Anne Rucchetto


Anne Rucchetto is a writer and researcher interested in structural forces of power and oppression, as well as their manifestation across health-care settings. She has been published widely as a journalist and academic.

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by Idil Abdillahi Anne Rucchetto Madeleine DeWelles

An app is not the answer: Government’s ‘free’ mental health tool raises significant privacy concerns

Canadians should be aware that PocketWell will extract a significant amount of data from users. And as data has now become the most valuable commodity on Earth, this raises major concerns.

by Idil Abdillahi Anne Rucchetto

College must act to ensure equitable health-care outcomes for women, marginalized communities

Differences in surgical outcomes between men and women may be part of a larger gendered public health crisis.

by Anne Rucchetto Anjum Sultana Alia Januwalla Eden Hagos Dara Gordon

Trump’s funding cut to WHO sets a dangerous precedent

by Anne Rucchetto Cian Knights

Gentrification’s toll on the health of long-term residents

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