
Pollution seems to be on a walk,
“Better without you!!” I can hear the Earth mock.

Life has come to a silent phase,
Gone are the laborious days!
Idle on a couch, the once busy man lays,
As on him fall, the sun’s rays.

I can see the laughter in families grow
And the environment once again glow,
I like this world, peaceful and slow,
But I want our foe, the virus, to go!!

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Nivriti Bajwa

St. Edmund Campion – Grade 12,
Brampton, Ontario

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