In Their Own Words

Is everyone against me?

I have this recurring dream
I wake up on a hill, and the only thing I can see is this apple tree.
So far up the apple tree
I see a big red glowing apple
I look around, and there is nothing for miles.
It’s just silence.

The apple is so far from me.
It is way too high to reach.

I stretch, and I stretch, and I stretch.
But I still can’t reach it.

I ask whoever is listening,
“Please help me.”
No one thinks I can get it
It is way too far up the apple tree.

Suddenly voices keep telling me,

No one is encouraging me.
No one is helping me.

I turn around and scream STOP!
Now, it’s just … silence.

I turn back to try again, but
I see no more apples.

It took me too long to make that decision.
It is now gone.

It’s just a naked tree.
No more apples.

So, I think to myself, “Is everyone against me?”

I turn around, and suddenly I am in a room full of 1,000 people.
When I try to figure out where I am, I hear my name being called, but for an award.
I have no idea what is going on, but I am happy,
so happy that I feel like my feet will lift me off the
ground to soar to the stage.

But when I get on my feet,
I no longer feel happiness; I feel judged.
I feel judgment radiating off each person in the room.
I look around and feel their stares at me.

I get to the stage and realize how many people
are counting on me to make the perfect speech.
I try to speak, but no words can form in my mouth,
it’s just silence.

I want the ground to swallow me up.
No one in the room seems happy for me.
So, I think to myself, is everyone against me?

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Amira Mohamed

Peel EVS – Grade 8
Brampton, Ontario

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