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A message of appreciation

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 is among the largest problems the world has ever experienced.

I was quite interested in learning more about it when I first started hearing about COVID and how it was found. After a short while, I learned that Wuhan, China, was the site of the discovery. I saw that many people began to be prejudiced against Chinese people, but I had no clue why; it wasn’t their intention to bring up COVID and infect everyone; it was simply terribly unfortunate that the disease’s initial signs appeared in China.

COVID-19 has also given us a lot of knowledge. Air pollution does make the epidemic worse. Since using fossil fuels causes air pollution, we should cease being so cruel to nature.

When COVID initially began, I thought it was great since the schools were moved online, which meant less work and more time for fun. At the same time, some people were getting wage cuts, some companies were shutting, and other people were afraid to go outside.

I felt terrible about my thoughts regarding COVID and began to pray every day after I actually looked at the statistics showing how many people were dying. Although there were a lot of instances every day in nations like India and the U.S.A., COVID wasn’t that serious or out of control in our country.

I felt terrible for those who were losing loved ones, but when one of my father’s closest friends – my uncle – died from COVID, I couldn’t help but feel horrible. Because my uncle was so healthy and had such fantastic immunizations, I concluded that COVID was truly something that might impact any of us.

I was quite pleased at all the medical professionals who were working to treat COVID-19 infected patients, including the nurses and physicians. So, I got the bright idea to collaborate with a volunteer group to write personalized thank-you cards that I would then distribute to every employee of one of the largest hospitals in my city. The majority of them became quite emotional after hearing the message of appreciation from today’s youth, which gave me a lot of joy to do.

I came to the conclusion that COVID has had a very negative influence on our lives, but also some positive ones.

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Sparsh Charaya

Dakota Collegiate – Grade 11
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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