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How the Pandemic Affected Me

How I was affected mentally:
Well, I did not like it at first because I was stuck in my house all the time and I could not go anywhere. When I finally got my vaccine I got to go places, however that’s not the point. I kinda got depressed because I missed all my friends and I could not go to the places I love.

How I was affected physically:
Well, the longer the pandemic happened I had lots of bad food, like chips, pop, gummies… and I gained weight that I was not proud of, so it was my goal to lose some weight and I got help from my mother, which worked because I lost somewhere around 30 to 20 pounds.

Why I think the pandemic will never go away:
Because we are into two years of this pandemic and I’m on the verge of losing my cool. I can’t contain it any longer and I bet you would all agree with me because you want this all to end so we don’t have to wear these masks anymore.

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Craig Kazakoff

Bert Church High School – Grade 10,
Airdrie, Alberta

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