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How I have been lonely during COVID and benefited from It

I have had to social distance:
This is sad but benefits me because now there is no one who touches me, but constantly social distancing is also a big pain because I cannot get too close to others. Another pro to this though, is that I have no need to communicate with others because of to the long distances we have to separate.

Pros and cons of masks:
While COVID has progressed we have had the need to wear masks to slow or prevent the spread of COVID. The good thing about this is that while wearing a mask no one expects me to show emotions so I can just sit there in silence, the downside to this is that during winter the mask gets soggy due to condensation.

This I can’t get the hang of, I tend to forget to do this. Thankfully people remind me but sometimes it can get relatively annoying to do, but it is a good way to slow or stop the spread of COVID so I don’t hate on it too much.

Communicating and doing work online:
Due to the vast amount of people who have gotten COVID the government has had to shut down school and forbid close contact with most people. We have had to do things such as school online and the teachers have had to teach online and I don’t do well while learning online because I don’t pay attention

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Gabriel Dobson

Grade 10

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