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My COVID Experience

My experience with COVID-19 was scary because I was not able to see my family and lots of people died because of the virus. Some of the people who died were my uncle Quentin Bird, my grandpa Philip and Moshum. My experience was scary and made me sad.

My uncle Quentin was fun, and we always used to go for long walks. We used to go to my grandma’s house to visit her and go walking after the visit. I knew uncle for five years and he died at his house. He is my dad’s brother, and we had a funeral at the church. I miss my uncle a lot!

My grandpa Philip and I used to go for Ski-Doo rides and go fishing. Grandpa used to take me hunting and snaring. He was a hunting person and he stayed at my Kokum Verna Mary’s for a long time (she’s still alive) He died in 2020 and he was a good person.

My Moshum (I don’t know his name. We just called him Moshum). I used to sit with him and talk about things. We spent time together that was special for me because he was the one who I mostly used to talk to. He passed away. He was teaching me how to play guitar and to this day I wish he could still teach me. I only know how to strum. I miss him very much.

Another thing was that my big brother had a daughter, and I was not having a great time because I was not able to go out and see my friends. They were scared I would get the baby sick.

Yet, I was able to go just outside the house and nowhere else. They sometimes allowed me to go for a sleepover at Zaib’s house. Zaib is one of my favourite cousins.

I got packages from school when I was in Grade 5; I missed going to school. I did not like the packages; I liked the school environment better.

I knew I was safe at home from COVID-19. This was my experience during COVID-19 – a lot of staying home, death and not being able to go to school.

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Davis Bird

Grade 6/7
Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan

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