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Without Shame

Camera Shy? 1 Easy Way to Get Over Your Fear Today!

strange, growing up in a world where

you never know where you will find yourself –

maybe caught eating your lunch at that cheap pizza place you frequent,

in the background of some tourist’s group photo

or maybe you’ve inadvertently photobombed the shot someone’s mom was trying to get of those

rose gardens in that little park by your house

maybe you bleed through your pants at school, and while rushing to the bathroom in a panic,

someone took a video to post of your humiliation

or maybe you’ll wake up one day to a flurry of activity, you’ve gone viral!

you’ve finally made it,

starring as:

“Frumpy Woman Wears Dino PJs to Buy Her Nightly Tub of Ice Cream, 10 People Who Will

Make You Feel Better About Yourself!”

– this is just life, we know.

this is to be expected. but the unexpected always comes eventually,

and with it suddenly, an unlikely, bitter reprieve arrives:

the caring & kind-hearted child of suffering,

it becomes accepted (briefly, only briefly and with much dispute)

to cover your face, to hide some part of yourself from the constant possibility of

the ever-watching cameras

without shame

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Rowan Ferrie

Texada Island, British Columbia

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