In Their Own Words

Two sides of a coin

It was the twenty third,
The people heard,
That things would be changing.
At home we would stay,
For at least 28 days,
History in the making.

Stay at least two metres apart,
Don’t go far in your car,
Otherwise, people will die.
Neighbours telling on neighbours,
Others offering favours,
All trying to weed out political lies.

Worldwide carnage,
An economy tarnished,
Worried for the vulnerable.
Not sure what’s ahead,
Or who will be dead,
Nowhere to go,
can’t leave, can’t run.

The other side of the coin,
How communities have joined,
Connecting in alternative ways.
Families sitting together,
Going walking enjoying the weather,
Learning to love with the change of pace.

It’s taken fear and confusion,
And a fair bit of delusion,
For us foolish humans to see.
That prioritizing work over loved ones,
Being Obsessed with funds,
Isn’t what makes one happy.

So, hold your children that much longer,
And build your families that much stronger,
Because at the end of the day.
Everything can be lost so quickly,
Life taken so swiftly,
And it is through our choices that we pay.

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