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Making the most of each day

The trajectory of everyone’s life was altered the moment the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Our lives, the world and even our minds slowed down, allowing most of us to catch a well-deserved and needed break while others felt limited and trapped by the unexpected hardships that were about to take place.

As a teen who was finally starting to feel comfortable talking to new people and was just gaining the confidence to grab onto every opportunity I was shown, I felt as if the breather that the pandemic and isolation gave me was not a break, but a limitation on the person I knew I could become.

I was missing out on life and I was very upset at that; I wanted nothing more than to go back to school and continue experiencing the joys of talking to random people and doing things that would one day turn into stories I would tell my kids. Most importantly, I wanted to experience what living actually feels like. The breather that isolation gave me, I was upset at; it felt as if it was trapping me and holding me back, but as I reflect on that time and the older I become, the more I realize that isolation did bring some negative aspects but it also brought good ones as well.

The pandemic and the isolation that came with it allowed me to become more comfortable with being alone, it allowed me to discover my talents and interests and, most importantly, it taught me that life will continue no matter what. The small stops that the world and my surroundings had do not stop time and life. Each and every experience someone has, no matter how exciting or dull, is still them going through the life I so badly want to experience.

Time and life will continue no matter what the world does or says; sometimes there will be limitations and restrictions we must follow, but it is up to us to make sure we are making the most of each and every day with whatever hand we have been dealt.

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Chloe Fabalena

University of Calgary – First Year Student
Calgary, Alberta

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