Christopher Doig


Christopher is a Professor in the Departments of Critical Care Medicine, Community Health Sciences, and Medicine at Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

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by Juliet Guichon Ian Mitchell Christopher Doig M. John Gill James Dickinson Margaret Russell

Fluoridation and the ‘sciency’ facts of critics

by Vanessa Milne Michael Nolan Christopher Doig

What are the health impacts of forest fires?

by Karen Palmer Christopher Doig Jill Konkin

Does more education for health professionals equal better patient care?

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Maureen Taylor

Combining organ donation and medical assistance in death: considering the ethical questions

by Karen Palmer Mike Tierney Christopher Doig

Can healthcare do better for people with multiple chemical sensitivities?

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Christopher Doig

Aiming for zero: a new approach to suicide prevention

by Juliet Guichon Ian Mitchell Christopher Doig

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses free to make informed decisions about blood transfusions?

by Vanessa Milne Mike Tierney Christopher Doig

Is robotic surgery worth the cost?

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Jill Konkin

Primary care quality improvement: Is data the future?

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Mike Tierney

Excitement and apprehension over shift to competency-based medical education

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Irfan Dhalla

Less science, more diversity: How Canadian medical school admissions are changing

by Wendy Glauser Michael Nolan Christopher Doig

How should doctors decide when a senior driver’s license should be reviewed?

by Meera Rayar Christopher Doig Jeremy Petch

Ontario families struggle to find services for children with autism

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Christopher Doig

Drug treatment courts offer an alternative to jail for people with addictions

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Christopher Doig

Changes to temporary foreign worker program have unintended impacts on doctors

by Christopher Doig Irfan Dhalla Vanessa Milne

Changes ahead for international medical graduates hoping to practise in Canada

by Karen Born Joshua Tepper Christopher Doig

Tensions around physicians and environmental advocacy

by Christopher Doig Andreas Laupacis Meera Dalal-Burns

Paying for plasma – Canada’s double standard?

by Sophia Ikura Christopher Doig Andreas Laupacis

The evidence and politics of mandatory health care worker vaccination

From the archives but relevant to today. This article lays out some of the important things to consider when deciding whether or not to make vaccination of health care workers mandatory.

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