In Their Own Words

3 years robbed

I don’t even know what you look like

Since the moment you told me

“Turn on your mic,”

I knew I would learn nothing and now


Three years later I’m stuck

In math class

Wondering what the f***

I could have done right


Am I a slow learner?

Or did I miss something?

I think it’s neither

I think I was robbed


Three years that should have been

High school

Turned out as a mean

few years that I’ll never get back


Inside my head I’m still me from grade nine

I’m frustrated because

I’m no longer fourteen, naive and fine

I’m seventeen now and


Trying to move on

But I can’t because I

Keep getting these math questions wrong

I wish I could be fourteen again


So I don’t have to fail

So I can learn properly this time

So I can go outside and inhale

In air that wasn’t poison


I want to learn like before

And I want to love to learn

But you broke down that door

Of wonder long ago


The air is fresh again

But my mind is still there

In the past, in the pain

My life isn’t over

But it will never, ever be the same

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Marzia Rahman

Monarch Park Collegiate – Grade 12
Toronto, Ontario

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