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My Covid Story

COVID makes us sick. COVID doesn’t make us feel good.

At the beginning, we thought that if we wore masks and stayed inside, we would be protected. This wasn’t enough. A lot of people lost their jobs because of COVID.

COVID killed many family members. I lost my grandmother two years ago. I had a great relationship with my grandmother. I used to visit her and help her with chores. We often went to church together. I miss my grandmother so much.

Last year, we had online classes for three months. I like in-person classes so much more. It is easier and you can always ask your teacher for help. You also get to see your friends. When we were still in lockdown, I only got to see my family members.

My favourite person in my family is my sister. We have always been close, so I was lucky to have her during the lockdown. However, my grandma lived in Saskatoon, so I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I wished. I hugged her the last time I saw her, so I am keeping that memory with me.

I had COVID twice. The first time I had a very bad headache. I stayed alone in my room for two weeks. I did homework, ate, slept, all in the same place. It was so boring. The thing I wanted to do most was to see my sister. She didn’t have COVID, so we stayed apart.

Hopefully, it will be over soon. We could travel again and meet other people and learn from their experiences.

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Skye Redman

Senator Allen Bird Memorial School – Grade 8
Montreal Lake, Saskatchewan

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